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RPG Silent Gun


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This may not be necissary, but this RPG is rated R for gore, violence, suggestive scenes/themes, adult languedge. I reserve the right to add to this list when I feel necissary.

Darkness fell upon a maze of hallways tightly under security. The only sound to be heard was the faint tap of footsteps of a dark figure. The figure walked quickly, training his gun on the shadows as he darted passed. He turned a corner to find a soilder on patrol, and ducked out of sight. He quickly snuck up behind the soilder and grabbed him, one hand over his mouth and the other hand pushing a pistol to his back. With a muffled scream the soilder fell limp into a pool of his own blood.

[color=darkred]SILENT GUN[/color]

The figure searched the guards body and retrived a small raidio. He dialed in a frequncey and patched himself through. "This is Ijimeru, infiltration completed. I am currently in hallway B7." A voice on the other side responded. "Good work. Hang a right on B8 and continue moving. He ran down the hall into another one. Windows that lined the wall gave light to the figures face, that was conealed behind a black mask and infa-red goggles. "Take a left on C1 and continue moving. Ijimeru turned the corner and found himself looking into the barrel of many other guns. He sprung back as they open fired in a desprate attempet to evade the onslaught. Many small speres came tumbling out of his hand as he felt bullets sink deep into his skin. He stumbled backwards into a window and was knocked through it. As he fell, the room he had once occupied lit with explosions from the bombs he had dropped. The sounds of shattering glass and the crackling of his radio accompinied him through his fall, which came to an abrupt end. "Ijimeru! Abort! The line is tapped! Abort!"
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A girl stood in a hall way. Her face was hidden by her hair, and she had her hand in her pocket. She waited and waited until finally someone started to emerge from the room she was standing in front of. When the man saw her, he froze.

Girl: I've come to collect something. Can you guess what it is?

Man: I-I didn't know you'd be coming! Please! Help yourself.

Girl: This time I won't be taking an item. You'll be paying for it dearly. To long have I let you off the hook, but not tonight. You have been behind schedule for too long. I will kill you, then take all your belongings to pay off your debt to me.

Man: Please! Don't kill me Lil-

Girl: You may not call me by that nickname. Only a few may. You will call me Lethal... Die now.

The man began trembling and fell to the floor he backed away, trying to escape. Suddenly he froze, his eyes began rolling back into his head. Lethal had thrown a dagger into his heart. He leaned against the wall, then he fell to the ground in a puddle of blood. His blood.

Lethal: You have payed the ultimate price, but still you owe me more. I will take all you owned. Hopefully, when I see you in hell, I won't need anything more from you, you pitiful man...

Lethal walked into the room and took all that looked expensive. She put it into a bag, and walked out. She removed the dagger, then spat on the body and left the building.
[i]To think he once called me his niece. What an uncle... That bastard...[/i]
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Deep in the deep and dank alleyways of the suburban streets stood 2 men.
One of the men had a demon arm, his name was Izo...
[b]Izo[/b] You,...fool...
The other man fell to the ground.
[b]Man[/b] Please, no, please dont kill me!
Izo smirked.
A light drizzle began to fall from the sky.
Sudenly, Izo's eyes turned blood-red. He clentched his fist, and grabbed the man with his demon arm.
Izo chuckled to himself as he squeeezed the mans body in his deadly demon arm.
Izo squezed the life out of the poor, helpless man. Blood splattered, and rolled down Izo's arm.
Izo dropped the lifless body as if it were some type of doll.
[b]Izo[/b] Never...mess...with Izo.
He bent down to get a closer view of the man.
[b]Izo[/b] I pitty you...
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Farther down the street, a man was running for his life. He rounded a corner and came face to face with a dead end. He desperately searched around for a fire escape. Thankfully he was able to find one, he climbed up the ladder two rungs at a time, he was desperate for his life. Once he reached the top, he looked around and saw another adjacent building, swallowing deeply, he ran and jumped, landing just on the edge of the other building. He gasped deeply, and looked around. His assailant was gone, he felt like laughing to himself but he was out of breath. Suddenly he heard something, a small whirring, the sickening sound of a switchblade being spun through the air. His heart stopped, he turned around and a switchblade hit him right in the chest, piercing a lung. He gasped and wheezed, rapidly losing oxygen and blood. He looked up at his asailant.
"Teo...please..." He stared as Teo pulled out another switchblade. In an instant this second one went right between the man's eyes, he stumbled for a minute, then fell backwards off the building. Teo looked down and grimaced at the man's splattered remains, it was a long way down. He turned around and walked slowly down the fire escape...
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In the midst of an lively bar, she watched him..her gray eyes glowing with excitement, her lips pursed into a smirk, her fingers drummed on the countertop of a table she was sitting by. She was waiting...for the man was on his way towards her.

