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Vampires: Extinction or Survival? (PG-13)


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[B]I'm still accepting sign-ups for this RPG. Go [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=23367]here[/URL] if you want to join.[/B]

[SIZE=4][B]Vampires: Extinction or Survival? (PG-13)[/B][/SIZE]

[B]10/12/2019:[/B][I]My name is Sebastian Drake, I live in Night City. I am a vampire. I became one at the age of 14, and even though it's been 4 years, I still look the same as I did then. I won't explain how I became one, it's unnecessary. Like all vampires, I must feed to live. But not on any type of food I used to eat when I was a normal kid. No, I have to have human blood. I haven't seen the sun for a long time now...but I wouldn't be able to, even if I wanted to. The sun is now my enemy, it is the enemy of all vampires...well, actually not all of them. There are some, the Day Walkers, that can survive in sunlight like any human. You're probably wondering why I mentioned them. It's simple, they are the ones that started all of this. They made a special chemical formula that spreads through the air like a virus. It doesn't affect humans, but it does affect vampires. They wanted to make us live with the humans in peace like they do - pfft, living with your food...So they made this formula that will make us be able to walk in daylight and sold it to the humans. Now the humans don't want to live with us either, so they changed the formula so that it's now more lethal than silver, garlic, and holy water combined. Mr. Vandell, the leader of the gang I belong to, Feral Beast, came up with an idea for a vaccine to counter this poison the humans have made. Our rival gang, Shadow Wolf, are going to destroy the virus and we are in charge of making the vaccine. To do this, we need the blood of some very special people. But first, they must become like us. That's why I was ordered to kidnap Davey and to have him drink my blood. He is only one of many that have the special type of blood that can save us. My brothers are still looking for the others. If we fail in our mission, then the ones who could have helped us will share in our destruction. That must not happen. Oh, I almost forgot. Strangely enough, there are some humans that want to get rid of the virus as much as we do. We call them, "Hunters", because that's what they do, they hunt us like animals. You see, if the virus did work and we became extinct, they'd be out of a job. They survive by killing us and we survive by killing them. That's how it's always been and that's how it's going to stay, virus or no virus.[/I]

