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Hello everyone


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First off i would like to congratulate babygirl for apparently becoming a mod{i was wondering how long that would take}.
i would also like to say hi to everyone that i was friends with in tha past i will probably never be around as much AS i was but i think i will be here at least once a week so if ne one wants to p.m. me i should respond...

I would like to sa y what up specifically to tn,babygirl,shinji{if he hasn't been banned again},james,safer{sephiroth to the newbies}babykiwi,and firemac.

Well there you go i geuss you can say im back but i will never be here as much as i wan't to be.
I would like to be here more often but at this point i have to much crap to deal with in my life i.e. work,network integrity issues,h.l.u.g humboldt linux users group,and so on.so ill hopefully be seing everyone more often
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My gosh, Firemac quit? Dang that sucks, he didnt even tell me. He must have changed his AIM Id too. Why did he?

Hey, gundamcat. Too bad your not going to be here as much anynmore. Now us real gundam fans are gonna be even fewer in numbers.

Well, See you Cowboy.

BTW* (You probably missed it, but this is Zaku II, changed my name, really long story)
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