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Sonic:Double Trouble


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I'm trying again.Last time my Sonic RP was ruined by someone who I will not name but lots of people know who he is.

Here's the Storyline:
Sadly to say Sonic and friends have passed away and now there is a new evil.Times 2.There are 2 new enemies and they're twins.They are Slinx and Jinx the evil Echidna twins.Slinx is male and Jinx is female.They have arrived and are reaking havock around the land.Now it's up to new heroes to defeat them.

Ok so what you need is:NO OLD CHARACTERS!!
Name:Name of Character
Race of Animal:What race?Fox,Echidna,Porcupine,Hedgehog etc.
[b]Position****Look down!!!Very Important!!![/b]
Description:What does your character look like
Bio:Why you're helping defeat Slinx and Jinx
Specialities/Attacks:Special things about you or any special attacks

Before I say anything else.About [b]Position[/b].Here's a list of positions.
[b]Computer Wizz[/b]---Desperately need one!!!Someone to replace Tails!!
Warrior---Please I [b]beg[/b] you.Don't all be warriors!!!
Medic--Depends.Helpful if we had one.

I think that's all.If there's any more I will edit it.
Here's my Profile.


[b]Race of Animal:[/b]Hedgehog



[b]Description:[/b]A lightish powder blue colored hedgehog,an Element Blade sheathed strapped on her back.

[b]Bio:[/b]She's a tomboy.She's been on the island ever since she was little.Now she's about 16.All she remembers is that she has been on the island ever since she can remember.She has a ;large piece of memory missing and hopes to discover her past.

[b]Speciality:[/b]Super fast speed,martial arts,sword skills,good manuverabilities,since she's been on the island ever since little she can talk to the inhabitants.As in small animals.She can call upon any animal to help her.Hyper speed drive(she climbs a tree and launches herself off it in a flip spin and she can fly for short distances.

[b]Now if anyone wants to be Slinx or Jinx PM me and I will give you the necessary info for the characters.[/b]

I will start the RP after I get about 5 or 6 characters including the 2 villains.

Have Fun and Enjoy!!

PS:If anyone has any suggestions feel free to PM me:D
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Name: Tai
Race of animal: Porcupine
Bad/Good: Bad.(lol0
Postion: Warrior.(Can't be wizz cos'I don't no a thing about gizmos.)
Discribtion: Red fur and blue pants. He wears white lil' trainers and has a black pair of sun glasses.
Bio: He is really cool and Evil. H eis only helping them because they helped him. But after all this is finashe dhe is going away never to speak of them again.
Spe': Fire and Power. Is pretty fast but is more of power then speed.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
Race of Animal:Bio Enginered Hedgehog
Position: Warrior
Description:My avatar is my super form. Look at the sheet attached.
Bio:Created by Eggman from Sonic and Shadow's DNA. He's part machine and part hedgehog. Was frozen underground until one of Slinx and Jinx's attacks woke him up. Dose'nt have a purpouse in life.
Specialities/Attacks: Sonic Advance Style: His B button attack would be a Ki style blast. However, this takes up rings. His doble jump ability would be to roll up in a ball, and in this form he can go up or down.
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Guest dayday
Name: Saina

Race: Fox

Good/Bad: Good

Position: Medic, Warrior (I can be two right?)

Decription: Sky blue fur, crystal blue eyes, red shirt, and black pants. Has black fingerless gloves. Sometimes seen on a motorcyclel like the one Sonia had from Sonic Underground.

Bio: A quiet type who talks only to people she likes. Her sister was killed when Saina was still very young. She got a note from Jinx and Slinx that they had killed her.

Specialties/Attacks: Special healing powers, agility, and a little over average strength.
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Race of Animal:Echidna
Description: Dark Red with black spikes and black ear tips.
Bio:They came from Chaos Island.The opposite of Emerald Island.The land is Chaos like it's name.Jinx and her twin Slinx have raged war on the island and are now moving to somewhere else.They have come across Emerald Island and are preparing to reak havock on the peaceful island.
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Looks like fun.. I also have to ferrets so... hehehe..

Race of Animal: Ferret (weasel)
Good/Bad: Goodish
Position: Computer Wizz
Description: Tall, very tall. Has brown and tan fir, with black circles around his face giving him a robbers look.
Bio: He really isn't doing it to defeat them, he just knows that the others may need some help. And with his computer knowledge he may be able to ferret out the bad guys. (Pardon the pun) He gets very excited, and stays that way until he uses all his energy, also he has an odd odor about him that some find revolting, and female ferrets find attractive ;)
Specialities/Attacks: Weasel War Dance. It isn't a attack that can get a description. But he goes into this frenzy where he will latch his teeth onto the nearest enemy and shake it around and dance around and jump around and create a big ol' ruckus. But he often doesn't know who is the enemy in this attack. He also is very knowledgable with all forms of technology and was Tails biggest fan as a child.
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[SIZE=1][color=green]So... it's back... I guess I'll just post my old Sign-Up! :D

[b]Name:[/b] Roket

[b]Race of Animal:[/b] Porcupine

[b]Good/Bad:[/b] Good

[b]Position:[/b] Warrior

[b]Description:[/b] A snow white coloured Porcupine with hair the sticks
out straight when scared or mad. Quarter Staff is strapped diagonally on back. (I've put alot of thought into this).Also see picture near bottom.