[I]A young, blond-haired boy was slightly awoken by a warm liquid pouring into his mouth. He drank it instinctively, without questioning what it might be. Once it stopped flowing, he opened his eyes and sat up and looked around the room. Standing beside his bed was a teenager with long brown hair, he was holding a bandage to his wrist and he looked a little pale.[/I]
"Where am I? And what was that that I was drinking?" [I]The young boy asked.
The teenager wrapped his bandage tighter.[/I]
"That was blood. You looked thirsty so I gave you a drink." [I]He replied.[/I]
[I]The blond-haired boy spat over and over, he thought he was going to be sick.[/I]
"Why did you do that? I don't drink blood!"
[I]The teenager nodded his head.[/I]
"You do. You don't realize it yet, but you do drink blood."
[I]The boy extended his hand in friendship, the bandage came unraveled slightly and the younger boy saw a cut on his wrist.[/I]
"My name's Sebastian. What's yours?"
"Where's my mom and dad?! I want to go home! I want to..."
[I]Sebastian pulled back his hand and retied his bandage.[/I]
"You can't go home. You're dead."
[I]The blond kid froze. The words hit him hard, he almost believed them.[/I]
"I'm not dead! If I was, I couldn't sit here and talk to you!"
"I know you don't belive me, but you are dead...well, undead actually. You're a vampire."
[I]The younger boy opened his mouth to speak, but Sebastian interrupted him.[/I]
"Yes, there really are such things as vampires. They do exist. I'm not joking about this...Now, what's your name? It's hard to talk to you when I don't even know what to call you."
"Davey Keene," [I]the young boy said, defeated.[/I]
[I]Sebastian put a hand on Davey's shoulder and looked him in the eye.[/I]
"Don't worry, Davey, it'll be okay. I was upset about it just like you are now, so I know how you feel."
"You mean you're a vampire too?" [I]Davey asked.[/I]
"Of course, how do you think you became one?"
[I]Davey shrugged.[/I]
"I don't even know how to become one in the first place."
[I]Sebastian pulled away his bandage, revealing the cut that Davey had noticed earlier.[/I]
"You drank my blood, the blood of a vampire. Then, when you died, you became one yourself. Hey, is something wrong?"
[I]Davey had his arms wrapped around himself, he was shivering slightly.[/I]
"I'm fine. It's just a little cold in here."
[I]Sebastian picked up a tattered, brown leather jacket.[/I]
"Here, put this on. I'm sorry about that, I didn't think of grabbing any of your clothes when I brought you here. I'll have to buy you some later."
[I]Davey raised an eyebrow at the boy next to him.[/I]
"You mean you were the one who brought me here? Why did you do that? Why did you want to make me a vampire in the first place?"
[I]Davey looked behind Sebastian, and saw a tall, mustached man, standing in the doorway.[/I]
"Do you want me to explain it to him, Sebastian?" [I]The man asked.[/I]
"No. I can do it, Jacob. You were the one who explained it to me when you brought me in, so I need to explain it to him myself."
"Alright, if you say so."
Jacob walked into the room.
"Davey, this is Jacob Williamson. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be what I am today. Jacob, this is Davey Keene." [I]Sebastian introduced them.[/I]
[I]Jacob shook Davey's hand.[/I]
"Welcome to the family kid. I have some business to take care of so I'll leave you two alone to talk. Bye."
[I]Davey waved to Jacob as he left the room. Sebastian got up from where he was sitting and brought Davey to the roof of the building. The full moon was shining brightly.[/I]
"Wow! The moon looks so big! I've never really noticed it before." [I]Davey exclaimed.[/I]
"Well you will notice it more often...since you'll never see the sun again."
[I]Davey looked over at Sebastian.[/I]
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Some vampires can walk in the sunlight, but to most, it's harmful. I can't be out in daylight so since you drank my blood, you can't either. But now you can stay up as late as you want."
[I]Sebastian's remark didn't seem to cheer up Davey, who was now looking quite sullen.[/I]
"So why did you make me a vampire, Sebastian?"
[I]Sebastian leaned over the edge of the building.[/I]
"Some humans are trying to get rid of all vampires with a virus they made. We can make a medicine that protects us from the virus, but we need special blood to do it. Some people have this blood, but they have to be turned into vampires for us to use it..."
[I]Davey looked puzzled at first, but then a look of understanding appeared on his face.[/I]
"So I have this special blood?" [I]He asked.[/I]
"Yes, you do. I'll take you to see Mr. Vandell, our leader, tomorrow night. He'll answer any questions you might have and then we'll need to take your blood." Sebastian replied.
"But don't I need my blood?"
"Well, yes and no. You're not like a human being anymore, but you will be hungry so I'll take you to feed afterwards."
[I]Davey didn't like the way Sebastian said, 'feed' but he decided not to ask about it. He'd find out tomorrow anyways. Sebastian patted him on the back.[/I]
"Come on, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping. It's almost dawn."

[B]OOC: Sorry about the bad post quality. I sort of had to rush this.[/B]
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Guest cesar906
DFX:I have to fight to kill them all.
Just as he went into the secret club were vampires rule the guards attack he took out his double edge sword and killed he went in and he hid till the vampire he had look for came so he would destroy him
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[SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=orange][I]Tasrai gasped for breath as he clambered up the fire escape, stopping for a quick breath, he looked around, his air coming in great gulps. The hunter was nowhere to be seen? good he had lost him. Turning around then looking back once again to make sure, he climbed through a window temporarily blocking the moonlight, he dropped down. Just as he landed he heard the door in front of him click shut, panting he strode to the door, in two great strides. Opening the door a crack he looked down the hall. Whew, he sighed it was only Sebastian, and some other boy he hadn't seen before. Opening the door all the way now, he walked through, and snuck up the hall behind Sebastian and the blonde haired boy. I hate meeting new people, if only I could somehow sneak past...

"Tasrai, why back so early?" Sebastian said as he turned around to face Tasrai, who stopped abruptly.

"A cursed Hunter,"


"He pushed me through a window, chased me throughout the city, all the while shooting at me with a crossbow armed with wooden stakes!" Tasrai's eyes were now flashing red, showing his anger. "See, Look! Look what he did to me!" he bellowed pointing to a stake, lodged into his thigh. Sebastian looked from Tasrai's face to the stake, and then busted into laughter, the blonde haired boy looked absolutely stunned,

"I really don't see anything funny," Tasrai said, though smiling now. Sebastian finally noticed the blonde boy?s confused look, and tried to pull himself together.

