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[color=black][size=1]This is a game of mix of Big Brother, Survivor, and my own sickening twist...
This is long but if you skim through, you'll see my point.
[size=1]Several people are kidnapped to a large mountain with no sign of people anywhere. They look around to find help... but what they discover on the mountain seems to be a strange creepy one story house with no sign of people living there. The people look around hoping to find help but instead stumble upon 4 people out of nowhere who explain to the group, that they had been kidnapped by one named BB A.K.A. Big Brother and are trapped in his home unless they can win their games of torture, and outlast, outplay, and out stand all those whom else they traveled with. But these games aren't just any games... at least not safe and normal games... these games are of torture and are a little different to the ones in Survivor and such. And yet... BB is like Big Brother... but this... is a new BB... he claims himself to be BB but is he really?... only if you dare find out. In this game... anything can happen... and that's because the hosts and BB have author powers... (Tee Hee it's a tiny book that they write in!) *Ahem* anyway, And the rules are slim... anything that isn't allowed at Otaku you must follow but let's say if you were to do a scene like Otaku's BB, and you did the stripper thing, that's okay... anything is allowed... just don't bend Otaku rules. And... remember above all of you the Hosts have control over everything you do... and so does BB who isn't played by anyone... he's off limits the games are weird, crude, and is torture for all of you who participate... who knows what will happen...[/size]
[color=red][size=1]Okay, that was sorta the plot and explanation too.Any question or confusion ask me and I'll try to sort it out... now, if not that many people participate... we can't start it cause there needs to be alot of people well as many as the one in Otaku's Big Brother if anyone can please remind me how many that was... you can sign up to be a host but I only need 3 more, I will choose by who has the funniest, silliest, stupidest, or dumbest personality... when I start the RPG I'll say your names there if you where chosen, if not you're a contestant. With me so far? well, here's requirements:[/color][/size]
[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Name:[/b] (Either use your real name, username, or any made up character, say that I was DeathKnight and I wanted to be Ken, that's okay ^_^" Sorry to use your name DK!)
[b]Age:[/b] (Teens!)
[b]Pet Peeve:[/b] (Things that bug you)
[b]Hobbies:[/b] (Burning things, "romance" towards others?, Killing, turning people to bacon, ect)
[b]Appearence:[/b] (Hair, Eyes, clothing, any resemblance to anime, or video game characters?)
[b]Luxury Item:[/b] *2 Items Tops!* (Specific things like: CD players, weapons, marsh mellows, plushie, musical instruments, pets, ect. Just not things like T.V. we have that here and all that)[/size]
[color=purple][size=1]Now, there are serious consequences if you try to destroy BB (he's the house) or if you enter BB's lair, "the dark room" which the one who plays BB watches you all. We cannot say the serious consequences but, since my character is a complete idiot you can probably tell the punishment isn't that bad... or is it? *Evil Laugh* like I said, this game can go anyway, I am an automatic host and so I choose games as do the other three hosts. The games are cruel, stupid and insensitive. I'll tell you know when we start the game, I Kaede will have to play a game in order to get into the house of BB... but... you have to do it as... a very small and harmless animal! but that's all I can say now... so, I'm gonna choose 3 hosts and 16 BB Members I guess... like I said if it doesn't go too well I can't start it... it'd die before you could say "Hey Bob!" That was weird... O_o; anyway we'll see how it goes, any questions... ask me okay? well, good luck! [/color][/size]
[size=1]I'll sign up later but first I wanna see if this RPG will work out... hopefully alot of you will reply to it o_o *sigh*[/size]
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I'll sign up,but what is Big Brother?

Name:Austin(my real name) Yocano(not my last name)


Presonality:He doesn't talk much,he whaches strangers if he does not turst them.

Pet Peeves:People who talk to much,people who whach him back.


Appaerance:Blue eyes,light brown hair,about 5'5",skiny(I'm not going to but down cloths cause he'll change...cloths wise)

Luxury Items:labtop,handgun
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Name: Raymond Conrad (Like You'll find me)
Age: 17
Personality: Is a angry person, is told by many he needs anger managment. Also is told he belongs in a nut house sitting next to the person crocheting(sp) something that isn't there. But he can still be a nice person at times. He will listen to anybodys problem and not pass judgment on them no matter what.
Pet Peeve: Anybody that says wasper, religious fanatics, people in general.
Hobbies: Writing, reading. swordsmanship, band,
Appearence: 6'1" tall. Short brown hair and hazel eyes. Will always wear a t-shirt, blue jeans and black combat boots. Is built well, not fat, not skinny, but healthy.
Luxury Item: six inch foldable knife. lucky rabbits foot.
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Name: SJ Mayran

Age: 13

Personality: She's bouncey, and almost constantly hyper. She tends to tick a lot of people off, but she doesn't care. *sweatdrop* She's a big anime fan, and will jabber on about it for hours on end.

