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Pokemon RPG play!


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Craig wakes up very early, so excited about getting his new pokemon!
"Today's the day I get myself a Totodile", said Craig

He ran to his door, only to see his best friend Mako standing there!

"Hey man, did you get your first poke yet", said Craig

"One, what do you mean one? I got myself three" said Mako

"Dammit, just because your Elm's nephew, so what did ya get?" said Craig

"I got Charmander, Bulbasuar, and Squirtle" said Mako

"Sweet man, but I'd be happy with my Totodile" said Craig

Craig and Mako ran side by side down to Proffesor Elm's laboratory, they reached the door and bursted in.

"Would it hurt you to knock" said Elm

"Can I have my Totodile now please" said Craig

"Sorry Craig, someone already got Totodile" said Elm

"D@mn it" said Craig, now dissapointed

"Don't worry Craig, I've got a special Pokemon for you" said Elm

Elm handed Craig a pokeball, Craig looked at it excited, he opened it to reveal an adorable little Eevee.

"WOW! I got an Eevee" said Craig

Craig and Mako ran out of the lab and back to his house!

"Hey Mam, Dad, I got an Eevee"! said Craig

"An Eevee, you lucky little" said Dad

"We've got another present for you before you go" said Mam

They handed him another pokeball and a fire stone, he opened this one to reveal a Growlithe, Craig glowed with excitement!

"YES! I got an Eevee and a Growlithe, thanks guys!" said Craig

He got his back pack, which contained 5 pokeballs, 5 potions and 5 Antidotes. He said farewell to his parents then set off with Mako on his Pokemon adventure!

btw, Eevee and Growlithe will never go in their pokeballs, they always walk side by side with him!
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Suddenly Craig bump into Sandra while on the way ot of the city.

Craig: You're the daughter of Bark Town mayor, Sandra isn't it?

Sandra: Look, I don't have time for chit-chat. If you're going to battle, just say so....

Craig: Right, Eevee I choose you!

Sandra: Mr. Mime, go!!

The battle began. Both of them determine to beat the crap out of each other.

Craig: Eevee, quick attack. Oh no, I haven't check its attack.

Sandra: Too bad, Mr. Mime, Invisible Wall!

Eevee sprint forward to attack Mr. Mime but, Eevee only hit the Invisible Wall which was created by Mr.Mime. Because of the lack of experience, Eevee is unable to continue.

Craig: Eevee, return! Growlithe, go!

Sandra: Hitmonchan, It's your turn!

Craig: Agility, now! (I think)

Sandra: Thunder Punch, Hitmonchan!

Growlithe avoided the thunder which is emmited from Hitmonchan's fists.

Craig: Take Down!

Sandra: Nooooo.....

Hitmonchan is defeated. Take Down by Growlithe is enough to finish Hitmonchan.

Sandra: I lost. I guess I'll strip...

Craig: Wait a minute. We drew. No one won. If you insist....

Sandra slaps Craig.

Sandra: I can only accompany you. That's should be enough.

Mako: I think I passed out...
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"I think I'd better check your attacks" said Craig

He pulls out his Pokedex that Elm gave him yesterday

Eevee: Tackle
Tail Whip
Sand attack
Quick attack

"Okay, how about Growlithe" said Craig

Growlithe: Bite

"Wow, they're pretty good", said Mako

"Thanks man, I..................... what the?" said Craig

Sticking his head out of a near by lake, was a..............

"A Dratini", shouted Craig

"I'm gonna catch it, go Eevee" said Craig

The Dratini jumped out of the water!

"What the................ they're normally really shy!" said Mako

"Eevee, use Quick attack", said Craig

Eevee hit Dratini, it seems pretty hurt. Dratini launched a Thunder wave at Eevee, but Eevee dodged the attack.

"Okay Eevee, Tackle attack", said Craig

Eevee hit it again, it is on really low health!

"Go pokeball" said Craig

He threw a pokeball at Dratini, he went inside, wobbled a few times, and then it stopped! He was caught!

