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Art Dragon Warrior (a drawing)


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[size=1][color=gray]Well i drew this like one and a half month ago. a dragon warrior looking like he guards a wood or something bleh. At least its a drawing.

My dad has a scanner so I can only upload pictures when im at his place.
It took me some time to make. I started off with the eye (i like drawing dragon eyes). It looked cool to me and i added a head to it. Eventually it didnt look like a normal Dragon anymore so i crowned it a half dragon and put those transparant flippers on the back of its head lol. After that I added his scales and then i did his armor (yup its armor and nothing else).

The light comes in his back, but the scanner screwed up the picture plus he made it too large (my dads scanner does that) so i had to resize it.

When in the train i added some fading to it and all the shading, with that "done", I started with the trees by looking outside and mixing the trees i saw there to create my own spiecy (sp?).
The girl sitting infront of me kept looking at my drawing. She had a little brother and when he came walking to her (the brother was like 1 orso) he looked at my drawing and said he liked it. I was so proud XD
Anyway. After adding clouds (the air is very cloudy meaning there isnt THAT much sun), i added more shading like under his eye and some more in his neck and such. And after such a long story i bring you the drawing lol.

Please, Ive been busy with it for like 3 hours total so dont totally break my heart by saying its ugly and totally freaky >>; Normally i don't have the patience for 3 hours of drawing, shading and washing my hands cause i faded the drawing much with the side of my hand.
(the image [i]now[/i] can fill the original image like 3 times so details are whiped out all because of scanner)
Any Comments, improvements or something else you have?

[center]Ladies and Gentlemen! I bring you:
[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]

Link for people who cant see png [url]http://apoco.250free.com/Draakje.jpg[/url]

[B]EDIT:[/B] What i didnt notice was that the scar seems to be pretty screwed up so... Dont bother about that >.>
[B]EDIT 2:[/b] Thats not a screwed chest, thats armor. he's HALF dragon remember, so he can wear armor. And the weird mouth... I kinda liked that lol.
[B]EDIT 3:[/B] kinda inspired by Krystel D. from Elfwood. (dont know the last name :/)[/color][/size]
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[FONT=arial][size=3][COLOR=darkblue]It's good, becuase I can't draw anything without looking at a picture. The mouth looks... odd. And it'd probably look better if it was more, hmmm.... bigger as in more drawing so you can see it's body and what not. I do really like the eye. It's all like, 'Boo, I'm a draong eye!'. Overall It's a good picture, just needing a few things and things and stuff and things. (you as lost as I am?) And that's more detail than I give any of my pictures. Yeah, that's all. :) later.[/COLOR][/size][/FONT]
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[color=gray][size=1]Thanks people =)
The spot of light is... weird... the scanner does... weird things.

BTW: for persons who think chest looks messed up:
[QUOTE]Thats not supposed to be that dark. if else you could see an armor beginning there...[/QUOTE]
so the chest aint messed up, its just so dark you cant see the armor really good =/[/color][/size]
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