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- Reader Retro Rob sent this in:

A few weeks ago you announced the SummerSlam ticket prices. Since then they have actually gone down in price. Here is my best guess as to how the prices will affect the seating:

$300.00 (Rows 1-5 ringside w/chair)
$90.00 (remainder of ringside, lower level sides)
$75.00 (lower level ends, upper bowl sides rows 1-5)
$50.00 (lower level restricted views, upper bowl sides past row 5)
$35.00 (upper bowl sides rows 1-5, upper level restricted views)
$25.00 (rest of upper bowl)

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The following was derived from SmackDown.WWE.com:

This Thursday's episode of SmackDown! kicks off from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on UPN!

This past Sunday at Vengeance, SmackDown! G.M. Stephanie McMahon said that she was going to steal the heart of RAW this past Monday. By the end of the first RAW of the Eric Bischoff era, Stephanie had indeed stolen an intricate part of The Bisch's program when she led Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman into her limo! What's Lesnar's relationship with Stephanie? Has he signed with SmackDown!? Find out on UPN!

Also, last week on SmackDown!, Stephanie thanked Chris Jericho for graciously giving up his singles match against Edge at Vengeance so that Edge and Hollywood Hulk Hogan could defend their Tag Team Championship on SmackDown! In return, Steph informed Y2J that he would be facing Edge in a singles match this Thursday on SmackDown! How with Jericho fare against Edge this Thursday? Find out on UPN's SmackDown!

As always, expect the unexpected to happen when WWE lights up your TV. You can't miss SmackDown!, Thursday night on UPN! Check your local listings for time and channel!

Yay! Smackdown! dowtown from me, too bad I didn't get to go.

Yeah Rey Jr. coming to WWE Smackdown!

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I will be doing the Smackdown! reveiw tonight instead of G.o.S (GhostofSalvtore). I will post a list of WWE events right now.

Here is the tentative WWE tour schedule for the next few months. Most dates are official, but some are thus far unconfirmed. These are noted.


June 23 - Columbus, Ohio - King of the Ring
July 21 - Detroit, Michigan - Vengeance
August 25 - Uniondale, New York - Summerslam
September 22 - Los Angeles, California - Unforgiven
October 20 - Little Rock, Arkansas - No Mercy
November 17 - New York, New York - Survivor Series
December 15 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Armageddon
January 19 - Boston, Massachusetts - Royal Rumble


Live Events:

July 1 (Monday) - Portland, Maine (Smackdown Brand)
July 1 (Monday) - Manchester, New Hampshire - Raw
July 2 (Tuesday) - Boston, Massachusetts - Smackdown Taping
July 6 (Saturday) - Mobile, Alabama (Smackdown Brand)
July 6 (Saturday) - Frederick, Maryland (Raw Brand)
July 7 (Sunday) - Wildwood, New Jersey (Raw Brand)
July 7 (Sunday) - Savannah, Georgia (Smackdown Brand)
July 8 (Monday) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Raw
July 8 (Monday) - Salisbury, Maryland (Smackdown Brand)
July 9 (Tuesday) - Atlantic City, New Jersey - Smackdown Taping
July 12 (Friday) - Lakeland, Florida (Raw Brand)
July 13 (Saturday) - Ottawa, Ontario (Smackdown Brand)
July 13 (Saturday) - Daytona Beach, Florida (Raw Brand)
July 14 (Sunday) - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Raw Brand)
July 14 (Sunday) - St. John's, Newfoundland (Smackdown Brand)
July 15 (Monday) - East Rutherford, New Jersey - Raw
July 15 (Monday) - Binghamton, New York (Smackdown Brand)
July 16 (Tuesday) - Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania - Smackdown Taping
July 20 (Saturday) - Sarnia, Ontario (Raw Brand)
July 21 (Sunday) - Detroit, Michigan - Vengeance
July 22 (Monday) - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Raw
July 22 (Monday) - Flint, Michigan (Smackdown Brand)
July 23 (Tuesday) - Indianapolis, Indiana - Smackdown Taping
July 26 (Friday) - Houston, Texas (Raw Brand)
July 27 (Saturday) - San Antonio, Texas (Raw Brand)
July 27 (Saturday) - Jonesboro, Arkansas (Smackdown Brand)
July 28 (Sunday) - Columbia, South Carolina (Raw Brand)
July 28 (Sunday) - Little Rock, Arkansas (Smackdown Brand)
July 29 (Monday) - Greensboro, North Carolina - Raw
July 29 (Monday) - Asheville, North Carolina (Smackdown Brand)
July 30 (Tuesday) - Charlotte, North Carolina - Smackdown Taping