She pressed a small button on her hairbow, stopping the pheromone from spreading around the room...it had did its job.

"Hello my dear...you must be new, for I haven't seen you here before." the man spoke, capturing her hand and lightly kissing it. "My name is Armand."

[i]Oh please.[/i] "Nice to meet your aquaintance, Armand. I am Midi--"

"Midi, such a beautiful name for a lovely person as yourself." he replied, draping his coat over his shoulder.

"Thank you. Well, isn't it rather noisy in here...I would love to go somewhere else to [i]talk[/i]" she suggested, placing her arms around his neck in a gentle embrace, watching him. [i]Ha, he bought it![/i] she thought, seeing him smirk seductively, leading her outside towards his car.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~40 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~

"Don't you think we're rushing it a bit, Armand?" she asked, seeing him struggle to open up the main door.

"Well, it's a little bit too late for regrets darling." he replied, finally opening the door up. They stumbled inside, still caught up in a fury of touches and kisses.

Midi sighed, diving under him. "Let me fix you a drink first, ok? That'll liven me up." he nodded, retreating to his room. She smiled evilly, [i]Sucker.[/i]

She looked into the kitchen, finding the scotch and pouring two glasses. In one of the glasses, she mixed a powder into it, laughing slightly.

Carrying the glasses upstairs to his room, she remembered what she had to do...

[i]We need you to retrieve this man...Armand Reld. He raped my daughter, then left the country.[/i] the hooded man spoke, rage in his words.

[i]Very well then...dead or alive?[/i]

[i]If you bring him alive, I'll give you $1 million...but I rather for him to be dead, that's double...but I want his head![/i]

She smiled, turning into his room...seeing the lights dimmed down low, candles lit. "You like darling?" he spoke, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Romantic...here, take this." she offered, giving him the "scotch", which he drunk. Then she threw him on the bed, laughing.

She straddled his hips, looking into his eyes. "How do you feel darling?" she asked, brushing a few strands of hair out of his face.

"A bit numb...what did you give me?" he replied, his voice going raspy.

She laughed again, "Why scotch and a little secret of mine...oxypotin." he looked at her confusingly. "It's a sedative that makes your body's nervous system shut down, therefore rendering you motionless for at least an hour...but you'll be gone by then."

With that, she pulled out a katana, which she kept in her bag. "You see, you did something unforgivable...something that can never be brought back. You, my dear Armand, rape a defenseless girl...and i was hired to get you, well your head anyway..." she smirked evilly, raising the katana...

"Well, my work here is done." she replied, closing the trunk of Armand's car shut. After killing him, she raided his house for everything she could pawn off for money, including his car. Now she stood, explosive switch in hand, and proceeded to hop into the car.

"Nice meeting you Armand, thanks for the gifts." she replied, driving off. "And the grand finale!" she pressed the switch, looking at the house explode in the rear view mirror. "Well, how about we go to your new home, Noir?" she spoke, talking to [i]her[/i] cat that she took from him.