Pet peeve: people who ignore her, silence, and people who constantly flip TV channels or radio stations, even if there's something really good on. (My dad does this, and drives me NUTS!) Pink. She HATES pink.

Hobbies: Finding new ways to annoy people and then not getting caught/punished/hurt afterward.

Appearance: She looks something like a female Ryou Bakura (Yu-gi-oh). She has white hair in a braid and green eyes. Even though she's 13, she's really small for her age, and looks almost chibi. She tends to wear a lot of black.

Luxery Item: Her cat, lance, who is at least as annoying as her, and her Duel Monsters deck
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Alright Kiotaku ^_^ What is Big Brother?... I don't even now... I heard it from the preps at school, and here at OB so me and the original hosts made him by what we now of him so far... in this RPG though, he's this "guy" that hides in the dark room, only the hosts know who he is

if I choose you to be host i'll PM to you who he really is, anyway, he is a guy hiding behind the hosts who controls everything in the house, he sees what you do, he's also an idiot... like me! well, so far it's okay but we need more people so just hang for the while peeples ^_^

-Kaede miko-san
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Thanks K-san! Here's my signup. I only have one problem. I don't know what luxury item to bring!

Name: Denise Rivers (It's my name! Kind of...not really... It's not like you'd find me anyways, I live in the middle of Suburbia! Actually, I used the last name of this guy I like. Shush, don't tell him!)

Age: 15

Personality: Denise is a fairly calm person who spends most of her time by herself doing just about nothing. When she has the sudden urge to do something constructive, she usually does well. When she gets mad, she'll kick your as* and all your friends' too. As long as your on a don't-mess-with-the-sarcastic-goth-bitc* basis, nothing will go wrong when she's around and you remain unhurt by her lacrosse stick.

Pet Peeves: English teachers, English books, English textbooks, English teachers name O'Hara, English essays, English essays given by English teachers name O'Hara...just about anything that has anything to do with English class, except Poetry and creative writing

Hobbies: Cooking, Playing with large, extremely dangerous guns (got a problem with that?), Writing Poetry and FanFiction, Listening to music, Sleeping, Singing, Drawing (or at least attempting to...), and Playing Lacrosse

Appearence: 5'5", hazel-y eyes, caramel skin, long cornrowed ruddy-brown hair. Wears a gray and burgundy Catholic school girl uniform, letter D on a silver choker chain, onyx rings on all fingers, black leather spiked bracelets [one on each arm], and large silver hoops in each ear (I really do! For once, I'm not lying! PS: I'm not Catholic so don't even ask.)

Luxury Item: a 5-pack of mechanical pencils with refills and a large 5-subject notebook (I said I like writing!) OR lacrosse stick and ball (If you don't like one, take the other. I really want both though... *cries thinking of life without lacrosse or writing* Couldn't I sneak something in?)
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Name: Farah Walnut (A mix of my semi-real name and username)
Age: 17
Personality: Mad, hyper at times, seriously wants to be evil in every respect, has an anger that can snap at any time and is generally unruly
Pet Peeve: dirty laundery

Hobbies: hmmm, anything destructive, like tearing things apart...general mess maker just really bad
Appearance: short black spikey hair, grey eyes and long black scar running down from her left eye to her chin. Wears black leather trousers and tight red sleeveless top with black dragon winding around it. Also has two tatto's, one a long red dragon going down left arm and gold phoxeic with long golden and silver firey tail down right arm

oh and just to let you know I do have problems getting onto the net during the week so I may not appear to be that good a poster but I am seriously
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Hmm, this appeals to my morbid nature *grins*

Name: Michael Hunter (not at all my name)
Age: 19
Personality: He's charming really, but comes off as kind of distant and sarcastic. He likes to be the voice of reason and trys to keep arguments to an orderly minimum, this might annoy others. He is intelligent and has a cultured tone, he is also religious, but not overly so.
Pet Peeve: Idiots, he will not tolerate idiots...or incense.
Hobbies: Tai Chi and goading others.
Appearence: Grey eyes and longish dark brown hair, 5,7 and lithe. Beaded necklace with wooden cross and similar bracelet. Wears a white or black shirt and dark grey jeans, black boots anf black fingerless gloves. He has glasses but chooses not to wear them unless he really needs to. He also has a tattoo on his shoulder of a raven sillouette in with spread wings.
Luxury Item: Long Sword with leather wrapped hilt and a Bible
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Hey Kaede-san! Here's my character's profile. I think this covers it....but if it doesn't, oh well. It's long enough.

