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[color=darkblue]Yeah...it's kind of frustrating not to have a GameCube yet.

But still, think of yourselves as lucky. You only have to wait until November...

I have to wait until February or March!

As you said...all the bugs will be gone by then...and we'll probably get more launch games out here...

But still, waiting for a new console when others have had it for months can get annoying. :)[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jcgoudy [/i]
[B]i never heard anthing about a 'global launch'. i've heard that it was going to be released in Japan in September, in the USA and Canada in November and the rest of the world in Spring 2002. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=darkblue]Yes, you're 100% correct there. Nintendo has never mentioned a global launch for any of their products.

They did talk vaguely about GameCube's launch in 1999, and gave general times, but obviously it would be fairly infeasable to have a global launch at once.[/color]
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