The cat meowed and she laughed, speeding down the highway.
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Ijimeru blinked in the newfound light. He felt his face for his mask, but found it replaced by bandedges. He sat up, but immediately layed back down. Every nerve in his stomach screamed in agony. He looked around as much as he could. He was on a bed in a white room. On a chair across from his bed lay his clothes. "Oh, your awake. That was quite a fall you took." Ijimeru looked to see a brown-haired girl in white clothes. "Where am I?" The girl casually walked over and started thumbing through a drawer of bottles. "Answer me! Where-" the girl tossed pills into Ijimeru's mouth, which he accedentily swollowed. "Pain killers, vitamins, and medication. Everything you need to start your day right." Ijimeru sat up and was greeted by the horrible pain in his stomach again. He took a deep breath and waited while the pain slowly faded away. The girl leaned forward and tried to push him back down. "No way. As you are now, You could pass for a mummy." She took her and back to find that it was slightly damp with blood. "A... polka-dotted mummy. These need to be changed." Ijimeru stood up and almost collapsed back down from the pain. He slowly inched his way across the room towards his gear. "For- forget it. I'm out of here." He tossed aside his sneaking suit and found his normal clothes underneath. "You can't just leave! I doubt you could make it down a flight of stairs like that!" He slipped on his jacket and felt over the bandedges on his face. "I don't know why you decided to help me, or why you failed to question anything, but I owe you my thanks." He slowly unwrapped his face bandedges, revealing his dark blue hair and more of his face. He slung the rest of his gear over his shoulder and stumbled out. "Your idea of gratitude really bites!" the girl screamed back at him as he left.
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Man: That'll all be worth at least 220,000,000. Is that all you have to sell?

Lethal: Yes.

Man: Here is your pay. By the way, how much did that guy owe you, Lethal? Was it more than this.

Lethal: It would've been, but I guess his life was worth the extra.

Man: Goin' soft are we? Well, you can still torture him in hell if you like, the devil won't mind.

