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Art The Purple Koala-Powered Marmalade Blaster

Dragon Warrior

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I made this for another forum which has a weekly theme of what you should draw. THis week's theme is [b]Extremely Odd and Unorthodox Weapons[/b] so I made a Purple Koala-Powered Marmalade Blaster.

It's made out of mostly household items and objects. Let's see if you can name all the objects I used :)

NOTE: This koalas are purple, not the marmalade blaster itself.
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lesse, looks like:

a bunch of spatulas, a soda can, a paper towel roll, an alarm clock, a pencil sharpener, a broken tennis/badminton raquet, a license plate(with a phone number on it?), a milk carton, little wooden clip thingees, a pole, boxers, and, of course, a purple koala and marmalade.
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Well, you've got it. No sense in not describing it now...

As you can see by the name, the gun is mainly based upon shooting marmalade. The marmalade is stored inside the jars on the bottom of the machine and transferred through the gun to the soda can at the front where it fires out of. If you look closely, there is a window on the gun's side with a Koala pawing at the glass (cute little feller). As the name implies, this critter powers the gun so it can fire the marmalade.

It is also able to do much more. Like the following:

[B]Toilet paper(Paper Towel Roll Scope:[/B] This item is located on the top where you can use it to aim perfectly. Booyah!

[B]Plunger Missiles:[/B] Located on both sides of the gun and near the front, these can usually hit an oppnent and stay latched, knocking them over on impact.

[B]Spoiled Milk Bomb:[/B] Near the back on the side, it can be easily taken off and chucked at an enemy. It's powerful so one has to be careful using it.

[B]Alarm Clock:[/B] Just for kicks.

[B]License Plate:[/B] Also just for kicks. Or federal reasons.

[B]Your Mother's Beef Casserole from last Thursday Sticky Splat Shooter:[/B] This consists of more than one item on the gun. If you can tell, there is a pencil sharpener on the gun's side and a tennis racket on the bottom. When rotating the crane on the pencil sharpener, the casserole spills out onto the tennis racket and the tennis racket pulls back. When it's let go, the sticky goo flies on your opponent and stops them in their tracks.

[B]Spatulas:[/B] If the plungers have been fired already, these spatulas can twirl in a circle on their rotating piece of the blaster. Makes good for blowing air, flying, and just chopping your opponent to a bloody pulp :)

[B]Cork Cannons:[/B] These can fire many rounds per second (dunno how many. Hey! I'm just an idiot, okay?). The corks are located at the top around the pop can. They can fire from there and new corks will be set in their place until all ammo is out.

[B]Boxer Flag:[/B] I have really no idea.

[B]Alarm Clock:[/B] Just for kicks.

[B]Arm Strap:[/B] It's on the guy's arm to hold the gun in place. Even though the blaster allows you to shove most of your arm in, it's smart to latch it since it cuts off by the elbow.

NOTE: No, i didn't bother spending lots of time on the guy's arms XD

That's about it. I'm happy with it. It took forever to draw so MEH to you!
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