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The 8 Mages


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Hey guys!
Here's another Element RP!

The greatest warlock of all time, Merlyn, is at his last days, and he needs some mages to take over for him. 8 have been chosen. These 8 are too the jobs of what Merlyn did, protecting, trading, and making potions.

Here are the eight mages:

[b][color=sandybrown]White Mage-Healing-Krillen-SandyBrown[/color][/b]
[b]Black Mage-Uses basics of all types-Rhys Mayiessen-Bold[/b]
[color=red][b]Red Mage-Uses high fire magic-Kouberei-Red[/b][/color]
[color=green][b]Green Mage-Uses high Earth magic-Outlaw-Green[/color][/b]
[color=orange][b]Yellow Mage-Uses high wind magic-Mina Karusala-Orange[/b][/color]
[color=blue][b]Blue Mage-Uses high water magic-Mighty mandy-Blue[/b][/color]
[color=indigo][b]*Silver Mage-Necromancer-Draagul-Indigo[/b][/color]
[color=teal][b]*Gold Mage-Druid-Sakuramon(Me)-Teal[/b][/color]

*A Necromancer calls upon the undead.(IE, Skeletons,Golems)
*A Druid calls upon animals and nature. (IE, birds,plants,animals.)

Here are the starting spells:

White: Heal1, Cure1
Black: Meteor1, Earthquake1
Red: FireBall1, Lava Flow1
Green: Earthquake2, ForestAttack1
Blue: TidalWave1, Flood1
Yellow: Tornado1, Winds1
Silver: Skeleton1, Zombie1
Gold: Squirrel1, Raven1

Weapon:A glaive with a blade on one end and a goldish amber orb adorned with a pair of small angel/birds wings on the other end.
Armor:A robe with magical qualities in it like shielding and other protection magic.

Let's Start and ENJOY!!
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Haha whoops!Sorry!!

The 8 mages awoke and got out of bed.They put on their robes and got their weapons for training with Master Merlyn.Sakura got out of bed and rubbed her eyes sleepily.She got up and quickly put on her robes and went to the bathroom.She quickly exited and got everything else ready.Master Merlyn hated tardiness.Soon everyone was outside weapons in hand.Merlyn said he had a surprise for them.Everyone listened attentively."I have decided that it is time that you all go out and see the world.But you must stay together for I fear that one of you will turn against the pack and turn evil with minions.I pray it doesn't become truth.May the kingdom's hope be with you all."
All the students bowed deeply to their Master.They all went to the rooms and packed their things for the adventure.
Okay that's the beginning scenario.One of us will become evil.Can I have a volunteer?Just PM me if you want to.If no one wants to then we'll be in trouble.I was kind of thinking Draagul if he doesn't mind.Because since he has the power of undeads.If you don't want to then don't worry.But the offer still stands because some people like to be bad guys.Anyways you won't split up quite yet.Just PM me Draagul and any others so I know then I can plot it out.:D
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[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith packed the stuff he need for the journey in a pack, grumbling to himself as he went.
Elëgaith-[/color][/i][B]"Why do I have to travel with those bumbling fools? They wouldn't know what magic is if it hit them in the face. I should be the only one Merylin chooses."[/B]

[color=skyblue][i]He heard a knock at the door and muttered for the person to enter. He turned around to see Sakura at the door. Elëgaith sneered.
Elëgaith-[/color][/i][B]"Yes you want something I presume?"[/B]

[color=skyblue][i]Sakura avoided his gaze and looked out the window.
Sakura-[/i][/color][color=teal]"The master says that we are to leave now."[/color]

[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith nodded and waved her out of the room. He would get there...he just needed a little time to think.[/color][/i]
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Aria twirled her staff spear lightly, examining its keen glinting edge. The ribbons flowing from it jingled softly due to the bells at the ends.
Aria was a Wind Mage and someone very good it the skill too. She loved the element Wind passionately and reflected strongly on its freedom and fury. A small bird came twittering along the window of her dormitory.

[COLOR=orange]?I have to go now, Zeph.?[/COLOR] Said Aria softly as the bird cocked its head questioningly.
[COLOR=orange]?I won?t be too long, I hope.? [/COLOR] She said. [COLOR=orange]?Just untill some of the problems are cleared out.? [/COLOR]

She thought about those problems. Rumors of demons entering their world, repeated attacks and famine and plague.
[COLOR=orange][I]?Why would they appear now??[/I][/COLOR] she thought. The world had been in peace for quite sometime now.
Oh, well. An adventure would be appropriate now, Aria wanted to test her training.
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[i]Mako was packing things in his room while others chatted about in their own rooms. He grabbed some potions, healing herbs, and mystical dust and threw it in his pack.[/i]

Mako: Well I guess that's all. I should be fine for now. I hope I find some interesting things on my journey.