"Yes, I caught a Dratini", said Craig.
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Ok somthin is wrong with the otaku i think they are updating stuff, and it takes me for ever to load up the page, took 5 min just so i could reply to this, and i just got grounded this smornig so i might not be on(while my mom is home that is)

Mako:Wow this is great Craig, 2 best friends with 3 pokemon each that they love and better yet....we get to travel with a hott girl thats already offered to strip for us.

Craig:cant get any better than this.

Sandra:Hey dont get too excited just yet.

Mako:well im gonna check my pokemons attacks out now.

Sand Attack

Quich attack
Tail whip

Vine whip
Leech seed

Mako:wow those sound like some nice attacks!

Craig:well it looks like were going to blue rose town first but to get there we have to go through.......:eek:

All: Dark Jungle!!!!!!

Sandra:Uh oh there are some tough fighters and Rare Pokemon.

Mako: Well thats all the better cause i would like a rare pokemon.

Craig:I want my pokemon to get stronger in there too.

sandra: Im hungry!!!

Classic anime fall.

Mako:okay lets head out, ive got 3 potions, a super potion, and a revive.Lets Go!!!!!!
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Mine takes ages to load up to!

Craig: Blue rose town is only about an hour away, and my grandpa said he'd have some map cards for our pokegears!

Mako: Yeah sweet!

Sandra: Lets pick up the pace a bit then!

The three trainers started walking along when a familiar trainer jumped out from behind a tree!

Craig and Mako: Sephiroth!

Sephiroth: Cut the chat, Craig, we battle now! 2 pokemon each, go Scyther!

Craig: Go growlithe!

Mako: C'mon Craig, show that creep!

Craig: Ember attack Growlithe!

Ember launches at Scyther and hits before Sephiroth can issue a comand! Scyther is on low health!

Sephiroth: Quick attack!

Growlithe is seriously injured but manages to get up!

Craig: Finish it with Take Down Growlithe!

Growlithe launches at Scyther and hits him, Scyther faints!

Mako: Yeah! Go Craig!

Sephiroth: Lucky today, aren't we, well try this one! Go Alakasam!

Craig: Growlithe, use bite!

Sephiroth: Use Confusion!

Growlithe manages to Bite Alakazam, he cries out in pain, but then confusion throws Growlithe across the floor! Growlithe faints!

Craig: You did great Growlithe! Go Dratini!

Sephiroth: How did you get a Dratini? Oh well, Confusion!

Craig: Use Thunder wave Dratini!

Alakazam lifts Dratini with Confusion, when an electric beam shoots at Alakazam, his attack stops!

Craig: Use Dragon rage!

Sephiroth: Use Kinesis

Dratini strikes Alakazam with Dragon rage, but Alakazam is unable to move!

Craig: Finish it with Twister!

Sephiroth: Use Psychic

Alakazam starts Psychic, but a huge twister hurls at Alakazam, stopping Psychic, Alakazam fainted!!!

Craig: Yeah! I won my first Pokemon battle!!!

Mako: Well done Craig!

Sandra: Wow, good match!

Sephiroth walks off in a storm, seriously Pi$$ed off!!!
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"Well here's dark jungle", said Mako

"I don't wanna go in there", said Sandra

"Now C'mon, we knew we would have to face this sooner or later" said Craig

"Right" said Mako

"Hold it right there" came a mysterious voice from behind them

Mako turned around slowly, he knew who it was!

"Zero, been folowing me have you?" said Mako

"Yeah right! How about a Pokemon battle" said Zero

"You're on" said Mako

"Kick his A$$ Mako" said Craig

"We'll use omly 1 pokemon each, go Bulbasaur" said Zero

"HA! Go Charmander", said Mako

"Vine whip" said Zero

"Ember attack", said Mako

Vine's shot at Charmander, but he launches an Ember down then middle at Bulbasuar! Bulbasaur faints!

