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RPG .hack//reality (changed to avoid confusion)


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"Nobody *hic* knows the trouble I've seen." A drunken bum walked along the sidewalk of a large city. He stumbled and ran into people as he went. "Nobody knows trouble like meeeee! *hic*" He stumbled into an alley and dropped a bottle. "Aw danged it!" He dropped to his hands and knees and started to lick the whisky off the ground. He could see his reflection in the puddle and he stupidly waved at himself. Suddenly another reflection appeared in the puddle. The man looked up to see nobody there, and looked down to see no reflection. He finished his drink and started to walk away. Just then a pale girl in a white dress flew over him. Right behind it was another girl, similar to the one before, except this one had purple hair and slightly darker skin. Her dress was torn and her face was scarred. She stopped upon noticing the man and turned to him. She smiled at he man, her eyes hidden by her hair. She lifted her head to reveal her eyes. The man stumbled back, tripping over his own bottle as he tried to get away. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

___Mac Anu-The World___

Everything was calm. Boats passed under the bridge and players were busy buying new weapons. One player in particular lay in a boat, relaxing. "It may be just a game, but things are so... pleasnt." The boat passed under the bridge with many people looking over it. The blue haired player smiled at the fact that none of them could spit down upon him, something they might have done in reality. He decided against falling asleep on the boat and jumped off onto the sidewalk. He walked along the side and laughed at the newbie players who were trying to trade things at the markets. He ran his hand over his blade and walked to the Chaos Gate. "I should get some exercise."
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OOC: Nice start Tsukasa hack. Im ganna start with a song too!

- The world - Desert -

"I'v got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedaly deedaly, there they are a standing a row...." Nitsu Sang under her breath as she stomped threw the desert, her long glaive was resting in her hand and crossed over her sholder. Today was a saterday, so tons of people were loged in. She had gone out to the desert to escape the large masses or players who were in the cities. She was hoping to have a little bit of fun, but no one seemed to be around.
*Sigh* "Where is everyone today?" She sighed to herself, "Oh, thats right... the cities..." She slumped down on a near by rock and glanced out into the distance, all she could see was the virtual sand and large sea shell looking things poping out of the ground. She stood up on the rock and saw the same thing every directiong she looked.
She was about to start walking again when she heard something approaching from behind. She gripped her glaive tite in her hand. She heard the shuffling of feet running behind her. They were very close...
"Hiya!" She jumped off the rock and landed by the person who had been running. He jumped back as soon as she landed and had his two blades out.
"Whats the big idea scaring the crap out of a guy like that?!" He snapped at her in a fighting stance.
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----The World---- Desert-

"Geez, Nitsu," Siroken muttered. "You're so uptight sometimes."

Nitsu rested the tip of her glaive against the sand. "Yeah, well, ya never know when someone's gonna try and PK you."

The twin blade rested against the rock. He sighed. "I dunno why.. But I'm really bored right now.. SO!" He leaned over Nitsu. "Ya wanna go on a dungeon quest?"

"Where to?" The long arm was smirking.

"Oh.." He ran one of his blades along the rock. "We COULD go to Carmina Gadelika.. I need the experience."

Nitsu was a little surprised by Siroken's idea. "Just us two couldn't exactly clear out [i]that[/i] dungeon very easily."

"So," the boy grinned. "Form a party if you're so scared. Whoever you want."
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The blue haired player walked to the Chaos Gate, to be knocked back by a warping player in a big hurry. "Leave! The world is not safe! Save yourself and never return!" The player got up and pounded on his head. "Aw geeze! I forgot the key words!" He held his sword to the chaos gate to try anyway. "Uh... Detesteble Golden Messenger." He dissapeared, and reapeared a moment later. "Nope. Chosen Forbidden Try Panzy." He dissapeared again and reapeared. "This will take a while." The man who knocked him over turned to him and grinned. "try the hidden forbidden holy ground." He suggested. The player scratched his head. "Why not? Doesn't ring a bell, but I'll go."
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- The World - Mac Anu -

A girl had just finished stockpiling some items, then decided to go to the chaos gate since the town was getting more crowded by the second. She was being pushed this way and that in the crowd when she finally had to knock 10 players down to get out of her way. She calmly walked away while the players got up, sticking their tounges out at her.

