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Gaming Pokemon?


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Yep I thought if theres new visitor and members then there will be more answers on the question yep the great ol' famous question that had been ask alot so here it is"Who is your favorite Pokemon?"
Of course the answer to my that question I'll say Squirtle is with the greatest shades on his eyes.
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Guest Imsirion
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Pretty Sammy [/i]
[B]My favorite has always been Pikachu. He is so cute and lovable! :D I basicly like all the Pokemon because they are all so cute, but Pikachu will always reamin on the top of my list of favorite pokemon. [/B][/QUOTE]

sorry, but pikachu makes me sick:ball: i :love: ....?.. oh heck, they all make me sick *sorry*:eek:
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