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I was wondering if anyone else but me noticed that Gainax studios has an ongoing theme for making these classic anime that are both extremely weird and confusing, but at the same time thay are considered to be some of the greatest. Example, Fooly Cooly and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both really weird and confusing, but also very good and succesful. ANy one else notice this.

Oh, and did you notice that in episode two of FLCL when Kanti was loading Naota's dad's car with boxes, his dad started to rant on about the robot and what not and Naota started to talk to Haru and said, "Yeah, he wrote a book on the deep mysterous of Eva." now, i think that stands for Evangelion. Am i the only one who noticed this?
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Theres a part where the da dresses up as Lupin also that is pretty funny. I think Gainax really likes to have projects that push boundaries a little or a lot. Especially story-wise. The best part was the confusing end to Evangelion, then they did the movie ending because so many people complained and wanted to know what was going on. I watched it and was still so confused with the adam/Ayanami stuff and the Lance and all that weird crap. I still don't get it but I liked it anyway. Thats Gainax!
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i noticed the deep secrets of Eva. I alsonoticed Gainax's thing... Another wierd and confusing yet awesome anime by Gainax is Betterman. Did you notice all of them have mecha?
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Hehe.. I love Gainax. Eva AND FLCL... And Betterman (which I have never seen)... -_-

What other projects has Gainax done, in the US or not..? They've never really done a manga story, have they..? Like how Pierrot (Or however they spell it) has done Naruto and Yuyu Hakusho, as well as some others..

I noticed that pattern of Gainax and their confusing-yet-oh-so-great anime.. ^_^ Hehe, I like that..

Eva rules all!! Bwahahahaha!! >_< Well not really.
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[color=silver][font=times new roman][b]Well gainax has had a very colorful past...They have and still do make amazing animes...

One of the reasons for this being that all of the founding memebers of gainax are big anime fans themselves...They know what fans like and know we dont like to be talked down to or shown cheap crap...

Some of there best stuff is...

Ouritsu Uchugun Honneamise no Tsubasa(Wings of Honneamise)
Top o Nerae!(Gunbuster)
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia(Nadia Secret of Blue Water)
Oruchuban Ebichu, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo(His and Her Circumstances)

As well as of course Eva anf furi kuri...Oh and the self mocking comedy otaku no video...

Id reccomend any of there titles(And apologize if I missed any...Its late... :rolleyes: )

Well anywayz check out any of there stuff its all good...They are an amazing company.[/color][/font][/b]
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