Girl: They're so stupid and annoying these days. Geez.

She continued to walk when she noticed a blue haired boy about to use the chaos gate. She hurried and shouted.

Girl: Hey! You there! You need someone in your party?

Boy: Huh? Oh.. well... I'm going to the hidden forbidden holy ground, even though I've never gone there. Are you sure you wanna come uh... what's your name?

Girl: My name's Kitty. And I don't care about where you're going. As long as I can have some fun. What's your name?
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- The world - Desert -

Enix had been walking walking through the desert. He needed the exercise. "Maybe there some one out here who wants to go into a dungon with" enix said to him self as he walked through the desert. A monster appeared. It was bigger than he was but it would go down easily. Enix jumped on the monsters shoulder, cluned it on the head then jumped off. The monster tried to hit him but he moved. "Too easy" enix thought. He held up his staff and shot the monster with a wave of energy.
He started walking again as the monster dissapered. He herd people talking to his right. "Hi, I herd you needed more people for a dungon trek. I'm enix do you mind if I joined you" enix asked walking up to the two people. "Sure why not. I'm nitsu and this is siroken" nitsu said smilling.
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"I'm Ijimeru. Lets get going before this place gets anymore crowded!" Kitty nodded and walked to the chaos gate. "Beta, Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground." They dissapeared and reapeared on a long pathway to a monestary like building. "Hey." Ijimeru looked at Kitty. "Do you hear that?" A haunting melody came from the church. "Yeah, it's erie, but kind of soothing. What about it?" Ijimeru looked a little nervous. "My music volume is way down. I shouldn't be able to hear it."
Kitty looked confused. "Oh well, just a glitch. Lets keep going." They walked down the stone path as the music grew louder. They walked up the steps and to the doorway, which was slightly cracked open. They pushed it farther open and went inside. Brown benches lined each side of a wide path. The floor was decorated and looked to be made of glass. Candles were suspended in air above it all. The path led to a stone statue of a girl, bound by chains. Ijimeru looked to the ground to see a small piece of paper.

"Shunning the field broken by wave, The shadowed girl whispers 'Surely, I will return.' Alas, Unbeknownst, Awaiting her at journey's end: Eternal mourning for her land." Kitty swallowed hard. "Okay, this place is giving me the creeps."
Ijimeru nodded in agreement and pointed to the floor. A reflection of an empty pedestool caught his attention. "The girl, has no, reflection."
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-The World--Carmina Gadelika-

Valiant was jumping and dodging to get ahead of the creature. It began to hop madly in search of it's prey, but Valiant ricocheted off a wall and struck it, knocking it on it's back. He jumped up and brought his arm down, splitting it in half and winning.
"YES!" He said in triumph. He got up and decided that it would be best if he stuck closer to the entrance, since he had spent 8 of 9 lives just trying to deal with enemies deeper inside. He hung around the entry gate and proceeded to whistle "In the Mood" of all things. He turned around as the gate behind him opened, and three more players arrived.
"Hey," He said simply.
"Hi, you been here long?" one of them asked.
"Just a few minutes, you need a party?" Valiant asked.
"Sure, we could use the help."
"Excellent, so could I." He replied extending his hand.
"I'm Valiant."
"I'm Nitsu, this is Siroken and Enix." Nitsu introduced, everyone shaking hands with Valiant.
"Well, what are y'all doing down here, throwing a house party?"
"No, we could just use the exp." Enix replied
"Yeah, well, so could I, and I was looking for some company." Suddenly a bigger monster jumped out at them, Valiant knocked Siroken out of it's path and Enix launched a wave at it, knocking it back. Nitsu and Valiant then jumped in the air at the same time, and the two long arms struck the demon at once, killing it.
"All right, le's go." Valiant said, the group heading deeper inside...

