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Samurai of the wind

Wolf Maximas13

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ok, i'm going to try my first RPG. i figured i have a good number of post under my belt, si maybe i can do this right.

a area a Japan had become peacful. no blood, no war, no need to worry. however peace is said to be the reasting period between wars. the peace was not to last. a company came into the area promising power. which for most was a dream, and others a nightmare. the wealthy would get this power but the weak would have to see it with eyes filled with tears. for this power was that of the gun. this new weapon could kill a man before he could draw his sword. the rich bought almost the whole stoke for there protection, but some of the low lives also got these weapons. a group of Samurai noticed this power and decided to change there ways. with the substatution of the guns from there swords they grew into a great power. there hired the low life rats to rob the rich of there weapons, so only they would have the power. another Samurai group also noticed the gun, but saw it as a curse upon the land. they also saw the Samuais with guns traitors to the code. one man wanted to stop the traitorous group, but could not get permission to lead an attack. the man hade no name but went by the wolf. for his blade was seen as a fang that would dive into its pray faster than anyman could see. the Samurai left the house in anger. he decided to take this group of gun wielding samurai on himself. but, he wasn't alone. for many other people have seen the actons of the gun samurais and have set out to stop them as well. if these people can come together then they can cleance this area of the filthy samurai.

ok, heres what i need.

name: make it good,
Age: keep it within 18-55. the old guys can fight to you know.
weapon: this is the main focus. sword, staff what ever but give it a history, and discribe it.
Bio: include reason for wanting to take out the samurai.

heres mine

Name: the Wolf, called Wolf for short.
Age: 25
Weapon: katana. the sword was his father and his fathers etc. the sheth is black with a silver dragon wrapping around it. the cloth wrap is silver as well. the handle of the sword is wrapped in black cloth with silver inlade. the accuall handle is white with a silver wolf carved into it. the guard is of a wolf and dragon chaseing each other.
Description: wears black samurai pants( think Kenshin style pants) with a white top much like kensins with a silver sash. he wears a glove on one hand, the one that can wield his sword alone. he has white hair that touches his back, its held by a black cloth. his eyes are a light blue, almost white. he had two scares, each above just outside his eyebrow. no one know where he got them, but there called his fang scares for that what they look like.
Bio: born into the samurai way of life. he was raised on the old ways of sword fighting. he has been toying with new techniques that can beat a gun. his since of honor is stronger then his own sword.

ok, i really hope this goes over well. i'm gonna wait tell i have about 4 or 5 people then start. then i'll leave the sign up page up for anyone else who wants to come in. have fun
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Name: Kaiser Indiear

Age: 35

Weapon: Dragon sword that has handles like a dragons claw, and golden guns.

Discribtion:Long gold hair and black t-shirt and black pants. Blue eyes and a long red cloak which hides his two golden guns.

Bio: Suffered Memory lost at the age of 7. He can't remeber his mothe ror family. He learned to fight and trained himself with guns and swords.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Spelling errors dear. Spelling errors.

Name: Sayuri Luyii Okimura

Age: 28

Weapon: The longblade instead of the usual katana. But made to be just as light and manuverable. It was a gift from her mother, and the memory of her mother before her. It posesses a full three quarter blood channel, no hilt, and is wrapped with oiled black leather.

Description: see attatchment. Yes, she's that weird looking.

Bio: Money! M-O-N-E-Y!!![/COLOR]
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name: Arus Ikame
Age: 19
weapon: Kodachi (short sword used mainly for defensive techniques)
An ancient weapon that belonged to his ancestors. Many stories were told in his family about the legendary blade. When he decided to kill the samurai, he sought the blade out.
Description: [Darn my stupid scanner! It won't work]Brown hair parting in the middle and about ear-length. Orange-red eyes. He wears a blue kimono (not full-length) and a deep blue haori. White hakama pants, and medium size tabi boots. I have to give creadit to Dmitri since I looked at his description for the pants and boots. :cross: LOL
Bio: His parents were slaughtered when he was just three years old and ever since then, he has trained under the Tai Kodachi form and mastered his skills with the short sword.
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[b]name:[/b] Kenoki "Ken" Shenziko
[b]Age:[/b] 28
[b]Weapon:[/b] Katana: This sword is a heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It doesn't have big history, just that it was used in several wars.
[b]Description:[/b] Wears a white under garment, black full length kimono, hakama pants and a black haori, and tabi boots. (Look it up if you don't know what it is) He is about 5'11" tall. Short black hair and black eyes.
[b]Bio:[/b] He is a Samurai of the old code. He does not believe in the use of guns, seeing them as dishonorable. His belief is that all fights should be solved with fists or swords. He's had a pretty good life, his parents died of natural causes and are now peacefully resting in the afterlife. But he feels he has to avenge any that are killed by gun.
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Name: Kyp kiro "the red blaze"

Age: 18

Weapon: sword, bow and arrows. The sword has A diamond on each side of the handle where the blade comes out of the handle. The sword and the bow and arrow set has been passed down through kyp's family from his fathers side of the family. They have helped win many battles and are simbles of the family.

Description: gloves with metal inside the cloth. red shirt, purple pants, blue eyes, black hair, A blood red shith, black boots

Bio: kyp was tought how to be A smurai at the age of 7. When he was 10 he was given the family sword, bow and arrow set to become A good samurai. He is known as the red blaze for his speed and agility. He was tought to be fast to and to be able to avoid attacks and he can block many attacks. He belives that people who fight with out A reasion or those who have no honor should not have A weapon. He does not want to see people be hurt for no good reason. Kyp is not affraid to give up his life.
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.:: NOTE: I may not be able to post right away... ::.

Wow.. I was just talking with my sister about how interesting it would be for guns vs. swords.... must join...

[b]Name:[/b] Valen

[b]Age:[/b] 26

-- Isis Katana --
Passed down in my family for centuries, the Isis Katana has been used to protect my family from all who oppose us. Nobody has died while this katana was in their possession... Until now. [Pic attatched, very bad drawing, but I was in a hurry!]

[b]Description:[/b] I have ice blue hair and greenish eyes. I'm 5'7" and I wear a black cloak covering my katana.

[b]Bio:[/b] The samari killed my father with their new weapon. He stood up against them with the Isis Katana, but they shot him down. He was the first to die while holding the katana. I am going to destroy them all.
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