"Ha! Easy", said Mako

"You just had the type advantage, that's the only reason you won" said Zero

"Nice going man" said Craig

"Oh well, let's go into that jungle" said Sandra
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Sandra: This time, I'll take lead. Mr.Mime, Flash now! (with the boulder badge you can use Flash outside of battles and Sandra already have one)

The whole dark forest lit up. You can see different kind of pokemon there.

Sandra: Look, a Hitmonlee! Mr.Mime, Confusion!

Because of weakness, Hitmonlee is badly hurt.

Craig: I'll take his chance... oww!

Sandra punches Craig.

Sandra: That's mine! I collect fighting pokemon. Pokeball, go!

As usual, the pokeball wobble a bit and finally Sandra caught a Hitmonlee.

Sandra: I promise you next time, when we see a pokemon, one of you guys can catch it.

Mako: Yeah, right.

Craig: I'm sure a Scyther is around here. I'm gonna get it.....
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I can believe I loss to Craig oh well he had the type advantage.
Wow another Pidgey. Time to train I guess. GO! Charmander Ember. The Pidgey fainted.
*Zero walk a few yards more and ran in to a Abra GO! Pidgey gust. Abra was knock to the ground. GO! pokeball.
*Zero walk on*
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As the group walks on the bushes give a shudder, and a Scyther jumps out

Craig: Alright he is mine!! Go Growlithe!! Ember attack now!!

The Scyther is hurt but responds w/ razor leaf. They are both at very low level.

Sandra: I'd hate to butt in Craig but if you were smart you would heal you Growlithe w/ a potion.

Craig: I know that, infact I was about to do that!! Thinks *D@mn come on Craig think!!* Craig gives Growlithe a potion. OK now Growlithe takedown now!!

The scyther uses agility and dodges it.

Craig: Thats it:flaming: Growlithe give em your strongest ember!!

The ember hits dead on and the Scyther faints.

Craig: Alright pokeball g...

Is interupted by a mysteriouse man, who has already thrown his pokeball. Why thank you I always wanted a Scyther. Muahah!!

Craig: Hey no fair I faught him, he is mine!! And who are you..

Mystiouse man: I am...

The pokeball wobbles, and then stops...

Mysteriouse man: Hah..Finally I have gotten a scyther, yet again thank you!! HAHAHA

Craig: No wait he is mine!! Lets battle for him!!

Mysteriouse Man: Ha. You think you can beat me..Very Well! But right now I am late for a "meating" of mine! Bye!

Craig: No you can't!!

Man disappears laughing.
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I worn out and so is my pokemon and how you like it I lost.
Out of nowhere is a Scyther. Ahhhhhhhh GO Charmander Fire Spin. The Fire spin hit Scyther die on but it still Charmander Ember Scyther fainted go pokeball. All right I caught Scyther.
Time to get out of this forest.
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Craig: It sucks! Somebody stole my Scyther!

Craig kick a stone and it disturbed a flock of pidgeotto and they start to chase Craig.

Sandra: Great, just great. You made them mad. And I have to run! Might as well defend myself. Mr.Mime, Invisible Wall around me, now!

Mr.Mime build an Invisible wall, protecting Sandra. But Craig keep on running.

Craig: Thinking for yourself, huh? Aaahhhhh...

Craig got deeper into the forest, not knowing which direction he's heading....
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Craig and Zero ran in to each other.
Both: you?
Zero: just great look at what you get me in to.
Both started to ran as the pidgeotto chase them both.
Zero: how come I remember this from somewhere.
Craig: shut up and keep running.
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Sandra: Where's Craig? Might as well head towards the exit.

Sandra reached the exit.

Mako: Yo, how are you?

Sandra: I lost Craig. We better wait for him here.

I can feel love in the air. Mako got closer to Sandra. Mako put his hands on..... Ouch! Sandra slaps the writer.(me)

Sandra: Hey, Mr.Single H! Can you stop it?! You think I'm that cheap?!

Nothing really happen between Mako and Sandra. (checking his red cheek). Hours went pass by, there's still no sign of Craig.

Sandra: I hope he's alright.....
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"Quick, get in that cave" said Craig

Craig and Zero jump in the cave! The pidgeotto fly past, the 2 trainers try and catch their breath!

