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WARNING! This RPG is based on my upcomming fan-fiction story and will contain plot spoilers(big ones, too).

[i]In the digital world, there was a great evil: Millenniummon. With three forms, each stronger then the last and each much more powerful than a standard Mega, there seemed to be no way to get rid of him. He destroyed unchallenged untill one day when his first form was defeated. The two who defeated him-a human and a Digimon-were able to keep his data from re-forming until the four Digimon Sovereign arrived, split his data into two halves, and sealed each half away in a different location. The threat appeared to be gone.
A few years later, 16-year-old Damian located and combined the two halves of Millenniummon's data, thereby reviving him. Four humans and their Digimon partners aided the ones who had stopped him before, and togeather they were able to defeat even his strongest form. Again, the threat semed to be over, and again, it wasn't.[/i]

The characters from my story who will appear in this RPG are:

David: See my character profile.
Eric: David's twin brother. He and David are almost identical in appearance, although they differ in personallity. Eric is less prone to wild theroys than David, and instead of extensive computer knowedge, he specilizes in mechanics. He can build, take apart, and repair almost anything. The most unusual thing about them is that their minds are connected. What one sees, thinks, and hears, the other knows as if he saw, thought, or heard it himself. Eric's partner is Lopmon(Lopmon->Turiemon(sp?)->Antylamon->Kerpymon).
Brian: He's quieter than the rest. He doesn't say too much. He will sometimes jump to the wrong conclusions about people, and say the wrong things about them, but he always does his best to make things up. His partner is Veemon(Veemon->ExVeemon->Paildramon(DNA with Stingmon)->Imperialdramon->Imperialcramon Fighter Mode(IFM)).
Mike: Mike's the kind of person you want to meet if you're a beggar. If you need help, he'll do his best to give it to you. But if you're mean to him, don't expect him to take it lying down. He'll want to get even, and he won't forget. He can hold a grudge for a long time. His partner is Wormmon(Wormmon->Stingmon->Paildramon(DNA with ExVeemon)->Imperialdramon->iFM).
Alexa: Alexa and her partner are the ones who first fought Millenniummon. When she heard he was back, Alexa became determined to finish what she had started. She's the kind who won't back down from a fight. If you challenge her, she'll accept, and she'll proceed to kick your ***. Her partner id HyperRosemon(See below).
HyperRosemon: A Mega-level Digimon who digivolved from Rosemon(who's also a Mega). After the first fight with Millenniummon, she ended up in a dimension called the Realm. When Damian revived Millenniummon, hyperRosemon was drawn back to the Digital world and reunited with Alexa, who had been endlessly searching for her.

Here's what you need to sign up. My character(David) is there as an example.

Name: David
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Bio: David(and Eric) are homeschooled. As a result, they have more free time(their learning is condensed into a much smaller period). David has used it to become a computer expert. if it's computer-related, he can do it. He's also good at figureing things out. Both he and Eric won't ever give up, although neither is as quick to fight as Alexa.

Rookie: Terriermon
Champion: Gargomon
Ultimate: Rapidmon
Mega: MegaGargomon

Biomerging is allowed, although Spirit Evolution is not(you can use those Digimon as partners, though).
I will decide which Digivice your character has based on your sign-up.
That's all.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Bio:[/B] Angel is Alexa's twin sister. Don't let her name fool you. She has a bigger attitude than Alexa. She won't back down from anything or anyone. She will stand up for what's right. But the one thing is, she never starts the fight...she ends it. You say one thing about her, her friends, her digimon, or her family and you'd better start running because she will run you down and tear you apart. Unlike her sister, Angel is one girl you don't mess with. After meeting Angel, you'd want to stay away from Angel, unless she knew you and liked you. Angel's digimon is....

[B]Rookie:[/B] NeoGuilmon

[B]Champion:[/B] NeoGrowlmon

[B]Ultimate:[/B] NeoWarGrowlmon

[B]Mega:[/B] NeoMegidramon

[B]Fusion:[/B] NeoGallantmon[/size][/color]
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I wouldn't accept that for any of the other characters from my story, but Alexa, due to the fact that she's been in the digital world for several years(when she was looking for HyperRosemon, she never left the digital world), is the exception, so you're in. And no, there's not anything you really need to know about her(Anything Angel did know is out of date now, anyways. Alexa changet durring her time alone. She's not the same person she was before that).
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[B]Name:[/B]Nisha Toki



[B]Bio:[/B]Nisha was a normal teenager until that day.She's a popular girl and has a lot of friends that all care for her.But she has two personalities.When she's outside of her house and with her friends she acts very carefree.However when she's at home she changes completely.She goes straight to her room and turns into the computer freak she actually is.She's very good at computers and programming and is also a part time hacker.Not many people know the hacker and computer freak side of Nisha except those who are close to her like family.Nisha loves logical problems to solve and likes to create challenging for other people who think they can be as good as her.She figures out problems quickly and she always carries her laptop just in case.

Tell me if there's anything wrong ok?
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Catt
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Bio: Quiet and solitary, she loves what little friends she has with all her heart. She met Nisha at school, and was led into the digi world on accident. She is a giant book worm and knows three different languages.

Rookie: Icemon
Champion: Freezemon
Ultimate: Coldramon
Mega: Silamon
Fushion: Silvericemon
Tell me if i screwed up, k?
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SailorStar, you're in. Arika, you still need a Digimon. See my PM for suggestions.
Ohkami and SailorStar, you'll both have D-Powers(No cards, though(no Digimon products are in my story's real world)), because of the need for another digivolution(You both gave Fusion forms for your Digimon, and since the only thing for a Digimon to fuse with is its human partner, the Fusion forms will be reached by bio-merging). Arika, I need to know your Digimon before I can choose your character's digivice. David, Eric, Brian, Mike, and Alexa all have D3s(because only the D3s are able to open portals to the digital world).
I'm starting this now. If you still want to sign up, please do.
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