For the first time in a long while, a smile spread upon her face as she took the bag full of money. She knew that she was going to hell, but she didn't care. [i]As long as I get paid for it, going to hell isn't bad at all...[/i] She walked out of the store and hurried home.
~~~~~30 minutes later~~~~~

TV: ... So if you don't have car insurance, come down to--

Lethal: Those people are idiots. I'm dissapointed that those fools aren't on my list of people to kill. Not many would be upset.

Lethal put away the money and all her weapons. She went into the kitchen and got some dinner, after all it was 4 am in the morning. After her dinner she took a shower, and then cleaned her weapons.
[i]I do this all the time for someone I don't know. I wonder why my employer never shows his face to me... Who is he? Damn...[/i]
She turned the TV back on and watched a commercial for a house alarm.
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Midora smiled, picking up Noir as she closed the door. In the other hand was a black bag, rounded off by an object.

"Do you have what I asked?" the hooded man replied, sitting on the steps that led to her house.

She laughed, "Of course I do...what about you?" he nodded, pulling the hood off of his head.

"I want to see." she shrugged her shoulders, pulling the decapitated head of Armand out of the bag. "Nice job...the bastard got what he deserved."

"Yes, and now for my troubles..." she trailed off, eyeing the suitcase. "Open it please." and he did just that, to reveal several rows of 20 dollar bills. "It's all there?"

"No...that's just $1 million...but I have something that will compensate for the other half." he gave her a bag of diamonds. "And this beautiful sword from Japan...it costs $500,000, but you can sell it or keep it for your own." she eyed the sword and nodded.

"I guess this will do...now we leave...and you never met me." he nodded, running away from her. Midi sighed, picking up the items. "Well, we'll have to visit one of the pawn shops tomorrow, Noir." and with that, she entered her house for a long-awaited sleep.
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Ijimeru had been walking for hours, every nerve in his being was stinging at him. He finally stopped at a rusty old wherehouse. He walked up to the padlocked double doors and opened them as far as they would go. "Ijimeru, BRO3886, Silent Gun." The padlock fell and the doors opened wider. A man came to greet him, his voice matching that of the man's on the radio. "Ijimeru, when the transmission cut I assumed you were dead."
"Well, I'm not, but I may be very soon. I woke up in someone's apartment, already wrapped up like you see now. They may have poisioned me or something like it." The man nodded and waited for something else. "The mission was failed, I created nothing more than a commotion and a passedgeway into the facility."

The man sighed and put a folder into Ijimeru's hands. "What's this?"
"Your next assignment. take a look at these photo's." Ijimeru thumbed through the pictures. Inside were pictures of corpses. One was of a man who had the life squeezed out of him. Other's included the decapitated charred remains of someone, one that had been both stabbed and dropped from a building, and one that had been stabbed and left. "Pretty sloppy. These won't be secret's for more than three minutes. None the less, somebody was very busy." Ijimeru passed back the folder and continued walking. "Take a better look. Nothing connects these in any way. The type of death, the victums corpse, even the witnesses reports don't match. One was said to be accompanied by a girl before suddenly his place exploded and another guy was being chased before he was found as sidewalk spin art." Ijimeru turned to the man and flicked on his sunglasses. "What does this have to do with me?"
"You are to investigate each of these, find the culprit, motive, and anything else you can dig up."
"And here's why thats not going to happen. I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm wounded, I'm not a detective, and I'm not going to work for your overactive curiosity!'' The man grinned at him. "Who said you have a choice?''

An hour later, Ijimeru found himself riding down the road in a black sudan, swearing under his breath.
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Suddenly the phone rang. Lethal picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice. It was her employer. She grinned as he began to speak.

Man: Hello again. I have another job for you.

Lethal: What is it for this time? Did another one of my family members forget to pay the I.R.S.?

Man: *chuckles* Very funny. I happened to find out that someone is trying to find the murderer of your uncle, and that is you, right? So, you're gonna have to find a way to slip under this guy's nose and do another kill.

Lethal: What will be my pay this time? I won't keep doing this for a lousy 20,000 anymore.

Man: Very well. Double or triple price?

Lethal: I'll decide when you tell me my prey. If it isn't that hard, I'll go normal price.

Man: Well, the man you are hunting now is very sneaky, but very blunt. You must find Ronny Vivaro.

Lethal: Isn't that the guy who owns the car dealership for Honda in this town? What'd he do?

