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It's the year 1527 and everyone has heard of the animae digimon. Every teen thats cool owns a digipet and can recite lines from all the episodes. So whats a digipet? A digipet is a costom digimon that humans hang out with and can fight other Tamers with.

A few select humans have decided to use these pets for bad and have treated them badly. To add to that half of the pets turned against thier owners and are now causing havok on thier own. It's up to a few kids to stop this before the whole world is destroyed.

No need to sign up! just explain what you and your digimon look like as you go. it's in the adventure fourum. Have fun!
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[color=indigo][font=gothic]No Vicky, that wouldn't be breaking a rule. And Scorpio, restarting an old idea for an rpg isn't against the rules either. I'd like to point out though, that having multiple people clutter up a thread pointing out what they consider to be against the rules, or asking about the rules, is somewhat against the hereby overly-mentioned rules. Scorpio, there's a report to Moderator button for a reason, and Vicky, if you've got a question, PM a moderator. Preferably Warlock...o.O.

If this thread can be turned into something resembling a coherent, spam free sign up in the next day, than I'll leave it open.[/font][/color]
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