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Modern Dreams

DJ. Tatum

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Alright its time to start.

Modern Dreams
Chapter One: Awakenening

"Where am I ?" Tate thought to himself as he got off the ground.
Tate looked around as he dusted himself off. " This is weird." He said
"One minute I'm in my room and the next I'm here."

In his hand was a glowing white stone, it seemed to be pointed toward a big chapel like building in the distance. " This stone is pointing towards that building, maybe I should go there." Tate began to go toward it. After a few minutes he came to some bushes." Its behind here." Tate piked a sharp stick and began to hack away at the bushes.
" My God!" Tate eyes widened as he saw the beautiful landscape in front of the chapel.

After about 30 mins.Tate came to the chapel."I'm here, now how do I get in." As Tate inspected the door a mysterious voice called to him. " You are finally here, come and meet your destiny..." Tate smiled gleefully and said. "Hey, This must be that new arcade they advertised on G4, these stones must be how you get in." As the doors opened,Tate walked in not knowing that his life would change forever.

OK, who is next to wake up?:)
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When T.D woke up she said to herself,"Hmmm....where am I?"She felt something rocky in her hand.....as she opened her hand her eyes widened she starred at the green stone for a minute then it started to glow.

"Hmmm now what could this stone be pointing at?" as she followed the glow she saw the Chapel like building."Hmmm....weird who would put that there?Could it be a place to train!I like trainning with my Shinai!" When T.D tried to grab her Shinai she noticed it wasn't there.

"What?!Where's my Shinai!I always have it with me even when I'm sleeping!"She shrugged "Oh well." She looked back at the stone and Started to follow it.

As she was walking she bumps into a little tornado."Now this is weird....but there's only one thing I must do to survive....and that's to run!" She started to run to the Chapel when she reached the door she heard what heard a voice saying "You are finally here,come and meet your destiny...," T.D was confused "yeah,yeah how do I open the door though?!"She started pounding on the door but then when she used her hand with the stone in it the door opened.She ran inside not looking where she's going and then smashed right into Tate.
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When Kiara awoke upon somewhere, she looked around and noticed that she was yet to be nowhere. "Damn, why does this always happen to me?" She thought to herself. She always is either stranded on an island, locked in a building, or for some strange reason, ending up becoming a top secret agent. Kiara looked up to the sky and saw that the [B]moon and sun[/B] were both up and then she looked down and noticed that two stones were either glued together or been like that for years. She picked it up and the two stones glew. It glowed gold on the left and silver on the right and a sun appeared on the gold and a crescent moon appeared on the right. "Whoa! What is this? Shoot, this is freaky. But, hey this is what i get for dozin' off. Oh, well. It's life." She got up and started walking around, then she noticed a chapel right in front of her and she walked in.

OOC: i know, i know, i edited toO much.
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Sakura got up.She was in the middle of no where.She was surrounded by ice and snow.She hugged herself for warmth and noticed there was a stone next to her.She almost missed it because of the colour blended with the snow.The stone glowed and it shone into a direction.She decided to follow it as long as it brought her out of the snow and ice.
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Willow woke up on what appeared to be a beach. She looked around having no clue where to go. When she felt a stone in her hand. She looked down at it. It was pointing to a chapal. She hopped up and walked towards it. She looked back once to see the ocean. Then left to the chapal.
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Aiko arrived at an igllo where the light shone right into it.
Aiko just shrugged and walked in.It was nice and warm in there and it was out of the snow.She rubbed her arms for warmth.She looked at her watch.It had stopped but the time it said was 9pm.she decided she would head out first thing in the morning.She curled up on the floor and went to sleep.
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Tate dusted himself off and got up." Ow. That hurt."he said.
Just then he looked over to T.D . " You OK there?".
He walked over and helped T.D up." Hey, I know you , you are from my dream." Tate said." And you have a stone too."

T.D stared at Tate." Your from my dream too." T.D noticed the stone in Tate's hand." Hey your stone is glowing and so is mine."Tate noticed it too." Hey that is wierd, it is pointing at you."
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T.D looked at Tate's stone "What's it tryin to say?" Tate shrugged "Hmmm.....weird..." T.D thought.
T.D sighs "I need my shinai...I need to train" "What's a Shinai?"Tateasked "It's a bamboo trainning sword..."T.D replied.

"Oh!Cool,"Tate said "You a samurai or something?"Tate asked again. "Yes becomeing a samurai is my dream,anyways we have to find out what has happened!"T.D said.
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Banner awoke and found himself surrounded by complete darkness.
"Okaaaaaay...what the hell is this," he asked himself as he got to his feet. "What is this place, and where the hell is my bed?!"

