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[I]Tales were always told by drunkards of human like creatures that drank blood and only lived at night, but they were always laughed at in disbelief. Until people started disappearing, late family members were seen walking around graveyards, and more respectable men began to say that they had seen the creatures as well. No one knows exactly what kind of terrors are going on, but they do know that whatever it is, it's been occuring more and more frequently. People all over England have started whispering a single word.

[I]Vale stared out the window of his and Nicholas' bedroom on the second floor. The only reason his father could own a two story house was because of all of the people that were dying recently. Now they might even be able to buy one that's even larger.[/I]
"Can you forgive me, Vale, for telling mother on you?"
[I]Vale looked over at his brother Nicholas.[/I]
"Yes. I forgive you, Nicholas. Now go back to sleep."
"Alright. Good night, Vale."
[I]Nicholas tucked himself under his covers and Vale continued to stare out at the moonlit land below. Four boys walked into his view and stopped and stared up at him. Although shadows covered their faces, he thought that they looked like the same boys that Valerie spent her time with before she died. They left and Vale grabbed his coat and opened the window silently. He dropped to the grass and followed them to an old shed on a hill. The oldest of the boys turned around and called out to him.[/I]
"You can stop hiding behind those rocks! We know you're there!"
[I]Vale walked over to the strange group.[/I]
"We heard you following us the entire time. You remind me of someone...but who?"
[I]The leader studied Vale's face.[/I]
"That's because I'm Valerie's younger brother, Vale."
"Ah, of course, of course. Valerie is such a nice young lady. You want to know what happened to her don't you?"
[I]Vale nodded.[/I]
"Then follow us, and we'll tell you."
[I]Vale followed the group to inside their shed.[/I]

"Now, before there's any explanations, let's have a drink."
[I]The leader, Charlie, grabbed a dark bottle and filled five glasses. Vale tried to refuse, but Charlie insisted.[/I]
"Drinks first, explanations second. We won't tell your parents."
[I]Vale took the glass that was offered to him and drank it all in one sip. It tasted very strange. Charlie noticed his disgust.[/I]
"Sorry about that, it's not a very good year. This should get the taste out of your mouth."
[I]Charlie handed him a bottle. Vale took a sip and spat it out. The three boys held him down and forced him to drink the rest of it.[/I]
"I'm sorry that we have to do this to you, Vale, but it is what your sister wants."
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[color=green][i]James walked down the street. He glanced up at the lit streetlamps. He shook his head. They were out there...Vampyres. They had destroyed his family, and now he was going to hunt them all down and destroy them. Every last one of them.

He turned a corner, and continued walking, mulling over his own thoughts, wondering if he could destroy them. If the old legends were true, he could, but he wasn't one to hold much stock in legends....[/i][/color]

OOC: I'll be back in a week, so no one mess with him.
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Dr. Piers looked with a baffled expression on his face as his anemic patient began to write and scream bloody murder, he watched, almost calmly as the man was sedated and put in a strait jacket and carried away, his associate, Dr. Manson, looked at him in shock.
"Doctor, this is the fifth case this week! What are we going to do?" Manson asked, Piers pulled out his pipe and decided that a little tobacco might help. As he took a long drag, he looked at Manson.
"I have no idea, dear friend, but there must be some kind of explanation for this, there has to be."
"Perhaps some exotic strain of disaese?" Manson suggested, Piers shook his head.
"That doesn't explain why all of our patients are anemic, it is more than coincidence that these people come in with serious cases of anemia and then turn into these monsters." Piers blew out a wave of smoke.
"However, for almost any case, there must be some kind of cure, and my experience in this matter grows with each passing day." Piers blew out a smoke ring.
"It is only a matter of time until it is found."
"Of course, doctor, you will be the one to find it."
"That is unlikely, my friend, I expect you to find it first."
"That is flattering, but..."
"It is not flattery, it is the simple truth. You know about as much of this as myself, and you do carry far more knowledge into the human anatomy than I do. Your knowledge of biology should be enough to find us a cure."
"Then what will you be doing?"
"I will be researching, and after this horrid nightmare is over, I plan to take a vacation. How about you?"
"Maybe I should do the same..."
"Good choice, man, now it is late and we should be going to bed if we hope to find the answer in our lifetime. Good night." Piers walked out the door and wandered down the street, blowing smoke every few steps, not realizing someone was watching him carefully...

