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RPG Animation Combanion!


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Okay, you should now the role play...

Dayday: Sango: Inuyasha
Sky moonflow: Asirito: Tenchi
Ohkami: Sakura: Card captor
Dj Professer DM: Metreo: Dragonball z
Kesaki_india: Senuka: Inuyasha
Wolfmaximas13: Wolf maximas: DBZ
Nefertimon: Cado: Pokemon.

If you wanna join, go sign up in the recruitment.


All animes live in a different universe. This evil guy cast each Anime into the same universe. Normal people died out, but the main guys stayed. Later, they made a gang called the Phoinex's to defeat mistrevous(The one that cast them into the same universe.)

That was the short version of the story. Go to the recruitment to find out more.

Okay, let's go!!!

Falco stood on the moutain looking down at the Gundom gang. His wings flipped back. He looked around. He only knew Goku, Wolf, Gohan and supreme Kai from his anime. It was hard to beleive all this. They were just Anime's. Falco grinned.
"I'm bored here..." He sighed. He got up and walked into the small forest besie the cliff. The forest was dark and creepy. He began to run. He was hopeing to get to the weapon hut before the Gundom's do. He ran, until he bashed into some one.
"Huh? HEY!" He yelled. He then saw a gang with swords laughing.
"Who are you!?" He jumped up. Suddenly, behind the gang, arose a group of greek-like people with saiyan armour.
"We'll take it from 'er!" Said the one with white hair. He had a funny voice.
"Oh, who are you? The geekoids?" Laughed Falco.
"NO!" The group formed so kind of weird dance. The big one with short, orange hair looked like a dancer from M2(Gills planet).
"We're the Gainu Force!" They yelled.
"THE WHAT!?" Falco looked in confusion. The big one with orange ahir charged forward to hit Falco, but Falco knocked him back.
"HUH!? HE DID THAT WITHOUT MOVING!" They looked in shock.
"Oh? You mean my punch?"
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Guest dayday
Sango walked across the valley to a flower in the middle of nowhere. "Why is this here? There aren't any others." She bent down to pick it when it jumped out the ground.

"Bellosom," it said.

"What the.."

"Bellosom." The flower started to dance around in the field.

Sango watched it in interest. "How does it do that? It's like it's alive." She reached out to touch it but was sprayed in a blue powder. She immediatly fell asleep.
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OOC: sorry, I spelt Ginyu wrong!

IC: Falco laughed.
"You don't know how slow you are, do you?" Falco wheeled forward and punched the white guy.
"Orgh! Cm'on mate! Le's get outta 'er!" He yelled. The gang ran off.
"What I load off heap!" Falco continued into the woods. Then he came to a flower ben, with a danceing flower and some one asleep on the floor.
"Huh? A pokemon!" He looked down.
"Hey, wake up." He said.
"The pokemon are here too." He looked around.
"This is pure Choas!"
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Guest dayday
OOC: Sleep powder was blue right? I forgot.

Sango woke up and looked at a person standing over her. "Who are you?"

"Falco," he held out his hand to help her up.

Sango stood up with Falco's help. She then noticed the wings on his back and jumped back. "Are you a demon?"
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Falco laughed.
"No." Falco darkenned his eyes and placed his hand on his fore head and stalted.
"I ain't no angel. I ain't no Satant." That was his modo. He smiled.
"Who are you?" Falcom looked down at the pokemon.
"Sango." Falco smiled.
"Do you know what that is?" Asked Sango.
"That's a pokemon. I take it you don't know what's going on..." Falco sat down.
"Were each from an anime, each from a different universe. We have been cast into one univers, and choas will soon come. That, is a pokemon from the anime 'Pokemon'. I'm from 'Dragonball.'"
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Guest dayday
"I guess that means I'm from Inuyasha. I wonder if he's in this world too. Anyway what did you mean by 'chaos will come soon'?"

"All the different animes think they're better than the other one. Soon eveyone will start to fight and take over this world."

Sango sat on the ground in front of Falco. "So that's how it is. Are they going to fihgt too?" She pointed to the still dancing Bellosom.

He laughed. "No I don't think we'll have to worry about them hurting us. But watch out for their attacks sometimes. They're still affective."
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the two talked until Sango saw a big black figure in the sky. she pointed to it and Falco looked close.