He then noticed a glowing stone lying before him. Banner slowly walked over and picked it up.
"Whats this," he wondered. "And why is it glowing."
The confused Banner then turned his attention back to his dark surroundings.
"Hello!" he yelled. "Is anyone here!"
There was no reply, only the echo of his voice.

He then took a few step forwards, and noticed the stone he held started to glow brighter.
"Hey maybe this stone gets brighter when I get closer to an exit," he concluded. "Yeah thats gotta be it."
Banner then started walking foward, carefully navigaiting his way through the darkness.

He soon saw a light in the distance. "Alright the a way out!" Banner rejoiced, and ran towards the light.
As he emerged from the darkness he realised that he had been in a cave, carved into the side of a tall mountain range.

Banner then scanned his new surroundings, and noticed a large chapel in the distance. He then looked at the glowing black stone in his hand. "I don't know what the hells going on, but maybe somebody there can help me," he replied, and began his journey towards the mystereous chapel.
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The next morning Aiko got up and her stone glowed again.She looked at the stone and noticed it wasn't very heavy and had a small hole at the top.She opened her clasp on her necklace and threaded the stone on.She connected it around her neck again and it glowed pointing far off into the distance.She sighed and started walking into the distance to follow the trail.

After a few hours of hard walking Aiko felt like her legs weren't there.She looked up and saw no more ice.It was lush green grass and a bit more off was a chapel.Aiko saw her stone glow into the chapel doors.She shrugged it off and continued walking even though her feet protested.

When she finally arrived she saw there were other people in there.She couldn't talk.She fell onto one of the pews totally exhausted from the walking and fell asleep right away.The other people just looked at her.
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Tate stared at Aiko,then looked at T.D. " There is someone else, but she looks tired." After about three hours of waiting, Aiko woke up.
"Who are you,and what is this place?"She asked.

" I'm T.D and he is Tate,and this is a chapel,we think."T.D. exclaimed
Aiko stone started glowing as did the others. " It is doing that glowing thing again!" Aiko shouted.

" Yeah it seems to do that whenever someone with a stone appears." Tate said.The chapel darkened. " Whats happening here." Aiko asked.
Suddenly these black dragon looking things appeared and started to lunge toward them. " T.D, Aiko run now!" Tate screamed.

"What about you?" T.D screamed. "Run!" Tate said.
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[I]Domino thought he heard voices upstairs, so he came up from the basement to investigate. He saw a boy and two girls standing and talking to each other.[/I]
"T.D, Aiko run now!" [I]The boy screamed.
One of the girls stopped.[/I]
"What about you?" [I]She asked.[/I]
"Run!" [I]The boy replied.
Domino had no idea what all the commotion was about, until a black dragon flew at him. Instinctively, he looked away and held up his hand to protect himself. He waited and nothing happened. He opened his eyes and saw that the dragon's head was stuck in a large lump of metal. It was trying to pull itself free.[/I]
"Alright, now I know tis dream was caused by mom's special fajitas. This is just too strange."
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T.D just stared at Tate and thank,"Errr I do have fighting exiriences so I can't run!"T.D put a hand on Tate's shoulder and nodded"You know what?If were running then you are to but if you won't run then I guess I have to fight by your side.Remeber I said becoming a samurai is my dream?Well if I'm gonna become a samurai I can't run from the evil!"

T.D and Tate stared at each other "Hey I guess we'll fight!"exclaimed Tate.They both nodded then they turned around and looked at Aiko "What about her?"T.D. asked "She's tired we don't want to wake her unless this gets ugly."Tate replied "But it is already ugly."T.D. said "Uhhh yeah ok...if things get out of hand"Tate said.

T.D. looked at her hand with the green stone in it then talked to herself "If only I had my shinai....."Suddenly the green stone started to glow then suddely a Samurai Sword popped right into her hand it was a sword with a kinda like dragon green blade and a Olive green handle.

T.D. stared at the sword and held it up it shined."What's this.....I feel more cofident...cofident more then ever!" T.D. got into her stance "Common dragon I'll take you on!"T.D. bravely screamed.
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"Hey, thats strange." Tate said Just then one of the dragons flew towards Tate. " Hey ,Look out." screamed Domino. Tate dashed at the dragon and swung his fist to punch it. There was a bright flash, as it dimmed Tate noticed a sword in his hand. " Sweet!" Tate shouted.

The dragon was cut in half and disappeared. The sword glowed as Tate swung it around. " This I can work with, yep!" Tate put his headphones on and turned on his cd player. " Alright,lets go!" Tate said as he dashed toward the other dragons.
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As Banner made his way towards the strange chapel door, he heard the sounds of the battle within.
"Whats going on in there?" he wondered as he put his ear to the door.