Name: LirLiri
Age: ....sorry, nope, no data. She looks fifteen... So we'll call it fifteen.

Personality: Nope, doesn't have one of those either. LOL. Um, she tries to be really nice (almost saintly), but she has a bad temper. So....People tick her off, and she....doesn't take it too well. She likes to break rules and curfews. She loves music. She's not very coordinated-trips over her own feet. She has a severe lack of common sense, and says a lot of pointless things. She also has a short term memory problem (ex. She puts something down and one minute later she can't find it, like putting sunglasses on her head and forgetting that they're there). She also tends to cock her head to the side and get lost in her thoughts while staring at someone, which creeps him/her out... She's chidishly cute (sort of like a puppy...) except when she's angry, then she lets it all go and really whoops up on whoever and whatever gets in her way.

Pet Peeves: People who don't know when to quit, when someone ruins a good book, when someone ruins a good video game(ect.), when people don't stop after she asks them nicely, long term papers or essays. When people invade her "personal space" is what irks her the most. And insects and spiders, because they don't know anything about personal space, and they're just gross.

Hobbies: Um... drawing, reading, drawing, writing, drawing, swimming (for leisure), did I mention drawing? Does listening to music at all times count too? Oh, and watching chick anime. She idolizes anime girls who kick butt (like Mirielle, see Appearance)

Appearence: Height is about 5'2". Pink hair (in a pony tail, her bangs are always in my face), blue eyes, long sharp nails (good for scratching), white kitty ears and tail. She wears a sleevless dark red hoodie, with a long black skirt and a cut down the back (from the knees, sorta like Mirielle's outfit), and two peircings on each ear(lobe). She has a physical resemblance to Caldina (probably didn't spell that right) from Magic Knight Rayearth. Has a nice body, not stalky but not a stick either, although she's terribly out of shape.

Luxury Items: Hmmm... *weep* I can't take an mp3 player if I bring my sketch book and magic pencil! Ok, just the big blank sketch book and magic pencil (which has a magical eraser on it).
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He he. Nope. I just like that pic, and I can't find a pic of a girl with pink hair besides Rini (yuck). My character's hair is naturally pink *sorry SJchan!* 'cause I always wanted pink hair.

Thanx for welcoming me. So polite.... LOL. Yes, I think it already has me. Forums are so addictive.
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[color=darkblue][size=1] KITTYLYN! see how many peoplez we can torture? MUWAHAHAH! you're all nuts though ^_^ never knew you enjoyed such stupid plans that me and KittyLyn come up with ^_^ hehe, we can start soon ^_^ OH! above me is LirLiri_wolfen she's automatic host like me! she, LC (Her bro... he's supposed to join, oh well.) and I originally made the fan fiction... she is hell.... if you ask me she owns it T_- anyway, I'll probabaly start it now... so look out for it ^_^ uhhh I got nothin' else to say... O_o; well I'll update you l8er!

-Kaede-san [/color][/size]
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Name: Jay (A.K.A. Lightning Count)

Age: 15

Personality: Evil, to say the least. He likes to torture people, burn things, and play video games. Also, Jay is the king of sarcasm. Besides that, he likes to tick people off. Oh yeah, he is OBSESSED with getting his drivers license. He won't let anyone touch his laptop, or his Mog plushie. Other than that, more evil and heartlessness. Oh yeah, and he's a total masochist (Person who likes pain). He also says random things in hebrew sometimes (Fashnikit Konskey is his favorite thing to say.) One thing he does when either he doesn't want to hear something or really wants to annoy someone is talking in the indecipherable language of computers (f.y.i:intel extreme graphix don't have hardware transform and lighting. all cards made since the TNTs do however. because it has no hardware transform and lighting it cannot play games like BF1942, Commanche, UT03 and many others. if u want 2 be game, just look for anything with a radeon 9000 or 7500 with 64 mges of ram. the ram is the important part. 32megs won't play many games. Many games need desktops to be played at 16x12, but most any game, even UT03 can be played on anything 7500 or beter with 64 megs of ram, as long as you don't expect more then 6x4 for ut03 and 8x6 to 10x7 for everthing else) One more thing, whenever he gets the chance, he takes someone's picachu doll and squeezes it until the head explodes.

Pet Peeves: Pretty boys (Like Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Sephiroth, etc.), rap-crap talkers, people who touch his laptop (named Lappy), people who touch his Mog plushie, people who say that video games and TV destroy your brain, stoned and drunk people who don't understand a word your saying, any kind of fruit juice, people who don't drink soda.

Hobbies: Using flamethrowers, knowing cars, knowing guns, playing and having complete and almost scary knowledge of video games, Medal of Honer Allied Assault, Counter Strike, and other large-scale internet games where you can blow brains out and plan espionage. Oh yeah, and one of his greatest peeves are cheesy movies and animes. He hates those.