?I?m sorry, *laughter* I haven?t introduced you to each other *more laughter* Davey, this is Tasrai, *chuckle* Tasrai, this is Davey.? Sebastian finished, seemed to finally have suppressed his laughter and was wheezing from the effort.

?Glad to have met you, Davey, sorry if I shocked you though?? he motioned at the stake, smiling. ?It didn?t hurt, really,?

?You didn?t, and I?m glad to meet you too.? Davey replied. After that was over Tasrai turned and walked, limped rather, down the hall, to his ?place?. Shutting the door he sat down in the nearest chair, only chair really. Bracing himself, he grabbed one end of the stake and pulled, gritting his teeth, only a small growl, escaped through them. Once the stake was out, Tasrai let the air hiss through his teeth. Cursing the darned hunter he reached for the bandages. He wrapped his wound, tightly, and then laid down in his hammock. Finally he couldn?t stand it anymore, grabbing the stake he started stabbing the wall with it, until the frustration faded. Calm now Tasrai decided to tell Mr. Vandell, normally this stuff didn?t bother him but it was what the Hunter had said that shook him into fear, and the way the Hunter had almost succeeded in not only what he had said, but also in finding hidden memories, dark memories of the past?[/I][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Guest Oyeah
Professor Sidney: Is that the thing?

Professor Quinn: Yeah. That's him alright.

Dace's eyes opened. Tubes sprouted from his body and he was standing naked in a large glass cell filled with what looked like a mixture of blood and water.

He tried to scream but it was muffled by the solution.

Professor Sidney: What is he?

Professor Quinn: A work of art my dear. He is what will help us achieve our goals of world domination.

Professor Sidney: WHAT is he?

Professor Quinn: He is a vampire.

Professor Sidney: A vampire?

Professor Quinn: Not just any vampire either. He is a wonder of the technology age. He feeds not only to quench his ever-hunger but also feeds to increase his abilities.

Professor Sidney: Remarkable...

Professor Quinn: We codenamed him Vampire X. He feeds off both man and vampire. Although he is quite frail when it comes to physical strength is advantage is in his incredible speed and agility.

Professor Sidney: He looks like a young teen.

Professor Quinn: Far from it. We have estimated his age would be well over the two hundred mark.

Intercom: Professor Quinn please report to the Computer Room. Repeat. Professor Quinn please make your way to the Computer Room.

Professor Quinn: That's my queue! I'd love to stay and chat but I'm a very busy man. Commitments!

Professor Quinn left Professor Sidney to finish her report.

Dace: Sidney!

Sidney dropped her notebook in fright. There was a voice in her head.

Dace: Sidney!

It seemed that the experiment was talking to her. She turned and faced it.

Dace: Look into my eyes Sidney!

Sidney looked into his eye's and was instantly put under a trance.

Dace: Sidney. Release me!

Hypnotised Sidney obeyed the vampires commands. She walked to her workstation and pushed some buttons.
The glass cell lifted up into the air and Dace and the bloody solution spewed all over the laboratory floor.

Dace got up and ripped the tubes from his body. They left marks but he would heal.
Sidney sanpped out of her trance.

Professor Sidney: Oh my god! How did you get out of your chamber!

Dace slowly walked towards her. She stumbled backwards and talked into a microphone.

Professor Sidney: Security to Level 3 Sector 8F. Security!

Dace leaped at Sidney and pierced her neck and proceeded to drain her of her blood.

Professor Sidney: Please...stop..p-p-pleaaasse...

Just then security burst into the room.

Guard 1: FREEZE!

The vampire froze.

Guard 1: Drop her right now!

Dace obeyed but casually walked towards the guards.

Guard 1: Halt! Don't move another step freak!

Dace kept walking.

Guard 1: OPEN FIRE!

The security guards chainguns and handguns ripped through Dace but it had no ill-effect on him.
Outraged Dace lept at the group.

Professor Quinn: Man that's some good coffee!