[i]He walked outside of his room where he sees a girl fall to the ground and scrape her knee.[/i]

Aria: Oww! Stupid tree root!

Mako: Heheh...hey there, are you alright?

Aria: :blush: Im just fine, thank you!!!

[i]Mako holds out his hand, but she looks away.[/i]

Aria: I'm not a little girl, I can take care of myself.

Mako: Alright, suit yourself. But first, stand still.

[i]Mako waves his arms about as she looks in curiosity. With a last swift movement of the hand he cures Aria with a glittering mist that surrounds her.[/i]

Aria: ........gee.....thanks!

Mako: No problem! Your Aria right? Im Mako!

Aria: I know. Well, lets walk together shall we? Lets go get the others and head out already.
OOC: Im gonna draw a sketch of my character later.
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[COLOR=green]The room was filled with life. Beutiful, lush vines grew through small holes in the floor along the rooms walls, providing a natural wall papering. Beutiful flowers sproated from the vines, representing all the colors of the rainbow. A single green flower hangs over the head of a large bed. Peter was going to miss this room.[/COLOR]

Peter: Well, I knew the day would eventually come when I would have to leave. I just didn't think it would be so soon. Goodbye my friends.

[COLOR=green]Peter raises the hood of his cloak over his head, shrowding his face in darkness. Throwing an old brown sack over his sholder, Peter turns and heads for the door to his room. He grabs his large wooden staff in the doorway as he exits his room, clossing the heavy wooden door and he leaves. The room is dark now, no long full of life. As Peter's footsteps echo through the halls, the single green flower, once full of life, shrivels into a pale brown. [/COLOR]
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Aria stood at the gate with Mako. The breezes swirled around her in a silent farewell.
[COLOR=blue]"So where are we going?"[/COLOR] asked Mako, slinging his pack across his shoulder.
Aria shrugged.[COLOR=orange]"The capital?"[/COLOR] she offered.

[COLOR=blue]"Good enough."[/COLOR]Mako shrugged. [COLOR=blue]"I think we could investigate the problems from there."[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]"Wait!"[/COLOR] Sakura came running forward, her robes flying behind her.
Behind her, Elëgaith came up more demurely with his signature look: a lazy smile and a glinting sneer.
Aria shook her head. What was his problem now?
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[color=teal]"Master Merlyn said we are to go to Corus.It's quite up north."[/color](I read Tamora Pierce books:D)
So they all left the gate of their past home.They had lived there for 4 years together.They had built friends and enemies.
Now they started their journey.In the backs of their minds stuck the prophecy of one who would be a traitor.
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North. Aria smiled in glee. She had always wanted to meet the North Winds. She had heard them to be fiercely strongwilled.
But Corus...it was a harsh place. Not too many people lived up there...atleast not civilized people. It was nicknamed the Land of Savages. Warrior tribes rampaged the land answering to no one.

[COLOR=orange]?Why did the Master choose such an awful place for our first visit??[/COLOR] Aria asked Sakura.
Sakura shrugged. [COLOR=teal]?He said he had a friend whose tribe was in trouble or something.?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]?And he wants us to help a bunch of savages.?[/COLOR] muttered Aria.
Sakura smirked.

[B]?Really,?[/B] said Elegaith from behind. [B]?Why did you even come if you are so intolerant?[/B]
[COLOR=orange]?I?m not.?[/COLOR] said Aria hotly. [COLOR=orange]?It?s just not my kind of place.?[/COLOR]
Elegaith grinned at that. [B]?I would think it?s perfectly your kind of place.[/B] he said as Aria raised her eyebrow. [B]?It?s a wild place..just like the winds...Master of Storms.?[/B] He said mockingly.
[COLOR=orange]?Hmph![/COLOR] Aria stuck her tongue at Elegaith and said no more.
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[b][COLOR=sandybrown]Mako:[/b] Aw man, this trip is getting pretty boring. But we should be arriving some time soon though.[/COLOR]

[I]The 8 Mages continued onward and spotted a figure in the distance. It was levitating from the ground. As they drew nearer they realized it was an old man meditating just inches off the ground. As he hovered he let out a murmer of words saying.....[/I]

[b]???:[/b] Hello young Mages, your great Merlyn ordered me here to test you.

[b][COLOR=orange]Aria:[/b] What?! Why would he do such a thing?[/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=sandybrown]Mako:[/b] Because, he wants to see if we are ready to embark on a journey by our selfs. And until we are ready he will make sure that we are fit enough to maintain a steady journey by completing such tasks on the way.[/COLOR]

[i]The old man holds up a bright wooden staff that weilds each elemental power to known to the Mages. He slowly returns to the ground and sticks his staff in the ground as he challenges the 8 to a fight. The 8 mages acknowledge his challenge and enter there fighting stances.[/i]
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Sakura smirked at the challenge.Stuck in the training grounds they only ever got to fight each other and on rare occations Master Merlyn.

