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First a few short opening rules.

1. There will be 7 slots available total. one being taken up by my character so six applicants will be chosen.

2. This rpg is non combat based. That means there should be little to no combat situations in it. Also no magic, psionics or otherwise. This is a real life type rp.

3. I will be choosing people by description, uniqueness, and grammar/spelling.

4. The actual killer will be one of the main characters chosen by me just before the roleplay actually starts.

Now the story...

Dear _______;

I am very pleased to announced that you have been cordially invited to a midnight mystery contest. The contest will not be easy but the reward will be well worth the effort. Six others have recieved this piece of mail and six others have been offered the chance to reap in the grand prize of five million dollars. The location of the contest is Castle Destro in the middle of the beautiful calm Lake Luna. The Ferry will be leaving at seven late afternoon sharp to land at the castle. I hope to see each one of you there and again.. Congratulations.


Count William Destro

Character sign ups

Outstanding Qualities
Other Notes
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[b]Name:[/b] Andrew Roe
[b]Age:[/b] 28
[b]Appearance:[/b] Tall, 6'6". Blonde hair green eyes. Athletic build.
[b]Personality:[/b] He's serious most of the time, but he has some humor to him, albeit crude. He gets along well with others, though he doesn't usually give people a chance to get close.
[b]Possessions:[/b] (Assuming that this is what we will be taking.) Zippo lighter(doesn't smoke). Three inch pocket knife. MiniMag(Flashlight), small bag of beef jerkey, and a whiskey flask.
[b]Background:[/b] Normal childhood, he went through school with little trouble, he was on the football team but wasn't anything spectacular. He graduated High School with honors, which was no big deal to him. He went through college and majored in computer graphics, he just recently got out.
[b]Outstanding Qualities:[/b] He know's how to do awesome graphics on a computer, and he's very in shape, has excellent stanima.
[b]Other Notes:[/b] Not much to say that hasn't already been said. After going through college he has several student loans he has to pay off.
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Guest dayday
Name: Saina

Age: 16

Appearance: Long balck hair tied with white scrunchie, 5'5, crystal blue eyes, enchanting features, long sleeve lilac shirt, blue jeans, white AIR FORCE ONES, tatoo on left upper arm that says TDC.

Personality: A nice and gentle girl but sometimes stern. Doesn't talk much.

Posessions: Her mother's house, silver necklace with a blue moon and blue wof on the ring on it, a baby wolf named Sky with white fur and a scared left eye, everything else needed to survive.

Background: Saina's father left her mother when she was six. Nine years later her mother was killed in a car accident while driving home with her in the car. Saina was in the hospital, in a coma from two weeks then she was released. Has been living on her own since then. While walking out in the woods on day she saw a baby wolf unconcious on the ground. She waited about an hour waiting for someone else to come get it, but when nobody came or another wolf, she took it home and cared for it.

Outstanding Qualities: Can do martial arts.

Other Notes: Had no other family, so that's why she's living by herself.
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this could be fun

Name: Aorashi Fuku

Age: 31

appearnace: long white hair tied in a pony tail. ghostly blue with a hint of silver. wears white dress slacks with a black botton down shirt. along whits coat is almost always on him. he stands 5'10" and is about 135 lbs. he's well built for his age which is credited towards his martial arts background.

posessions: a pocket watch with a wolf face on the front. was his faters and his fathers and etc. his cain he walks with is also a sword, although he has yet to us it. he says it gives him comfort walking on the streets.

Background: for 20 years he had taught martial arts. not any one style but his own. he has since given it up and gone back to school to gain his masters in teaching. his parents where of different cultures, his father Japanese; his mother American. this lead to there brake up, and Aorashi's since of security with being alone.

outstanding qualities: martial arts, can read, write, and speak latin. is very honor bound, and belives chivalry is not dead.

Other notes: he has found that going back to school is rather costly, and the chance to gain alittle free money would be nice.
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Name: Isiona Ley

Age: 25

Appearance: 5'7, 131 lbs. green eyes, brown hair w/pink streaks in her hair. Wears a red halter top w/a black mini skirt. Accompanied by black 2 in. heeled boots, a black jacket, and shiny red arm gloves.

Personality: Fiery, a bit tempermental, usually keeps to herself-unless she sees someone/something she likes. However, she is a kind person, a bit tedious, and a bit of a quick-to-the-point person.

Possessions: A portable CD player w/her CDs, two silver fans(which she has with her at all times), her red guitar, her mother's ivory choker and her purse.