Falco: that could be another one of those Ginyu geeks again.

the figure began to flost down and soon came into sight.

Falco: Wolf.

Wolf: hi Falco, whos the lady?

the lady walked over to the eight foot wolf and put her hand out.

Sango: if you know Falco then i guess your ok. i'm Sango.

Wolf took her hand and kissed it.

Wolf: pleased to meet you, i belive my friend has already said my name.

Sango blushed

Sango: wow, your very polite for such a large creature.

Wolf: well i try, being polite helps people get over my looks.

Falco: so, are you stumped like Sango Wolf?

Wolf: i got a good idea whats going on. Goku's trying to explain it to everyone, and be the peace maker as well.

Falco: that won't last long.

Sango: lets go see if anyone else ran onto a pokemon thing, or anything else.
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Sakura looked down on the area.Where was she?She was flying with the Fly card that she had learned to control to use without her staff where wings just sprouted from her back.Sakura looked below and saw that there were a group of people that were all quite different so she decided to land.

Everyone looked at her as she landed and the wings disappeared.

Sakura:Hi I'm Sakura.And you guys are?
Wolf:I'm Wolf.It's a pleasure to meet you.

He took her hand and kissed the knuckle.

Falco:Uh yeah....I'm Falco.
Sango:And I'm Sango.
Sakura:What world are you all from?I'm from Card Captor Sakura!!
Wolf:Falco and I are from the DBZ World.
Sango:And I am from Inuyasha.
Sakura:Interesting...Very interesting.Why are we all here together though.Why aren't we in our own worlds?
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OOC: Cado can't actually speak human language (like most Pokemon), but I'll translate it here...
[color=blue][i]Cado lay down on a cliff in the valley. She felt depressed; Celia, her former trainer, had just abandoned her. She didn't understand why; Celia had lived with her for over 80 years! Why did she abandon her? Cado was in a middle of a memory about how she was captured as a Ralts, and appeared outside of her Pokeball in front of Celia when she was a little girl.

In Cado's memory:[/i]

[u]Celia:[/u] Ooooh, a present for me? Wow, Dad, thank you!

[u]Celia's dad:[/u] Go on. Open it!

[i]Celia opens the present.[/i]

[u]Celia:[/u] Wow, it's a Pokeball!

[u]Dad:[/u] There's a Pokemon inside it. Go check it out!

[u]Celia:[/u] OK. Pokeball, go!

[i]A Ralts appears.[/i]

[u]Celia:[/u] Uhhh... What is that?

[u]Dad:[/u] It's called a Ralts. It's your Pokemon partner.

[u]Celia:[/u] Can I name it Cado?

[u]Dad:[/u] You do whatever you want. That Ralts is yours now.

[i]Back to real life...

Just then, Cado woke up suddenly from the trance she was in. She shook her head and remembered that Celia had mistreated her all that time. Cado ran away; Celia actually did not abandon her. Cado was alone, and she was sad because she was used to being with people all the time.

Just then, something came out from behind her...

It's an Aipom!!![/i]

[u]Aipom:[/u] Aiiii!

[u]Cado:[/u] Huh? *floats down from the cliff*

[i]Aipom slaps Cado in the face with its tail.[/i]

[u]Cado:[/u] :mad:

[i]Aipom wants to battle![/i]

[u]Aipom:[/u] Aiiiii... POM!!! *uses an Agility attack*

[i]Cado uses a Psychic attack to stop Aipom from moving.[/i]

[u]Aipom:[/u] AIPOM!! *stares at Cado in rage*

[u]Cado:[/u] (thinking) I never saw an Aipom this mad before...

[i]Cado uses a Hypnosis attack on the Aipom and quickly flies away. Aipom stands there, walking drowsily in the opposite direction.


[u]Sakura:[/u] Hey! Look there!

[u]Sango:[/u] What is that?

[u]Falco:[/u] Pretty weird-looking lady...

[u]Wolf:[/u] Who are you?

[i]Cado says something in Pokemon language.[/i]

[u]Wolf:[/u] Huh? What did you say?

[u]Falco:[/u] Hmmm... must be a Pokemon.

[u]Cado:[/u] *pauses for a moment* (telepathically) Hi I'm Cado.

[u]Wolf:[/u] Whoa did she just use telepathy?

[u]Falco:[/u] OK...

