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D_A's poems.


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[color=gray]From now on, every poem i make gets in this thread =) starting with this one:
Look in my eyes,
and tell me what you see.
Do you see hatred,
or a happy melody.

I cant tell,
what my eyes say.
I cant speak,
the way my heart speaks.
I dont know,
if im able to pray,
When my breath stocks,
and my eyes stray.

I dont know when my eyes lie,
or when they search for help;
A point of light,
when i cry.
A grip to relay on,
when falling down.
And a bit of happyness
instead of a frown.

But I cant have it all.
I can actually have none.
Because these shadows,
blockng my sight,
making me fall,
deeper and deeper,
caught in my soul...[/color]
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[color=gray]This is my first poem I made in a while... and I actually like it ^__^
Well I know this thread is old so I need a new one... (it even still has D_A in the title...)

Oh well, I am proud to present you my newest work:

[B]Standing among the shadows[/B]
ever to see a new light again,
here she stands,
peering into the moon.

The frown on her face,
that look in her eye.
Awaiting a new day,
a chance to catch a wave,
uncaught before.

She takes my hand,
and walks deeper and deeper,
into the shadows,
of what used to be.
The shadows of what were
and can never be changed.
The shadow of a light,
which shall never return.

Standing among the shadows,
a tear escaped from her eye
and falls in the nothingness
these shades form,
heading towards the light
these shades hide.
Trying to reach them,
only to get jammed
by another shadow wall.

A door locked,
not able to be opened.
An obstacle to prevent it
from going any further
then it already has.

The tear scattered
against the wall,
of what used to be.
The wall cracked,
letting out,
a ray of light,
to touch her heart,
and light it,
once again

And suddenly I felled,
her coming back.
Out of the shadows,
still holding my arm,
shining bright.
The tear was gone,
and a smile was placed,
on the face of the girl,
who had never smiled before.[/color][/i]
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[SIZE=1][B]Hey, that's pretty good Boo! I really like that one, though it seems a bit to... not my taste... nevermind...

I really like it, it's great! Hope you give us some more, you're good! It's a good poem, and I really do like it.[/SIZE][/B]
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