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[size=1][color=700000][b]It has been two years since the Tamers have defeated the D-Reaper and the Deva's. Living their lives normally, each of their Digimon lurk in the back of their minds.

Takato was now in seventh grade, along with Rika, Henry and the others. Susie was in fourth grade, and Ai and Mako were now in kindergarten. They still met up, however, but when Rika's mom decided to move to USA, she and the others were deeply upset.

Now, one short of a teammate, the group is deeply distraught and sad. Nothing, [i]nothing[/i] could get Rika's mom to move back. Or so it seemed...


Lee stepped onto the sidewalk of the downtown park. Dressed in a dark green shirt and khaki pants, the tamer alumnus walked along silently. Short, dark blue hair stayed straight, thanks to the miracle of gel.

Suddenly, Lee heard familiar laughing. Very familiar, actually. He stepped around a bush, to see a surprising sight: Chocomon and Gummymon. Almost speechless, Lee almost didn't say anything.

"Kokomon! Gummymon! Over here!" he yelled, waving his arms. The two in-training Digimon stopped laughing and turned to look at him. Something wasn't right, something...was wrong.

"It's me, Lee!" he shouted, waving his arms some more. The Digimon made no response, or even show that they had saw him. A blank stare was all he was received. Then, for no reason, the two Digimon started to turn and wobble away.

Reluctantly, Lee followed. The two Digimon made their way through bushes, apparently heading toward the place where they had tried to hide Growlmon when Guilmon had first digivolved. Into the clearing they went, and then suddenly stopped. They didn't turn around, or anything, and were apparently waiting for someone or [i]something[/i].

Suddenly, the trees and bushes around him started to dissipate in red swirls. Everything was dissipating, even the ground he was standing on, but he kept still. Looking around him in a maze of confusement, he started to walk toward the two small Digimon.

Then, before he could reach them, a black mass started appearing behind them. Lee couldn't see a thing, except the outline of a huge monster. It's wings were small compared to its body, but that was the only detail he could see. Roaring loudly, it's eyes began to glow an eerie red.

"Kokomon! Gummymon!" yelled Lee, ready to run. The two Digimon slowly turned around, and to Lee's surprise, had marveling fangs and red eyes. Lee's eyes grew wide as he began to run. And run fast. The dark figure and seemingly possessed Digimon were gaining on him. After running what seemed like forever, he slammed into something and fell down.

"Oh, my bad," he heard a soft voice say. He felt a medium-sized hand lift his up, and he began to panic.

"The--the monster!" yelled Lee, pointing behind him. The boy who had helped him was obviously looking at him strangely. Lee swung around, only to see that there was nothing there. He chuckled lightly, and put his hands on his knees.

"My name is T.K.," the boy said.

"I'm Lee," he replied with a smile.


The Characters:

I will list the characters here, and as you can see, we will have a s2 crossover. I'll list the tamers and their Digimon (including all levels), and the normal levels of the S2's Digidestined Digimon.

Jarimon->Gigimon->Guilmon->Growlmon->WarGrowlmon->Gallantmon->CrimsonGallantmon/MedievilGallantmon (*NEW)








[u]Ai and Mako[/u]
Kiimon->Yaamon->Impmon->Fangmon***->Mesphistomon->Beelzemon/Beelzemon Blast Mode

[u]New Characters[/u]

Chibomon->DemiVeemon->Veemon->ExVeemon->AeroVeedramon Zero->AlForceVeedramon Zero





*T.K.'s Patamon is smaller then Kenta's, and has a higher voice.
**Yes, she will get a new Digimon.
***I had to change this, because Boogeymon is way too scary for Ai and Mako.

[u]The Catches:[/u]

1. You must not post less then three paragraphs in the actual rpg.

2. You must choose a character from above.

3. I do have the right to reject anyone.

[u]Q & A:[/u]

Will all the kids be able to biomerge?

[i]Yes, all, even the S2 kids will be able to biomerge.[/i]

What about the Digi-Eggs?

[i]The children will find, and be able to use all the Digi-Eggs, thus revealing all s2 Armor Digimon. S3 Digimon cannot do it.[/i]



Main Digi-Egg/Card: (cards for s3, eggs for s2. You may use any egg.)

