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[COLOR=darkblue]Hey every one![/COLOR] Who wants to pull an all nighter?(or untill your really tired)It's farely simple.All u have to do is make up a name for fun,age,male/female,description,what time you might go to bed at,and why you want to do this.

For exaple

Name: Suzuki Malimara Tizuma
Age: 20
Male/Female: Female
Description: A lean looking girl with long white hair set in ponytails,big blue eyes,lushes lips,and waers a pink tanktop and pink boxers to bed.
Time: 1:30am.
Why: Because adultswim is on and I don't want to miss Trigun or any of your replies!

See, farely simple. So, give it a try!:)Please?:blush:
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Ehmm, ill give it a try. So what do we exactly do?
Name: Izo Akimoto

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Short black hair, spongebob boxers :blush: and a white tanktop with the words "all nighter" on it.

Time: 12:30

Why: Have to see the premeire of Blue Gender^.^[/color]
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Well i guess i will joing up this sounds fun

Name: Zen Ren Tao
Age: 17
Male/Female: male
Description: Tall, Lanky, with messy blue hair, green eyes, gray boxers, with a red button shirt with a pineapple on the back
Time: 3:00 AM.
Why: Because i am a insomnica night hawk who loves anime and to talk bout it pLus Fooly Cooly and Blue Gender r on finally r on :D
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Thank you for joining! I still need a few more people to bring up something new tho..... So come and join!
Plus, I can't be the only girl here! Unless.....you guys are cute of course.:naughty: But! I want to know, what show you are most looking forwerd to watching.(but still do the name,age,ect. if you are just reading this)
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YOURRRRRRRRRRRR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just doing this for s***s and giggles!!
NOT!! I'm asking people why they stay up so late basicly. As you can see I make it to be a creative way to ask people their reasons for staying up so late. I mean, would you want to answer a thread that said "Why do you stay up late?" I no I wouldn't.

So like I said, I make a creative way to ask people. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]She might be, but I'm certainly not. For this to continue, it will develop a back story and a potential [I]plot[/i] very, very quickly. Believe me, I have no intention of being patient with the whatever-th rpg of this type I've had to deal with recently.

Raiha, the reason I keep telling you to use the report post to moderator button is so you stop posting things like that...I mean, seriously, it's not like you really have to worry about post count or anything....[/font][/color]
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This sounds fun to me. I hope it lasts...

Name: Jordan
Age: 12
Male/Female: Female
Description: Short cerulean hair with longer bangs, icy blue eyes, light blue t-shirt with "Otaku" written on the front, and jungle-style pants. :D
Time: I can stay up 'till 3 central time, maybe later
Why: Hm...can't get to sleep, FLCL and Trigun are on, and to talk to other Otakus at a weird hour. :sweat:
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I hope it lasts too.Because it seems only two really hate the idea.So read the bottem please......

The story is about a lonely girl who has no friends at all. So one day see finally has the guts to go up to a boy to ask to spend the night.He says yes.Now the girl is so happy that she ask's some more people,and they all say yes. She jumps up with glee to know that people actullylike her.

And right now, the people that were asking quesstions,this is my FIRST RPG!:bawl:
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Name: Daigo, Double Barrel Daigo

Age: 13

Sex: yes, please. I'm a dude.

Descrption: Red T-shirt, blue jean shorts, no shoes, and a black cap matching his shirt. Brown eyes, pointy eye brows, auburn hair, barely visible mustach, braces with red and white bands, and a slight tan.

Time: Until Family Guy comes on and then i'm outta hear.

Why: Cuz' i'm an energetic otaku all hopped up on caffene.
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it sounds interesting....I'll do it!

Name:Mikiko(Miki for short)Hayama
Gender: female
Description: a hyper girl with strawberry blonde hair she has in a ponytail and dark green eyes. She wears a megatyoko "PH3AR TH3 CUT3 ON3S to bed with some shorts underneath.
Time: 4:00am
Why?: Because she wants to thats why.(and she like Trigun and surfing the web at ubseen hours of the moringing.)
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Alethea
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Desc.: Waist length black hair, bright green eyes, short slip (black)
Time: 3:30
Why: Cuz she can and wants 2. Also becuase of trigun and all that cool stuff.

I'll start it if no 1 will. PLEASE?!
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