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RPG Last of the Angels

Losing Faith

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Oroyme's blackened eyes sought in the blinding light; sought for something to grasp. The burnt skin near his lids showed the finger prints of many a daemon; the claws of many a beast. His eyes had been clawed out early in the First War. And, ever since, he'd been unable to find a proper set to replace them. Some referred to him as insane; considering the fact that he randomly plucked out eyeballs and tried to fit them to his own ghastly face.

He failed, each time, but, in his twisted mind, it was the thought that counted. It'd been years and years since he'd seen light; especially the light of his own exiled land of 'paradise'.

Some days, in the dead silence that lay after battle, he cried out in his soul for the peace he had once known. But, the strangeness of his new spirit forbade him peace.

As did the Father he had once followed without question...

And now, questions were the only things he could depend on. Yet, there were no answers to what he asked. Pyrir hunted him without a moment's rest; chasing him down no matter what fell corridor or bright day he hid in.

There was nothing for him....

He touched the hollows of his eyes.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hikage stood at the edge of the cliff that she stood on and looked out. Chaos was roaming everywhere. She sighed and walked back to her house. A White Wolf followed.

Inside was a Red-Tailed Hawk, Nile River Crocodile, White Siberian Tiger cub, Bengal Tiger cub, Snow Fox, and a Ring Tail Lemur. They looked to Hikage and followed her with their eyes.

The Ringtail Lemur jumped onto her shoulder and ate a banana while sitting there. Hikage smiled and sat down in her chair. The crocodile hissed for food and Hikage threw it some fish. Hikage wondered whether or not this was all because the Creator needed something or that something was out of place.

Hikage looked to the Red-Tailed hawk and called to it. It flew to her and she whispered words to it.[/size][/color][/i]

[size=1][color=ff66cc]"Veritas, go and find out as much as you can about why the world is becoming like this. Take flight and may the Creator grace you with speed and safety."[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]The hawk flew from the house to get information. Hikage sat in the chair, with one hand petting the lemur, known as Fiji. Her other hand on her snake staff.

Hikage looked to the white wolf, Hyoushin, and saw that he was looking out at something that was walking towards the house.[/size][/color][/i]
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Alexandra, Alex she usual called herself, was about the smalltown of Veridana looking for any clues to her family at all. She knew that her family used to live in this area but nothing seemed to come up.

[I]Another dead end.[/I]

She stepped into a small cafe for a bit to eat and cam to the table, all she wanted was a cup of coffee and she took it down quickly.

Waitress: Dang girl you keep drinking it like that you'll burn off your tounge.

Alex laughed at the comment, she knew that it didn't hurt but what did the lady know.

Alex: Thanks for the cmment, I may use it next time. Bye!

She put the mney on the table and walked out as quickly as she entered. She raised her face in the wind but something seemed different. Her senses piked up on something, someone near. She had no idead of what or who it could be but the feeling felt like home. Like a piece of her missing that she needed to find. As she turned into the wind it blew calmly with a taste if fear lingering.

She felt this before, long ago when her mother died as if this fear was the element that took her away. She didn't know, she knew nothing but this sense may help her to figure that out. She walked slowly throught the town and continued out into the country, just walking, wandering as she had done so many other times. Hoping that at the end of this trail her questions will no longer linger.

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[font=gothic][color=indigo][i]Kattarin let her skeletal arm drop, from where she had risen it out to reach for some strange, potentially immaterial object. She had brushed those pristine bones that formed most of her apparent body against whatever it was, but the arcane nerves that allowed motion did not extend to sensation. Whether the softest silk or fire, she felt nothing. Except for her face, where some semblance of life, some undecaying, perhaps immortal, flesh remained, obstinately clinging to her shattered, oft-destroyed form. The relative immortality bestowed on her didn't allow her to rejuventate anything further, but at least she had what she had.

The rest of her body....How had that been lost? A mere skeletal form, wrapped in a simple brown cloak remained, and that was all. The skin, the tissue, the muscle, all gone. Disappeared. Kattarin wasn't particularly concerned. There was an active brain there, that was enough for a being like her.

She turned away from whatever vague object had caught her momentary attention, refocusing on her more general surroundings. A dark cave, a small brook running through a forest just outside, thin moonlight weaving through branches. Isolated, apparently. She couldn't actively remember the last few weeks, perhaps her faculties were finally leaving her. Perhaps she'd end up a mindless, predatory husk. She looked to the sword, a massive, oddly-shaped blade, that now and usually residing in her right hand, and wondered how much blood that weapon would come to spill before it too was lost, and sharp skeletal fingers became her only weapons.

Why was she alone this time? Had she not found...something. Someone to accept her perhaps, take her in. It mattered not, but the thread of time was occasionally of passing interest. It was a matter of principle, you understand. Not that many did, not anymore.[/font][/color][/i]
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Broken wings screamed out beside him; his roaring voice the signal of madness trapped deep inside. The mouths of babes twisted in upon their own flesh, as he passed; their mother's milk curdled as he spoke. The shattering power of billions of twisted creations radiated from him; mocking the life in which he had been sentenced to over and over again.

All things near him that lived, wished for death. All things dead, lived. Nightmares were real and dreams were false hopes. He hunted, today; stalking Morir, his twin, and most potent of his enemies. Morir rode through the air, recently, near here. His creations, the Dragons, followed him. Gold and silver and all the shining, disgusting colors of the sky and sun chased after that bright being; one of the few Angels left unblinded. Pyrir smiled. Morir would fall, and, with him, the wisdom that could guide his many foes back to the heavens.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Shrai'i Kell Megelani trailed him, who was trailing another, with perfect acuracy. Manipulating the feeling around her, she shadowskipped with great satisfaction. He paused in his chase, folding his wings about him losely. She laughed with pleasure and he automatically turned to face her.

The dark fae smiled sweetly and curled her own wings around her back. They were oddly shaped, like a butterfly's, but that wasn't possible. Unless... Her smile drove that thought from his mind. She took a few steps forwards and kissed her hand, blowing the symbolism to him. He started, and she spun around, then landed again.[/i]

"Why are you following me?"

"Why are you running?"[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=blue]Thirteen wolves fell dead on the ground. Kitty stood there, her hand covered in blood. The wolves left all whimpered as they stood still, then turned and fled.

"Pitiful. Everyone I fight is so... easy. Isn't there anything fun for me to do now? Ughh, I'd better get movin'."

Kitty wiped the blood of her hand on the grass, then walked away, leaving the life-less bodies of wolves to turn to dust.

After about 3 hours of steady running, she decided to stop. As she stood, she looked around searching for any trace of a village or town. Nothing came into view. She shook her head in dissapointment and sat down on the cold ground.

"Damn I'm hungry. I should've eaten some of those wolves. This day just [i]can't[/i] get any worse."

As she sat there, her ears picked up something. Her eyes widened as she turned her head, this way and that. She searched all around her and across the horizon, then noticed two figures. She saw a woman and a man.

[i]Strange, very strange. They both have... wings?! Well... I DO have a tail. Maybe it isn't soo strange.[/i]

Kitty hesitated, then decided to watch the two winged-ones, keeping a safe distance until it was clear what they were doing or who they were.[/color][/size]
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