[color=teal]"Ravens and squirrels come to my aid!!"[/color]called Sakura.Suddenly squirrels and ravens came from everywhere and tried to attack the mysterious man.sakura lunged forward with her glaive in front of her and tried to slice him.Sakura twisted and turned with the animals following her steps.
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[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith smirked at the other 7 mages trying futilely to defeat the mage. Elëgaith yawned. He had no time for that. There were much more important things to do. Like getting rid of the other mages so he would be Merylin's heir.

The unknown mage saw him off to the side and decided to strike. Elëgaith sighed wistfully and called upon the power of an earthquake. The earth trembled beneath their feet and the unknown mage fell to his knees. Long enough for the other mages to attack.

Sakura walked up to him after the battle was won.
Sakura-[/i][/color][color=teal]"Hey thanks. You really helped us out back there. Now Merylin knows that we are worthy of a journey."[/color]

[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith-[/i][/color][B]"Save your kind words, I did nothing of the sort. The mage was going to attack me, all I did was defend myself. I would have been glad if the mage found you not worthy."[/B]
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Aria lowered her staff and the howling winds died down.
The Master of Storms turned to Elegaith.
[COLOR=orange]"Thank You!"[/COLOR] she said grinning and she hit the smug mage on his head with her staff.
[B]"What are you doing?[/B] demanded Elegaith angrily.
[COLOR=orange]"That was for teasing me before and the surprise earthquake."[/COLOR] said Aria and tossed her head.
Behind her, Elegaith stood with his eyes sparkling with anger.
[COLOR=orange]"The next eight miles?"[/COLOR] moaned Aria, looking at the sign before them. [COLOR=orange]"We already walked...well, we walked a lot!"[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]"We'll stop at an inn."[/COLOR] said Sakura, trying to pacify the young mage.
[COLOR=orange]"We'd better."[/COLOR] groused Aria, the winds whipping lightly to match her frustration. [COLOR=orange]"Before anything else comes along."[/COLOR]
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Ok, I didnt know if you said we were 8 miles from the town. Or you said that we alreay walked 8 miles. So I am just going to say that we are at the inn.

*Everyone walks towards the Inn. Gasping for breathe as they barge through the door. They book 2 rooms, 4 in each.

The rooms are.......

03 04
Krillen Mina Karusala
Rhys Mayiessen Mighty mandy
Kouberei Outlaw Sakuramon Draguul

OOC: That stupid chart took me for ever!

[COLOR=red]edit: OMG it didnt work. Noooooooo!!!!!!! Oh well just put the first 4 in one room and the next 4 in the second room.[/COLOR]
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Sakura and the others walked into their assigned rooms.
sakura walked ahead and dumped her stuff on the floor.She got onto her bed and stretched out.She yawned and got up.She decided she needed a shower.she grabbed her stuff and went into the bathroom.
She took her time.When she came out she was drying her hair by rubbing it with a towel.She hung the towel up and put on her robe again.She decided it was time for a little wonder.
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Sakura walked into the dining area and saw there was some food on the tables.She stole a bit of food before dinner and walked on.She walked through the halls eating.She saw some of the others around and continued walking past them.Soon she got tired of wondering and went back to her room.
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[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith mummbled under his breath. He would much prefer to have a room by himself but he figured there was no way out of it anyways.

He walked down into the common room and sat down near the fire. The longer he could stay away from the room the longer he could stay away from all of them. Maybe he should stay here all night if need be.

Elëgiath stared at the fire almost mesmorized by it. He felt his eye lids grow heavy and shook his head to stay awake. Maybe it was a good idea to go to the room after all....maybe...[/i][/color]
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[I]Kalpadare walked past Elëgaith and stopped in front of the fire. He held up his hands to it and it rose and fell like the ocean He moved his hand and pointed over at his plate. The fire hovered over the meat and after a few minutes it returned to the fireplace. Kalpadare sat down at the table and started to eat. He looked over at the black mage.[/I]
[COLOR=red]"You look tired, you should rest. We still have a little while to go. We'll all need our strength, especially if Master Merlin decides to test us again."[/COLOR]
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[color=skyblue][i]Elëgaith looked over at the other mage. He was about to rebuke then sighed. There was no point. He didn't have the energy anyways.

Nodding softly Elëgaith got up and almost fell back in his seat. Flushing a little Elëgaith regained his composture and walked up the stairs. He had used more energy in the battle than he thought.

He went into his assigned room and only saw a couple there. Most of the others were eating down stair. Colapsing on his bed, Elëgaith closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.[/i][/color]
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