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Gaming psp and psx

vegeta rocker

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What do you think about the PSP (playstation portable) it sounds interesting. Im not sure when it's released. it looks like a gameboy sp a bit except with the signature ps buttons. Its rumored that final fantasy 7's sequel will be available for it.

what do you think of the psx. I've seen pictures of it and it looks sweet. It is suppossed to work as a version of tiVo as well. You can lay it on any side you want, its a perfect square.

I'll rummage around for some pics.
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I don't know where people hear these FF7 rumors. Sounds like another thing pulled out of someone's ***.

The specs for the PSP basically make it sound like it will be just below the Dreamcast in graphics quality. Of course, it's on such a small screen by comparison, so that will knock it down some.

However, the thing has wireless LAN, and PDA capabilites and so many other things stuck into it. I really can't see how this thing would be inexpensive... and as such, I don't know if it is directly going after the GBA or gaming PDAs in general. Plus the software is currently priced at $45 to $50 according to Sony.

Any pics of the PSP are fake.

As for the PSX, we had a thread on the thing. It's just a highend multimedia device. It's not something normal users would ever need. Sony plans on pricing it "dramatically" to see how well it can do... I assume to see what people would like in PS3 and what they wouldn't.

Before some idiot tells me PS3 is designed and complete, like in the other thread, I'll just say it's not.
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[quote][PSP SPECS]

UMD(Universal Media Disc)
Laser Diode:660nm
Dual Layer :1.8GB
Transfer Rate:11Mbps
Shock Proof
Secure ROM by AES
Unique Disc ID

MIPS R4000 32bit Core
128bit Bus
1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V
Main Memory :8MB(eDRAM)
Bus Bandwidth :2.6GB/sec
I-Cache, D-Cache
FPU, VFPU (Vector Unit) @ 2.6GFlops
3D-CG Extended Instructions

PSP Media Engine
MIPS R4000 32bit Core
128bit Bus
1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V
Sub Memory:2MB(eDRAM) @ 2.6GB/sec
I-Cache, D-Cache
90nm CMOS

PSP Graphics Core 1
3D Curved Surface + 3D Polygon
Compressed Texture
Hardware Clipping, Morphing, Bone(
Hardware Tessellator
Bezier, B-Spline(NURBS)
ex 4x4, 16x16, 64x64 sub-division

PSP Graphics Core 2
'Rendering Engine' + 'Surface Engine'
256bit Bus, 1-166 MHz @ 1.2V
Bus Bandwidth :5.3GB/sec
Pixel Fill Rate :664 M pixels/sec
max 33 M polygon /sec(T&L)
24bit Full Color:RGBA

PSP Sound Core: VME
Reconfigurable DSPs
128bit Bus
166MHz @1.2V
5 Giga Operations /sec
3D Sound, Multi-Channel
Synthesizer, Effecter, etc

AVC Decoder
AVC(H.264) Decoder
Main Profile
Baseline Profile
2Hours(High Quality) - DVD movie
4Hours(Standard Quality) - CS Digital

USB 2.0
Memory Stick
Extension Port(reserved)
Stereo Head phone Out

Wireless LAN (i802.11)
USB 2.0[/quote]

Sounds fantastic, IMHO, considering it has the potential of being a PS1.7 (Not as ugly as PS1, not as beautiful as the PS2), a DVD player (up to 2 hours of MPEG-4), and even MP3 player (hopefully!). Only thing that bothers me is the price. This sucker could cost nearly as much as a new PS2 w/ network adapter! That is quite a bit of money...except the DVD ability makes it worth it (Most portable DVD players range from at least ~$270 upwards).

As for the PSX...well...I will wait for some more in-depth specs and coverage before I state my opinion...
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What exactly is this PSX? I haven't heard of it until I had a look at this thread.
I'm OK with the PSP. I found a little article on it in a magazine along with their little concept-design, lol.[/b]

*is curious about this PSX thing*
*wonders why they called it 'PSX'* x.x[/size]
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Even though I really like EGM, they're hit and miss when it comes to the rumor bin.