Background: Born to an middle-class Native American family, Isiona always grew up learning how to appreciate nature and the Universe. Her family worked hard to send her to school and she graduated in the top 10% of her class in high school. She, with the grades she had, went to Harvard, which she is still attending.

Outstanding Qualities: Can cook, speak Navajo and French, can sew and make clothes, plays guitar, and writes poetry.

Other Notes: She needs money to help pay for college, and thought this would be a good chance to get it.
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I think im going to like this.....

Name: Taini Malcoll

Age: 18

Appearance: Taini stands at 5'8 and weighs 131 pounds. Her hair is dyed gold at sholder width and she has dark blue eyes. She wears blue jeans with a belt. A black vest with and orange long sleeved shirt under it and black gloves. she has orange shoes that you dont have to tie and a black bucket hat.

Personality: Taini has short term memorie loss and will forget things right after someone tells her. She is very annoying because of this and shes just overall annoying. Shes a good artist and usually draws things so she can try to remember things. She hate boys..... She always goes on about how they use females to do all of their work. Basicly she has a very short temper when it comes to boys. But she doesnt always remembers that she hates boys. She enjoys playing the violin.

Possessions: Violin case, flash light, a few books, keys, sissors, Pencils, Paper, colored pencils, ink pen, and night vision sunglasses.

Background: Taini was always different from everyone else when growing up (guess why) when she was 8 her parents relized that she couldn't get along with the students. So she was home schooled until high school where she only made a few friends and got into a lot of trouble. She is preparing to go to a special college where they hope to help her with her poblem.

Outstanding Qualities: At times when she is stressed and confussed she will start speeking, in Japanese?! Drawing is one of her special talents and she can play the violin.

Other Notes: Shes doing this to make some new friends and get the prize. She likes Prizes....
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Name: Juran Ryujin

Appearance: Blue spiky hair and bright aqua colored eyes. Is about 5'7 and wears a big blue and gold trenchcoat and gloves, underneat is a black sleeveless shirt and jeans. Also wears heavy hiking boots.

Pesronality: Although a bit flaky and forgetful, Juran is quite a character. He loves to joke and does things a little thoughtlessly. He gets into fights and also loves to swim. He sometimes writes when he's bored and is usually quite good at it.

Posessions: Pocket knife, several gold chains and medals, pen and ledgers, wristwatch, ornamental tonfa.

Background: As a youth, Juran was on the swim team at every shool he was in and got lots of awards. He fought a lot too and was also suspended on several occasions. He has a sister and a girlfriend whom he looks after. He sometimes practices kung fu and fighting with tonfa.

Outstanding qualities: Juran likes writing stories in his spare time, and he knows how to speak French and Portuguese.

Other: He wants the money to buy himself a small plane to travel around the world, as well as a Lamborghini Diablo for himself and his girlfriend.
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[b]Name:[/b] Corey Roos
[b]Age:[/b] 36
[b]Appearance:[/b] Corey usually dresses in a red crushed velvet suit but for casual wear dons a button up black cotton shirt and light blue khakis. His build is medium. Corey has olive green eyes and light brown hair. He has high cheekbones and a oval head. Corey's height is 6'3". He keeps his facial hair down to a scruffy stubble and has black wire-rim glasses.
[b]Personality:[/b] Corey is an overall good guy but has one hell of a temper is provoked. He can be either the nicest guy in the world or the guy that will put you in the hospital on life support. He has a slight bi-polar condition which is the cause of these two very different sides of his personality. When in nice-guy mode he is calm, compassionate, and a very careful thinker. When in mean-guy mode Corey is combative, easily angered, and extrtemely impulsive.
[b]Possessions:[/b] A silver stopwatch from his father and a pocket-knife with his initials carved into the ebony handle.
[b]Background:[/b] Corey grew up in inner city New York. Murder, rape, theft, and destruction were all normalities in his life. His parents sheltered him. They didn't let him out of the house except with one of them. His only escape was reading. He read every book in their house. He bought books with the small amout of money his parents gave him. He borrowed books from the library every chance he got.
During his fourth grade year he was diagnosed with the bi-polar syndrome. He would randomly start fights and even more randomly stop taking his meds. When his family finally got him on medicines that did not alter his state of mind he took them on a regular basis.
After finishing Highschool with a 4.0 average he went on to Harvard Law to become a lawyer. He flew through college without having much of a problem, but did not recieve his diploma after failing Physics II. Corey was devastated. He stopped taking his medicine and was thrown in jail for beating a man so severely he slipped into a coma. Now the man is a landscaper at a school.
After getting out of prison at the age of 27, he went back to college and got his diploma. He went on and got his Masters in law. He now hold a firm of his own and is quite well off.
[b]Outstanding Qualities:[/b] Careful thinking.
[b]Other Notes:[/b] He has a scar above his left elbow from the fight that landed him in jail.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Well then....time to bring in a bit of culture.