Man: That is of no importance to you. Anyway, I hear he will be somewhere at the bar called "Inn Mate". Catchy, ain't it?

Lethal: Fine. That should be worth 30,000. My deadline, Mr. Employer?

Man: *chuckles* Within the next two weeks. I think you deserve a little break now and then. I'll notify you if the deadline changes. Good bye my dear.

The Lethal hangs up and collects her weapons. She leaves quietly and gets excited for the next kill. [i]Why does he always call me 'my dear'? That bastard will pay if he keeps it up...[/i]
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Teo looked around the street for some kind of a sign for his next assignment, his employer always found ways of getting to him. He walked past a corner garbage can when he heard it begin to ring. He looked around and then reached into the garbage can, pulling out a disposable cell phone. He answered it cautiously.
"Teo, I have a new mission for you."
"You still haven't paid me for the last one."
"Look in the garbage can." Teo rummaged around inside the garbage can, and eventually produced a sealed envelope, he opened it and found a check for half a million dollars. Teo grinned, this guy thought of everything.
"Okay, what now?"
"Simple assignment, I need you to eliminate a presidential candidate to replace the other one."
"May I ask something?"
"I cannot promise an answer."
"Why all the presidential candidates?"
"I do not decide the assingments, Teo, I only relay them to you." Teo shrugged.
"How much?"
"250,000." Teo looked around, slightly annoyed.
"I know it's less, Teo, but you have made enough hits to make you a millionaire by now."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just where is he?"
"That's up to you to find out."
"What's our deadline?"
"The end of the week." Teo grimaced, it was already halfway though the week, giving him roughly 3 days.
"Tough job, I know, but you've done harder, good luck, and remember to destroy this cell phone." The line went dead, Teo dropped the phone and stomped on it, then threw the remains in the garbage. He wandered down the street, looking for a bank that was still open...
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"These guys are better than you think. Although they aren't what you'd call quiet about their work, nothing leads to who did it." Ijimeru was on the side of the bridge with an old man. He lit a cigarette and started puffing out smoke. "Well, let's look at the victums then. One here (pulls out a picture of the stabbed and dropped man) this guy is...was a presedential can. Does that point us anywhere?" The man took the photo and examined it. "No, but I can guess that the murderer here didn't like the goverment very much." Ijimeru flicked to another one "what about this guy? He had a trace of oxy-something in him. Oxy..."
"Oxypotin." The man cut in. "It renders someone paralyzed for a few hours, and then lets the guy wake up with one heck of a headache."
"Voice of experience?"

"Who makes oxypotin?" Ijimeru flicked his cigarette into the river and reached for his sunglasses. "Just about 50 billion people in this city alone."
"What about the pic.? can you recognize him?"
"Maybe, if he had a head." The man empetied out his pipe and started to walk away. "Go to the Early Late bar on 12th. A man there named Donald Wetherby is a regular in there, and whatever happens in this city, he's got a hand in it."
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Lethal walked into the "Inn Mate" and sat down in a table a few feet from a bunch of rich looking people. Over the menu that hid her face, she saw Ronny in the middle showing some "lady friends" some new rings and telling stories about how great he was. [i]Hmph. He must like the mafia a lot if he dresses like THAT after hours.[/i]

Waitress: What will ya have?

Lethal: Pasta and an iced tea. Take your time.

Waitress: Thank you. I will have it ready soon.

Lethal thought up a plan of how to lure Ronny away from the crowd. She walked over to him and told him that a powerful man wanted to speak to him in a different restuarant. When he asked why she was there instead of the man, she said that she was to be his escourt. He snickered and then followed. After 5 minutes, she led him into an alley.

Ronny: You sure that we's in da right place toots?

Lethal: Don't call me that. I am not your "toots". I am your assialant. Prepare to die.

She pulled out her katana and shoved it in his stomach, then pulled it out and placed it in his heart. He died before the second stab, but she just wanted to stab him again. She threw the body behind a dumpster and wiped the blood off herself with a hankerchief. [i]That was too easy. I didn't need too long to do this job. I've got two weeks of vacation. Haha. Sweet, sweet vacations...[/i] She walked off to her house to wait for her boss's next call. She couldn't wait for her pay.
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Teo wandered down the road looking for a drink, he was tired and thought a shot of vodka might help him relax a bit. In his haste, he bumped into a woman in a hurry.
"Oh, sorry." Teo said, the woman just glared at him ad strolled off, she was in some kind of hurry. He rounded a corner and peered into an alleyway, he looked over and saw a small red streak on the ground. He got in closer and saw a man lying dead in a pool of his own blood, he recoiled and looked around the corner. He thought that he had seen that woman before.