About PSP, I'll reserve my opinion for when I hear something about it other than specs. Everyone else can fawn over specs; I'll wait for the actual games to come out to make my decision on it. After all, there have been plenty of companies that have tried to take the handheld market from Nintendo and all have failed (even the Neo-Geo Pocket, which I really liked - so much wasted potential).

As for the PSX, I'm not really interested. It's just a bunch of multimedia that I really have no use for. As Semjaza said, it's just a test for Sony to see what users want. It amazes me that Sony can actually afford to do something like that.
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I would never actually go for the PSX, i just want a pS3.....as for them being hit and miss you are probably right. That was my first time buying one. (Game informer Diehard) so i am not very aware of their reputation. As for the PSX just being a huge hunk of media, i couldn't agree more.
bleh, i wonder what the psp will look like?
*envisions a pair of wings gracing a screen*

The whole psp thing must have Nintendos panties in a twist. But they pretty much rule that market so they probably have nothing to worry about.
*remembers the Dolphin*

Well maybe not MUCH to worry about.

*remembers Turok for N64*

As long as they don't put out any more crappy GBA games.

*legacy of Goku battle system*

And gamers may weep.
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Nintendo has nothing to do with Turok or that DBZ game. That's not a good comparison lol. As if PS2 and PSone don't have bad games.

Nintendo apparently has plans for their own GBA successor as it is. ATI is supposedly involved. You have to remember the PSP won't even hit until sometime 2005 most likely, so they don't have much to worry about.

In addition to that, this thing is just on another plane. I can't see it being something that random kids are going to buy instead of a GBA. It just sounds too expensive and like it would be aimed at Sony Clie users.
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I only brought up turok because it came out on N64 when i played it.

I only brought up DBZ because they put out Legacy of Goku II and they didn't even mes with it's worse flaw, the battle system.

Every system has bad games, except Dreamcast of course.

*remembers Sonic Shuffle*

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If anyone still really cares about the PSX(i don't) its basically a PS2 with TiVo capabilities and a really high price tag its in one the PSM magazine issues where it is explained. It supposed video game and entertainment system crossover (Hence the X). But they also said that they didn't get ant hints about the PS3 at this years E3. What's up with that?
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[size=1] Here's more info on the PSX, long quote from Gamespot.com and PICTURES!
[QUOTE]At a media briefing in Tokyo earlier today, Sony announced that it will release a new game console named PSX in Japan before the end of the year. Scheduled for release in North America and Europe sometime in 2004, the sleek-looking PSX console is essentially a redesigned PlayStation 2--albeit with plenty of additional features.

With the exception of the console's 120GB hard drive and built-in Ethernet support, the PSX console's new features won't offer any benefits as far as gaming is concerned, but--thanks to the inclusion of a TV and broadcast satellite tuner and a DVD recorder--it will instead transform the PlayStation 2 into a set-top box capable of delivering online play, music, and movies straight out of the box.

When playing games, you'll plug your controllers into the rear of the PSX console, where the hard drive and Sony Memory Stick compatibility have clearly rendered the standard PS2 memory cards obsolete. No pricing information for the PSX has been announced at this time, but the box will be marketed as a high-end electronics product rather than as a game console and, as such, will be handled by Sony's Home Electronics Division as opposed to Sony Computer Entertainment. [/QUOTE]

It's going to be awesome! albeit expensive, I really like the idea of not having to worry about memory cards, but i do not like the idea of pluggin in the controllers at the back.
This is the back, reminds me of my VCR.

Another thing I don't like is it's disk input system. Slot loading.

It doesn't look half as nice as the ps2 [img]http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2003/news/05/28/psx/psx_screen006.jpg[/img] It in fact, looks like one of those IBM machines at my old school that ran Windows 3.1

What makes up for it's shoddy backwards step in design, is the ability to burn T.V shows on to DVD, thereby (at least for me) rendering the need to have a seperate games console, DVD player and stereo obsolete.

I'll see what it's like when it's released here
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Guest King_Cloud690
I have seen pics etc. in tons of mags! The PSX is said to be 1000$ but that might not be true! But I cannot wait till it comes out!
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