OOC: Don't turn me into a vampyre yet, I'll do that in one of my posts.
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Guest Wind master
Lady Ellen stalks here pray it is a young lady with blode hair.Shes about in her 16 and is a vergin.Lady Ellen loves vergin blood pure and rich with flavor.How dose she know this she can tell.Ellen waits until she walks down a dark path to get home she steps out in front of her and says"Hmmm come here my dear.I want to show you something.
The young lady:"What is it."I think you will like it alot."Ellen smiles and when the girl get close enough she says"How about a kiss hmm."No im not into that."No?"Ellen smiles and then opens her mouth to show her long fangs and the girl screams she bites her neck.The sweet blood flows into her mouth.She keeps on drinking until she has only a little left and lays the girl down on the ground.She licks her lips and gose of to find more pray.
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Claudia strode along the pavement, near the docks. She was bored and going out of her mind. Nothing was working for her and the last 'victum' had been a waste of time. She found a street which was quiet and slumped against a wall. "The life of a vampire sucks" she said out loud.
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Guest Wind master
Lady Ellen came to a small house with one person liveing in it.She could smell his blood.She went to a window and looked in he was sleeping."Ah no fun hes not awake.Well ill just have to go find a drunk."She loves when her pray is awake she can play with them its more fun to mess with there heads.She walked into a barn where she could smell two humans a girl and a boy.They where at the top of the barn looking at the stars.She jumped up on the roof but they did not here her.she sneaked up behind the boy and touched his arm."Huh what was that.?The girl next to him didnt say anything.He looked back and there was someone kissing her on her neck."Hay how did you get up here.?"The boy said."Ellen stoped drinking her blood and the boy saw two marks on her neck said."What did you do to her.?""Nothing just a kiss.How about one from you?""NO get away you freak."He got up and keep his eyes on her as she moved in closer.He back up some more and almost fell of the roof."No need to be scared i wont bite."She laughted and showed her fangs."AHHHHHH."She hissed and the by fell of the barn roof and hit the ground with a thud.Blood came from his head but he was not dead.She jumped down and turned him over."Now why did you do that hmm i just wanted a kiss.Hahahaha."She took her hand and pressed it two his chest and her nails dug deep into his flesh."AHHHHH stop it hurts."It will all be over soon i just want to she how big your heart is.hahahaha."She dug deeper and deeper until she felt his heart and riped it out."AHHHHHHHHH."She turned him back over and looked at the heart.She dug her teeth deep into it an drank the blood until there was noon left and she stuck it back in him as joke.She walked off to find more pray.
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Kyle watched from the shadows as Claudia slumped against the wall.

[B]Claudia[/B]: The life of a vampire sucks.

[B]Kyle[/B]: Dont say that, Mistress.

Claudia jumped in surprise as he revealed himself.

[B]Claudia[/B]: Who are you?

[B]Kyle[/B]: One who shares your gift.

[B]Claudia[/B]: You mean curse.

[B]Kyle[/B]: You really think that we are cursed? Vampyrism is a gift. Our role in this world is to thin the herd, Mistress.

[B]Claudia[/B]: Why do you keep calling me that?

[B]Kyle[/B]: You are of an older kin. You deserve to be recognized.

[B]Claudia[/B]: What do you want with me?

[B]Kyle[/B]: Nothing, really. Its just that there are barely any vampyres in London. Why dont we team up? I would be honored, Mistress.
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Piers arrived home a few moments later, he was greeted by his wife, Ellen.
"Richard! I was so worried! You were out late again!" She gasped.
"It's all right, my work is never done, you know." Piers replied as he slipped his coat off. He went over to his desk and pulled out a pile of papers, which he examined carefully, then he reached into his briefcase and pulled out several chemicals and blood samples. Ellen snuck up on him.
"Dearest, are you worried about something?" She asked walking up to him.
"I am afraid I cannot tell you, that would be breaking the oath I took when I first became a doctor."
"Well, I hope you will take a holiday soon, we haven't seen a pound from that hospital in a month! When will you get the money?"
"Please dear, look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Don't worry, I'll be done soon and afterwards I'll take you on a holiday anywhere you like."
"...All right, but I'll be planning for it!" She replied with a laugh as she walked down the hall. Piers smiled, then returned to his work, mixing and matching chemicals...
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Guest Wind master
Lady Ellen was getting bord of hunting she wanted to do something fun.Shes never ment any of her kind and misses her son very much.But she was glade he was dead and not what she was.She didnt like thinking about love alot it spoiled her fun and made her get emotional.She didnt like that.She hasnt been loved for years and dosent remeber what it feels like to be in love with someone.But she dose love to kill.Thats all she knows how to do and its fun.She thought she would go and find some more to eat.So she jumped along building tops in search for something good to play with she wanted to kill for fun and she was mad and needed to take it out on stuiped minded childern that where out at night.
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OOC: EY YO! I'm BAAACK! SOO GEiST....didn't even wait for me to come back...hmmm....im just playing...well im here! uhm...i think i'll post a short one.....if that's alright Geist..

