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Art G Gundam chibi banner!


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Hehe, I just bought the second G Gundam manga today and at the back are 15 pages of chibi comics!
Okay, the banner is an inside joke by me and my friend Monica (Iva), because Domon is always going "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power. It's loud roar tells me to defeat you!"
Our joke was where somebody would be the crest and another would be the voice and we'd go "Defeat him! Defeat him!" in a really bland voice. *breaths* OKAY! I will stop!
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Okay, well, there are tons more chibi strips, and so...
Well, I made another one. It is like the alternate for the first one (hence the 1 thing). This one didn't turn out that well, I think. Well, the problem was that there was small text so...the thing that Domon is holding in the fourth box says "King" and the text below the fourth box says "Domon seized the king in his hand!" Yeah.
Okay, this is another thingie. There are 29 chibi comes, 27 excluding the two that I have posted. Here are all the titles and I want people to pick out which ones they want to see most:
Rise, Shining Gundam
The Shuffle Alliance Crests
Wong's Toothache
Wanna Play, Domon?
Saici-Muyo! In Love
Schwarz Bruder 1
Schwarz Bruder 2
Spandex Lovin'
Here Comes Master Asia!
It Emerges at Your Command?
Gundam Fighters' Favorite Meals
Join the Dark Army!
Argo's Poker Face
Searching for His Brother
A New Gundam Arrives?
Hurry to Neo Hong Kong!
The Knockout Blow!!
Allenby, The Fighting Beauty
Rivalry Against Allenby
Domon's Unfortunate Life
Domon, the Lonely Man
Quick Fella
Game for the Real Fighters
Stop Breaking the Gundam!
Go Chibodee!
Schwarz's Mask
The Real Identity of Schwarz
All are in chibi form and all have humor, some more than others.
:gulp: Fwa, I talk too much...
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