OOC: I don't know too much about .hack, so if I make a mistake please tell me.
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The four of them trekked deeper into the dungeon, the tribal beats in the background invigorating them even further (That is, if their music volume was high enough).

"Okay," Valiant remarked. "We're about halfway through the dungeon.."

Enix stepped forward. "I think I should heal us then..." Thus, one by one, the wavemaster used his magic to restore the adventurers' health. They all thanked him, and went down a long, curving stairway until they came to the end.

"Siroken," Nitsu nudged the twin blade. "You're the most speedy out of any of us... You scout ahead."

Siroken playfully stuck out his tongue through a grinning mouth. "Roger." He ejected the weapons on his hands and inched his head out into the hallway. He saw a giant warrior-type monster, spinning its humongous mace above its head. "Okay," He whispered to the others. "It's a really huge mace-wielding warrior beast." He grinned at them. "Are you all up for it?"

"Of course!" Nitsu and Valiant replied in unison, tapping their glaives on the stone floor.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Enix had a more serious look on his face.

"All-righty then," Siroken jumped out into the hallway, running full-speed at the monster. "Let's do it!"

Little did they know that there was something different about that monster.. Something that would affect all of them drastically, in one way or another.
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Guest Tidal
-The World-GrassLand-
Dao Li was walking thought the grass with his blade slung over his back and hears a girl scream. He runs over a hill and sees a Twinblade surrounded by a few goblins. she sees him and yells"HEY YOU HELP ME PLEASE!" walking down the hill, Dao li says some words and a few fire balls fall down on the Goblins.As he got to the bottom of the hill they fell over. the girl says" thank you mister." she then gates out. sighing, Dao li sighs and gates out back to Mac Anu.
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"I call First attack!" Nitsu yelled running past Siroken and sticking her tounge out. She jumped up near the mosters head and took a huge slash at it. It brought its mace up and quickly blocked it. Nitsu jumped back with the others. "Its fast for such a heavy monster, I guess we'll have to pull some new moves on it."
Enix stepped forward, "We should all attack it at once, it can't block every attack."
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"Let's try this" enix said as he moved out of the way of a attack. He stood infront of the monster. Nitsu and valiant went to the left and the right of the monster. Siroken jumped behind the monster. Nitsu and valiant dassed towards the monster and hit with their weapons. Siroken ran up and hit it in the back and all three of them moved out of the way before enix shot it with a blast of energy. The monster fell down but nothing happened. "Did we get" nitsu asked.
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The entire party moved in close to the monster, trying to find out if they had won yet. It got back up, unaffected by their attacks.

Nobody else heard what Nitsu said next, due to the fact that the program doesn't let such language be heard on the system.

The creature swung its mace in a circle, hitting everyone. Enix, who was rather new to the game and didn't have much strength considering he was a Wavemaster, didn't have a chance to block or revive himself. His body fell gray to the ground.

Siroken muttered under his breath. "That's great. Our healing party member is not here now." He was completely worn out as well. This was gonna be over soon. Not how they had hoped for it to finish. He slowly stood up, and saw something he would never forget- The mace was ramming toward him, straight for his face.

Everything went black, and the last things he heard then were Valiant and Nitsu shouting out in pain, and the musician in him noticed F minor playing in the distance.
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"Wow, this is a pretty crowded place, I wonder where I am," Kori thinks to herself after just logging on for the first time. "Excuse me, could you tell me where I am," she asks a guy running by in a hurry. "Don't you know, oh you must be a newbie, your in root town Mac Anu," he says as he continues his quick pace. "Mac Anu, well I guess this is the starting point, that's why it's so busy. Hey now well lets see, I guess I'll just walk around see who's here. Wow a boat I wanna ride," she says jumping over the side of the bridge aiming for the next boat, and misses falling into the water. "Hahahaha" the people over head start laughing at her. "Oh I guess I should have gone to the dock," Kori says trying to doge an oncoming boat. "Well it's to late now, might as well enjoy the water." She swims over to the side and pulls herself up leaving her feet in the water. "Nice stunt," a boy comments as he sits next to her. "Thanks my names Kori," she says extending a hand in friendship. "Hey are you coming or not" a girl says talking to the guy. " Ok here i come, well gotta go sorry I couldn't stay longer. Bye." "Hey will you at least tell me your name," Kori screams over the crowd but it's to late he's already out of view.
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-The World - Church place -