[size=1][color=CCCCFF][i]Cassandra stood on the balcony of her mansion. She is a vampyre that was able to stand outside in the daylight and yet, not get burned. Everyone respected and loved her. Humans knew she was not "normal" , yet they accepted her. Others were not easily accepted. Cassandra stepped back inside and grabbed her coat. She took her horse from its stable and rode it out. People bowed to her as she passed by. She looked around for anyone suspicious or wanting to know certain things. To the town, Cassandra was like a protector of the land. She has driven out evil ever since she was 5. People look up to her as a savior. But the one person she has on her mind is Vale Allard, Valerie Allard's brother. Valerie knew the Allard family for quite a long time for the reason that Cassandra's father was a priest/undertaker. Vale and Cassandra's fathers and mothers knew each other at a young age. They were the best of friends. But when the Allard family found out that Cassandra was born a vampyre, they had not talked for quite a while. Cassandra's mother and father were not vampyres, but somehow Cassandra was born a pure blood vampyre. At quite a young age, she had the strength, speed, balance, smartness, and immortality of a master vampyre. She was the youngest vampyre ever to have mastered that.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue][I]Austin sat in his chair,reading some old mytholgy.He had not gotten much sleep,and the light of the moon shined on him.He had been stuck in his desk,filled with work.He soon heard the foot steps of on of his maids.He turned to her,and it was Melfina...he whatched as her blond hair and her blue eyes came into the moon light[/I]

[B]Austin:[/B]Go away,please.....
[B]Melfina:[/B]Please sir,get some sleep....
[B]Austin:[/B]I don't need any.

[I]He digged his nose deeper into the book,reading it,and also hopeing she would go.After some time,he signed and closed it.He stared into her eyes,as she also stared into his.[/I]

[B]Melfina:[/B]Thank you sir....

[I]She looked downed,with a worried face.She soon walked out of the room,and Austin went to bed.[/I][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=firebrick][B]Adrienne, dressed as a lost rich girl, walked down the cold streets of Paris. The moon shone above her, giving her blonde hair a mysterious glint. She had been tracking this young man for the past few days and she wasn't about to give up on him yet. He was a rich playboy who couldn't resist a pretty face. Now she was going to use that to her advantage. She put on her most pitiful face and tore part of her sleeve. The more you look the part, the more you are your character. Her motto, her life. She knocked on the large, white French-style doors. Her victim answered it, a glass of wine in his hand. This was her chance! She fell into him and cried, "Please monsieur! Please help me! I'm alone and lost and I was attacked by bandits! I'm afraid they are after me still! Help me, please!"

"Oh, of course mademoiselle! I will save you from these scounrals. Come inside, where it is warmer." he replied, having no idea that the young woman before him was actually a purebred vampyre. He led her inside to his parlor where he poured a glass of wine and offered it to her. She politely declined. She was after a much more precious drink, but of course she couldn't tell him that. It might make him suspicious. They became acquainted with each other. She learned his name was Monsieur Ray Berenger. She told him that her name was Mademoiselle Doreen Azura. She didn't know why she used the made-up name. She just had decided that if she was going to play a different part than her own, she needed a new name. But she had no time to linger on that. She was getting thirsty for blood. She put her plan into action.

"Monsieur Berenger, would it be alright if I sat closer to you?" she got up and walked over to where he was seated on his sofa and sat down next to him, "How about right here? Is that okay?"

