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100th post party (for me) woo hooooo


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330 for me...........who reckons i can get to 500 posts by 9pm tonight>? i am in uk, so thats a long time fer u guys.

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We don't ask for too much for all our hard work. We'd REALLY appreciate it if you joined our newsletter though:). It's not sent that often and we GUARANTEE we won't sell or give away your email address.
home | digimon | ginny art
This section is dedicated to the fine works of our digimon exclusive artist, Ginny.
Want to compliment her or suggest new drawing ideas? Here's the email! Sorry, she is not accepting personal requests anymore.
Current Work(s):
description: Entitled "Real Guil" description: Ginny's latest made-up digimon. Check out: Shinera (Gryfmon's armor friendship form).
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