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Dragonball Kai world Adventure

Mighty kai

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Yay!!!!! my other rpg is going quite well. I thank everyone who has signed up on it. But i wanna start this new rpg, so you can join if you want.

The Kai world is a beautiful place safe from harm, or is it?
Oh no the Kai world is in danger!!!!!!!:eek: Some evil guy wants to blow it up. Who would do such a terrible thing? Anyway thats gonna happen if we dont do something. So guys can you help me safe the kai world from danger? Ok so ofcouse we need Kai characters in this rpg. You can make one up of you can be one from the series. Also you be a z warrior if you want. Heres what you put down in your profile if you gonna be a kai.

Guardian of ......
Weapon: [if you have one]

Is that ok? This is what you put down if you gonna be a z warrior or made up one.

Reaon for volunteering to help the kais:

Right then heres my characters profile.

Name: Sulphy [Sulphia] Kai
gender: female
guardian of life
Appearance: long white hair, light purple skin and blue eyes
bio: Always does her duty and looking after her friends. She always enjoys their company. She is really close to Supreme kai oh er Kabito kai..... oh whatever you call him. They always look out for each other.
Personality: Kind, senseitive and friendly
Weapon: Kendu stick

Right then i will like to here from you. see ya guys!!
:) :)
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Guardian of Hope
Appearance:Chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes.She wears a baby blue jacket with a white t-shirt inside with blue pants and blue and white joggers.(Not very Kai like but hey!)
Bio:Sakura is friendly.People tend to like her because she likes to be different.She's close friends with Supreme Kai and Sulphy.
Weapon:A glaive with a blade on one end and a light sapphire orb adorned with a pair of bird/angel wings on the other end.
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[COLOR=blue]I think I'll be a Z warrior...
[B]Name:[/B] Chance
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] Short, spikey, red hair, red eyes, black chain necklace, red markings up and down his arms and on the back of neck, white pants, white jacket, white shirt with the word "Termination" in black on the front, black boots
[B]Bio:[/B] Chance never had any parents. At least, he doesn't remember having any. Ever since he was very young, he grew up in a small house. It had a computer in it that would talk to him and keep him company, it was his only friend. Chance was never able to leave the house because it was too cold for him and if he did, then he would catch a very bad cold and a robot would have to bring him inside. Not having much to do, he would always train to fight like the computer told him to. For 16 years he would have his friend lower the temperature in the house until it was as cold as it was outside. Once he was used to the cold, he flew away and never came back. Hearing about people that could fly like he could called the Z Warriors, he decided to try to meet them. He never found out where he could find the Z Warriors until he saw a strange looking creature fighting them. He flew up to help fight but before he could, the creature shot a giant energy beam down towards the Earth. Chance instinctively flew in front of it and made an energy shield. The beam hit him straight on, destroying itself, the energy field, and the boy. The Z Warriors never found out how the beam had been stopped. Chance now lives with the other kais and will do anything to protect his new home.
[B]Personality:[/B] Trusting, eager to help someone in need, cheerful but can get very angry at someone who wants to hurt people.
[B]Reason for volunteering to help the kais:[/B] The world of the kais is now his home. He doesn't want to see them, or their world get destroyed.
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Name: Roket [Roketiaplumes] Kai
Gender: male
Guardian of Sun
Appearance: Short white hair, dark purple skin and bright blue eyes
Bio: Roket is a kai whos planet has no nighttime. He is best friends with all/most of the Kais.
Personality: Very nice, complimentive and helping.
Weapon: Quarter Staff
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Ok then this is going great. I'll need someone to sign up as the evil dude who wants to destroy the kai world. And probley a few more characters.

Here is some info of a character whos gonna appear in the rpg a couple of times.

Name: Raver
Gender: Male
description: A large orange bat being [Ask me for more info] White spikey short hair, giant wings, wears belts crossing over across his chest and green eyes.
bio: Raver was origionally the assistant to Sulphy Kai. But he had to gave up on that so he can protect his wife and daughter. He can transform if he has enough power inside him at the time.
Personality: Loyal, protective and he has a big heart of gold.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kibito Kai
[b]gender:[/b] Male
[b]Guardian of ...[/b] All of the universe (- afterlife worlds)
[b]Apperance:[/b] About 5'6", long white hair to the id back, blue eyes, kinda purple skin, pattarra earing on each ear. Gohan training clothes.
[b]bio:[/b] Pattarra fusion of Kibito and Supreme Kai. not much to tell, you should know about him.
[b]personality:[/b] Serious at times, at other times has a funny personality. Strong, though you can't really tell.
[b]Weapon: [if you have one][/b] None except for his energy attacks and fists.
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Guest Steiner
Name: Vegeta

