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Elemental Forces


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First, a recap of the story:

[i]In our world, a delecate balance is maintained between the four Elemental Forces: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. If this balance is disrupted, the ensuing chaos could wipe out the human race.[/i]

In ancient times, there was a legend. In the legend, someone or something disrupted the balance between the four Elemental Forces. Eight young men and women went on a quest to locate the four Elemental Orbs that, when united, would restore balance to the Elemental Forces. To do so, they had to brave many chalenges, and eventually face off with the one who caused the problem. Their task would have been impossible, if not for the powers they possesed.
Each of the eight had power over one of the Elemental Forces. Since there were eight, that meant that there were two with power over each force. Alone, each one possesed great power, but it wasn't enough. But when the two with power over the same Element were togeather, their powers increased, allowing them to survive even the most difficult chalenges. By working togeather, the eight were able to vanquish the one who disrupted the Elemental Forces, and restore balance to the world.

December 23, 2012: The ancient legend has been all but forgotten, known only by those who study ancient cultures. Among these are eight people who have several things in common besides their intrest in ancient civilizations:
1: They all live in New York City.
2: They all live within walking distance of Central Park.
3: They have all memorized the ancient legend, and are the only eight who have done so.
4: Each one of them feels incomplete, as though a part of him or her is missing.
These eight meet, seemingly by random chance, at 2:30pm in Central Park on December 23. They are about to discover that their meeting is no coincidence, and as the events of the ancient legend begin to take place, they will discover that they are the ones who must use the Elemental Forces to gather the four Elemental Orbs and restore balance to the world.

Here's a list of the characters, and which Elemental Force each character has power over:

(User-Character name-Elemental Force)
Avalon-Traclyni aka Trace-Fire
T man-Jacen-Water
oekakiotaku-Knoelle aka Elli-Wind


(David is walking through Central Park, thinking. Recently, he's been feeling like something's wrong. He senses that soething is about to happen, and is trying to determine what. While walking, he sees a group of seven others and walks over)
David: What's going on? I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be out in this weather.
Trace: And I thought I'd never see anyone dressed like that in this kind of weather.
David: I dress like this because I don't get cold. I can't explain why, because I don't know. (Pause) Okay, now [i]that[/i] was weird.
Trace: You felt it, too?
David: Probably. And that's not the only weird thing. I've just met you, and yet I feel... something. Like something's drawing me to you. I'm David, by the way.
Trace: I'm Trace. These are Sakura, Jacen, Glenn, Elli, Saina, and Alex. We've all just met each other, yet we're all experienceing the feeling you described.
David: You and the others feel drawn togeather?
Trace: Yes. Sakura and Jacen are drawn to each other. So are Glenn and Elli, as well as Saina and Alex. I wonder why?
All right. Post your introductions. I'll get the plot going tomorrow, hopefully.
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Sakura looked around and then she felt that feeling.She looked around again and saw the closest person to her was a boy Jacen.

Sakura:Hey Jacen.Do you feel that?

Jacen nodded and Sakura looked at the others.A new boy had just arrived.She heard his name was David.Jacen and Sakura stood together talking about things and getting to know each other.

Sakura:I always wear these clothes because wherever I go I have a feeling that it will rain heavily and it always does.Even on the finest and sunniest days of summer.It's very strange but after it people act like the rain didn't happen.

Sakura and Jacen talked some more and walked over to the others.