[u]Cado:[/u] Well, I can't talk any other way, or at least in English.

[u]Falco:[/u] Oh.

[u]Cado:[/u] There seem to be a lot of Pokemon in this valley... I just got attacked by an Aipom five minutes ago...

[u]Sakura:[/u] Yeah, we just saw a Bellossom...

[u]Cado:[/u] Oh how cute...

[u]Sango:[/u] Cute but tough.

[u]Cado:[/u] *giggle*

[i]A mysterious figure appears out of thin air.[/i]

[u]???:[/u] Aaaaaabraaaaa...

[u]Cado:[/u] Oh great. I told you there were a lot of Pokemon here...

[u]Falco:[/u] It looks like it's asleep...

[u]Sango:[/u] What's up with that?

[u]Cado:[/u] Oh I know these Abras here. They sleep 18 hours a day...

[u]Sakura:[/u] ...

[u]Wolf:[/u] ...So now what?

[u]Cado:[/u] Go somewhere else, I guess...

[u]Sango:[/u] Where?

[u]Cado:[/u] Hmmmm... Good question.[/color]
OOC: From now on, Cado will be talking mostly with telepathy...
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Senaka's heart was racing. It was too dark to see him. She knew it had to be Naraku. She could feel the evil presence. She saw something move and threw a flame from her palm scorching the ground around her.

Suddenly a dark light (hehe oxi-moron) came at her from behind and took over her body. She was engulfed in the darkness and transported else where...

Seneka appeared a little above the others and was dropped down. She picked her self up. "Ow, I didn't know Naraku could...uh, hi." She said lokking up at the others who where staring at her.
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Guest dayday
"Did you say Naraku?" Sango asked. She knelt down beside her. "What's your name?"

The girl looked at her surprised. "Umm, it's Senaka." She stood up and looked at Wolf amazed at his height. "Who are you all?"

"I'm Sango, that's Wolf, Sakura, and Falco. Now back to what you said, Naraku."

"Yes, I did say Naraku. Do you know him?"

"Where is he now? I have a score to settle with him." Everybody looked at Sango. "What?"
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Guest dayday
"He deceived me. Then tried to control my brother and then me." Sango crossed her arms. "So how do you know him?"
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*Meteo is flying around inspecting the surroundings he has now he passes a man in a baboon outfit (Naraku) he then flies further past him. He sees a group of people talking he flies in close to them.*
???:"So how do you know Naraku?"
Meteo:"can you tell me who this Naraku is? I was at one moment flying peacefully and suddenly a lot of wierd stuff is happening like a wierd man in a baboon suit was standing that way a few hundred yards at least..."
*Meteo then lands by one of them.*
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Falco smiled.
"Are you guys comeing? I'm going to see if there are any Kai's around." Sango blinked.
"What's a Kai?" Falco laughed.
"Well, in DBZ, There are Kai's that gaurd each part of the univers. North, South, east and west Kai's. Then, the Grand Kai contorls them, and then there's the Supreme Kai's of the North, South, east and west. Who all take there orders from Dakio (Da-Kia-o)." Sango looked in confusion.
"Well, you comeing or not?" They nodded. Falco took off into the air and Wolf followed.
"Huh? Oh, can you fly? I'd give you a lift if you like."
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Falco grinned.
"You comein' or what!?" He drifted lower to them.
"Come on!" He flew off.
"If I were a Kai...were would I be???" He looked around, and felt something blind him.
"Argh! That must be cyrstal down there!" He looked down.
"Huh? Old Kai's ball!" He flew down and landed with a thud, to find Kabito Kai and Old Kia agueing over the last rice cake.
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OOC: Why are you ignoring me? I joined your group in my last post! Nobody likes me, I guess... :bawl: OK, just kidding. I'll act as if I was there the whole time.[/u]
[color=blue]Cado overheard Falco and the others' conversation. She had no clue what a Kai looked like, but she looked anyway. She immediately spotted two of them that looked like they were arguing.
"It's mine!" Kabito Kai shouted!
"No, mine!" Old Kai replied in anger.
"All right, break it up," Cado telepathically shouted at them. She then went back to talk to falcon.
"Well, here are your Kais," she said to him.
Falco replied with a relieved "Good."
Sango and Senaka, meanwhile, were both thinking about Naraku. They were chatting with each other about how they knew him...
"I saw him before I ended up here..."
"Where is he now..."
"How do you know him..."
"Who's Naraku?" Cado thought. From the tone of Sango and Senaka's speech, Cado assumed that Naraku was a villian. She could've been wrong, but that's what she thought. Her first instinct was to find him and at the same time protect the others from him. But she wasn't sure... especially whether Naraku was a friend or foe...
Suddenly, out of nowhere, what looked like a gorilla appeared from behind her. "Pokemon..." she heard it say. "Weird..." she thought. What would a talking gorilla be doing around here? It surely wasn't a Pokemon...[/color]
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Falco looked up at Cado.
"Is it just me...or does that so called 'Gorilla' Look like an Oozaru?" Falco floated down to the Kais unseen.
"GRR! I don't want any more people asking whats going on!" Old yelled at Falco. Falco laughed.
"What about old friends?" Kabito laughed. Falco looked up.
"Erm, just answer this...is that an Oozaru?" Falco turned to Old kai, who was running half way down the feild.
"HEY! Ok, I'll take that as a yes..." Falco looked up.
"Cado! Get outta there!" Falco flew up as the furrios Oozaru attack.
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as the pokemon turned to see the towering ape Falco was racing to stop it from attacking. Cado was strong, but a pychic attack wouldn't do much to something that strong. the Oozaru opened it mouth and prepared to unlesh a energy wave when it suddenly stopped and shrank down to a normal saiyan. the confused warrior turned to see the now towering eight foot Wolf. in his hand was the Saiyan's tail.