Digimon: (all levels)

Attacks: (rookie and up)

Description: (short description of character-must look different))

[u]My Sign-Up:[/u]

Name: Takato

Main Digi-Egg/Card(s): MetalGreymon's Wings, Hyper Foot

Digimon: Jarimon->Gigimon->Guilmon->Growlmon->WarGrowlmon->Gallantmon->CrimsonGallantmon/MedievilGallantmon (*NEW)

Attacks: Pyrosphere, Rapid Claw-> Pyro blaster, Dragon Slash->Atomic Blaster, Double Blades->Shield of the Just, Lightning Joust->Final Justice, Invincible Sword->Final Crest, Laser of Wyvern

Description: Has a dark red Abercrombie & Fitch shirt on, black pants. Wears D-Power on the back of them.


I didn't put Alice up as a new character, but if anyone wants to play her, be my guest. PM me with any questions about anything.

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Main Digi-Egg/Card: uh..I'll get back to you on that.

Digimon: Reremon->Vixenmon->Renamon->Kyubimon->Taomon->Sakuyamon

Attacks: renamon-dimond storm
Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel, Fox Tail Inferno
Taomon: Talisman of Light, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell
Sakuyamon: Dragon Helix, Spirit Crusher, Talisman Sphere, Twin Blades of Beauty, Amethyst Wind, Crystal Sphere, Scepter Dash
Sakuyamon Priestess Mode: Rice Cord

Thanks Logan!!!

Description: rika stopped wearing those floods and the shirt with the heart on it.

Now her hair is longer and she leaves it down. Rika wears a green sleeveless turtle kneck and camo cargo jeans. she keeps her cards in one of the pockets on her pants. She wears air force ones.

hope this is Ok and this time i'm gunna put my all into an rpg.
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[size=1][color=700000][b]I'm going to ask you to improve on your grammar skills in the rpg. Things such as puncuation, capitalization, spelling, etc. I want this to be a smooth rpg.

If you need help, contact me through a messenger. I have msn, and it is [email]leh_27@hotmail.com[/email]. I'm sure I could help you.

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Name: Ryo

Main Digi-Egg/Card(s): Thinking...

Digimon: Ketomon->Hopmon->Monodramon->Strikedramon->Cyberdramon->Justimon

Attacks: Beat Knuckle, Cracking Bite->Strike Fang, Strike Claw->Desolation Claw, Cyber Nail->Justice Kick, Justice Knuckle, Thunder Clap, Voltage/Molten Blade, Justice burst

Description: He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He wears his D-Power on the side of his hat and still has that cool metal arm thingy.[/size][/b]
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Name: TK

Main Digi-Egg/Card: Friendship

Digimon: Poyomon->Tokomon->Patamon*->Angemon->MagnaAngemon->Seraphimon

*Attacks: Boom Bubble->Hand of Fate->Gate of Destiny->Seven Heavens

Description: TK abandoned the green outfit and now wears mostly Blue. He had no hat and is hair is cut about to his ears and is died a dark brown. He has a dark blue shirt, with matching baggy cargo pants. He uses the belt loop on his right near the top pocket to store his D-Terminal.

*Bleh sorry about that Logan:blush: I was writing that on the wrong thing. I am on MSN right now and I was talking to someone. The star was about rightness.
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Name: Lee

Main Digi-Egg/Card(s): WarGreymon Brave Sheild, Hyperwing

Digimon: Zerimon->Gummymon->Terriermon->Gargomon->Rapidmon->MegaGargomon-> MegaGargomon Tank Mode

[U]Zerimon:[/U] Unknown
[U]Gummymon:[/U] Bubble Blow
[U]Terriermon:[/U] Bunny Blaster, Tiny Twister, Blazing Fire, Terrier Tornado, Head Slam
[U]Gargomon:[/U] Gatling Arm, Animal uppercut, Bunny Pummel, Gargo Pellets, Gargo Laser
[U]Rapidmon:[/U] Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile, Tri-Beam, Atomic Blast
[U]MegaGargomon:[/U] Gargo Missile, Mega Barrage, Knuckle Knockdown, Mega Twister, Bum Rush
[U]MegaGargomon Tank Mode:[/U] Gargo Cannon, Big Charge Bomb, Tank Thrust, Fortress Barrage

Description: Wears black jeans, grey/white sneakers, green T-shirt and sun-glasses. Has grey eyes, dark blueish hair and light brown skin. His D-Arc (D-Power) is green and is normally clipped to his belt.

