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Art really good at making people mad.


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so i've been on this board for like 3 days and managed to irritate a bunch of people. i think. *sigh* i guess it's just empty nest syndrome. my hubby just got sent back to Korea today...i think he'd going to bring me back some manga though...which is cool...i guess. in three months if the army doesn't lie to me again.

i like doing graphics and i'm obsessive compulsive so that coupled with insomnia isn't fun. too much time and not enough to do.

so basically i'm really sorry.

this is a drawing that was inspired by japanese style masks for the mystism aspect of the culture.


whatcha think.
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hrm i see it. what the heck oh well.
3 months is nothing compaired to the 13 months he's be gone. oh well. umm i wish the pic would show up. wonder where it's hiding.

thank you sara. :love:

the reason there's no color is because it's flash for a tattoo. there's a lot of symbolism...the 'cat' is supose to be a fox...the shapeshifting animal type that wore masks...


if any cares to know what the mask means...

the mask is representation of my personal avatar, the fox. she's supose to remind me that all of my depression is a transitional period in my life and that i can work thru it with help. the ribbons are supose to draw in the sorrows/trials/tribulations and pull them into the webing set behind the mask and ribbons (similiar concept to a dream catcher) and remove them from my daily thoughts of ugh...i'm depressed and replace it with the thought of inner strength.

alright that's about it. heh. i think i've yammered on enough about personal goals and stuffs. ;)

hrm come to think of it maybe i'll put the kanji for strength in there...

i think you'd be able to see the pic better if i had a scanner. the image was actually taken with a quickcam.
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The face kind of looks like a cat. Very nice job. I think it should have red dots, like the flag but thats me. And I would kind of make it look like an anime eye, then it owuld look like a japanese mask. Good job. 8/10

Oh and thanks Sara.
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