Saiyan: how dare you...

Wolf smiled and placed a energy wave in his gut which sent him flying away.

Wolf: you ok, Cado?

Cado: *yes, thank you.*

Falco: nice going Wolf. ok lets stay together and figure out what we need to do.

Cado: *we need to find the others. they seemed pretty bent on hurting this Naraku guy.

Falco: oops, guess i did go off and leave them. ok, lets get back there and try to stay together this time.

Wolf: sounds good to me. Cado can keep us aware of anyone near by with her pychic powers.

Cado noded with a smile and the three took off to find the Inu-Yasha friends.
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Falco stopped.
"Meet me here. I need to talk to the Kai's." Falco landed in front of Old kai and Kabito.
"What's the news?" Asked Falco.
"Very bad. Majin buu, Ceel, Frieza and all other villans from other animes are takeing over other planets..." Kabito said sadly.
"So? We can kill Buu!" Falco yelled.
"Not in this form. He is 1000 times more powerful. He fused with some warriors. More like stole there power! But you can not beat him!" Falco began to worry. If Buu was this powerful, not even Wolf and him combined could defeat Buu...
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Falco fell down.
"That's way Kabito was running away!" Laughed Old kia. Kabito turned around.
"Then Explain why you were hiding behind me when you saw Buu?" Kabito followed Falco as they Flew off to wolf.
"HEY! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Shouted Old kai.
"Bye!" Kabito laughed. Falco was shocked. This was to much... They couldn't beat power like this...
"Majin...buu...nothing can beat him!" Falco rubbed his head.
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Seneka looked at Sango. "So how did he decieve you?"

"Naraku told me that Inuyasha was the one that killed all the people in my village. So I attacked him."

"Inuyasha? The half-demon that killed kikiyo?"

"No that was Naraku."


"So how did he turn you demon?"

"I was hurt badly in a battle against a demon and Naraku saved me from it. He nursed my wounds and told me he knew how I could avenge my Parents who were killed by the other demon. I believed him and he used a shard of the sacred Shicon Jewl and the blood of countless other demons to make me more powerful. I defeated the Evil demon, but with a price. My body had turned demon and now I've been banished from my home village."
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Guest dayday
"Oh, but when we find Naraku we'll both defeat him."

"I could use the help probaby but I'd rather do it on my own."

"So would I but it's still going to be tough."

"That reminds me. What's with the boomerang? Does it have to be that big and isn't it heavy?"


Wolf, Falco, Cado, and a kai were coming down from the sky and landed beside them. Cado walked up to them and started to study their faces for some stra nge reason. Then she looked ar Falco. "*Are you going to get some food soon? I'm hungry.*"

Sango and Senaka stared confusingly at Cado because she looked at them. "That was weird," they said together.
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