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Sign Up Animorphs: They're Back!


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They?re Back![/size]
[I]20 years have passed since the heroes: Jake, Cassie, Tobias, Marco, Rachelle and Ax defeated the Yeerks and Visser 3. Everything was back to normal and no one even knew it except the Animorphs. But the Yeerks are back, and the Animorphs were most brutally killed. Fraesha Lindwik Sinkit Yorad, a.k.a. Visser 3. The Yeerk inside him was killed. But he was weakened so much that he can only live for so long.[/I]

We don?t have our powers yet but we will be near the starting. Now, what I want from you is this:
1. You must submit a post from another RPG to me by PM, and it must not be shorter then three posts. Type Subject as: Animorphs Post.


[b]Name:[/b] (no last names)

[b]Age:[/b] (no younger than 13, no older than 17)

[b]Favourite Morph:[/b] (basically your ?starting animal?)

[b]Personality:[/b] (what?s your character like?)

[b]Background:[/b] (anything about you)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (what do you look like?)

[u][b]My sign-up[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Matt

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Favourite Morph:[/b] Cheetah

[b]Personality:[/b] Matt is one of the kindest guys around. One time his girlfriend had to give him permission to kiss her. He's very sociable with everyone. And very funny.

[b]Background:[/b] Matt's the school Running Long Jump Champ and is also one of the best runners on the Track team. He has the normal family. His mom and dad are normal parents. His brother has gone to Law Enforcement College.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Matt has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He also has a year round tan.[/center]

-=§=- :wave:[/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ben

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Favourite Morph:[/B] Polar Bear

[B]Personality:[/B] Very quiet. Ben seldom talks much, but when he does it's usually advice. Sometimes it's not the best advice, but he likes to think that he helps others. He absolutely hates speaking in public; it makes him physically ill. He's very supportive of his friends.

[B]Background:[/B] He's a first year fencer at school, though he holds no records. He has, however, beaten several opponents with more experience. Outside of the sport, he's actually does not like much confrontation.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Medium height and a little overweight.(:p) Ben has brown hair and brown eyes, with a circular scar over his left eyebrow.

About the writing, did you want three posts? Or one post three [I]paragraph's[/I] long?
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AHH!! *squees* The Animorphs!! ^______^

[b]Name:[/b] Danielle

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Favourite Morph:[/b] Tabby Cat

[b]Personality:[/b] Danny's a pretty laid back type of girl, pretty tomboy-ish in her interests, which mainly consist of video games and basketball.

[b]Background:[/b] Danny's a force to be reckoned with on the school basketball team. She has a twin brother, Jason, who runs track, and so can often be seen waiting for him towards the end of practises. Danny and Jason live with their mother and father. Nothing else unusual to report O_o

[b]Appearance:[/b] Short brown/copper hair, lots of freckles, average height, and bright green eyes. She looks remarkably pretty for a tomboy, usually attired in jeans, trainers and a light coloured t-shirt.

If you didn't like the link I made with the "track" thing, be sure to give me a nudge ^_^;;
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I thought that Animorphs went out of style years ago! Cool!
Name: Kevin

Age: 14

Favourite Morph: Wolf

Personality: Kevin always puts on a brave face, and constantly tries to lighten the mood. He is always trying to be cheerful.However, since he does not have many friends, he sometimes gets depressed and won't talk to anyone. When he goes into battle, he becomes serious and efficient.

Background: Kevin comes from a solid home and is just going into High School. He runs everyday, and is planning on doing Cross Country(thats why his favourite morph is a wolf). He doesn't have many friends, despite his cheerful exterior, so he is prone to depression every once in a while.

Appearence: Kevin is tall for his age, and he has short, dark brown hair. He has dark blue eyes, which many people remark on.
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Name: Landon

Age: 16

Favourite Morph: Falcon

Personality: Very out going, likes to live life on the edge. When with the group usually takes on the role of Second-in-Command and the emotional support. But he has the tendencey to run into a situation without thinking about it

Background: Landon is very good with his imagaination and setting out how he'd like something to be done. His fave lesson is art where he can express him self in the best way. He is, like a falcon, a free flying spirit going where he wants to.

Appearance: Is it okay if I look like Trowa from GW? If so, see attachment
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Cool. I might as well sign up since I loved the books.


Name: Kitty

Age: 16

Favorite Morph: Tiger

Personality: Is very quiet since she doesn't have many friends. When people try to befriend her, she edges away trying to avoid them. To her friends, she can be very funny and kind, but to her rivals and such, she is down right vicious.

Background: She is the oldest of two, making her very much ignored by everyone. She doesn't mind, however, because this gives her more time to do her favorite thing. Art. She draws lots of things, especially cats. She is also a very good baseball player. (You heard me, baseball, not softball). She has a very active imagination, as she is almost always "spaced out". She usually imagines her alone in a world with only animals as her friends.

Appearance: She has long brown hair with bangs and light highlights at the bottom which is normally in a ponytail, and green eyes. She wears a dark blue shirt that says "Don't come near me, I might bite", blue jeans with holes in the knees, and sneakers. She is about 5'7" and is skinny.


I'm not very good at this RPG post thingee, but I'll try!
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[b]OB Member: dbzanimegrl17
Status: [color=green]Accepted[/color] -received sample
Player Name: Kitty
Morph: Tiger

OB Member: Taki Ebina
Satus: [color=orange]Pending...[/color] -did not receive sample
Player Name: Landon
Morph: Falcon

OB Member: gamemasterkev00
Status: [color=green]Accepted[/color] -received sample
Player Name: Kevin
Morph: Wolf

OB Member: Braidless Baka
Status: [color=green]Accepted[/color] -received sample
Player Name: Danielle
Morph: Tabby Cat

OB Member: Ben
Status: [color=green]Accepted[/color] -received sample
Player Name: Ben
Morph: Polar Bear[/b]

-=§=- :wave:[/size]
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Name: Damion
Age: 14
Favourite Morph: Lion
Backround: Kind of a loner. enjoys playing games and and learning. is always made fun of at school, but he doesnt care, he is way smarter then them and scored perfect on his Grad standards. his parents dont ereally pay alot of attention to him. but they do know how smart he really is

Desc: Med Tall, Skinny, very agile and fast, black hair with blonde tips. hiar is in spikes, wears baggy clothes. glasses. skater shoes, ( he doesnt skate).

Personality: Smart, Fast, lots of agility, playful. very loving to things that love him back.
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Name: Leanne

Age: 17

Favourite Morph: Raven

Personality: Calm and kind of amused with everything. Has a laid back attitude to life but values her relationships, especially her family.

Background: Exchange student from England (Leeds to be exact) moved here with her mother after her father was killed in an explosion in the factory which he worked.

Appearance: 5,6, short, blonde bob and green eyes, lithe and quite athletic. Doesn't follow style as such, pretty much wears what she wants, jeans, t-shirts, whatever. Wears a silver ring with a black stone her mother gave her on her index finger and a silver celtic twist on her thumb both on her left hand. A beaded necklace and bracelet.
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OB Member: Tw34kY
Status: [color=orange]Pending...[/color] -did not receive sample
Player Name: Damion
Morph: Lion

OB Member: doukeshi03
Status: [color=green]Accepted[/color] -received sample
Player Name: Leanne
Morph: Raven

I only need 5 people. No new joiners. Here's whos in:


I'll start A.S.A.P.[/size][/b]
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