OOC:Sorry it's bad but my mind's blank at the moment.
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"That's good to know that sakura but not every one forgets the rain so you can be happy about that" jacen said and sakura smiled because she had found some one she could talk too. "I've allways been good at swimming because I can tell when A water current will change" jacen said. "That is A possiblity why you're A good swimmer" sakura said as they headed to the others. "Why do you think that we are drawn together and that we have the same sences" jacen said. "None of knows but I think we'll find out later" sakura said.
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Glenn looked around in confusion at everyone around him. These people weren't meteorologists, some were quite young. Glenn looked over and felt the wind blow against his face, but his hair wasn't blowing. He noticed something on his back, and realized that he had brought his sword cane with him. He looked to the young lady next to him.
"Who are you?"
"Ny name is Knoelle, Elli" She looked rather distraught at something.
"Do...do you feel it as well? The winds are shifting inconsistently..."
"Of course, I have some kind of power when it comes to wind. I was playing lacrosse one day, and I made the wind change, I was sure of it..."
"Hmph, sometimes I can predict the weather, and my hair blows when there is no wind around..." Glenn was far from certain as to what was happening, but he could definetely feel something coming...
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Alex had been walking in the Park, when he about tripped over somebody. He looked down.. way down, at what he had about tripped over. It was a blue eyed, black haired girl.
"Hello," he said in a nice bass voice.
"Uh. Hi.." she replied.
"Well since I almost tripped over you I guess it would be best to introduce myself. I'm Alex." He said.
"I'm Saina, damn you're tall." she said.
"I get that a lot." The two continued to talk, and for some reason more people were showing up and they were introducing themselves, and all talking about strange powers they had and other things. Alex politely listened but had no clue what they were talking about.
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Trace sighed, seeing David sit beside her. [i]Hmm...I'm calm...a little bit too calm for my liking.[/i] she thought, looking out of the corner of her eye at David.

"Hey, you cold or something?" David asked, making her jump out of her thoughts.

"Huh? What?" she replied, taking her hands out of her hair.

"Is that why you're shivering?" Trace shook her head.

"Actually, I'm never cold. I just get like that sometimes. However, if I decided to dress like you do in this weather, my grandmother would have a stroke." she sighed again, propping her head on her arm.
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Elli looked up at the sky. She did that a lot for some reason. She felt a breeze blow across her face but didn't feel the braids lift from her back. She had often felt it, but something was different this time. The breeze was a little stronger and little more controlled. She looked over at Glenn. She felt connected to him somehow. Ignoring this feeling, she looked back up at the sky.
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Guest dayday
Saina kept looking up at Alex, and every time he looked back down she turned away.

Alex: Is there a reason you keep staring at me?

Saina: *looks up with a fake confused look* What, who me? No, I'm looking at the sky.

Alex: I think I can tell the difference. Is there a problem with me?

Saina: No, you're fine. It's just this wierd feeling I get when I uh...

Alex: When you what?

Saina: It's just every time I look at you and even if I'm not it's this wierd thing that drags me toward you and it's creeping me out.

Alex: When are you gonna turn 18?

Saina: In one year and two days. *gives him a suspicious look* Why?

Alex: Just asking. Maybe then you wouldn't act so childish. You might grow a few inches too.

Saina: Hey, she's the same height as me. *points at Elli*

Alex: And mayve you might get a little maturer.