He grinned mischeviously and nodded. Inside her head, Adrienne was already crying 'victory'.

"Monsieur, what do you think of me?"

"Well, I think you are a very delightful and beautiful young woman."

"Beautiful? How beautiful?" She moved closer to him.

"Very, very beautiful indeed." he replied. He put an arm around her and kissed her on the lips. This was what Adrienne had been waiting for. She laced her arms around Monsieur Berenger and moved her lips from his and down his neck. She sunk her fangs into his jugular vein and began to drink. She felt the lifeforce draining from him. She smiled to herself. He was dead by the time she finished. She leaned over to his ear and whispered, "Delightful? Shows how much you know." She laughed quietly to herself as she left the elegant house behind. That was alot of blood. It was sure to last her until she got to London. And even if it didn't, she could always find another victim. And so she disappeared into the misty night.[/COLOR][/B]
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Guest Wind master
Ellen came to a club house that seemed to have 4 young boys in it.She jumped on the roof.The boys came out."What was that?"I Dont know."She jumped into there club house and sat down.They came back in and saw her sitting there."Hay no girls aloud in our club house."Im not a girl im a demon." "You look like a girl to me."Why dont you take a closer look hmm."The boy that looked the oldest came closer to her and she opened her mouth to show her fangs."Wow you are a demon."He looked into her blood red eyes.he came closer and closer.When he was close enought she said."Do you want to be a demon?"He said ya i do."Me too."No only on of you can.If you dont pass the test you dont get to be a demon and ill let the others try ok."Ya i can do it."OK come here she walked out side and she said."You go hide and i will try to find you if you lose i win and i get to eat you.Hahahaha."He ran off afaird of getting cought.He hid behind an tomestone."You cant hide from me she ran after him her ran behind a tree.She jumped one top of the tree and floated down in front of him."Gotcha hahahaha."Her nails grew long and longer."Time to die."She said with a wicked smile.She opened her mouth and drank his blood when she was done with one swipe of her claws his head came off.She went back to the other kids."Hmm he didnt pass.Hahahaha want to try now?"Ahhhh they ran off and she let them go the thought of them haveing to live with seeing there friends head being held by some demon was much more funer than killing them."Hahahaha.Im a god no one can stop me im bloodlust."
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Iolanthe stepped off the elegant train onto the third platform of Victoria Station, London, to be greeted by her serving boy by the name of Svall, a tall blond teenager who had served Iolanthe for his whole able life. He towed behind him in his strong hands a wheeled chest, a couple of hatboxes resting on top. Following behind were two young girls with long brown hair and grey dresses, they were Iolanthe's maids. The small entourage bowed to Iolanthe and followed Svall through the swirling crowds to the overcast London city beyond the doors.

Sunlight adequately filtered, Iolanthe adjusted her hat and sunglasses and strode purposefully behind her servant. He seemed to know where he was going, and went about it confidantly, dressed in a three piece suit and expensive shoes. Feeling in a good mood, Iolanthe touched the side of the chest lightly, making it considerably lighter. Although it jolted from the increase in force, she saw the favour had been greatfully recieved. It was a good start to her life here in England, so many miles away from her home.

The hotel, an expensive one, was very courteous and Iolanthe enjoyed standing in the cool lobby as Svall organised everything. Tomorrow he would venture out to find a more permanant residence, while Iolanthe slept from her night out.
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[B]OOC: Sorry, Arika, for not waiting. :([/B]

[I]As the organ played solemnly in the background, Nicholas cried over his dead brother. His mother, Bethany, walked over to comfort him.[/I]
"It's all right dear, Vale didn't suffer."
"But...but he promised me!"
[I]Bethany stroked the dark red hair of her lifeless son. Even though she was terribly broken up inside, she tried to put on a strong front for her last remaining child.[/I]
"And what promise was that, Nicholas?"
"H-he promised me that he wouldn't...wouldn't kill himself. But he lied! He drank poison and now he's dead!" [I]Nicholas answered, inbetween sobs.[/I]
[I]Bethany hugged her child and tried to calm him down.[/I]
"Shhh. Vale would have wanted us to move on with our lives, dear. That's why father has bought us a grand new house. We'll move in tomorrow. Now, wipe your tears away, my dear."
[I]Bethany handed Nicholas her handkerchief and they both sat back down.[/I]