Lethal...I think.
Teo shrugged and looked down at the man. If Lethal had done this, he would gain nothing by getting in her way. He walked out, making sure that no one was wathcing, and strolled down the street, a few minutes later he heard an incredible scream of horror, he wheeled and saw a lady come running out of the alleyway he was just in. He looked at her for a moment, then turned and left...
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[i]Teo. What's he doing here? Well, who knows. All I know is that I have a vacation coming up. I just hope I don't get any more assignments for a while.[/i] As she got towards her home, she waited to hear the phone ring from outside, but it didn't happen.

Lethal: Damn it. It's been two hours since my kill. He should've called by now! That stupid-

The phone began to ring. Lethal didn't know who it was, but she hoped that it was her employer.

Man: Hello again. I hear that you've already finished off your prey. How was it? No bumps?

Lethal: Not one hitch. It was way too easy. Now, for my pay?

Man: In the envolope on your porch.

Lethal: Hang on a sec.

Lethal put the phone down and went outside. Sure enough, the envelope lay on the porch, just as he had said. She walked back inside while opening it for the check. She picked up the phone.

Lethal: Thank you. Well, my vacation?

Man: You'll have to put it on hold. Your next victim is a presidential candidate who is trying my patience.

Lethal: Why? What did they do?

Man: I don't care about the race, but this man owes me lots of money, but has failed to pay. Just like-

Lethal: My uncle. Why did you give him money?

Man: I didn't. I sold him some things, and he gave me an I owe you. I need you to drop in for a visit. Inside the envelope, there is a picture of his house and a list of his usual stops.

Lethal: Yes, I see them. After that do I get my vacation?

Man: Yes. This deadline is soon. I want my money Lethal. You will give me my money, correct? Oh, your pay will be 500,000 this time.

Lethal: That's quite an improvement? How much did that guy owe you?

Man: 5,000,000. If you are successful, your range of pay will become between 300,000 and 500,000 or something like that. Will you do it?

Lethal: Yes sir. I can't wait to get my money. His head and the money?

Man: His way of death is up to you. I do expect the money though. Make sure it's soon, my dear.

The man's voice dissapeared and Lethal hung up the phone. She couldn't wait for her up in cash. [i]I've been working for this guy for about 2 years. I've been paid a total of at least 6 million for all the jobs I've done. By getting this upgrade in pay, I'll probably pull 2 more million in six months! I'd better not screw this up![/i]
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Ijimeru stood over the victums body with his boss. "Did you meet with Donald?"
"Yeah, but he was too drunk to say anything useful." Ijimeru pulled out the picture of the decapitated corpse. "He called this guy 'Almond' and said something 'bout him being a 'bad banger' "

"So in other words, we got nothing on the corpse. What about the murderer?"
"Big hair broad make big big boom."
"So we got a man named Almoned who was killed by a girl with an afro, that's what I get for putting you on the job."
"I'm not a detective, I'm an assassin. Anyways, this guy we're looking at matches the style of one of the pics." Ijimeru flicks out a picture of a man who was stabbed and left. He drops it onto the corpse and starts to leave. "Ijimeru, when you find these freaks, I want you to kill them. They're causing too much commotion." Ijimeru stops and stays silent. "Ijimeru!''
"What do you do with all the heads I give you, make them into candy jars?" He flicks on his sunglasses and continues walking.
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Midi sighed, yawning from sleep. Next to her, the phone flashed rapidly, stating that she had a message. "Oh boy, i hope it's the contact I sent for!" she pressed the button.

"Midi, this is AD...I got your message, and here's mine. Meet me at Stogie's @ 1 PM, and my contact will give you the details and half of the payment." a raspy voice spoke, making her laugh a bit. "And if you arrive even a minute after 1, you'll get nothing..."

Midi smiled, slipping on a red halter top and a short bluejean skirt, "No one threatens me." she replied, slipping on her red boots. The cat meowed, seeing her put on a blonde wig. "Stay here, Noir. Mommy'll be back soon."


"You're late...5 minutes late." a man in black spoke to her, seeing her sit down.

"Well, you're quite straightforward...so, where's the cash?" the man handed her over a black bag and a letter. "Hmm, how original." she spoke, seeing the man leave. She opened the envelope.

[i]Dear Midi,

I have hired you to kill this man, Johnny Albert. He was a dear friend to me, my family, and especially my business. We were partners, you see...and then he threw it all away. He squandered thousands of my dollars and has put them all in stocks. I would have done this myself..but, my hands are clean, no blood has ever tainted them. So I've hired you to do my bidding. Make it slow but make it clean...without a trace.[/i]