Suddenly his black stone flashed and the door slid open. Banner stumbled inside, where he saw three people fighting strange black dragons, and some girl sleeping on a pew.
"Hey what the hell kinda chapel is this?!" he yelled out, drawing the attention of two black dragons.

The vile duo charged towards the confused Banner, who ran down a row of pews, screaming.
"Okay this is just a dream," he said eradically, as he ran into a dark corner. "All I gotta do is wake up. Yeah thats it." Banner then started smacking himself in the face, desperate to wake up.
He stopped as the two dragons slowly creeped closer to him, baring their blood stained teeth.

"Oh crap," Banner exclaimed, pushing himself up against the wall.
Then just as the dragons lunged towards the cringing Banner, his stone flashed once again, and he was plunged into the shadows of the wall.
The dragons bashed into the wall head first, stunning them.

Banner opened his eyes and saw himself shrouded in darkness once again.
" Damn not this again" he said, looking around.
But this time there were small portals of light within the darkness, each showing a different part of the chapel's interior. Banner looked closely at one near by. In it he saw an over head veiw of Tate fighting the dragons. Banner looked closer at the portal and was suddenly sucked in.

Banner emerged from the shadows of the chapel's ceiling, and fell screaming.
"Crap!" he screamed, as he landed on the oblivious Tate. "Whoa that was cool," he exclaimed. "I must have the power to travel through shadows."

He then noticed he was sitting on top of Tate. "Oh sorry," he said, quickly getting to his feet. "But thanks for breaking my fall.":bluesweat
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When Kiara arrived at the chapel she noticed 5 black dragons swarming around some kid. She stepped into the chapel and one of the dragons faced her. She looked at it through her babyblue sunglasses. She reached for her gun that was supposed to be on her belt, but instead grabbed the twin stones. The dragon was coming after fast. She didn't know what to do so she held it in her palm and thought to her self."If only i had some kind of weapon, like a sword or sai or even my .85 death talon." And right before her eyes, the sun stone started glowing and in her left hand was a sword. On her gun carrier, was a .85 death talon. The dragon stopped right before her. "Hi, I'm Kiara. What's your name? Oh, wait, I don't think you'll be able to tell me cause, I'm about to go medieval on your ***." She swung the sword around her head and stood in her ninja position. The dragon stood on its hind legs and leaned back as if to strike, but instead it spit out darts of dark fire.
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Aiko looked at the new comer.She wished she had her glaive to help fight.Her stone glowed again and her glaive appeared in her hand.

She ran forward and helped attack the new dragons.Where were they coming from?She didn't know but that wasn't important at the moment.She slashed wildly dodging the blasts of fire.
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Soon T.D. was done staring at the sword an looked up and saw everyone fighting."Uhhh....Sorry guys it's just that I have never really held this kind of sword before!"Just before you knew it the dragon was lunging toward T.D. with one slash T.D. destroyed the beast."Hmmmm...better then a shinai!"

After a while she was running toward the dragons instead of them running toward her.She would dodge there attacks then jump up into the air and slash them.

Soon there was one more dragon left.T.D. looked at everyone, "Should we take this one all together?"She asked
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They others nodded to T.D. and they stood right by her. The last dragon absorbed the remaining energy of the other dragons and grew larger. They got scared. "What's going on?" Aiko questioned. T.D. replied,"I don't know. But let's just hope for the best." As they stood next to each other, their stones started glowing and humming. They either ripped off of necklaces or were taken from their original spots and placed next to each other as their owners are next to each other. Kiara looked down to see that the symbols started to glow brighter and brighter. It glew so much that an energy force appeared. The kids(am i right) were blinded for a second. Appeared before them was a............
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Banner helped the fallen Tate to his feet.
"Hey, I'm sorry man," he said. "You should really be more careful."

Tate took off his headphones and stared at him harshly.
Banner smiled and raised his hand and made a peace sign. "No hard feelings right?"

Tate sighed and turned his attention to the last remaining dragon.
"Jeeze whats his problem," Banner asked himself.

Just then each of the warriors' stones lit up in a flash of light.
"Oh great," Banner muttered. "Whats gonna happen now?"

As the light dimmed the warriors' heard a heavenly voice from above. "At last you have finally assembled here," it said.

They all looked up and saw what seemed to be a female angle. The being slowly descended down to their position.
The woman had snow white wings, blue hair, and was dressed in a some what revealing, white and purple robe. In her hand she held a golden staff with a glowing crystal, at its' head.

"Whoa, who's the chick?" Banner asked Tate in a low voice, but he didn't answer.