"That was close" said Zero

"Sure was!" said Craig

"Hey man, what's say we put our differences aside until we get out of this forest? I mean, we're both lost!" said Zero

"You got it" said Craig

After hours of searching they managed to find the exit! They saw Mako awaiting their arrival, they we're about to greet him when:

"Hey, there's a Psyduck, I'm gonna catch it" said Craig

"Go Dratini, use Thunder Wave" said Craig

Dratini paralysed Psyduck, he lies on the floor motionless!

"Okay, now use Dragon Rage" said Craig

Dratini hit Psyduck! He is on low health! Craig throws a pokeball, it hits him and after a few wobbles, catches him!

"YES!" said Craig

Craig and Zero went to the entrance and greeted Mako, he asked what pokemon Craig had just caught.

"Wow a psyduck nice one" said Mako

"So wheres Sandra?" said Craig

"She went to find a hotel" said Mako

"Well I'll see you guys" said Zero

"Wait, Zero, your a tidy guy when you want to be, how would you like to come along with us?" said Craig

I'll leave that for someone else to answer, and btw Zero, it was Mako that beat you not Craig.
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Sandra: Almost everything is booked! I manage to get a room though.

Mako and Craig look at each other. Both of them grinning.

Sandra: I'll scream loudly if anything happen...

Zero: As the name says, I got no cash. My house Is at Mined City.
Sandra: Aha, the first city with a pokemon gym.
Mako: I see you got one....
Sandra: I got it when my father went there for business. I got bored and battled there. I won my first badge....
Craig: Hmmmmm, we'll go there first thing in the morning.....

They all sleep soundly. Nobody made a sound. Although sometimes Sandra snores....
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Mako wakes up early, Sandra and Zero are still asleep, but Craig isn't in the room! He goes outside and sees Craig sitting on a bench, growlithe and eevee by his side. He goes down to Craig.

"Why are you down here?" said Mako

"I couldn't sleep so I just came down here, and I've been talking to my pokemon" said Craig

Mako then notices Dratini and Psyduck sitting on the floor in front of him, he calls those to back to their pokeballs.

"I'm gonns buy some supplies, you coming?" said Craig

"Uh, sure! can we get some food" said Mako

"Okay" said Craig

They walk over to the pokemart, as they reach the door Sephiroth walks out, he notices Craig and Mako, and storms off!
Craig and Mako enter, they approach the guy at the desk, and Craig gives him a list of what to get. The guy gets them, they pay and leave, they head for the nearest Restaurant.

"Can we get 2 cheeseburgers, and some chow for our pokemon" said Mako

"Sure, how many pokemon", said the Waitress

"Seven" said Craig

She walks off, and soo returns with 7 bowls of pokemon chow! Craig and Mako release their pokemon! They dig in, and she then comes back with 2 cheeseburgers, they pay, finish their food, and leave.

"Dratini, Psyduck, return" said Craig

"Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirle ,return. So what are we gonns do now" said Mako

"Lets wake Sandra and Zero up! I wanna get going" said Craig
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Zero: Let's pour water all over her!

Craig: Wait, let me think.... Sandra+Water = Sandra in a tight wet shirt revealing her true self.... ok, let's do it!

Mako: Emmmm, guys....

Zero: Shut up! You'll get to see too...

Sandra: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, beat the living hell out of these two idiots...

Both pokemon do as she command. Zero and Craig got what they deserve. During the beating, Sandra finish packing and ready to go.

Sandra: Lets go....

Mako: I was trying to tell you guys but you wouldn't listen....

Zero and Craig: We know.....
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"So, to Mined City eh, any Jungle's or treacherous caverns we should now about?" said Craig

"No, there isn't, and it should only take us about 1/2 a day to get there" said Sandra

"We'll what the he!! are we waiting here for?" said Craig

Craig, Eevee, Growlithe and Mako march out of the room, followed by Zero and then Sandra, they buy some food, and then exit the town in the direction of Mined City. Sandra finds it hard to keep up with the pace the three boys are walkind at!