"So, that's what he wants..." she replied, hopping into her car and driving off.
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Lethal got in her car and drove off towards the adress on the photo. When she got there, the cars were gone and the lights were off. She would've left, but she decided to check the inside. She slowly opened the door and walked through the rooms. She noticed a bunch of rare and valuable items. [i]These might be worth some money to my employer. I should take 'em. Lets see, where's a good bag?[/i] She opened a closet and found a travel bag.

Lethal: Ah! Perfect. Lets see, I'll take this... and this.. how 'bout this? It's got to be worth something. And this... and these... and a couple of those...

This went on for another 10 minutes throughout the house. When the four bags she had found were full she put them in the trunk of her car and decided that she needed to check one of the stops on the list. She got in the car and sat in the driver seat talking to herself.

Lethal: Lets see. It's midnight on a Sunday... where would he go? A bar or one of these shops? I'll go to the bars first.

Lethal started the car and headed off towards the first bar on the list: "Ole Faithful Whisky". [i]They sure have some interesting names for these places.[/i] When she got there, she saw several cars out front. [i]Some kind of party? Hmm.. maybe he's here. If he is, this'll be a very quick payday. Hehehe..[/i]
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Midi sighed, opening the door, seeing Noir waiting at the entrance. "Hello precious!" she spoke, picking up the cat and taking her to the computer room.

"[i]Miss Midi, the rest of the refluxboxide is done...anything else you need[/i]" the computer spoke, its many screens blinking.

"Nothing now...are the weapons finished being cleaned?"

"[i]Yes, all polished and cleaned.[/i]" Midi smiled, taking the small bag of blue pills from the counter.

"That is all, computer...you may shut down." and the computer obeyed as Midi walked back upstairs.

"[i]You have 1 message, sent today at 1:30 PM[/i]" The answering machine spoke, making Midi laugh.

"This is AD again. My contact shouldn't have gave you anything, little missy. Ah well, what's done is done, no? Well, Johnny Albert is attending a party which will be held at Shadows. That's all I know...but you get the job done and email me when he is dead."

Midi laughed, "I think he doubts me, Noir." the cat meowed and she laughed again. [i]Hmm, Shadows...I must definately go shopping now..[/i] "I have to go again, Noir...but I'll be back, with food!"

The cat meowed as she opened the door and left.
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Teo kept walking, he had nowhere to be right now, so he decided to stop in for a drink. He saw a bar, the "Ole Faithful Whisky" and thought that a little shot might calm his nerves. He went inside and sat down and ordered a tequila shooter. He took a big gulp and looked around. He saw a woman sitting a few seats away from him.
"Hello, Lethal." Lethal whirled in her chair and looked at him, he waved, she moved over to the seat next to him.
"Hello, Teo."
"I'm not your uncle." He said laughing. She stared him down.
"So, what's a pretty girl like you doing here in the middle of nowhere?"
"Nothing." She said, although Teo noticed that she was looking around.
"A new hit, I'll bet."
"None of your damn business." She said glaring at him, she continued to scout the area. Teo shrugged and took another shot of his drink, he then began absentmindedly twirling his switchblade, then two, then three on three fingers, he laughed, Lethal watched him closely.
"Stop that." She growled, he put away the switchblades.
"Yeesh, what's up her a**?" Teo though to himself. He then decided to stay and watch, see if anything interesting popped up...

OOC: "Tio" or similarily "Teo", is Portuguese for "uncle"
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OOC On the subject of translation, Ijimeru is japaneese for tourment.

"Armand Reld, a rapist outside the city. His profile's as deep as his wallet. I'm guessing that's who your headless buddy is." Ijimeru was back on the bridge, this time a pile of five or six cigarette butts sat beside him. The old man filled his pipe and continued talking. "It would have to be, nobody's been able to contact him in days."

"Great, waht did you find on big haired broads?"

"I got a list of em. Jesebel, Crayzy 8's, Storm, Midi, the list is endless. I have to admit, when I got your request, I almost laughed myslef into a coma. But it looks like afro's are extremely popular."

"Okay, I need you to search for very big mercs. it would take shaq on steroids to do this."
Ijimeru looked at the picture of the squeezed man.
"I'm sick of chasing these freaks. I'm going to make them come to me." He put out his last cigarette and started to leave.
"Ijimeru! You can't! Your not serious!"
He grinned and flicked on his sunglasses.
"Time to go get noticed by the wrong people."
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[i]He better not mess things up. If HE catches this guy, I won't get paid... damn it. I'd better hurry up and find this guy.[/i] Lethal continued to look around the bar, and finally sees a group of people. She waits to see who's there, then gets up.

