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Oh. Almighty. Crap. SMA4 is YOshi's story.

Senor Ding Dong

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Well that's not good.

It doesn't say Mario Advance in the title though... So I'm wondering if this is something they just have in the system for who knows what reason. Afterall, a level in Yoshi's Story was shown off as a tech demo when the GBA first was revealed. It definately wouldn't be a first on the site.

If it's true, I hope people are smart enough to skip it. The game looked nice, but it was so pointless.
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[color=indigo]Yes, I'm still hoping that they'll release SMB3 as the next Super Mario Advance game, since "Super Mario Advance" isn't in the title of this game. . . . Yet, anyway. >_<

I remember renting Yoshi's Story not long after I got my N64, thinking it would be like Yoshi's Island on the SNES. Boy, was I wrong. Sure, the basic gameplay wasn't too different, but it was way easier and a lot less fun. A lot shorter, too; you can beat the game in one short sitting. Even with the different paths through the game, there's just not much there.

I know I won't be buying this game. If I wanted another GBA platformer, I'd get Yoshi's Island first. (Haven't gotten it yet because of lack of money/wanting other games more, heh).[/color]
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Heck, seems as i didn't own an N64 until last year you would think that i wouldn't know anything about this game, but in fact i do know its a big of.... you see i played it round my mates house when he rented it and jjust by watching him play it i thought it was crap, then i played and then i definatly knew it was crap. god why don't they just release a brand new mario game for the advance instead of keep on porting over older ones?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by clowmet [/i]

Please, kill me now. What was Shigeru thinking, this instead of SMB3? Oh.......it's games like this that make up Nintendo's kiddy strerotype. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=#808080]What makes you think that Shigeru Miyamoto sanctioned Yoshi's Story's release? I'm really sick of people blaming [i]everything[/i] Nintendo does on Shigeru Miyamoto. Let's not forget the hundreds of other employees while we're at it. lol

Anyway, I can't say I'm too excited about this game. Yoshi's Story wasn't a [b]bad[/b] game, it was just too short and too easy. But the actual design was certainly adequate. And the visuals were pretty nice back in the day (although obviously visuals don't equate to a great game).

Having said that, a [i]lot[/i] of people misunderstand Yoshi's Story. This wasn't a game designed for Zelda/Mario players. It was designed to be a game that first time game players would enjoy (ie: young kids and totally inexperienced games). So I think it was a carefully targeted game. I'm actually happy that Nintendo had the balls to release this game, knowing that people would scream "Nintendo is kiddie!" from the rooftops.

But the kiddie thing is another issue. I'm tempted to actually say "who cares about Nintendo's image; just play the games you enjoy", but we've been there and done that.[/color]
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