Nitsu could here distant voices... or were they distant? The felt so close yet sounded so far away... She tryed to stand up, but everything inside her ached.
"Whats worng with me?" She thought to herself. She used what little strength she had left and pulled herself up off the ground. She reconised the familar room of the church. The voices were still spinning aroung in her head.
"hey, are you ok?" Siroken Asked staggering over to her and helping her up to her feet. "The others are over there" he said nodding his head 10 feet away to where Enix and Valiant were laying down.
Valiant sturred and then to woke up and groned. "What the hell happened?"
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Siroken looked around at the pues and at the statue of the girl at the front of the building. "..I know where we are very well..." He dusted himself off. We're in Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.. I spend a lot of my time here..."

Something was different now, they all could tell.

Valiant opened the large doors to the church. "I'm gonna log off now.."

"Uh," Enix came up and rested his hand on Valiant's shoulder. "Maybe we should--" The two of them gasped as a gust of air flew in the church.

Siroken and Nitsu were rather surprised too. "How--" Siroken muttered. "How can that be?"

Nitsu continued the thought. "That's wind... But how can we feel wind if we're in a game..?"
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[B]The World-Mac Anu[/B]

Shape walked over to Kori.

[B]Shape[/B]: You a newbie, right?

[B]Kori[/B]: Yeah, why?

[B]Shape[/B]: Why dont you join me? I could bring someone along to this new place I heard.

[B]Kori[/B]: Sure. Why not?

[B]Shape[/B]: Lets go.

In a minute, they had appeared in front of the Chaos Gate.

[B]Shape[/B]: By the way, the names Shape. Ready?

[B]Kori[/B]: Im Kori, and Im ready.

[B]Shape[/B]: Okay, the keywords are Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.

In seconds, they vanished...

...and appeared in front of a large church.

[B]Kori[/B]: Wow. This is sorta creepy.

[B]Shape[/B]: Dont worry about it. Just stay back if you cant handle any of the monsters, if there is any.

[B]Kori[/B]: Alright. Thanks.

When they entered the church, they saw four other players standing in front of a large statue of a girl bound by chains.

[B]Kori[/B]: What do you think they're doing?

[B]Shape[/B]: Doesnt look like anything. Lets go talk to them.
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Hey! Me and Kitty were still in the church :-P

Ijimeru lept from the shadows with his sword drawn. "Yeeaaaah- huh?" He looked to see six other players in the room. Kitty walked from the other side. "I told you they weren't monsters!" Ijimeru looked around dumbfounded. "How did you all get here? I didn't here a single person transport." Nitsu came out of a fighting stance. "Well, I myself have no idea." the other three in her party shrugged or shook their heads."We just transported from the root town." Shape and Kori walked further in. Ijimeru groaned and covered his face with his hand. "This entire freeggin thing has me on edge!"
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"Well siroken apparentley, our minds became one with the game. Of course this is just my idea. I've herd that people are going into acomas because of the game. But the creators say it isn't because of the game. As a hacker I should of figured this might happen" enix said sitting down on a bench. "Your a hacker" nitsu asked looking at him. "I'm not a very good one. I'm more of a small fry compared to other's" enix said as he layed his staff on his legs. "So how did you four get here" a girl sked them. "We where in a dungon and got attacked by a monster that wasn't affected by our attacks" valiant said looking at the floor.
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Siroken nodded. "Yeah, we were in Carmina Gadelika, sweeping the dungeon... We came up to a monster with a giant mace which ended up defeating us all..."

"And now..." Nitsu looked at her hands. "We.. Can feel things, even though this is a game.."

Ijimeru frowned. "Huh. That doesn't sound possible.. Being absorbed into the game..."