Quinn returned to the lab to find his "experiment" draining the life out of one of the guards. The room looked like a blood bath with blood coating the walls and floor and bodies littering the area.

Professor Quinn: Oh my god...

Dace jumped when he heard the noise and glared at the trembling man.

Dace: Bravo! Bravo! I like what you have done to me!

Professor Quinn: You-You what?

Dace: Oh yeah. What am I twice as fast and powerful as I was before?

Professor Quinn: S-something lihe that?

The weak, little man wet himself.

Dace: Now it's time for my gift to you.

Dace bit into his neck and sucked away his blood.

Dace: You shall be a vampire. And will know what it is like to be tortured.

Dace ripped up the helpless person and feasted on his innards.
Freedom was his. But where to now? he wondered as an afterthought.
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin scrolled down over the page, reading into the fears supposed vampires experience when they are first changed from humans into "higher beings", as it was often called. She shivered, thinking back to her brother and that night she had seen his capture. [/i]

Jeff: Al, are you ok? It's time to go.

[i]Alastuin awoke from her trance and blinked furiously, clearing her head of the horrid images there. [/i]
Alastuin: Yeah, I'm done. Thanks Jeff.

[i]Shutting down the computer, Alastuin gathered her things and walked out of the library. Jeff, the janitor, plugged in his vaccum cleaner and began work for the night as the clock struck six thirty.
Alastuin walked out to her car, shivering against the cold and pulling her coat around her tightly as she strode briskly out to her car. Eyes followed her, she could feel them. She knew all to well what they belonged to, and she knew that they knew all about what she was doing. All those hours of overtime, the excuse of polishing the floors of her flat had grown thin. But no one pressed her for information. She was no one of importance. Not to them, anyway...[/i][/font][/color]
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"Hey Davey! Get up!"
[I]Sebastian shook Davey awake. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and looked around the room. All of the windows were boarded up, leaving in the darkness...or maybe keeping out the light. Somehow, Davey was able to see perfectly without any light.[/I]
"What time is it?" [I]He asked.[/I]
"It's 10:00 P.M.. Now come on, I need to take you to Mr. Vandell."
[I]Davey put on his shoes and followed Sebastian out of the building. They hopped onto a motorcycle and rode down the empty streets. Before they got very far, the motorcycle slid out from underneath them and sent Davey flying. A man in a white cloak and black shirt with a symbol of a white sun on it, walked over to Davey. He held up a wooden stake and was about to strike it into the boy's heart, but a small hole appeared in his head with a bang. He slumped to the ground and Sebastian, his gun in his hand, walked over to Davey and picked him up.[/I]
"Sorry about that, kid. I wasn't expecting an Enemy of the Night. It looks like I'll have to walk you to the club. I can always steal another bike."

[I]A few minutes later, Sebastian walked through the club's doors. A bald man behind the bar waved to him.[/I]
"Hey, Sebastian. What's with the mortal?" [I]The man asked.[/I]
"He's not a mortal, Jon. He's one of us."
[I]Jon grabbed a glass from underneath the counter.[/I]
"Really? He looks a little young. Is he one of those people with that special blood I keep hearing about?"
[I]Sebastian nodded.[/I]
"Well you'd better not have spilt any of it, or Mr. Vandell isn't going to be happy."
[I]Sebastian walked away from the bar and headed to a large metal door in the back of the club.[/I]
"Yeah, I know. Don't worry, he's just a little bruised."
[I]A large, muscular man in a black suit blocked his way.[/I]
"It's alright, I'm here to see Mr. Vandell. He wanted me to bring this kid."
[I]The man didn't move until a voice through the intercom confirmed what Sebastian said. The doors opened. He walked into the room and set Davey down on a chair.[/I]
"He'll need a little time to heal before we take his blood, Mr. Vandell."
[I]A clean-shaven, European man with a blond ponytail leaned forward and took off his sunglasses.[/I]
"Yes, I can see that. But we have no time to waste. we must do it now."
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[COLOR=indigo]Hi I just joined this RPG so this may be interesting. Here is my copy of my sign-up I already did this in the Recruitment so don't worry.[/COLOR]

Name: Rocky

Age: 12

Occupation: Vampire

Weapon: Uzis

Description: Dark Blue spiky hair, silver moonlight eyes, pointy ears (they became this way when he was bitten) light bue skin color (another effect), kinda scary looking, he wears black commando boots, black jeans and a black Jnco shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

Bio: When his parents were killed by a vampire when he was 7 years old, the same vampire made Rocky drinks his blood. Throughout the years he became depressed and wandered around feeding on the blood and flesh of humans. He soon joined the ShadowWolf gang but hardly hangs around them cause he's a bit afraid of vampires even though he is one himself, but he sticks with the group to survive. He looks up to Sebastian and some of the others for guidance and training.