EDIT: I found lots more attacks for Terriermon and his Digivolutions so I've changed it.
ANOTHER EDIT: I've created a mode change for MegaGargomon but I'm using the pic of Raidenmon to show it, [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Raidenmon2.jpg]MegaGargomon Tank Mode[/URL]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Davis

Main Digi-Egg/Card: Digi-Egg of Light and Hope

Digimon: Chibomon->DemiVeemon->Veemon->ExVeemon->AeroVeedramon Zero->AlForceVeedramon Zero

Attacks: Veemon: Vee Punch, Vee Headbutt
ExVeemon: Vee-Laser, Vee-Kick, Vee-Punch, Critical Punch/Crunch
AeroVeedramon Zero: V-Wing Blade, Magnum Crush
AlForceVeedramon Zero: Shining V-Force, AlForce Saber

Description: He has the same goggles his mother gave to him a few years ago. He has a regular black jacket. He wears some dark blue Levi's, which are a little baggy.

Hope that's good. ^^
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I've got the attacks for AeroVeedramon, they are:
[B]V-Wing Blade
Magnum Crush[/B]

Just a note here: Tai gave Davis his goggles after his were damaged from the Monochromon attack and his Digi-eggs are Courage and Friendship.

Also, Ex-Veemons other attacks:
Critical Punch/Crunch[/B]
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[b]Name:[/b]Kari Kamiya/Yagami

[b]Main Digi-Egg:[/b]Courage/Light


[b]Salamon-[/b]Puppy Howling
[b]Gatomon-[/b]Lightning Paw,Cat's Eye Hypnotism
[b]Angewomon-[/b]Celestial Arrow,Heaven's Charm
[b]Ophanimon-[/b]Sephirote Crystal,Shining Javelin(Thanks Taki!)

[b]Description:[/b]She's turned in her Pink and White shirt and long gloves,yellow shorts and pink shoes.Now she wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside that has a print of a baby blue chinese coiled up dragon,navy blue pants and blue and white joggers.She still wears her camera around neck and she wears silver,reflective sunglasses over her eyes.She's not into the pink anymore.She keeps her D-Terminal in a pocket inside the folds of her jacket.
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[size=1][color=700000][b]Taki, you don't get it. [i]Season 2 characters are not DigiDestined yet.[/i] They don't even know Tai and all the Digimon. Ok?

[u]Kyubimon[/u]: Dragon Wheel, Fox Tail Inferno
[u]Taomon[/u]: Talisman of Light, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell
[u]Sakuyamon[/u]: Dragon Helix, Spirit Crusher, Talisman Sphere, Twin Blades of Beauty, Amethyst Wind, Crystal Sphere, Scepter Dash


There is a Sakuyamon Priestess Mode we will be using later. Her picture is [url=http://neostrabimon.250free.com/priestess.bmp]here.[/url]

[u]Sakuyamon Priestess Mode[/u]: Rice Cord

EDIT: Link fixed.

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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b]
Name:[i] Cody
[/i]Main Digi-egg:[i] Sincerity
[/i]Digimon:[i] Armadillomon; Ankylomon; Jagamon; Boltmon
[/i]Attacks:[i] Diamond Shell, Diamond Slamming; Tail Hammer, Mega Pressure; Fried potato, Potato smash; Tomahawk Crunch, Tomahawk Knuckle
[/i]Describtion:[i] Cody still has the bowl-like hair style. wears gray t-shirt(sleaves up to elbows), and brown jeans.
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Name: Ai/Mako

Main Digi-Egg/Card: Uh... Goliath, Wargreymon's Brave Shield

Digimon: Kiimon->Yaamon->Impmon->Fangmon->Mesphistomon->Beelzemon/Beelzemon Blast Mode

Attacks: Bada Boom/Infernal Funnel; Blast Coffin/Snipe Steal; Dark Cloud/Black Sabotage; Double Impact/Corona Destroyer/Darkness Claw

Description: AI and Mako have long since put their differences behind them and do their best to please each other and Impmon. They have grown up a fair bit sincetheir last adventure, and want to be involved in the adventure and battles, even though Takato and Lee often tell them not to.

Heh, I'll remember to sign up more quickly next time.
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