Saina gasped and turns her back to him but stays close for a strange reason.
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David: I know what you mean. I-(He is interrupted by a beeping sound) Hang on. (He takes a pocketbook-sized metal object out of his pocket and pushes a button on the side. A screen on it turns on) That noise signals an incomming message.
Trace: What is that?
David: It's the latest model Portable Computer Terminal. Since there's no room for a keyboard, it works by using a voice recognition program to interpret verbal commands. Command: Display newest message. (A message is displayed, and David reads it. After a few screen's worth he stops) Weird.
Trace: What is it?
David: An ancient legend about a group of eight people who had powers over the four Elemental Forces people believed in back then. The balance of the forces was dissrupted, and these eight had to fix it.
Trace: I know that story.
David: I never thought I'd meet anyone else who had read it. There aren't many left who have, you know. (Something on the screen catches his eye) What the? (He reads for a minute) No. No way. No.
Trace: What is it?
David: Hold on. (He reads some more) Holy ****!
Trace: What?
David: Everyone! Listen up! This is important! (Everyone stops talking and looks at him) In ancient times, there was a legend about a group of eight people who had powers over the four Elemental Forces people believed in back then. The balance of the forces was dissrupted, and these eight had to fix it.
Alex: I know that story!
(Everyone else nods in agreement, saying things like "me, too!")
David: You all know this story?
Trace: Looks that way. But why does the story matter?
David: The eight people in the legend met in a park. If the date is translated to our calender, they met on December 23, 2012.
Saina: You have [i]got[/i] to be kidding.
David: I'm not. But there's more. Each of these eight people, before they knew about their powers, felt a connection to another one of the eight, who felt the same about that person. Just like us.
Trace: Are you saying what I think you're saying?
David: It sure looks that way. I can't be sure, but it appears that the legend is comming true, and that we're stuck in it. I don't think it's 100% accurate about what will happen, but we can trust it for the basics. In other words, I don't know what challenges we'll face, but I do know that we probably have powers over the Elemental Forces, which probably exist. I think we should find out which force each of us has power over.
Trace: You mean you actually believe that we have to save the world?
David: It sure looks that way.
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Sakura looked at Jacen.
She turned back to David

Sakura:So what you're saying is we have to save the world?!
David:I guess so.
Sakura:I think everyone already knows who they're connected to.When we first all came together we felt some power flow between you and your connection and you were drawn together.I can say right now I know I'm connected with Jacen.

Everyone nodded and looked to the person they were talking to earlier.
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Glenn was stunned by this flow of news. He turned to Elli for some kind of support, but she was as confused as he was.
"What is happening to us..? Why... why is this happening now?"
"I have no idea." Elli replied, Glenn was never struck with the idea that he would have to save the world, but he did have some power, and he shared it with Elli.
"What is all this...?"
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"This going to be A exciting day for us" jacen said as he herd the news. He has read about the story but thought it would never happen to him. "By saving the world like the other eight did in the past we can would creating A new part of the legend" sakura said as they were walking along. "Maybe I should keep A journal of this to write into A book some day because I have A book with some blank pages and some pens with me" jacen said with some excitment. "That sounds good jacen but where are we even going" sakura asked looking around and it seemed like no one knew.
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Trace: I'm having trouble believing this is happening.
David: I know. I never thought anything like this was possible, but it looks like it is. And we're stuck in it.
Trace: I need proof.
David: So do I, and I know just what to try. If this is really what I said is is, then each of us will have power over one of the Elemental Forces, which I think is true. After all, don't forget about the fact that we don't get cold. And that girl, Sakura, who is seemingly followed around by rain that most other people don't seem to notice. Or Elli, who believes she changed the wind. I think if we look at our pasts, we can find out which force each of us has power over. For example, you and I aren't affected by cold. That implies control over fire, because fire produces heat. Hold on, I want to try something. (He holds his hand out and concentrates. A nearby tree begins to smoke, then bursts into flames) Holy ****! Come on, come on... (The fire goes out) Yes! got it! (He looks around. Everyone is stareing at him) Well, I think that proves it.
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"Well, if david can do that let's see what I can do" jacen said as he concentrated on A stream up ahead. The water started to go up hill and collided with the water going down hill. Some thing started to form where the water convereged. When it was completed the form was A dragon. Because david was up ahead he asked "who made that" with some excitement and some fear. The dragon walked to jacen and sat in front of him. "I think i'll call it lunis" jacen said as he looked at what he created with A smile. "Nice looking dragon" sakura said and jacen said "I like fiction books o.k" jacen said as the dragon headed back to the stream and turned back into water. They went on their way again and some of the people wondered what they could do with their powers.
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Trace sighed, "This is unbelievable!"

"Yeah, I know," David laughed, putting his hand behind his head. "But how much proof do you need?" Trace smirked, looking at David.

"Well, I can't let you have the fun, can I?" she spoke, putting off her arm gloves and tossing them to David. "Let's see...all I have to do is concentrate right?" David nodded, folding up the gloves in his hand.

