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[color=green][size=1][i]Long long agi in a land called Par Ninkil. A force known as Serhe ruled the land. A grooup of elves,dwarves,humans, and many others rose up to fight and save themselves. They called themselves The Ravites. They will have to go through many Dangers so that they can win and become rulers of the land that was rightfully theirs.

Ok this is what i need.

Name: Soahc
Age: 5471
Race: Elf
Position in the Ravites: Leader and founder of the clan
Weapon type: Twin Swords, Bow and Arrow
Weapons name: Chaos swords, The Meteor Bow.
Magic attacks(Max 3): Meteora Strike, Flaming Spear, Wall of Pain
Appearence: Looks like Chaos from Xenosaga cept this guy has Black and red hair
Bio: He was considered the seer of his Elf Clan because as you can tell he looks different than a normal elf and his hairis a different colr same with his eyes. He was also born stronger and faster than any Elf alive. He has never liked the mythical force that rules the land called Serhe. He figured since he is different he will start a new way of life a way of freedom. His parents of course dopnt like it so he was outlawed and he was free to start the Ravites.

Hope this is good.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Theondell


Race: Elf

Position: Co-Leader

Weapon Type: Bow and Arrow, Twin-Swords, Mighty Sword.

Weapon Name: Rondell Bow and Arrows, Elven Fury, Klast.

Magic Attacks: Bombardment, Triple Slash, Lightning Slash.

Appearence: Looks like Legolas, only a little more muscular.

Bio: His family was killed at his age of 45, he's sworn vengeance on the force that took their lives... Serhe. Nothing much more is known about him.

Hopefully this is good. ^^[/color][/size]
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It has a vauge story plan, But I'll give ita shot. :-)

Name: Ryden
Age: 2240
Race: Elf
Position in the Ravites: A soilder
Weapons: A large sword known as the Wind of Life
Magic attacks(Max 3): Whirlwind, Wind blast, Speed of wind
Appearence: Dark blue mid length hair, A white bandanna and large ears. Blue longsleved shirt and White vest. Gray Pants and White boots.

Bio: Born in a town that was destroyed in a violent raid of Beserkers. He joined a clan of nomads that taught him the art of the wind. He travels alone now without a purpose.
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Name: tursi

Age: 100

Race: centaur

Position in the Ravites: healer and scout

Weapons: staff and bow & arrows

Weapons names: aria (staff), Fairways bow

Magic attacks(Max 3): Healing light, Serenas (moon goddes) arrows, tritons fury.

Appearence: top half- a regular built female, short black hair, pireceing green eyes. Wears a dark green tanktop like shirt. looks no less then 20
bottom half- basicly a black arabian mares body.

Bio: Has lived in the forests with her herd of centaurs, she was daughter of a warrior and was taught by him to use a bow and arrow. Then her mother sent her to study a few years with a mystic human healer, the deal made was he would teach her healing magic, and she would tell him how to read the stars, and tell prophecys. she left her forest to travel for a few years at the age of 30, (pretty young for a centaur) and that leads up to now.
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I'll try...

[B]Name:[/B] Legion

[B]Age:[/B] 1050

[B]Race:[/B] Elf

[B]Position in Ravites:[/B] Soldier

[B]Weapon Type:[/B] A Large, Gold Broad Sword

[B]Weapons Name:[/B] Paramount

[B]Magic Attacks (3):[/B] Volcano, Tornado Flame, Sonic Crush

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~mituba/mituba_hp/JPG/CG1/SKAWA.JPG[/IMG]

[B]Bio:[/B] An Elf raised to fight with the best of Human, he can match their sword-play, strike by strike. He has gained magical abilities from Past Sages while wandering around the land of Par Ninkil.
He uses his power and magic for good, and has recently joined the Ravites.
(I'd admit It is a small bio..thats cause i'm not used to Elves....)
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[color=green][size=1][i]Not bad you guys. You are allin. One thing Elves are a little older so you might want to raise their age a bit. And I think the centuar is ok. Well after 2 people join I will start it.[/color][/size][/i]
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Name: Linwe

Age: 1017

Race: Elf

Position: Soldier

Weapon type: A small katana with a cat design on the handel, and a broad sword with a dragon design on the handel

Weapon names: Cat's Typhoon, Dragon's Torment

Magic: Flash of Ice, Tornado, and Fire Spread

Appearance: Long blue hair in a ponytail, green eyes, long ears, and slightly tanned skin. Wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants, and boots.

Bio: She was abonded by her family when she was only 17 years old. She never really cared, and went straight to being a solitary wanderer. She trained in solitude for a while, then went back to traveling. She loves to kill, which is why she joined the Ravetis as a soldier. She doesn't like company and doesn't have any friends, so she mainly tries to work alone. She is ruthless and very cunning, making her a good fighter.
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im in on this rpg i love rpg's
Name: Gaul
Age: ??? ( some say he?s 20 but he knows he?s older. He never says his age)
Race: Human
Position: Adviser and helper of the weak
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: Gold! Hidden underneath a hood
Decription: 5 foot 11. A dark and misterious figure not much can be discribed for he wears a long and heavy Black cloak that covers his entire body.

Weapons: Twin Blades: two blades that seem to be perfectly forged to look the same
Long sword: A large and powerful sword
Demanda: An ancient sword only used as a last resort
Time freeze: By waving his twin blade swords in a ancient pattern he is able to stop time for his own pleasure.
Shivering strike: by focessing his energy into his Long sword he causes the blade end to turn into a sharp cold substance and when touch the victim?s place where it hits freezes it up for a few minutes
Suicide Death Strike: This attack is unknown for he has never used it before.
Winds of fate: A huge hurricane is brought forth and covers him shielding him from almost any attack for a few minutes
Bio: Not much is known of this fighter. He is dark, misterious, yet even though he seems to be the one to cause distruction and chaos he?s always helping those who need his help. The only hint of who he is resides in the medallion he carries around on his neck and in his powerful ancient sword, the Demanda
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