[I]Vale opened his eyes and looked around. It was too dark to see, but by feeling around he found out that he was in some sort of box. He pushed and pushed at the walls and ceiling but they wouldn't give way. He lay back down, but before he had a chance to think, the top of the box lifted up by itself and the four boys that he had spyed on earlier peered in at him. Vale jumped up from the box and went for Charlie's throat.[/I]
"Stop that this instant, Vale!"
[I]He looked over and saw a young woman in a dark cloak. She pulled the hood from her face and he nearly fell in surprise. It was his late sister, Valerie.[/I]
"But, you died Valerie. I-I was at your funeral..."
[I]She smiled and he noticed that her teeth were pointer than they were before.[/I]
"That's true, I did die...I had to in order to become a vampyre..."
"A vampyre? You mean you're a vampyre just like Cassandra?"
[I]Valerie shook her head and pointed to Charlie and his gang.[/I]
"No, not like Cassandra. She is a special case. I was made a vampyre by Charlie, as were you."
[I]Vale stepped out of the coffin.[/I]
"I can't be a vampyre, I'm still alive!"
"I wouldn't be so sure of that, Vale. That wasn't treacle that you drank."
[I]Vale sat down on the cold stone floor and thought about what Valerie had said. She wouldn't lie to him, and she had come back to life also.
"She's telling the truth..." He thought.
"...I'm actually a vampyre now."
Valerie put a hand on his shoulder.[/I]
"Please don't blame Charlie for your death, Vale. It was I that asked him to do it. I missed you so much."
[I]He smiled and held his sister's hand.[/I]
"I missed you to, Valerie."
[I]Vale got up, and they all left the mausoleum.[/I]
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Guest Wind master
As the sun drew near Ellen went after one last human to feed her thrist.She found a young man dressed in suit and came up behind him."Can you help me i seemed lost i need to get to the train station."The man said."Yes its just that way."Thank you."She said.As he walked off she came up behind him a bite him.The last blood of the night was good.She licked her lips and set off to where her coffen was.She liked her coffen it was cool and the sun could not get in it she also could lock it from the inside so she could rest in peace.it was better to so she could not be harmed by any hunters.It was in a graveyard in a old building where no one went into.She opened her coffen and layed down."Ill will have more fun latter."She closed her coffen and locked it and fell into a dreamless sleep.
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[size=1][color=FF99CC]It's fine! uhm..yea i changed my colors again...neways...that's fine...![/size][/color]

[size=1][color=FF99CC][i]Cassandra stood in the back of Vale's funeral. She sensed that something was wrong. A strong breeze passed by. The smell of blood was in the air. Someone had fed onto a human that night. She covered herself in her cloak and left. She hopped onto her horse and left.[/size][/color][/i]

[size=1][color=FF99CC][B][U]~Later that night~[/size][/color][/B][/U]
[size=1][color=FF99CC][i]Cassandra rode on her horse towards the cemetary to check on Vale. As she neared the cemetary she could see 6 figures running off into the night. Several had a strong smell of vampyre. Cassandra fixed her eyes on the figures. There were 5 boys and a girl. The girl looked vageuly familiar and one of the boys smelt and looked of Vale. She then remembered. Valerie had never died. She had changed into a vampyre just like the other 4 boys. Since she missed Vale so much, she had changed him into one. Cassandra looked on in sadness thinking why did this happen. The boys that follow Valerie are part of that evil and now innocent Vale is with them. How could she compete like that. Cassandra turned her horse and walked away. Vale stopped and looked around. He saw Cassandra's horse and whispered something into the night. The others were calling for him so he left. Cassandra caught the words and suddenly galloped quietly into the night. Cassandra arrived at her house and she glided through the door. Once she stepped in the lights turned on. She removed her cloak and sat down. She thought to herself for the meaning of Valerie's appearance and why she was taking Vale. This confused Cassandra. As she thought about it, she sat there...questioning and pondering.[/size][/color][/i]
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Guest Wind master
Ellen got up for a new night of fun."Boy ive been killing soo much more than normal.I veel so alone.Is there anyvone like me out there?"She got up and put one her cape."Ive never smelled any ofv my kind."She left to hunt for more like her.She came to a barn and found a horse.It was black she put her hat on and got on the horse and went twords the town where she hasnt been in a long time.She was afaird of getting killed.But she wanted to find someone like her maybe a friend to share the hunt with.She had a brother that she wished was still here.If she new how to turn someone she would have turned her brother.She loved him so much.She missed him the most.They did all kinds of things togather.She came to the woods that where befor the town and stoped for a seconed."I smell a human.There close.In her head:I dont need it now do i."She felt her blood boil.Her teeth grew and she craved blood."The thirst is takeing over i must drink."She came to a man with a gun he was young about 25 and handsome.She fell off her horse hopefuly to make him come over to her.