"HEY! Slow down a bit" said Sandra

"We wanna get to Mined City as fast as we can! We don't want to wait 1/2 a day to get our badges!" said Mako

"Yeah, and I want to get to see my folks again" said Zero!

After much rushing and complaining by Sandra, they manage to get to Mined City in about 3 hours! Craig looks at Eevee and Growlithe, who spent the entire journey on his shoulders!

"You guys want to go to the pokemon centre, or you ready for your first gym battle now?" said Craig

Eevee and Growlithe jump off Craig's shoulders, and stare directly at the gym!

"I think we have our answer?" said Craig

"I'm gonna go see my folks while you battle! I've already got this badge" said Zero

"Okay man, Craig, I'll let you battle first!" said Mako

Craig, Mako, and Sandra walk over to the gym, Craig takes a deep breath, and pushes the doors open!
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They entered the gym, only to be draged into a fight between Bracho and Jennifer, the leader of Artolia gym, famous for their lovely sexy girls and water type pokemon.

Bracho: Fine! Leave then! :flaming:

Jennifer: Goodbye! :flaming:

Jennifer steps out of the gym. Bracho stood there, shocked because of the incident.

Sandra: Hello, Bracho?

Bracho: What?! :flaming:

Craig: I'm here to win the boulder badge!

Bracho: Another hot shot? Fine! :flaming: I'll give no mercy!!!! :flaming:

Sandra picks up a nearby chair and popcorn and sat down, trying to enjoy the battle.

Sandra: This should be good....

Mako: Jennifer sure is hot! Maybe I'll should try and get her...:blush:

Sandra: Give her your best shot....
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Bracho: We'll use 4 pokemon each! Go Graveller!

Craig: Go Psyduck!

Bracho: Okay, use Rock throw

Craig: Use Disable!

Rock's started to fall on Psyduck, but suddenly they turn and strike Graveller! Graveller finds he can't use that move anymore!

Bracho::flaming: Tackle attack!

Craig: Confusion!

Graveller charges at Psyduck when he is suddenly stopped, and thrown across the room at the wall! Bracho is seriously pi$$ed that he can't get an attack in!

Bracho: Dammit!!! Self Destruct!

Graveller explodes, fainting both him and Psyduck!

Bracho: Now, go Onix!

Craig: Your turn Growlithe!

Growlithe jumps down from Craigs shoulder! He looks extremely focused!

Bracho: Screech

Craig: Take down Growlithe!

A piercing screech hits Growlithe! He charges and strikes Onix hard! Craig is amazed to see how badly affected Onix is!

Mako: Craig, that Onix is at a really low level!

Craig: Oh I see! Use Ember Growlithe!


Ember clouts Onix, he faints! Bracho looks at Onix, and for the first time in the match a little compassion shows in his eyes! He smiles.

Bracho: Well done Onix! Go Geodude!

Craig: Bite attack!

Bracho: Tackle!

Growlithe bites onto Geodude, but he throws him across the floor, both pokemon are hurt!

Bracho: Use Defense Curl!

Craig: Take down attack!

Geodude faints, Bracho grins!

Bracho: Your good kid, but you won't beat my last one! Go Golem!

Craig: Ember attack!

Bracho: Earthquake.

Growlithe shoots a powerful ember at Golem, which does some damage, but then Earthquake hits, Growlithe faints!

Craig: Great job Growlithe! Get him Eevee!

Eevee steps forward, not intimidated by the huge Golem!

Bracho: Aww, how cute, he's pretty strong, but he's no match for my Golem!

Craig: We'll see! Use sand attack!

Bracho: Rock slide

Eevee kicks sand in Golem's eyes, and as a result Golem's attack completely misses!

Craig: Excellent, now finish it with headbutt!

Eevee drives at Golem with headbutt, and sends him flying into the wall! Golem gets back up, but then faints!


Okay Craig you win, take the badge, and take this TM to, it's Curse!

Mako: Okay, my turn!
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