[COLOR=indigo]The clock read 10 p.m. and the moonlight shined through a crack in the ceiling. Rocky awoke from his slumber and walked out of the shadows and to the roof of the building. "Hmm, the moon is beatiful tonight..." he said, staring out into the night sky. "Huh?" Rocky heard the sound of a motorcycle, he looked down from the building and saw Sebastian riding down the street with some kid. "Wonder who that could be..". Rocky went back inside and saw Tasrai taking a stake out of his side. "Ouch, looks mighty painful. What happened to you?" he asked. "It's a long story..owww.." Tasrai replied ripping the stake out. "Heh heh. By the way who was that other kid riding with Sebastian?" Rocky asked again. "Oh you mean Davey, yeah, he just joined the gang. He's a bit shaken, but he'll manage." Tasrai replied. "By the way, you feeling any better?" "Yeah, I was feeling a tad bit upset yesterday, ya know my depression and not know what'll become of me in the future." said, Rocky as his pointy ears twitched. "You're doing fine kid, ya just need more training and confidence in yourself." Tasrai said, putting his hand on Rocky's shoulder. "So, how 'bout a little bite to eat?" "Yeah! I'm straving.." [/COLOR]
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With a start, Joe lifted his head off his desk, papers scattered all around him. Comically one was still stuck to his forehead as he prised it off, leaving a red mark where it had been.
He glanced over at the door, where his father was leaning in slightly, frowning a little. "You studying [i]again[/i]?"
Joe nodded. "Sure I am... Big exams in a week..."
"There is such a thing as trying too hard you know..."
Gathering up a few of his scattered papers, Joe nodded. He was trying hard... of course he was. He had to pass these exams. He sighed, eventually meeting his father's gaze. "I'm fine, okay? Another half an hour, I swear."
"You promise?"
Joe nodded an affirmative, rubbing at the sleep-encrusted patch on his forehead idly. "I promise." He raised a hand to his heart as though to seal the promise further.
His father paused, surveying him for a wary moment. Then, deciding that he was growing up just like his mother, changed the subject. Sauntering in and sitting on his son's bed he said, "Watcha make of this whole 'vampire' thing anyway?"
Joe shrugged, observing the ploy to inturrupt his school-work. "I dunno. It's not really something I'm paying attention to."
"Are you serious?! It's been all over the news!"
Joe smiled a little at his father's mock outrage. "Yeah, I know." Joe shrugged. "I just don't really think it has anything to do with me. I'm not a vampire, I don't advertise what I think. Nobody's going to bother with it."
Joe's father raised an eyebrow as Joe said that. "I'm sure they don't care who's side you're on when they suck you dry."
Again, Joe shrugged, scratching at his head with the end of the pen in his hand. "I suppose not. But I can't really do a lot about that, can I? Even if I had an opinion, they wouldn't quiz me about it first."
"Good point."
There was a lengthy pause, before Joe said quietly, "Studying Dad."
"Oh yeah, right. I'll just... umm... go then!"
Joe laughed as his Dad made a huge show of being sad and dejected going to the door, before throwing a slipper after him.
Chuckling, his father left, leaving him to his school-work - which continued for much longer than half-an-hour...
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Cassandra walked to a building that had two bouncers in front of it. She walked towards them and they asked for i.d. She just kept walking, but one of them grabbed her and she pulled his arm towards his back.

Cassandra: This good enough for I.D.?
Bouncer #1: Yeah, yeah. Please let me go!