August 3 (Saturday) - Miami, Florida (Raw Brand)
August 4 (Sunday) - Richmond, Virginia - Special Smackdown Taping
August 4 (Sunday) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Raw Brand)
August 5 (Monday) - Baltimore, Maryland - Raw
August 9 (Friday) - Kelowna, British Columbia (Raw Brand)
August 10 (Saturday) - Melbourne, Australia (Smackdown Brand)
August 10 (Saturday) - Kamloops, British Columbia (Raw Brand)
August 11 (Sunday) - Vancouver, British Columbia (Raw Brand)
August 12 (Monday) - Seattle, Washington - Raw
August 13 (Tuesday) - Seattle, Washington - Smackdown Taping
August 16 (Friday) - Evansville, Indiana (Raw Brand)
August 17 (Saturday) - Terra Haute, Indiana (Raw Brand)
August 18 (Sunday) - Roanoke, Virginia (Raw Brand)
August 18 (Sunday) - Meunice, Indiana (Smackdown Brand)
August 19 (Monday) - Norfolk, Virginia - Raw
August 20 (Tuesday) - Fayetteville, North Carolina - Smackdown Taping
August 23 (Friday) - Youngstown, Ohio (Raw Brand)
August 24 (Saturday) - Trenton, New Jersey (Raw Brand)
August 24 (Saturday) - Albany, New York (Smackdown Brand)
August 25 (Sunday) - Uniondale, New York - Summerslam
August 26 (Monday) - New York, New York - Raw
August 26 (Monday) - New Haven, Connecticut (Smackdown Brand)
August 27 (Tuesday) - Mohegan Sun, Connecticut - Smackdown Taping
August 30 (Friday) - Lincoln, Nebraska (Raw Brand)
August 31 (Saturday) - Springfield, Illinois (Raw Brand)
August 31 (Saturday) - Corpus Christi, Texas (Smackdown Brand)

September 1 (Sunday) - Dallas, Texas (Smackdown Brand)
September 1 (Sunday) - Chicago, Illinois (Raw Brand)
September 2 (Monday) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Raw
September 2 (Monday) - LaCrosse, Wisconsin (Smackdown Brand)
September 3 (Tuesday) - Green Bay, Wisconsin - Smackdown Taping
September 6 (Friday) - Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Raw Brand)
September 7 (Saturday) - Rapid City, South Dakota (Raw Brand)
September 7 (Saturday) - Washington, D.C. (Smackdown Brand)
September 8 (Sunday) - Cleveland, Ohio (Smackdown Brand)
September 8 (Sunday) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Raw Brand)
September 9 (Monday) - Iowa State University, Iowa - Raw
September 9 (Monday) - Mankato, Minnesota (Smackdown Brand)
September 10 (Tuesday) - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Smackdown Taping
September 13 (Friday) - St. Louis, Missouri (Raw Brand)
September 14 (Saturday) - Casper, Wyoming (Raw Brand)
September 14 (Saturday) - Billings, Montana (Smackdown Brand)
September 15 (Sunday) - Laramie, Montana (Raw Brand)
September 15 (Sunday) - Bozeman, Montana (Smackdown Brand)
September 16 (Monday) - Salt Lake City, Utah (Smackdown Brand)
September 16 (Monday) - Denver, Colorado - Raw
September 17 (Tuesday) - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Smackdown Taping
September 21 (Saturday) - San Jose, California (Smackdown Brand)
September 21 (Saturday) - Fresno, California (Raw Brand)
September 22 (Sunday) - Los Angeles, California - Unforgiven
September 23 (Monday) - Anaheim, California - Raw
September 23 (Monday) - Santa Barbara, California (Smackdown Brand)
September 24 (Tuesday) - San Diego, California - Smackdown Taping
September 28 (Saturday) - West Palm Beach, Florida (Raw Brand)
September 29 (Sunday) - Beaumont, Texas (Raw Brand)
September 29 (Sunday) - Bossier City, Louisiana (Smackdown Brand)
September 30 (Monday) - Houston, Texas - Raw
September 30 (Monday) - Monroe, Louisiana (Smackdown Brand)