Trace looked at her outstretched hand, then closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she felt a tap on her shoulder. "Trace, open your eyes! Look!" she popped open one then the other to see a small flame alit in her palm.

"Hey, can you make it bigger?" Sakura asked, looking a the flame.

Trace shrugged her shoulders, "I'll try." she sighed, concentrating on the flame until it blasted, making it bigger. "Wow!"

"Now try to die down." Trace nodded, closing her hand and opening it to nothing. "Well, that was easy."

"Yeah, I didn't wish to make anything light up in flames like you did, but I'll try to do something like that later." she replied, taking her gloves from him and putting them back on.
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"I wonder what I can do." Elli held out her hand and concentrated, making a miniature tornado in her palm. "Glenn, look!" She turned to him, smiling a little. She concentrated again and closed her hand into a fist and opened it again. The tornado was gone. "See if you can do something." She looked at him expectantly.
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He gave a small chuckle to her, as he noticed everyone else doing something.
"Well I wonder what I can do..?" He wondered out loud.
"What did you say?" Saina asked.
He ignored her question and looked into the park and put his arms out to it. At first nothing happened then he concentrated harder. Then he raised his hands as a conductor would to signify a crescendo, as he did this the ground in front of him rose into the air, and did not stop until he stopped his hands.
"Uh.... I think somebody might notice that..." He said, hoping no one had seen that. He looked up at it, he had just put a mountain in the center of New York City, now people surely have seen it all. He quickly dropped his hands and the mountain dropped with it.
"Nobody saw that did they?" he asked nervously.
"Saw what?" Saina asked with a snort.
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Glenn looked ahead for some kind of technique he could use, but then pulled his sword cane out. He unsheathed it and threw it into the air, concentrating deeply, he began to miake it spin around and around like a boomerang. He made it rise, descend, fly around and do tricks like a toy airplane. Elli laughed a little, thinking it was like a toy. Then Glenn moved the sword about 100 feet away, then it rushed at him with an amazing force. He spun around and grabbed it, and the g-force traveled through the air and knocked a tree over and into the street. Elli laughed a little.
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Alex saw what Glenn had done and suddenly got very angry.
"What in the hell do you think you are doing?!?" He yelled at the kid.
He looked frantically at the fallen tree, it had fallen into the street and was now blocking the way.
"You fool!" He yelled at Glenn again. Then he did the only thing he could think to do. He raised his hand to it and did a motion as if he were picking it up and putting it in place. And sure enough the tree lifted off the ground and went back into the large hole it came out of.
"That's nifty."
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Guest dayday
'I wonder what I can do,' Saina thought to herself. Maybe if I do what everyone one else did.' She raised her hand out in front of her where Alex was standing. She concentrated and the ground started to lift under his feet.

Alex looked underneath of him yelled, "What the hell? Hey, put me down." He turned around and saw Saina with her arm extended.

Saina's mouth dropped open and she lowered the ground back down. "Sorry about that."
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Glenn looked at Alex with a bit of resentment. He didn't like being treated like a child, since he was the oldest one there. However, he was not one to hold a grudge, and he doesn't want to use his power much either. He began to think a little about himself, why he was here, and what he was supposed to do next. He began to wonder how things were going back in his home country, when his hair began to lift of his back and blow quietly. He barely noticed, but then he began to think about these other people, what had gotten them there, why such forces had conspired to bring them there... Suddenly his hare come loose from the binding at the back and flowed freely. He wondered what was going on. He began to feel sorry for everyone around him for getting into this mess. He was certain that this would be a very difficult trip, and some might even perish. Suddenly he began to think of his childhood in the eastern countries... growing up in a family...


