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i agree with that japinies rules but dubbed stinks big time they wannted to change it so it would be viewable on tv here but they went to far no forget that they went farther and changed it way too much so it sucks and much was lost in translation lik it would sound so much better if they said great say-jin man than great say-in man and u can tell the voice change big time and like in the cell saga the chibi cells don't blow up the earth they probaly thought that was bad for kids to watch so the made it look like ssj2 gohan could take them with ease i meen common all the sagas have changed for the worse by far the suck a lil now because of kids watching violence on tv omg it is so anoying so they even took out full episodes to edit it for cartoon net and messed them all up
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I saw the dubbed Frieza saga and couldn't get into it at all, it's like all Goku and Frieza did was throw remarks at each other the whole time.... I guess I'll have to see it subbed

I didn't really like the dubbed eppie when Gohan first goes to highschool that they showed on Toonami today either. I liked Videl's voice though. I guess I'm just used to the subbed voice actors. they don't have to change the words around so much in the dubs though:flaming:
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ahem...i have a poem:

Dubs suck big time,
As do subs,
Even for a dime,
Dubs are not good grubs.

I think they really bite,
especially when they cut stuff out,
maybe they just might,
show japanese ones without doubt.

one day i will get my wish,
for perfect manga flicks,
but for now upon my dish,
Is subs that suck dicks.

i hop you get my piont, point.

:tasty: :tasty:
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