October 1 (Tuesday) - Lafayette, Louisiana - Smackdown Taping
October 7 (Monday) - Las Vegas, Nevada - Raw
October 8 (Tuesday) - Phoenix, Arizona - Smackdown Taping
October 14 (Monday) - Montreal, Quebec - Raw
October 15 (Tuesday) - Toronto, Ontario - Smackdown Taping
October 20 (Sunday) - Little Rock, Arkansas - No Mercy
October 21 (Monday) - Nashville, Tennessee - Raw
October 22 (Tuesday) - Memphis, Tennessee - Smackdown Taping
October 24 (Thursday) - Helsinki, Finland
October 25 (Friday) - Dublin or Belfast, Ireland
October 26 (Saturday) - Manchester, England - Rebellion
October 27 (Sunday) - Sheffield, England
October 28 (Monday) - Detroit, Michigan - Raw
October 29 (Tuesday) - Grand Rapids, Michigan - Smackdown Taping

November 4 (Monday) - Boston, Massachusetts - Raw
November 5 (Tuesday) - Manchester, New Hampshire - Smackdown Taping
November 17 (Sunday) - New York, New York - Survivor Series
November 18 (Monday) - Bridgeport, Connecticut - Raw
November 19 (Tuesday) - Hartford, Connecticut - Smackdown Taping

[This list was compiled by R---- & r----wwf.com readers. Special thanks to Alfredo H., Peter Knott, Captain Ivan and JBZA2000. You must give credit to Rajahwwf.com if using this on your own site. Thanks to everyone who sent in dates!]

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- Reportedly the main reason why X-Pac was given a "leave of absence" from WWE is because on the night Nash got hurt, X-Pac was hospitalized for unknown reasons. He was released later in the day and made it to Raw but because he could not explain his hospitalization, he was unbooked from all shows until management could get documented medical records as to what his problems are or were.

- There are some people who are questioning whether it's just a coincidence that X-Pac was hospitalized the same day that Nash went down since it is a well documented fact that in recent weeks, X-Pac seemed immune to punishment as long as Nash was around. Suffice to say his future with WWE is now very much in question.

- There are still no concrete plans for Shawn Michaels to wrestle, but he is being hyped for many Raw brand house shows starting this weekend.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information is available @ wrestlingobserver.com

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Dang what a smackdown.Mysterio made a surprising entrance.He won the match against Chavo.Salvatore do the review.Because i'm not going to write the whole thing down.One thing Mysterio's eyes creep me out.

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Dude, the cage match was amazing. Mysterio flew so high off the top.

And I have a question, does anyone know of a site with some good pictures of wrestlers besides wwe.com?

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On TV backstage, Stephanie welcomes everyone to the first edition of her Smackdown! and promises a great show. We?ll see the debut of Rey Mysterio and a steel cage match with Edge pitted against Chris Jericho.

The reaction of the house crowd is mixed - we are unsure how we feel about Stephanie at this point, and she faces a hard sell. She has done a complete face-change without any notice to us, and must sell a hatred of Eric Bischoff despite any personal history with him. Stephanie has to walk a tightrope now. She has to present herself as the completely dedicated-to-business underdog and distract us enough with her current business concerns that we forget 1) she has played nothing but a spoiled brat for three years and 2) her most recent role was to royally screw Triple H (no pun intended), who has replaced SCSA as the top iconoclast face; she cannot resort to any of the sneering bitchiness of the Stephanie we loved to hate without risking an instant heel-turn. From the look on her face, I think she actually relishes the challenge.

The first Smackdown! match is Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry. The World?s Strongest Man starts off by flinging Kurt Angle (220 lbs.) across the ring. Angle tries to suplex Mark Henry and does succeed in Angle-slamming him (380 lbs.)! Henry tries to run Angle into a ringpost a few times but gives our Olympic hero enough time to duck out - on the third try, he slams Angle into the corner. Then Brock Lesnar runs down and F5s Mark Henry! Ref Jimmy Korderas calls for the bell. Angle makes his way up the ramp holding his back, and Mark Henry lies on the mat until after the lights go out. Match is DQ.

