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Gaming Your best SSBM fighter!

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It's been so long scince I've played this game that I don't remember my best character! I think my best character-isim died off and now I'm "just okay" with most of the characters.

Having a best character is fine 'n all, but when you keep using the same characters over... and over... and over... It's just infuriating because getting the crap kicked out of you by Fox for the 500th time is NOT fun. And if the game is being dominated by the same player using the same character then you can always watch the others as they all switch their chars to that of the winner.

The winner is: FOX!
(everyone changes to Fox)
The winner is: KIRBY!
(everyone changes to Kirby)
The winner is...
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Well, ever since i saw Roy on the nintendo site (before the game was released im pretty sure) i just thought that he looked damn cool and would tottaly kick arse. And i was right. =D

Before I got him, i used link and Samus pretty much. I have completed the game in every mode except that, er, hidden one where you have on life.. damn can't think of it... you get it after you.. do... something... DAMNIT! Well, its in the same menu selection thing as the Adventure and Classic game. I have completed Adventure with all of the characters in the hardest difficulties. I have also done the same with Classic. Very Hard in that one that i can't remember (yes, it is a damn long time since i played it... i need to get back in shape... i NEED to beat that level!! o_0) is the only part of the game i have not beaten.

But back to Roy.

Roy's moves are very powerful in most regards, but he is a damn slow and heavy fella to use. :S I got around this in most games by waiting for the enemies to come to me. "Cowardly" i hear you cry. No. I wasn't. I would wait for them to come, and then unleash all hell on their arse. It was just in the start of the fight that i waited for them to come to me. I basically learned the computers moves off by heart and I achieved quite a lot of perfect victories even in the hardest levels. I like his style. Reminds me of me. :D Reminds me of how much i want his sword too... :( Oh well. Ill go fire it up and beat that last difficulty level anyway! :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Manic [/i]
[B]I'd have to say Roy is a very cheap character. Roy has the largest sword in the game, and there's no point in going hand-to-hand with the guy. He'll knock you away before you have a chance to smack him with your umbrella. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=#503F86]I'm pretty sure Marth actually has a longer reach than Roy. I always find I can make hits further away with Marth than Roy, but that may be due to the speed difference.

I've been meaning to post in here for a while but never got round to it. Here we go, then ^_^

I started off always being Fox, because he was the character I always used in SSB for the N64. I was pleased that his speed improved for Melee, as it made him a much more deadly character to use. Although that can make him a little unpredictable to control at times. His long-distance moves aren't fantastic, but his kicks can deal a great amount of damage. I usually run in, start hitting and my opponent doesn't usually get a chance ot recover until I've done %100 or so damage. Usually, that is. I've not played in a few months.

When I unlocked Roy and Marth I played with them a lot more (... and not in that way, you dirty-minded people)- with marth I can use the same kind of 'Blitzkreig' tactics of not letting your opponent get back up before hitting them again.

In some ways I prefer Roy because he gives me a chance to use a more even strategy and play fair. I don't like being dishonourable when it comes to things like this. I find it incredibly annoying when CPU players just stand at the edge and punch you off when you get close, so I never do it. But since Roy's slightly slower and has more powerful hits I can enjoy a more well-balanced game. Although the lack of ranged attacks and rather poor aerial skills give him some holes in defence, but I still like him nonetheless. He has a sword and a swooshy cloak, anyway ^_^

I tried using Mewtwo for a while- I think he's one of the best-looking characters but is really hard to get to grips with. I use him when I'm bored, heh.[/COLOR]
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