Man:"Are you ok?"
Lady Ellen:"Ahh...i think ill be.....ok.....i nee....i need..."
Man:"What do you need?"
He moved closer to her mouth so he could her what she was saying.
When he was close enought she grabed him.Her teeth grew long and sharp she bit into his neck.The blood was warm and tasted soo good.She drank until there was none left she got up and licked her lips.Her teeth went to a smaller size.She put her hat back on and got back on her horse and went on throught the dark forest.The same darkness that changed her into this demon that she was.
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[color=red] Major Edward Fremantle, dressed in the uniform of the 33rd South Essex Regiment, walked down the street, sabre at his side. He didn't believe all that nonsense about "vampyres." Honestly! Probably just some maniac going about slitting people's throats....[/color]
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Guest Wind master
Ellen came to the town and got off her horse.She saw a man in a nice suit and got an idea.Maby she could turn him into a vampyre.She could read his thoughts he didnt beleve that vampyres re real."Ill show you we are real."A grin came across her face.She ran up to the man and acted like some mad man was after her with a knife."Oh dear sr can you help me theres a madman after me hes trying to kill me please help me!"
(occ:Major Edward im talking to you just to let ya know)
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[B]OOC: I know I haven't been taking very good care of this RPG lately, but that's because I've been very busy and I won't be able to post and continue the story until monday or tuesday. If you already have an idea for a post, then go ahead and put it up. But, if you're stumped, and you need me to point out a direction for you, then wait until I get back. I'll PM everyone once I return. I'm sorry for the inconvience. :([/B]
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OOC: Sorry for the earlier crapp post. I've also been busy, recently.

IC:"What's wrong miss?" Edward looked around cautiously, hand on his sabre hilt.
"A madman you say?" He frowned. Something about this wasn't quite right. He peered around, half drawing the sword at his side.
"I don't see anyone..."
Just than, he felt her hand grip his shoulders, and pull him towards her with unnatural strength. Struggling, he pulled free, drawing his sabre.
"What in God's name are you?"[/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Cassandra felt a rush of cold air and wondered where it came from. She figured it was one of her birds returning from a night flight, but no windows were open. She looked around. She figured the breeze was from upstairs and sat back in her chair. After all these years, Valerie just waltz back into Vale's life without any warning or news. Cassandra figured something big was coming. Something evil. Something so heinous that they need all the help that they can get. Cassandra didn't whether to believe Valerie was here to kill her or do something else. And getting Vale to drink that blood as well. Now who's supposed to take care of Nick? Since, little Nicolas knows that Cassandra's a vampyre as well as the Allard parents she figured she'd go and check up on him once in a while. Cassandra got up and teleported herself upstairs. She was tired and wanted to sleep. But not before checking up on her precious ones. She walked over and saw that each one was sleeping, but only one certain animal was away. An animal that was created from darkness and from the shadows. A winged creature that no one has ever seen like it before. A creature that can fly along with the night's still air, a creature that can hide its smell, shape, and form. A creature that is just like Cassandra in every way...with no flaw. Cassandra waited for the night air to be altered. Soon as it was, the creature was in. With the body of a black panther, the wings of an eagle, and the heart and soul of a shadow creature. All was dark in the room. It glided in without sound. The other creatures were asleep. Cassandra could feel its nose against her hand. She smiled and left the room. The panther followed. A shadow panther was a rare creature of the night. No one has ever been able to capture it, let alone follow it or get to it. It followed Cassandra to her room and layed at the foot of the bed.[/size][/color][/i]

[size=1][color=ff66cc]"A loyal creature you are. Hmm, I wonder if you know anything about Valerie. Heh. Probably not. But, let us sleep, shall we?"[/size][/color]
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