She let the bouncer go and she walked into the building. Inside were many teens that were raving, breaking, and dancing. Only one caught her eye.
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[I]Sebastian hesitated. He was concerned about Davey but he
also knew that Mr. Vandell was right.[/I]
"Alright, just be careful please. He's not just a person with the special blood, he's one of us now."
[I]Mr. Vandell smiled.[/I]
"I'm not so cruel as that, Sebastian...I let you stay, didn't I?"
[I]Sebastian nodded. He was about to leave the room but Mr. Vandell stopped him and handed him a photo of a brown-haired teenager.[/I]
"Who's this?" [I]Sebastian asked.[/I]
"His name is Joseph Dunning. We believe he may have the special blood we're looking for. In fact...his blood might be even more unique than someone like Davey. Look into it and have some of the others help you. If we're wrong about him, then don't waste your time, just move onto the next target."
"Yes sir."
[I]Sebastian left the room. He showed the picture to a few of his friends, asking them to keep an eye out for him, and left the club.[/I]

[B]OOC: The hunt is on! I apologize about the short post length, but I'm a little busy right now. And BB, if you're reading this, PM me if I'm messing up your character.[/B]
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Cassandra walked around the club, when a cloaked man put his hand on her shoulder and tried to drag her out of the club.

???: You are to come with me, dirty vamp.

Cassandra turned to face the man and she picked his hand off of her. She then looked him straight in the eye that could make any normal human's worst fear seem like a child's fantasy.

Cassandra: You know what? I don't think so. You see, there are some things you should know about me. #1, never call me a dirty vamp.*walks in a circle around him* #2, you never try to drag me out of a place where I feel comfortable.*still walking* and 3. *stops in front of him, he was turned towards her this time* Don't... mess... with me.

After the last word, Cassandra did a spinning round off kick and hit the man, causing him to land on the bar table. This was when security came towards her and tried to grab her. She just walked right past them. When she went outside, she saw a man running past her and two other vampires that she could smell. She knew that they had to be in a clan, gang, or "group."
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Guest cesar906
DFX landed on top of the car of Alastuin
she asked "are you ok?"
DFX:ya I'm okay I was chasing a vampire when I fell into their trap and please if people see the blood in your car don't tell them what happen here tonight.
He left in a mysterious way
by jumping
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Guest Oyeah
Night City. What an appropriate name for a ?freak? like me. Dace chuckled to himself as he walked through the slums. His new clothes fit him well-a black biker jacket with a white shirt underneath, fading jeans and long black boots. I?m sure that man didn?t mind that he ?borrowed? his clothes, especially since he is now wandering around somewhere in Hades.

Dace observed the surroundings. Neon lit words like ?XXX? or ?boobies? lit up the street and dirty, homeless bums lie everywhere as far as the eye could see.
Oh yeah, it was vampire territory.

Dace looked at all of the prostitutes that stood around, adjusting and straightening their already adjusted and straightened clothing.
Dace caught the occasional wink or kiss blown in his direction. One of the prostitutes walked up to Dace.

Rose: Hey big boy! Wanna good time?

Dace faced her eye-to-eye. He circled her, looking her up and down. Nice!

Dace: Don?t worry. I?ll be back for you.

She blushed and proceeded to look for business elsewhere.
Mmm mmm? smelled like A Negative.

It?s funny how fate beckoned him to a hole like this. Dace nearly gagged on the cigarette smoke that polluted the air. He walked by drug addicts with needles in their arms and gangs of people picking fights on lone, weak targets.
Humans?. It?s typical of their ?dominant race?.

He saw a crowd gathered just ahead, staring at a television in a shop window. Dace approached the crowd.

Dace: What?s going on?

Man: Shhh! Quiet!

TV: ?. Earlier tonight massacred close to fifty scientists and security personnel.

Images of the slaughter appeared on the screen and the crowd yelled in disgust.
Dace grinned at his handy work. Tsk, critics.

TV: If you do happen to see this man, please alert police officials immediately.

An image of Dace?s mug appeared on the screen. Uh oh!

Man: Wait a minute! Isn?t that you?

The whole crowd turned around but no one was there.

Man: Where?d he go? He was right here a second ago, I swear!

Dace watched the crowd rush off to alert everybody of his presence from atop of a rooftop. That was a little too close for his liking. He needed sanctuary, but where?
He observed a nightclub full of young people. Dace licked his lips. Veal.

