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Dragon Souls: Journey Across Time (13 spots)


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In the Year 40XX, Humanity is eventually wiped out by its own greed and decadence. However, a special research institute founded for the basis of time travel discovers that there may be something that can be done. Humanity will die no matter what happens, but there may be a way to reconstruct the world and start over. To that effect, the scientists breed a special human designed to withstand the stress of time travel. By giving his DNA a special genome known as a Dragon Soul, he is able to survive time travel. His mission is to find 13 others with Dragon Souls and find a way to recreate the world.

Okay, there are 13 spots and I allow free rein with your characters, they can be from any point in time up to the year 4000 and they need to have a Dragon Soul. The 13 possibilites for a Dragon Soul are Forest, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Metal, Sand, Ice, Holy, Lightning, Rune, Technology, and Spirit. (quite a lot, but you do as you like) Also give you Dragon Soul a name and preferred weapon. Here's my character. (my character uses another element, Time)

Name: Cross Mirai
Age: Unkown, but looks 19
Dragon Soul: Chronous
Element: Time
Weapon: 3 pronged boomerang dubbed "Seeker"
Bio: Bred in a genetic research laboratory, Cross was meant to withstand the process of time travel. However, the researchers did not have enough time to program his brain, and therefore he knows very few words. His mission is to find the other 13 in order to save the world from extinction.

First come, First served, A Dragon Soul can only be used once, so tough luck to those who don't make it. I will pick you guys up one by one, and then I will divide us into 2 teams, so choose who you want on your team amongst yourselfes, then PM me with your descisions. I hope that you guys have fun with this!

P.S. Please remember to put down what time you came from so I know where to go!
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Name: Dango
Age: 25
Dragon soul: Alsta
Elememt: Sprit
Weapon: sword and double sided blade
Bio: Little is known, but one thing for sure is he was bred in a laborty which used power. Very smart and strong.

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Guest dayday
Name: Saina

Age: 16

Dragon Soul: Syse

Element: Water

Weapon: whip and katana

Bio: Saina is a quiet girl who has few friends. She loves to get into fights. If she wants to challenge somebody she takes off her scrunchie and let's her hair fall down. Then she'll look at the person she wants to fight.

Time: 2056
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You said they could be from anytime up to 4000, so does that mean they can come from any part of the past? Like even B.C. time? Just wondering, my character will be a little 'older' if I need to change him any just tell me.

Name: Thomas Hidenburg
Age: 27
Time Period: 1422
Dragon Soul: Buliwyf
Element: Forest
Weapon: two longswords, bow and arrow.
Bio: Thomas is a German, he is descended from the Vikings and is ambidextrous. He can fluently speaks English, and loves solitude. He knows nothing about the extinction of mankind because he, well.. it's obvious. He lives in the forest away from the rest of the world and takes only what he needs to survive.

Like I said I hope this character works okay, I figured since it was a Time Travel RPG, then they would have to find people through time o_O
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It's okay, I said you could have free rein with characters, so B.C. time could be used. All I ask is that everyone remember to PUT DOWN WHAT TIME THEY ARE FROM. If I have any serious problems with characters, I would send you a PM. So, Dmitri, your character is great, and I am more eager to see where this goes!
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This sound cool, count me in!

Name: Cay Graff
Age: 12
Time period: 2065
Dragon Soul: elitrinok
Element: Lightning
Weapon: Double bladed glaive and sling and stones.
Bio: Cay is somehwhat of an outcast of the world. She grew up in the streets when her parents left her there at the age of 4. Shes not the smartest around being she never had an edjucation, but she is very skilled in coming up with plans and tactics. She'll trust almost anyone which can be a weakness at times. She may be the youngest with a dragon soul, but she is brave and loves action.
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Name: Enix kiro
Age: 16
Time period: 4000
Dragon soul: tahu
Element: fire
Weapon: sword, brass knuckles
Bio: Enix has no friends and no one has talked to him since the death of his parents. He is always ready to go on A adventure and is not afraid to take A risk. He is willing to do what is needed to protect others. He belives what ever happens to him just happens and usealy never gives it A second thought. He is allways willing to stand up for what is right and fight for it.

