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Gaming Woobs Game Designers!


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This is a phrase I picked up from Videogame Recaps (which is a hilarious site). Anyways, I'm curious to see how much we, as the gaming public, pay attention. So tell me, what are some boo-boos that the FF/Square/Enix game/plot designers have made?

I'll post a few as soon as I remember them, heh.
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I have some..
1- Remember finding Tseng in the Temple of the Ancients. Aeris says "...Tseng's with our enemy the Turks, but I've known him since we were little...". However, this is a contradiction with what we see earlier in the game, when Elmyra recounts Aeris' childhood. In this particular scene, we see Tseng in Aeris' house, demanding Elmyra to give him the child. Tseng is clearly an adult, so how can Aeris say she knew him when they both little!?

2-After Aeris is killed by Sephiroth, we see Cloud lifting Aeris with her head to Cloud's right (and her feet to his left). However, when we see Cloud dropping her into the lake, Aeris magically changes orientation. Her head is to Cloud's left and her feet are to his right.

3-in the aeris death cutscene when sephiroth come from the sky falling to aeris there is no gloves in his hands but when he slash's her gloves are on his hands..!!!

4-This third 'error' is grey. You should have noticed that Cloud isn't anywhere to be seen after dropping Aeris. Surely he didn't withdraw himself that quickly from Aeris' body to completely disappear from view. Secondly, by judging the camera depth, the water must be at least 10 metres deep. How did Cloud manage to walk in such deep water while holding Aeris?

[size=1][color=CC0000]Yes, "Spoilers!" =P please could you add spoiler tags to both this and every next post you make that needs spoilers? -[b]Break[/b][/color][/size]
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Spoilers! but how correct you are!

Here's a couple of FFX ones (there are some FF9 ones bonking around in my head, but I can't seem to rmemeber them at the moment):

--after the [spoiler]wedding[/spoiler] scene, Yuna goes to get the Bevelle Aeon, still dressed in her [spoiler]all-white wedding gown[/spoiler]. However, when the rest of the characters catch up to her, she is wearing her normal black boots.

--when Yuna [spoiler]sends Belgimine[/spoiler] at Remiem Temple, Auron [spoiler]feels no adverse effects--anotherwords, he isn't getting sent as well.[/spoiler]

--Wakka says that Chappu looked a lot like Tidus. However, when you visit the Farplane, Chappu doesn't look anywhere close to what Tidus looks like.

Here's a FFVii one:
If Vincent has been locked away ever since Sephiroth was born, then how come Vincent looks in his mid-2os, versus looking 4oish?
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[size=1][color=CC0000]Only one from me..

There's a bad typo in the text when the guy at Chocobo Farm (FFVII) says that there's a Zolom in the swamp. If there is only one Zolom, [i]why[/i] is there another one every time you defeat the Zolom or revisit the swamp, hmm?[/size][/color]
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FF7 Confusion
When Cloud first takes Aeris home then talks about going back to Tifa's bar, what's the deal with Aeris asking if Tifa's a girl, then knowing [i]exactly[/i] where the bar is PLUS knowing its name--7th Heaven. Uh, don't recall Cloud ever telling you the name, Aerie (purpose typo).

FF7 Translation Evilness
At the Honey Bee Inn. The guys crowd around Aeris and Cloud says:
"...Hmm. That's how you'll fool them,"
".......Hmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them," Aeris replies almost instantly.
Uhm....righto. :twitch:
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...And why is there even one in the swamp when we can clearly see that [spoiler]Sephiroth has already dealt with the "Midgar Zolom"[/spoiler]

Why is it called a Midgar Zolom when it's on the other side of the continent!?

Another one from FFVII... in the Forgotten Capital, when the hovering old guy comes in and [spoiler]reads the writing the scientist wrote before he mysteriously disappeared, he says that there are two words. I counted four.[/spoiler]

Just a couple... I also have some from FFIX, but can't remember them for the life of me.
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