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It lasted for three weeks. When the world would end, I used to think that there would be some resistance. All the need to survive, all the resistance, and three fourths of the human race was gon in three weeks.

April 30, 5:30 at night, the skies darkened all over the world. A wave of fire shot down to the earth, destroying everything in it's path. It wasn't done with us yet, though. The skies darkened further, and then dropped, laying a black fog on the world. Horrible demons were born from the fog and ravedged the land. Eight towers shot from the ground all over the world. The tower of Fire, the tower of Water, the tower of earth, the tower of wind, The tower of death, the tower of life, the tower of lightning, and the tower, of elements.

Spells: 3-4
Bio: (optional)
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Kovu Diran
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Desc.: Short cerulean hair w/ long bangs, blue eyes, black shorts, loose long sleeve shirt, knee boots, bandanna holds back her hair cept 4 bangs.
Weapon: Staff w/ sharp metal on one end, throwing knives w/ poison on tips
Spells: Ice Missiles, Fire balls, Lightning Dagger, Ice wave
Element: All
Bio: Sweet, sarcastic, dark, mysterious, and deadly. She will fight for what ever she believes is right. Stay out of her way. She has control over all elements, though she is best w/ water/ice. She can make them do whatever she wants them to.
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Guest Anime_Forever
name: Haru
age: 12
gender: male
description: slightly long silver hair, blue shirt, white shorts, sandals, red headband
weapon: Wakazashi
Spells: wind tunnel, hurricane, gust, fly
element: wind
bio: Just your average kid. until this started. His family was killed in the fire but he escaped. Now, taking his wakazashi givin to him as a birth day present, he has set out to save the world.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Kiara

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.mwart.com/images/p/Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_300_UC1258_489.jpg]katana[/URL], desert eagle-.50 caliber

[B]Spells:[/B] Goriyaku- Grace of God(healing)
Taiyoufuu- Solar Wind
Engetsu Nami- Crescent Moon Wave
Heaven's Spells- uses all elements

[B]Element:[/B] all

[B]Bio:[/B] Kiara is a 16 year old girl who is a life long sorceress. She uses her spells to help people. She is a seductive, straight forward, tough girl that you can't defeat sometimes. She never gives up and she always tries her best. She's a little, well...more than a little, flirty. So watch out guys...she may catch your eye.[/size][/color]
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Name: Daish

Age: 15

Description: Long shoulderlength black hair, waterfall eyes, sky blue short sleeve shirt with v neck, dark blue jeans, white shoes, silver cross necklace.

Weapon: Keibo, Staff

Spells: Tidal Wave-sends giant wave from behind enemy
Sigh of Light- circles enemy in a tornado of water
Mist of Heaven-release a light mist in surrounding area
Home-quiet meditation used in any amount of time while being uneffected by outside interferrance
Element: Water

Bio: Sweet, quiet girl who will keep to herself no matter what conditions. She has been this way since she was five, when she lost her older sister who drowned trying to save her. Now when hell has broken loose upon her world, she's tried to help her family now more than ever. While also being very shy, Daish will come to you in a sense that she needs your assistance in some way.
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Wow, I thought this thread had died about two weeks ago.

Name: Kyru Starfe
Age: 17
Description: Brown hair, parted on the right and combed diagonally back. Blue eyes, hidden behind sunglasses. Black leather jacket, zipped up down one side. Black fingerless gloves and dark blue jeans. Black semi-large leather boots.
Weapon: Large sword
Spells: Death dimension, Sword of the leech, Rain of terror
Element: Dark
Bio: Grew up in an orphinage that was destroyed in the great rain. From then on, his rain of terror attack has been mistaken for the rain of fire, and he has therefore been dubbed as a demon from the pits of hadies. From then he has been overly strict and serious to a fault.
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I know I am late in describing but here it goes:

Name: Mina
Age: 19
Description: 5' 6", slender, fit body, slightly muscular, bronzed skin, mid-back length bluish/black hair, pale turqoise eyes, wears a white tank top that stops short above the belly button, a pair of black, soft leather pants, high heeled black boots halfway hidden under her pants, a gold w/a royal blue stone arm band on her left arm and wears a matching tiara, the stone small and dangles. And when needed, blue and white flammed wings, shaped like dragons wings.

Weapons/powers: a reaprance that when in use explodes into blue flames. Powers are anything to do with fire, she can control fire.
Spells: Blue Flame of Agony *reaprance specialty*Has the reputation of nothing/no one living to tell the tale after being attacked by this.
Time Warp: the spell of manipulating time for whatever she feels necessary
*she's mainly hand to hand combat w/her reaprance.*
Element: Fire
Biography: Umm..to make a very long story short..read the thread, I dont remember what page, but it's long..I am too lazy to write it all out...
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