I realy don't care who i'm pared up with.:demon:
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Name: Ace Gold
Age: 14
Dragon Soul: Techtoid
Element: Technology
Weapon: An electrocuting short bat with a handle at the bottom.
Time Period: 2103
Bio: Living in the downtown Chicago of the Future, Ace is quite a juvenile delinquent. He's got quite a record. He never listens to anyone and lives with his older Brother, King.
Description: pic coming soon!!! maybe..
Is this ok?
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Great work, everyone! I hope we can get a few more people and this seems to be going great. However, K.K.C. and T man, you cannot both have Lightning, so sort that out amongst yourselves. If necessary I could decide, but aside from that, tell ppl about this and I think it will make a great story! Pics can be used too, in fact I would love to see them, keep them characters coming!
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O.k.k.k.c @_@ Thats really confussing. Its ok, I thought that maybe you hadn't seen it before.

By the way. For the people to be grouped with. I dont really care who, but T man would be cool to be with. ^_^
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Whatever you see fit is fine with me. I am glad this is going well, but we could use more members. If not enough people come, then we may have to have 2 characters for a few ppl. I may start the story soon anyway though, so tell others about this, ok?
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Name: Tamika (Tami) Winters
Age: 17
Dragon Soul: Zephoria
Element: Wind
Weapon: 7 foot long blade (I'll find a picture somewhere...)
Bio: Tami is in her senior year of high school and preparing for college. She's captain of the school lacrosse team, vice president of student council, and a model student. She lives in the suburbs of Philly and has a feeling the extinction of mankind is coming.
Time: 2005

I'll post more later if I need to.
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Ok, I figure that we have enough characters to begin, but not to end the story. Ppl can still sign up, but I think I'll start it off so more ppl know what it is. (Does it usually take long to get enough members? I dunno, but I'll give it a try)
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Dragon Soul:Arctis
Weapon:Ice Blade
Bio:Sakura is very smart and is in 2nd last year of High School.She's very popular and has a lot of friends but most of that changed when she realised her powers.She hid away and didn't talk to anyone for a week.Then finally she was normal and returned to the way she was.Everyone on the outside thought she was fine and nothing was wrong but really,Sakura had a large and heavy hinderance.
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Name: Alazar Corrupto
Age: 25
Time Period: 1736
Dragon Soul: Spence
Element: Earth
Weapon: Scimitar, Sabre.
Bio: He is a Irish pirate, captian of the ship named [i]Dragon's Bane.[/i] Though right now at this moment he is stranded on a deserted island and has already eaten several of his crew mates.. o_O
He was able to kill many of them by having rocks crush them unexpectantly. This was quite nifty seeing as how nobody would suspect him of doing it. Now he waits patiently for a ship to pass by to where he can escape and get a meal other than human. Because he's afraid he might get to attached to the taste of human flesh.

I would recomend sending Thomas after this one, he may be able to relate to this one better... and get fed.
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Ouch man! What is with you and cannibalism?!

Name: Akira "Tiga" Futeki
Age: 17
Time: 3275
Dragon Soul: Ironin
Element: Metal
Weapon: Iron kendo stick
Bio: Akira (which he never likes being called) loves to play basketball, hang out with friends, and loaf around the rest of the weekend. He becomes aware of his power when he gets hit in the back with a steel beam in a construction accident and isn't injured! He wants to get a nice job and do something fun with his life, but saving the world wasn't what he had in mind.
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I just thought to make things interesting. After all cannabilistic fellows have more fun because they can be more insane o_O. After all think of him and Thomas getting together. Thomas using his tree bashing skills, and Alazar using his rock slinging abilities.. Woe to those that stand in their way. Besides think of the time periouds they are from, they didn't have a Wal*Mart on every spot of land. So they had to make due with what they had. :D
*Puts his hands together and pulls them apart like Spongebob, a rainbow appearing between them* Iiimaaaginaation...
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Okay, since it seems that not many others are gonna join, we ought to have enemy characters with Dragon Souls. Guys who would rather use their powers to destroy the world instead. If anyone has any ideas let me know, but if not I'll make them myself.
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