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Guest Deranged Gerbil
it would most likely be red, but seeing as how trunks is only a half blooded saiyajin, he wouldn't be able to go ssj4 in the first place, heck, he didn't even go ssj2 :rolleyes:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Katana [/i]
[B]If Trunks went SSJ4, would he have purple or red fur? I mean, I know he has purple hair, but maybe Vegeta's DNA would change it? [/B][/QUOTE]
I think it ll be red...but thiz can't happen cuz Trunks iz 1/2 saiyan not a true one....
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[QUOTE]Why wouldn't he go SS4? And he did go SS2 during his fight with Cell after Cell beat Vegeta like he stole something, he just didn't do it right.[/QUOTE]

...errrrrrr.......i hope you know that......Trunks only went as far a ussj, and he does not go ssj2. why did you think that, probably his hair...i think EVERYONE will agree.

he wouldn't go ssj4 cos he's half saiyan, therefore, he does not have the true saiyan power to go that far.
If he was fused with gohan or someone else, they maybe able to, dunno really.

well, if vegeta's hair in ssj4 is black, and so is goku's (that is their natural hair colour) and (i am just assuming that trunks COULD go ssj4) then trunks' should be purple, cos its his natural hair colour, and the fur on his body would be red as well.
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