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Cassandra followed them, but lost their trail. She walked down the streets and found that she landed in a definite vampire territory, for the reason she could sense that another vampire was there. She looked around and saw him. Just walking casualy, she walked into an alley, he followed.

???: Where'd she go?
Cassandra: Looking for me?

The guy looked behind him.

???: A fellow vampire, i see.
Cassandra:*smirks* What brings you to this side of town?
???: Just some "business."
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[color=indigo]Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while, but somethings came up in schoo.l[/color]

[color=indigo]Rocky walked down the street wearing a small leather jacket so people wouldn't get freaked around him. "Hey, are we close to the club yet?" Rocky asked Tasrai. "I'm sure we're getting close stay patient." replied Tasrai. "Patient!?" How can I be patient when i'm blue and my ears are sticking out like an elf?" Rocky almost shouted. Just then they saw a female vampire walk by with 2 others.[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]For a three thousand odd year old vampyre, getting hit by a car was an annoyance. For the mortal driving the car, apparently it was even more of an annoyance. She got out of the car and started swearing at him. The swearing trailed off into a suprised silence as Ciiahn got up and dusted himself off.[/I]

Ciiahn: I don't suppose you'd be partial to offering a ride in this...automobile?

[I]Alastuin looked at him in bewilderment, and agreed almost out of confusion. Ciiahn examined the door for a moment, eventually working out that the lever was pulled up. He sat down, unfamiliar but composed.[/font][/color][/I]
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It was dark by the time Joe finished up with his school-work. Streetlights shone brightly outside his bedroom window as he stood, working the stiffness out of his knees and pulled the curtains closed. Why was he working so hard? He didn't really know... It was just something... something his mother would have wanted him to do.
Just as he pulled the curtains to, a lone figure outside caught his eye. Long dark trenchcoat, smoking a cigarette. Long tendrils of smoke coiled into the air, as the figure glanced up, seeing Joe at the window. Perhaps this was the reason the figure hurried away suddenly, the clicking shoes audible in the morning silence, even through the glass of Joe's window.
Thoughtfully, and a little on edge, Joe pulled the curtains completely closed. Something was going on... it had been for a while... people were watching him...
[i]But why?[/i]
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The vampire had a tattoo on his right bicep and it had the eyes of the feral beast. Cassandra looked him over. She knew he must've been a high ranking guy.

Cassandra: So, why are you here?
???: waiting for you.
Cassandra: Oh, so you recruit people for the feral beast?
???: How'd you know?
Cassandra: I have my ways of knowing.

Suddenly, Cassandra felt another presence among them. It must've been a Shadow...
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin was uncomfortable about the situation as a whole, but didn't have a choice.[/i]

Alastuin: So.... vampyre, eh?

Unknown: That's right.

Alastuin: My name is Alastuin.

Ciiahn: Ciiahn.

Alastuin: Ah. My brother is a vampire.

Ciiahn: Oh? How did that happen?

Alastuin: Don't know. Went missing a few years back, I've been investigating.

Ciiahn: How do you know he is one of us, then?

Alastuin: I saw it happen. It was right next to me, we shared a room. No one else knows I know. I've been tracking him down since.

Ciiahn: Any luck?

Alastuin: Not really. But I have to admit, today has been a particularly active day.

Ciiahn: Hmmm?

Alastuin: Well, there's you, and just before, in the parking lot, another one jumped on my car.

[i]Ciiahn seemed to ponder this, and find no real result. She conversation lulled.[/i]

Alastuin: So, where are you headed?[/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Ciiahn: I haven't yet found out.

Alastuin: What?

Ciiahn: Basically, you're annoying youngling vampyres have gotten themselves in trouble, and I've decided I'll actually give them a helping hand.

Alastuin: I thought we got over pride as we got older.

Ciiahn: This isn't pride, merely the balance.

Alastuin: Oh? Some ancient cosmic mystic crap?

[I]She wasn't convinced. That was alright. Neither was Ciiahn.[/I]

Ciiahn: No, saving me later aggravation. No matter which side wins, eventually they'll run into me, and that will be annoying and some what time consuming.

Alastuin: Pretty sure of ourselves, aren't we?

