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Art Sly the Morrgoblin

Dragon Warrior

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Very nice, but very creepy. I don't like goblin thingees, so I'm not sure how to score it. It's shading is VERY good. I like how you do it so well. Anywayz, here's my rating for your art work.

DW's Pic: 8/10

I'm tellin' ya, without my brain I get smarter everyday. Hurry up and find it! I don't like being an intellectual!!!

~A girl who likes to complain~
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Haha. That'd be a good use for him. Got any more scary goblin dude drawings? When you do, you should post them here so the mods don't close this thread.

~Sorry if this is off topic but.... I LIKE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!! DIE LEMURS!!!!! Heheh. Lemurs are fake wannabe monkeys... heheh... wannabe monkeys... heehehe~
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