Glenn raced against the wind as hard as he could... he was in a giant field of rice in a race against his brother, Kato.
"Yay! I'm gonna win!" Glenn cheered to himself, but Kato was gaining on him!
"No way! I'm gonna win!" Kato began to taunt. Glenn loved his brother, but he didn't like being second in the family. Suddenly a large gust of wind came up and seemed to lift Glenn off his feet. He raced as hard as he could and ended up at the finish in seconds!
"WOW! How did you do that?!" Kato asked, suprised beyond belief. Glenn wasn't sure himself...


That was 15 years ago. He was six, and his brother Kato was nine. He wondered if he would ever find his brother again...
"Glenn?" Elli looked at him strangely, he had noticed that his hair had been blown to his full length, and streched out to an incredible extreme. As soon as Glenn stopped thinking, his hair stopped moving.
"My hair..." Glenn held some of it in his hand, and looked at it in disbelief.
"My hair reacts to...my heart?"
"What?" Elli asked, she was lost. Glenn, on the other hand, motioned to her to stand back. Thinking of his childhood, he dashed forward at full speed, and realized that he was moving at such an incredible pace that he could barely see! In an instant, he was at the other end of the park. He concentrated deeply, then dashed all the way back. This time he didn't stop, he wanted to see where he would go... He opened his eyes a moment later, and saw the Atlantic Ocean! He paused, then turned around and ran back to the park...
"Kato... for once I have something to thank you for..."
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Trace looked at everybody who was testing out there powers. [i]Well, look at how Destiny is changing everyone. Who would have thought that I, the unfortunate wretch that I am, would possess powers such as this?[/i] she thought, lighting the flame up again, and then blowing it, making it turn to little flames.

"Hmm, I wonder what happens if I do this?" Trace smirked, spinning her hand in a circle, seeing the flames rotate around. Pressing her palm in the middle, the flames stood still around in the circle. "Ha!" she yelled, thrusting her hand in the circle, moving the flames towards David.

David looked at the tiny flames, outstretching his arms and bringing them inward to clasp his hands over the flames. He pulled them apart, showing one flame as before. Closing his hand, the flame died.

"Well, it's true then. That's our power, our connection." she smiled, her hazel eyes glowing slightly. "I wouldn't mind being partners with someone like you David." she smirked, her eyes showing a slight flame in them.
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Alex watched Glenn with mild interest. But he thought that if Glenn could manipulate his element, to increase his spead, he may be able to do the same.
But he really didn't want to just start running. He would look stupid if he did that. So he gave himself an excuse to. He did something with some rock on the other side of the park.
"I'm going to go get a closer look." He started running to the stone structure he had raised. He didn't find himself speeding up to his disappointment as he got closer, but he suddenly felt himself getting smaller. He looked down and saw that he had sunk to his knees in the dirt, but he was still running.
"This is not right!" he practically screamed. He started panicing, he couldn't see his feet so he tripped over them. He fell face forward into the dirt, but it didn't hurt. It was as if the ground was water to him.
He held his breath under the ground until his lungs burned. Then took in a deep breath, and had no trouble breathing. He could breath underground, in the rock.
"This is weird.." he said perfectly. He jumped up and when he landed again, the ground was solid under his feet. "THANK GOD!!" he started kissing the ground, happy for it to be solid again.
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Elli watched them. [i]The people I meet up with...[/i] But she had always wanted to fly. She closed her eyes, concentrated, and jumped. She opened one eye and smiled. She could see all of New York from up here! At least, as much as you could through the smog. She floated around a little them saw some dots below her turning to look. She realized people were staring and landed immeadiately. [i]Maybe I shouldn't try that again. At least, not in the city.[/i]
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Sakura:Give me a shot!!

Sakura held her hands to the sky and flooding rains fell from the sky.Sakura panicked and encased everyone in air bubbles to protect them from the water.Sakura stopped the rain and smiled.

Sakura:Way cool!!

Then Sakura tried to summon like Jacen and an ice dragon popped out of the lake.

Sakura:Wow....I'll call it Arctis.

Arctis retreated back to the lake and Sakura continued to play with her powers.
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