Gender: Male

Bio: Vegeta is a powerful Saiyan. He is a "Super Elitist" and a prince, the son of King Vegeta, past ruler of the Saiyans. Vegeta and his comrade Nappa are two of the last surviving Saiyans. They come to Earth to destroy all life and sell the planet. Though physically smaller than Goku, Vegeta can power up to unbelievable levels destroying entire planets. He is a fierce rival of Goku's, striving always to seek power levels as high or higher than Goku and to reach Super Saiyan level. Ambitious and determined, Vegeta wants the Dragon Balls to gain immortality. He is determined to destroy Frieza. After the Namek Saga, he fights on the side of the good guys and becomes the father of Trunks.

Personality: Vegeta is a fierce warrior who strives to be the best at everything he does. thought he started evil he now fights for the side of good and is one of thier strongest fighters.

Reaon for volunteering to help the kais: The chance to fight is reason enough.
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If you don't mind, i would bewillngi to do 2 personalities. It might be a strain at time,s but if it's ok with you and everyone else in the RPG, i will gladly do 2 characters, one good and 1 bad.
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Guest Steiner
iv got nuttin against it im just eager to just cos iv never been in one of these RPG,s before
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Name: Xaphania
gender: Female
Guardian of Fire
Apperance: Elbow length red hair, blue skin, purple looking eyes. usually wears blue jeans, a t-shirt with the japanese symbol genki on it. Oh yeah, she looks like a 16-year-old.
bio: Xaphania is rumored to be the daughter of one of the Z warriors, though no two stories agree on who. She is a great fighter and many of her hidden abilities are revealed when she is mad. She is secretly in love with Chance (shush, don't tell anyone) but mostly just floats, around talking to anyone and everyone. She'd do anything to protect her home, family, and friends.
personality: a happy, bubbly, usually annoying kind of person. can have a very bad temper.
Weapon: a pair of sais
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Ok ok i've got something brill for you guys here.
The villian has a team of warriors called The evil 7 squad. Each member is from 7 different races. I want u guys who have joined to make one. Each one is gonna go up against one of the goodies. But your bad guy cant go against your good guy, it has to different. Say for example i would want my baddie to go against Chance, do you understand?
When you put up your profile mention which goodie you wanna go against. Rememer only one person for each race. Ok here are the races.

Saiyan= Ohkami
android= §corpio
demon= Mighty kai [me]
changling= Shinobi1827
I'll put down my pro soon ok?
Heres what you put down

powers: [If they have any]

If u have probs just let me know.
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description:Icy blue hair and cold ice eyes.And normal blue jacket and pants and a white t-shirt inside the jacket.
bio:He hates humans because they all treated him lke dirt when he was young.Now he has grown up and has powers he wants to destroy the human race.
powers:Normal Saiyan attacks?
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Note: Bebi's rase is Tsufuru-jin. For english just drop the -jin. 'K?

Age:Unkown, not needed really
gender: Male
race: Changling
description: Go to the website on the bottom
bio:Isd the son of Frieza. Was born about a month after Frieza was killed by Trunks. He was raised by Cooler, and viewed him as his father. He is very very stong, and can do 8 transformations. When he found out that Frieza was his father and both of his father and his father figure was killed by the same saiyan "Monkeys" that his race helped, he vowed to destroy all of them.
powers: transformations (do attacks go here, too?)

[URL=http://www.gojiita.net/perl/show.pl?img=damien.jpg]This is Damien[/URL]
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Name: Android G2
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Android
Description: I'll post a pic later on
Bio: This is a replica of the first Android (android G) Dr.Gero created. Though now it has many more skills than the original.
Powers: He can imitate the voice of any one/thing.
Attacks: Basically all the Attacks of every android plus:
Spiked Missile Beam: He fires the spikes from his hands.
Komudu Kix: Basically a black beam with purple energy.
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Hey guys heres the profile of the villian
Name: Marashe
gender: male
Apperance: Long spikey white hair, red skin and dark red eyes. Hes kinda tall and basiclly he er..... looks like a kai with a tail.
bio: Marashe always had something against the kais, he hates them all. Thats why he wants to destroy the kai world and them.
personality: Evil, a bossy boots, he never shows mercy.

If anyone wants to play him just send me a pm ok?
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