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Art my own original character :D


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Her name is Aurora Valkyrie. yes. I like designing ancient stuff, but her costume was skrewed and it took me a while to give her a cloak XD;; And the sword was the one that most ppl liked. and I don't know how to shade metals ._.

Actually, I just don't know how to shade. Even after help, it still looks like leather. now I think it is because I actually used light shades. In normal anime shadings, ppl seldom use lighter shades, at least those I've seen. But when I realized that it was already half done, so I went on.

Then I had to rush to finish it because I had to go back to school, and I didn't want to wait till after 9, so I rushed it. I will fix the hair after wards. And the extremely uncreative background.

My lineart grew thinner, and now it's too thin and light.

anyways. any kinds of feedbacks=welcomed.
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[size=1][color=CC0000]Another great piece. ^_^

The sword looks verrry good (I liked the staff you've drawn before on your site, I think it's the yellow/grey one with a big ruby-thingie on it), and considering you don't know how to shade metals, it's well done. But towards the bottom (near the ground) of the sword, it looks kinda rushed and off, you may wanna do that again.

The hair, as you've said, isn't great, but then again isn't bad. It looks fine as it is, but if you did fix it, it'd look even better.

The only thing I think looks quite a bit strange is the sword handle. It looks un-liftable with a teeny handle like that. I recommend lengthening it to maybe triple the size and then putting some detail on the pommel (end of handle). And a jewel or a ribbon/sash. It look even prettier then ^___^

Other than all that.. it very very good, as always *thumbs up*

EDIT: (Now that I look again, I notice that the edges of the blade on the sword are kindy wobbly-looking.. shouldn't they be straight?)[/size][/color]
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That must be one of the coolest swords I'v ever seen. It looks so neat! I like her out fit too except her feet look a bit funny.

The only thing that really bothers me is how you can see her eye threw her hair. I know thats normal in anime, but for some reason it keeps bugging me >_<

Great job! I dont think it looks too leathery.
Rating: 9.5/10
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I dunno how to fix the hair now... it didn't look much better =/

and the feet.. it happened b4 in almost the same post. I think I should fix it too.

And the sword.... I think I should start using the line too instead of free hand to make it less wobbly and rubber like XD;;

Then the handle. I don't know why I don't like long handles, but I will try that too. maybe it would look better.

And I will try to make the left-eye less opaque, maybe that would help making it less weird?

thanks for all suggestions :D
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