"I am Silia, guardian of light," the woman replied. "I am sure you have many questions. But first, let met take care of this pest."
Silia then turned towards the dragon, who let out a loud roar.
Silia quickly raised her staff, and the entire room was engulfed in light once again.

"Dude if this keeps up we're all gonna go blind!" Banner complained, just as the light diminished.

The warriors then stared in awe, for the dragon was gone, and all that remained was it's shadow burnt into the wall.

"Now, shall we get down to business?" Silia asked with a smile.:D

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[I]"This dream keeps getting stranger and stranger. I wonder when I'm going to wake up?" Domino thought.
The angel turned and stared at him.[/I]
"This is no dream, Dominic. You are all really here."
"But why? Why us?" [I]One of the girls asked.[/I]
"It is simple. Because we needed you."
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Silia looked at the confused group of young warriors. "You all have been chosen to save this world from a great evil."

"Great evil?" Banner asked, as he checked out the woman's curves. "Heh Heh....Oh, um what kinda evil?"

"I myself do not know much about this dark force, but they call themselves the Nightmarians," Silia answered.

T.D. stepped foward, "Then those dragon things we just fought.."

"Yes, they were minions of the Nightmarian horde," Silia explained. "I, myself and the other seven guardians of this world have tried our best to finish them all off, but even we have failed," she said, lowering her head. "Sadly I'm the last surviving guardian."

"That sucks," Banner replied. "But where do we come in?"

Silia raised her head, "You my friends are the key to this world's salvation. Each of you have been brought here to inheret the roles of the fallen guardians. Each of you have been granted the powers of the eight Guardians of Zarkadia."

"Dominic you have been granted the power of metal,
Aiko you have the power over ice and snow,
T.D. you control the power of wind,
Kiara you have the powers of the sun and moon, and
Banner you have the power of the shadows."

Silia then turned and looked at Tate. "Finally, Tate, you shall be my replacement," she explained. "My powers have greatly diminished these last few years of battle and you shall take my place as guardian of light."

The warriors looked at each other in shock.

"There was supposed to be two other warriors," Silia said. "The new guardians of fire and water, but it seems they have not yet made it here. I fear the evil horde may have already gotten to them."

Banner stepped foward. "You may be a red hot angel babe and all," he replied. "But screw that! What chance do we have if you big, powerful, guardians couldn't defeat those Nightmoron things?":nervous:
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Tate dusted himself off and stared at the others. Silia stared at Tate " Your finally here." She smiled. Tate was confused.

" Ok, this is wierd, dragons, chapels, angel girls." Tate said.
Banner walked towards Silia. " Hey can I get those digits?" Banner asked. Without a word Silia pointed her finger at Banner and a flash of light blinded him. " My eyes!" Banner screamed. Tate stared away and looked at his sword. He began to swing it around.

Tate had a sad look on his face." Whats wrong?" Silia asked him.
" Are you dying?" Tate replied " No, I'm not. Since your replacing me, I'll act as your guide from now on."Silia answered.

"Well now, I guess that we should start training" Silia shouted.
The blinded Banner fell over a pew as Silia raised her staff and a blinding light covered the chapel and the warriors were transported to a clearing on the other side of the island.
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Aiko woke up afraid she was back in the snow but hoping she was home.
She was surprised to find herself surrounded by the others and in a large green meadow like field area.She looked around.It was a clearing and forests surrounded them.She got up and started to wake the others who were mostly already beginning to stir.She noticed her glaive had disappeared.She wished her glaive was back and it appeared.Then she realised when it's not in use it goes back into her stone.She smiled and went back to her job.
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Kiara looked around her. She noticed that her sword was gone. She then thought of a picture she drew of a large bird-like creature. It had 8 tail feather for the 8 elements(darkness, light, earth, fire, water, ice, thunder, and wind) and it had a large wings. And its head was similar to a bald eagle's. On top of its head was a crown. She kept thinking and adding things to the picture in her head that she drew on paper back home, that she could nearly hear its faint cries. She stood as it got louder. Silia turned to her noticing that Kiara must have heard the Protector of the Sun. "What is the matter, Kiara?" Silia asked. Kiara replied,"I thought I heard a bird crying." Silia glided over to her. She took Kiara away from the others. She stood before and explained. "Kiara, your power of sun allows you to create beautiful things, call upon your creatures and followers of the light/sun for help, and hear thoughts and see thoughts that no one else can. But your power of moon causes you to destroy the beautiful things, call upon the followers and creatures of darkness/shadows/moon, and causes you to hear the evil thoughts. But the power of the moon and sun allows you to know when fear, evil, anger, or destruction and death are near. That is why you heard the cries of the Protector of the Sun. He is Goraiku." Kiara stood there speechless. All she could say was,"WOW! So, that's how... important I am."
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