Name: Dr. Luyii "Trance" Megelani

Age: 28

Appearance: see attatchment. Usually wears a flowery blouse and khakis to work. But for this occasion, she will wear a long black evening gown, strappy stilleto heels, and silver jewelry. She never does fashion by halves.

Personality: Well mannered, calm, and somewhat indifferent. She knows that she has the skill to save lives, and lets people know it. Sarcastic in the extreme, but also a well tempered conversationalist. She also has a certain skill with seduction, which she twists to her advantage.

Possessions: Pack of Tipillaro cigarettes, black leather purse filled with the usual female posessions; tampons, condoms, makeup, wallet complete with credit cards and cash, ID, mirror, poisoned switchblade [okay, not so usual], and a lighter.

Background: Raised into a well to do family, she excelled in the fine arts and the medical field. Her childhood was calm and uneventful, and she did quite a bit of traveling. For college, she attended U.C. Berkley, as well as other universities as a transfer student. Her majors were both Medicine and Language. In addition, she has a minor in physical education. Hence: she has both head knowledge and considerable skills with self defense.

She has had a long string of lovers, but nothing ever lasted. Her abilities of speaking other languages involve Latin, French, Spanish, and a great affinity for American Sign Language. All four are employed in her work. As a doctor, she has a good sense of human behavior and communication. When people feel something, she can sense it right away, be it hope, fear, pain, or dishonesty. Very little escapes her, and her poker face is one to be reckoned with. Anyone who would like to pull the wool over her eyes would be hard pressed to get it over her eyelashes. She's a born cynic. Right now, she is a successful doctor in a good practice. Her speciality is in reproduction and child birth.

Outstanding Qualities: Resiliance, Self Esteem, Prudence, and Beauty.

Other Notes: Someday hopes to get married and open a practice of her own. There is a diamond shaped scar over her right breast and under her left thigh. Both are from childhood injuries.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][B]Name:[/B] Namida Amano

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance:[/b] See piccie. (Changes clothes often)

[B]Personality:[/b] The typical sweet and innocent love totally passes over, though a innocent appearance deep "evil" lurks behind those Hazel eyes. The mind and heart of a thief. She gets a great thrill from slipping in and out of residences, knowing shes the best and has never been caught, surely not able to pass up a chance for this much cash, and even if she doesn?t win..Maby she can still come out with money....

[B]Possessions:[/B] She carries a purse always matching whatever outfit, it carres a small pouch, looking like a change purse, but really a set of lock pics, also many other "decretely" disguised objects. Among them a lipstick container hiding a small laser light, a compact which is secretly a body heat censor. And many other "nifty" contraptions.

[B]Background:[/B] She comes from a very loving family, oddly enough all the love was just what she needed to be noticed more, stuck as there loved "first born" negative attention is asome, especially when one smile and she even got away with stealing her principals car at the age of 12. She graduated high school and took courses in computer Tec and computer programming. She also the whole time took tai-quan-doe, not for fighting ability but because of its slow majestic ways, helping her become more limber and stronger, incase a window won't open of course.. not like she doesn?t have a glass cutter.

She currently lives alone, just passed a messy break up, her X was cheating and, well the "other woman" is now bankrupt.

[B]Outstanding Qualities:[/B] She is sweet adorable and the best liar. No one suspects her of anything wrong, shes just to adorable. Girls and guys alike trust her without question, for some odd reason,

[B]Other Notes:[/B] Shes also looking for that special someone...[/color]
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[COLOr=royalblue]Goooood lord what a slut! J/K dear. Took forever to load though....and I could say something about the extreme ugliness of those shoes, but I won't. Because the dress was nice.

You have several spelling errors darling, just wanted to point that out for my obsessive compulsive self's sake. Change them please. Danka.[/COLOr]
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Alright after much consideration I have decided to invite the following applicants to my RPG. If your name has not been chosen I apologize there were quite a few good ones and the choice between some of you was very difficult.

Those chosen are:

Wolf Maximas(Aorashi Fuku)
Avalon(Isiona Ley)
KCC(Taini Malcoll)
KnightoftheRose(Corey Roos)
Raiha(Dr. Luyii "Trance" Megelani)
Shinkoru(Namida Amano)

Congratulations to those whose sign up's were chosen and watch for the adventure forum for the start of the RPG!
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