Nitsu jolted upright her eyes wide. "Wait--" She looked at everyone in turn. "I remember reading about this on the message boards.. Apparently, a while ago, a boy named Tsukasa was trapped in this game.."

"So..." Valiant seemed a little on edge. "Does that mean we should look for someone who has relations to this Tsukasa character, or the events that surrounded him?"
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Ijimeru sighed. "Someone who was involved with him was in Dun Loriag, I think. I heard him talking about how happy he was that the Tsukasa incedent was over with. But..." His voice trailed off and he looked to the ground. "But what?" Kitty asked. "But if the Tsukasa incedent was real, then that means the indestructable monster might be real too." Nitsu looked at Siroken "Do you think thats what we fought? We did hit it pretty good."
"Who was the player?" Asked Enix. "He called himself the red rover or something. He had really tall hair that was a darker blue than mine." Valliant nodded and everyone started out the door. As Ijimeru walked out, he turned back to the statue. The floor started to ripple like water does when a drop hits it. In the ripples, Ijimeru could see the reflection of the statue, but in a more sinester, cold form. Kitty looked back to see him. "Hey! Hurry up or we're going to leave you behind!" Ijimeru swallowed hard and continued on.
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As they left the church enix was thinking about some thing. "Hey enix wat are you thinking about" ijimeru. "I'm thinking about some programes I made for this kind of problem. You know incase I got traped in the game" enix said as they came to a gate. "What are the programes" nitsu asked looking at him. "Well, the programes are for comunication, increasing stats and moveing around servers with out a gate but i've never tested them. I don't know if they work. I made once I herd of the incedendts and about tsucasa" enix said looking at nitsu.
"Well with your mind here and you body some where else you wouldn't be able to use the programes any way" kitty said. "Well yes I can. I told my brother and some of my freinds where the disk for the programes are. I would need to get one of my friends or my brother to load the programs. They all play the game" enix said. "Well if you see one of your friends talk to them about the disk" ijimeru said.
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"[i]This is sickening, I just came here for a good time, and I end up being trapped inside a game. Yeesh, my dad always told me this would happen.[/i]" Valiant thought to himself, he wondered if he could get out again, but at the same time he was curious about what it would be like to live inside a game, as well as what causes it to happen. He looked at Nitsu.
"It's kinda weird, you know? Why that monster of all things? And any ideas as to what happened to Tsukasa?"
"Why are you asking me all this?" Nitsu replied, apparently annoyed.
"I dunno, I figured you knew more about this than me. I'm still new at this."
"Well, there are stories of things like this happening before, but I've never heard any proof."
"Huh." Valiant sighed, then stopped.
"This is confusing, and more importantly, WILL WE BE ABLE TO JACK OUT?!"
"I don't think so, if we are becoming part of the game, jacking out is impossible." Ijimeru sighed. Valiant groaned.
"My folks are gonna kill me."
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"How can your parents kill ya if your in the game" enix said. "Good point. They'll kill me if I get out" vailiant said looking down. "Let's just go to dun loireag and see what information we can find" enix said holding up his staff at the gate. "Do you know some thing enix"nitsu asked. "Ya I think the name of the guy we're looking for is named crim. If your woundering how I know I keep up with the events of "the world". So let's go" enix said before he dissapered. The others followed.
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Siroken lifted his head when he heard the name Crim. He turned to Nitsu. "You remember The Crimson Knights, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, a little while after they were first formed, one of the founders of the group quit... Do you remember his name?"

"Crim the Red Lightning," Valiant responded.

"Exactly," Siroken responded. "And a character like that is bound to know at least a couple more famous players..."

There was a long, awkward silence Enix breaking it maybe a minute later. "You know.. Siroken, you don't seem to be very worried, considering we're trapped in The World."

The twin blade responded. "Well," He grinned. "I always look at the glass half full. We won't have to worry about school or chores for a while, right? Plus, if this Tsukasa character eventually logged out, the same will happen to us."

They all came up to the Chaos Gate and warped to Dun Loreiag.
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