Appearence: Red hair that parts in the middle, blue eyes (Usually wears expensive green oval-lensed sunglasses), and always wears jean shorts (no matter what the weather), a white shirt that says 'If There's no Nintendo in Heaven, I'm not Going' on it, a black leather Jacket, and Nike shoes. Oh yeah, average muscularity. He is about 5'10".

Luxury Item: Lappy the pumped up Alienware laptop, and a Final Fantasy Mog plushie
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Name: Miko Gracio
Age: 15
Personality: Time Bomb He can be really nice and then BOOM! he is the most evil and sarcastic guy you could meet.
Pet Peeve: People talking about any BOY who they like
Hobbies: Killing people who talk about boys, killing boys, killing anyone period
Appearence: Think Tai from Digimon's hair, Yugi from Yugioh's head, Kilik from Soul Caliber 's body, and a llama's legs
Luxury Item: A coarse brush and a giant mysterious box
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[color=darkblue][size=1]LC...you're a moron... -___- anyway, I'm going to start this thing now, but before I do... MY SIGN UP! ^_^
[b]Name:[/b] Kaede Miko-san (Not my name at all)

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Personality:[/b] Obsessive compulsive. She can be nice, but other times she'll hit you or have her army of Plushies attack you for her. She too is a masochist (Person who likes pain) and she tends to get very... touchy about things. One thing and she'll do mean, obsurd things to you leaving you with a X_X or @_@ look on your face *he he he* she has her strange was of getting what she wants thanks to her good for nothing brother Cameron *glares at him while typing* she says things for no reason, and randomly in German, chinese, or even French... usually in english like those weird rhymes taught to her from her other brother Gavin it goes; "Schizzle my nizzle fo' rizzle" or something like that @_@ they're not really words she says... or she'll say "Faha" or "Maha". For anyone who dare harm her Plushie army they'll open a can of whoop *** and hurt you extremely. She also has a marsh mellow and peanuts butter shrine in her own mini fridge... it is gaurded by plushies dumber than logs @_@.


[b]Hobbies:[/b]Bugging you! ^_^ Torturing you! ^_^ Hurting you! ^_^ Attacking you! ^_^ Biting you! ^_^ Drawing! ^_^ Sleeping! ^_^ Bugging! ^_^ Singing! ^_^ Singing 99 Red Balloons in German! ^_^ T.V.! ^_^ Creating evil plushies to haunt you! ^_^ need I say more?

[b]Appearence:[/b] she has darkbrown hair with dark brown eyes that match. Her hair is styled like Sango's from Inu-Yasha just shorter. She has a set of white dog ears and a small amount of freckles around her nose. She has braces silver of course! with black rubber bands surrounding the bracketts. She has fangs-like teeth so that when she bites you she'll go straight to the bone! her ears when twitching always means she's causing something bad as in: Making plushies come to life, making evil mini versions of herself with Liri's magic pencil, or even making an evil game her ears are a warning let's just say... she's evil... her ears also communticate with Kaede through her mind (Supposively they're her shoulder angles. The left ear has horns and the other one a halo (Freaky eh?) MUWAHAHAHAHA! she usually wears a Japanese uniform.Every day a different color, She usually wears her favorite one though. It has a black top with a white collar and one long skinny black line going down both sides. And a black skirt to go with it. And other times she'll mimic anime characters, she'll act or even dress somewhat like them.

[b]Luxury Item(s):[/b] Her dog Ein which she stole from the Anime Cowboy Bebop temporarily. And her magic pencil which she stole from LirLiri MUWAHAHAHA! [/color]

[b][color=red]But on a personal note:[/b] Seriously people, if you touch my peanut butter, I'll have your character get the punishment that is bad beyond belief (Comming from me expect something cheesy like... making you do English essays!, you turning idiotic, locking you in a pink room!, Locking you up with a room full of dirty laundry! (My brother's room ^_^) or maybe evern "Worse" MUWAHAHAHA! aren't I evil? *Throws a book at me* Ow.... [/color][/size]
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Ken
[b]Age[/b]: 15
[b]Personality[/b]: Stuck in situations odder than the current one, he already has a past in a certain famous broadcast of Big Brother, his personality not differing much since then- witty, a bit cynical, tactical, and over heroic, showing devotion to friends.
[b]Pet Peeve[/b]: Angry Plushies.
[b]Hobbies[/b]: Adventureing, Travelling, Reading, Practiceing various 'skills' he has.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Tall with black hair and eyes, a bit overweight but not to the point of a large stomach.
[b]Luxury Items[/b]: Large, unwieldy sword and a small patch that says "For the Queen."[/color]
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