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[COLOR=darkblue][i][SIZE=1]Its been a year since Hitomi, Van, and friends defeated the Zaibach empire and put an end to their evil plans and Hitomi returned to her home on earth and Gaea has returned to its normal state and peace has once been restored, while that's all good and said Van wishes he could visit Earth and see Hitomi again, just to see her.

Back on the Earth strange things have been happening in Hitomi's hometown, some people have disappeared and either stayed gone or they turned up a day later dead, like they'd just been stabbed and left to die. Another thing was that Hitmoi saw a few oddly cloaked men near her school one day right before her first period. A few minutes into the class the fire alarms blared and everyone evacuated, a massive fire had broken out on the third floor after she got out of the wave of people Hitomi could have sworn she'd seen a Zaibach Guymelef cloaking itself, if that was true than Zaibach wasn't gone and they were invading the Earth.

Back on Gaea Van recieved a letter from Allen who was in Zaibach's capital city helping with the installment of their new leader who happened to be Prince Dridan, the people of Zaibach had accepted him with open arms but Dridan of course was never around that much because of his merchant buisness so he married again and his new wife is usually in the empire and the king of Asturia ordered several knights of Calie to guard her, one of the knights of course being Allen. But anyways back to the letter, Allen had heard via intelligence grapevine that there were still some soldiers who still believed in Dornkirik's ideals and they stole some of the guymelefs and escaped to earth to capture the gril from the Mystic Moon, except they were coming up with the wrong girl.

Once recieving word of this from Allen Van quickly took the energist he'd used once for Escaflowne and used it again and has arrived on Earth, now his only problem is finding Hitomi and protecting her no matter what. Thus starts our story.[/i][/SIZE]

Okay here are the requirements for this rpg.

* You must know about the Escaflowne series etc. And please if you haven't seen the full series please don't sign up, this contains many spoilers but if you don't really care than sign up.

* I do not want crappy posts like "Im gotto do this and helpz thoze pplz" that is totally unacceptable and not only will I ask you once but if you do it again I will ask Warlock or Harlequin to delete your posts and you will be removed from the rpg.

* I want no less than 2 paragraphs of posts I've had trouble in the past where people post 4 lines of text then say they will edit it later and never do and then drop out of the rpg.

* [B]Read through the posts thourghly.[/B] This has been a major problem with some rpgs of mine, I've posted a very decent post that plainly states what's going on and some dummy just posts something totally out in left field please read the posts carefully and if possible keep in contact with the other rpg members on AIM or YIM or MSN if need be. I can be contacted on AIM under the name JhtyRen or you can PM me via this name.

And now that I'm done ranting here is what I want.


Age: (be reasonable, this is highschool. But if you're going to be a baddie be with in my age limit which is 18-25)

Planet: Earth or Gaea

Description: Picture or just type it out


Guymelef: If you are a baddie.

Weapon: If baddie and I don't want pistols to be used, Swords are the main weapons, unless you clear it with me then I'll be leinent and let you have a modern weapon.

And that's it basically oh and here are some characters that I'm taking 2 applicants for so please post or mention this rpg to your friends.

Hitmoi Kanzaki

I'm Van so that's why he's not up there I am taking 2 and 2 only applications for these characters. I hope you will enjoy this rpg.

P.S. If you need info on Escaflowne PM me or contact me on AIM, I'll hook you up to some sites or just use google or Yahoo.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Lol hopefully you'll get other people to sign up. The one I know who likes Escaflowne is currently having a break from the internet.

Name: Hitomi Kanzaki

Age: 17? (lol I think Hitomi was 16 in the anime. Correct me if I'm wrong)

Planet: Earth

Description: Bah I couldn't get a picture...Oh well I'm sure most of you should know what Hitomi looks like, short brown hair, green eyes, wears a school uniform most of the time.

Bio: Its been a year since she's been to Gaea and she is starting to miss Van. She goes to school on a regular basis and has even signed up for the track team again...

Lol I hope that's okay I know its short but I think most people that are in this RPG would know about Hitomi^^;;[/color]
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Ok, It has bin a LONG time since I last saw anything having to do with the Escaflowne anime, so I will play, right after I get some info...

Name: Dorolin Randtar
Discription: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=1] My Char [/url]

Bio: Dorolin is the leader of the Zaibach Rebels of earth. He is forever loyal to the ways of Zaibach, and his seven elite Dragon Hunters are forever loyal to him.

Guymelef: the seven Dragon Hunters use dark blue and blood red painted Alseides.

Dorolin uses his personal Guymelef called Dragon Blood. Dragon Blood looks alot like a smaller, faster version of the Chafaris, mixed with the Alseides, it maintans the Alseides flight and cloaking capabilaties, but trades the Chlima Claw and Flame Throwers for a long sword and bow. It also has a Blood Read cape aswell as the Bloodred and Dark blue colour sceem.

There are three differint arrows, flaming, exploding, and customary. The bow itself looks much smoother and better crafted than that of Chafaris it much resembles Dorolins personal hunting bow, which was hand crafted. (I hope the name is ok. if there are any problems, just tell me.)

Wepon: Dorolin uses a personaly hand crafted hunting bow, and a perficly balanced long sword.

Hope all is in good order. most of the stuff should be ok, but tell me if you want any thing changed.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Name: Van Salanzar de Fanel

Age: 17 or 18, I totally forgot but still.

Planet: Gaea

Descritpion: [img]http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/kayustemple/images/escaflowne_van1.jpg[/img]

And with his wings


Bios: After the war with Zaibach Van returned to Fanelia and started the reconstruction which has just about finished thanks to the help of Asturia and Freid. Van was hoping that peace would remain but it hasn't seeing as how some rebel Zaibach soldiers have gotten to the Mystic Moon in search of Hitomi. Of course Merle wanted to tag along but Van said he needed her to stay behind and help with finish with the reconstruction.

Van's only problem was getting to the Mystic Moon and then it hit him, Escaflowne and its energist along with Hitomi's pendant he would be able to get there in no time. So he grabbed the energist from his room and took it to the royal graveyard where Escaflowne stood kneeling as if it were an eternal knight watching over all. Van slid the energist back into the jewl Escaflowne was once again active he took the white dragon and is now on earth searching for Hitomi. Of course he's hidden Escaflowne in a nearby park area and has taken to the air himself with his wings.

Guymelef: Escaflowne

Weapon: A double edged sword (for better image look at picture.)[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Name: Merle

Age: 14

Planet: Gaea

Description: [img]http://www.birdangel.net/escaflowne/ci01.jpg[/img]

Bios: After the war, Merle returned to Fanelia with Van in order to help with reconstruction. Though Van ordered her to stay behind and help with the finishing construction of Fanelia, Merle does not listen and follows. She doesn't want Van-sama to get into trouble.

Weapon: Dagger(though I don't think Merle ever uses it)

I think most of that is right. I love Merle! ^_^

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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