Teo: Where you goin'?

Lethal: Stay back, okay? This is mine...

Lethal walked over to the table full of people. [i]So the name of this guy is supposed to be Trevor something. Let me check the list.[/i] She pulled out the piece of paper with his usual stops, and sure enough, his name was at the top. His name was Trevor Biliza. He was at the center of the group of people.

Trevor: Excuse me, but who are you?

Lethal: I am an escort. I work for a man who is very pleased with what you are doing, and he wishes to speak with you.

Trevor: Then why didn't he come here, instead of you?

Lethal: He was very busy, but he managed an opening. If we leave now, we will be able to catch him. Please sir, he is very busy.

Trevor: All right. What is this guy's name?

Lethal: You don't want to ruin the surprise, do you? I'll give you a hint. He is a VERY powerful and rich man. He is very excited to meet you.

Trevor quickly got up and let her lead the way. She lead him towards another restuarant, but took a detour, but Trevor was too eager to notice. Lethal took out her dagger again, and turned towards him.

Lethal: Will you pay him back?

Trevor: What? Who?

Lethal: I am an assasin hired by a rich and powerful man who you owe money to. Will you pay him? Or will I have to get the money by killing you?

Trevor began to shake and he tried to make a run for it, but Lethal threw the dagger into his leg, tripping him. She dragged him back into the shadows of the alley way, then asked him again.

Trevor: Fine, fine! I'll pay him whatever he wants, ju-just don't hurt me!

Lethal: You owe this man 5 million dollars. Will that be cash, check, items, or your life?

Trevor: Fine, I'll tell you where my money is.

Lethal quickly picked him up and dragged him to her car. The streets were empty in this part of town by this time, so no one noticed. SHe threw him in the car and drove off towards his house.

Lethal: Where is it again? *smirks*
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[i]Some minutes after midnight...[/i]

"God, this itches!" Midi exclaimed, placing the wig she was wearing into a black bag. Laughing, she closed her car door, standing in front of a bar. "Hmm, Ole Faithful Whisky...it's been a while since I've been here."

She walked in, paying close attention to her surroundings. Taking a seat, she ignored the people that stared at her.

"What'll be, miss?" the bartender asked, a bit shocked at her hairdo.

"A Long Island Iced Tea..." she looked around. "And a scotch on the rocks." the bartender nodded, seeing her place her head down on the countertop. She looked at the man sitting beside her then turned away. [i]He looks familar...[/i] she thought, seeing the two glasses placed in front of her.

"Will that be all?" the bartender asked, seeing her drink the scotch in a hurry.

"You have any asprin? Advil? Midol, perhaps?"

The bartender laughed, "I have Advil, miss...but Midol? You might want to check with another female for that." she laughed with him, knowing that he got her joke.

"Well, 3 Advs should suffice..." the bartender nodded. She sighed, again glancing at the man sitting at the bar with her. "Here you go."

Midi popped them in her mouth and drank some of the iced tea that she ordered.
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Lethal wiped the blood off of her dagger and her sword with some sheets. She had decided to hide Trevor's body a lot better, since he was a very important man. [i]If someone finds him dead easily, they'd know who did it, but if the think that he died of something in his own home...[/i] She had disguised his death to be an accident, then hid the body in the basement. She made it look like he fell down the stairs and got his puncture wounds from some broken glass. All the sheets with his blood on them were also carefully hidden. Lethal had gotten the money from him, so she decided to leave.

Lethal: Thanks for the checks, Trevor. Not to mention the 16 bags of stuff. Heh heh heh.

She walked out and put even more item-filled bags in the trunk of her car. She then drove away towards her home. She put the checks in an envelope and put them in a box on the porch. She waited for the call, and her pay.
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"Hey," Teo sid to the girl next to him.
"Oh, hello." She said looking at him, she stared for a moment, then wet back to her drink.
"You don't even recognize me, do you? Midi?" Teo persisted, she looked at him a while longer, then did a double-take.
"No, I'm not your uncle." Teo said laughing. She punched him playfully on the shoulder.
"Teo Hikigane! You evasive little bastard! How are you?"
"Fine, thanks, I haven't seen you since high school."
"Same here! What have you been doing?"
"Uh..." Teo had to think of something fast.
"I'm in...accounting."
"Oh, uh... Me too!" There was a long deep silence between them. Suddenly they spoke simultaneously.
"You're lying." Teo shook his head.
"If you're lying then I'm lying too."
"Sorry, but I can't say anthing..." The two looked at the ground, then returned to their drinks...
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