[b]Bio:[/b] Roket is a Cousin of Sonic. As soon as Sonic died, Roket promised he would never stop training with his Staff and his running. Roket was there when Sonic died. Although he was only 3. He saw it all. Slinx and Jinx murdering everyone. From then on, Roket has never stopped hating them and will get back at them.

[b]Specialities:[/b] Super Fast and wicked with his staff. Also very good in martial arts. (Particularly Ninjitsu and Karate) When Roket jumps off something high he can soar/glide for a bit by spreading out all his needles in the perfect formation.

[b]Personal Quote:[/b] I don?t believe in endings. Only in new beginnings.

[/color]-=§=- :wave:[/SIZE]
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Name: Twilight Starr

Race of Animal: Hedgehog

Good/Bad: good

Position: warrior/medic

Description: black gloves, black & red hover shoes- similar looking to Sonic only 2 inches shorter, smaller feet, chaos emerald around her neck, white fur, white hair with black tips, star tattoo on right back above shoulder blade...warp rings around both wrists(warp rings help Twilight, a.k.a. Starr go faster)

Bio: Twilight, a.k.a. Starr, told Sonic that she would have her revenge on all evil, that she would help good no matter what. Sonic and Twilight are said to be sister and brother. Before she met Sonic, she met Shadow....a warrior that wasn't understood. He wasn't just an evil hedgehog...he was a hedgehog with a learning heart. After he talked to Twilight about Maria, she understood and told him that Robotnik was only messing with his mind. Then they became "close". After Sonic passed, she never saw Shadow again. She swore that while she was kicking all the evil people's butts that she would think of the two most important people in her life: Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Specialities: hovering, super speed, super strength, flying, psychic abilites, good with any weapons, legendary animals talk to her and she has their powers(it was passed down to her)

Attacks: unknown.........
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Guest Soul-Lyricist
Alright I'll give it a shot.


Description:Golden colored feathers,white gloves and Soap Scorchers like Sonic's.Wears a pair of googles with blue colored lenses.Wears blue chaos emerald around neck.Four wings that become engulfed in fire when he gets angry or ready to fly at Mach 5 speed.

Bio:Burn is a wanderer.One fateful day Burn witnessed Slinx and Jinx destroy a whole city.Burn became enraged and chased after them.He searches islands for any info on why they are doing this.He hopes that one day he will find the other six chaos emeralds so he can iradicate the Twin Menace.

Specialties:Fly at high speeds, super strength.Really fast,healing,Phoenix transformation,and Choas Rage.(I'll explain it later.)Teleportation.

Soap Scorchers are the shoes that Sonic wears in Sonc Adventure 2 if you didn't know.:D
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I think I'll try this.

Race- Wolf
Good/bad- Good
Position- Fighter

Description- A very built wolf with incredible strength and great speed. He isn't as fast as a hedgehog, but still pretty fast. He carries a blue backback and sheath, with holds a black sword. His fur is black and he can stand on two legs.

Bio- Once neutral in the chaos of slinx and jinx. Fang is now a good guy. He realizes that his home may soon be destroyed by their madness and realizes he has to act quick in order to save his home and the world.

Specialties- Super Strength, Average speed, Able to leap really high in the air, super stealth.

Gaia sword- Special sword forged from the elders of Fang's homeland. Said to have magical powers.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
F34r m3, f0r 1 4m M4xS0n1c! B0w d0wn t0 m3! 1 th1nk th1s rpg 1s g01ng to b3 gr34t! Wh3n d0 w3 st4rt?
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Erm.. right. I hope you aren't going to post in numbers when this things starts. Also, if it alright for me to be Slinx there he is below. I changed his description some, I know they are twins and all but they can't be identical O_o

Race of Animal:Echidna
Description: Looks like his sister, except is black with red spikes and red ear tips
Bio:They came from Chaos Island.The opposite of Emerald Island.The land is Chaos like it's name.Jinx and her twin Slinx have raged war on the island and are now moving to somewhere else.They have come across Emerald Island and are preparing to reak havock on the peaceful island.
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[COLOR=red]Name:Dr.Cat and Doxtomo(Dox)

Race of Animal:Cat and Robot


Position:Computer Wizz/Scientist

Description:A fat grey cat with dull green eyes.He wears a white trench coat,googles,and black leather boots.He has a robot that is black and red,and has tred wheels and robot arms.Dox can transfrom into a tank,sub,and a plane that can all fit to two people.It is powered by a powerful gem.

Bio:His grandfather is Big the cat.He nevered had friends,so he made one.After the powerful gem was passed down to him,he made Doxtomo.He and Doxtomo are friends,and sometimes Dr.Cat beleaves he has a life.He village was attacked by Slinx and Jinx.He soon goes on a adventure to defeat them.

Specialities:He has 2' claws,good eye sight,smart,and has Doxtomo.Doxtomo can turn into a plane,tank,and sub.Dr.Cat also knows how to box.[/COLOR]
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