Ciiahn: Very. [/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin felt humbled by his somewhat blase approach to his eminant death, but was still confused. She wanted to ask for his help but it was obvious he wouldn't care. And she was driving to her house, but he didn't know where he was going. The night had suddenly taken a strange turn. Deciding he would be gentlemanly enough about it, Alastuin decided to broach the subject of her brother once again.[/i]

Alastuin: So, do you know many vampyres in the area?

Ciiahn: What was his name?

Alastuin: Sebastian. Seb Green.

Ciiahn: No, never heard of a newling called Sebastien. But then again, I don't pay attention.

Alastuin: Thought not. You do realise I want your help, don't you?

Ciiahn: I would ask you if I looked stupid, but it's such an annoying phrase.

Alastuin: I know next to nothing about vampyres, and I've been researching for nearly five years.

Ciiahn: That's because all the research out there is done with the thought that we don't exist.

Alastuin: Well, can you help?

Ciiahn: Yes, I can. I don't particularly want to, but I can. There are a few ways to help without getting too involved, anyway.

Alastuin: Oh?

Ciiahn: Indeed. You know how when you walk down the street, and you see humans but not vampyres?

Alastuin: Yes...

Ciiahn: Well, humans notice humans. Vampyres notice vampyres.

Alastuin: And....

Ciiahn: I could, I suppose... get you into the club, so to speak.

[i]Alastuin stopped the car infront of her house and stared forward. She had witnessed an embrace, it haunted her every night. It was the most horrible thing she had ever experienced. But her parents blamed her for her brother's dissapearance, and this might be the way to get him back. [/i]
Alastuin: This is my house. Do you want to come in?[/font][/color]
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[B]OOC: Eh...this was rushed, sorry.[/B]


[I]Sebastian parked his newly stolen motorcycle and went in the club to see Mr. Vandell in his private lounge.[/I]
"Did you get the blood? Is Davey okay?"
[I]Mr. Vandell nodded.[/I]
"Yes, we got it and the boy is fine. He's feeling a little weak though. Ah, here he is now."
[I]Davey walked through the door, he was very pale and he was sweating.[/I]
"Hi Sebastian..." [I]He said weakly.[/I]
"Hi, Davey. Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I...I just feel really hungry."
[I]Davey clutched at his stomach.[/I]
"Okay. I'll take you to get something to eat. Come on, let's go."
[I]Mr. Vandell put his hand on Sebastians shoulder.[/I]
"Hold on a second, Sebastian. We need more...donors as soon as possible."
"Yes, I know. This won't take long. I'll try to find one on the way back."
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OOC: Sorry I'm joining so late! My profile is in the Recruitment, so don't worry.
IC: Xaphania looked around. It wasn't much, but there was good food. Sometimes it was even cute. Pulling up the hood of her duster and dropping her cigarette, she headed for the club. There was nothing to be gained here. Even so, he looked so cute doing his homework! Maybe he'll even follow me...
"Good-bye for now, Joe. Maybe tomorrow night." Seh walked slowly, stopping only to buy more cigarettes. She recieved a curious stare from the store's newest employee but nothing more. The owner knew what she was. She had been going there for months now. No one in Night City bothered her anymore. She continued on her way, past the neon lights. Again she stopped, this time to steal a car. It was almost as if it was calling her name. Any fast car would do that to her. That's why she was a vampyre in the first place. Drifting from thought to thought, she drove, slightly recklessly, towards to club. She parked and walked in.
"Hey!" one of the bouncers said gruffly. "Where do you think you're going?"
"Maybe you are as stupid as you look! Maybe not..." she said seductively. She lured him into an alley and drained him quickly, dumping the corpse into a dumpster. She walked back into the club with no problems.
"So many choices, so little time," she muttered. She fixed her hair, hiding her pointed ears, pulled back her hood, and strode through the club.
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She left the vampire and she walked away, before she walked away fully, he grabbed her and tried to bite her. She flipped him and stabbed him with a nearby broken pole.

Cassandra: I wouldn't be an idiot.

Cassandra walked away and soon saw a guy holding some guy who was in pain, she thought to herself that this was going to be easy prey. She followed silently towards them and kept following.
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[color=indigo]Rocky walked down the street holding his stomach in hungar then he looked up and saw and girl vampire following....Sebastian...? And who was with him? Rocky decided to keep close to the girl watching her just to see what was gonna happen....[/color]
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