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Craziest Sigs

Ice Dragon v2

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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Matt.D [/i]
[B][color=rainbow] I personaly like Master O Beans's signature. It really makes you think...[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

Thanks man. it's a compilation of Movies, Songs, and even one from Ghani :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kuno Tatewaki [/i]
[B]umm how do u ad color to ur sig???? [/B][/QUOTE]
oh no the blue thunder of furikan high. im probably confusing you. :p errr:

blah = color ok? so youd type:

[blah=crimson] enter text here [/blah]

you can look at a list of colors if you post replies and scroll down the color menu. so it doesn't necessarily have to be crimson.
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wat bout mine???? no one wantsta pick me!!:( well, i like mine.... cuz it has messages bout ways to look at life and the way ppl are... like me!! the last part "4 tima!! and i'm still postin'!! What?!"... i'm really proud of that one... although most of you don't know what it means... if ya wanna know what it means, PM me.... thank you...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PiroMunkie [/i]
[B][SIZE=1]Hrmmm.. I don't really have a favorite sig... though I do like Sephiroth's "I think, therefore I am confused." Lol, that's so true and it cracks me up :cross: :laugh:[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

hey yours is pretty cool.

i like mine, i know it would be everyones favorite if JAMES didnt edit my **** sig! :flaming:

i like the sig with the f word in it alot. that was halrious.
i was like i cant belive this dude is getting away with it there ****in 4th graders here. you should watch your ****in mouth. lol

so anything like that will attract me. also good use of colors, like tec-9 if i wasnt lazy i make color us flag made entirly of *
i could make the canadian flag too. HEY someone canadian here should do that.

maby ill make a flag of a donkey to represent myself or my clan..

whoops now everyones gonna copy me. shiiiit~

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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by lil_hell4t [/i]
[B][B]"and in first place tied is Master o' beans and ice dragon V2"[/B] ..they are both very creative and entertaining and thoughtfull etc.:p :devil: [/B][/QUOTE]

Thank you, Thank you.
I would like to accept this award for most craziest sig...or something like that..:D

Grr! I would say I like yours lil_hell4t ....BUT YOUR FAKE LINK GETS ME EVERY TIME!!:p ...not even joking. I have seriously tried to click that thing more than a few times :rolleyes: hehe
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