Backstage, Lesnar tells Kurt Angle he was helping him out, then claims, ?Your days of being the number one guy on Smackdown! are over.? (This guy needs Paul Heyman to go over?)

The Titantrons show a video profile of Edge to Creed?s ?My Sacrifice,? which is well-known to the fans, and we all sing along.

Backstage, Stacey Keibler knocks on a door labeled ?General Manager.? Stephanie is inside. Stacey is downcast; Vince told her her services were no longer required. Stephanie replies, ?If I know Vince, he?s probably being serviced elsewhere.? Stacey answers a knock; flowers arrive from Eric Bischoff. Stephanie throws them into the wall.

Next is the Reverend D-Von (with Batista) v. the Big Valbowski (with Hardcore Holly). As D-Von comes down the ramp you hear many comments such as, ?I liked it better when he was with Bubba Ray.? (In previous tapings and house shows we?ve attended, nobody played to the crowd better then Bubba Ray and D-Von, especially as heels.) After Batista cheats helping D-Von, Hardcore chases after him and Big Val wins. Hardcore tangles with Batista post-match; Batista slams him good. The Big Valbowski def. D-Von.

Backstage, Stacey meets with 4-5 security guards and instructs them to report anything at all to the GM, then calls Stephanie on her cell phone and warns her, ?It?s Edge!? For some reason they are worried Edge will cause trouble. Someone behind us yells, ?He?s on the Smackdown! roster, you blond!?

Lance Storm and Christian appear on-screen and start their anti-American rant. Storm predicts he and Christian will be tag-team champions ?for a very long time.?

Stephanie confronts Edge about going to RAW. Edge reassures her he is loyal to Smackdown! (his utter sincerity wins her over) and he ushers her into the control room, where he puts in a tape that counts down the minutes until his cage match with Jericho, making fun of Y2J?s countdown entrance. Edge says he?ll see Y2J in the steel cage.

Rikishi faces off against Albert, who has decided to let the hair on his back grow out. There are shouts of ?It?s Bigfoot!,? ?Shave your Back!? and ?Put on your Shirt!? Rikishi stinkfaces Albert for a big pop and sits on his chest for the pin. Rikishi finds a black hat at the top of the ramp, puts it on and starts dancing. The fans go nuts. Nobody likes a crowd or being a face more than Rikishi. Rikishi def. Albert.

Mike Chioda comes down again. (The office is really working these 4 referees - Jimmy Korderas, Brian Hebner, Mike Chioda and Mike Sparks!) Everyone?s attention is on two guys in semi-high seats who are clones of Hulk Hogan, down to the puffed-up arms. They happily pose for the fans? cameras.

Lance Storm and Christian with Test meet Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Biggest pops so far, for the Hogan/Rock team, and the crowd stays on its feet during the entire match. Shouts of ?Hogan!? and ?Rocky!? are evenly divided, with ?USA!? mixed in. Hogan starts off against Storm, soon tags in the Rock. Test tries to cheat and elbow drops Storm - ha! The whole time Hogan is on the apron he is selling the action in the ring. Hogan gets a huge pop when the Rock tags him in. He is hulking up when Brock Lesnar interferes and F5s Hogan! Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the Rock by DQ, no title change. (Somebody held up a poster - ?Lesnar Could Beat Up God? - while his extraordinary push has ticked off a lot of people, he?s certainly gaining a reputation as a monster.)

Hogan holds up the Rock?s arm and then Rocky holds up Hogan?s, then the Rock insists Hogan do his pose. On the way up the ramp the Rock points out to Hogan the fans at the top of the arena - they can see only hundreds of waving arms, the fans are so far away. We are filled to the rafters in Indianapolis!

Backstage Kurt Angle is on the phone to Eric. Marc Loyd tries to get a comment about how he feels about Brock Lesnar interfering in his match with Mark Henry.

Next the Titantrons show a commercial for RVD. An adorable 6-year-old girl behind us goes totally bananas. She jumps and flails and screams, absolutely hysterical.

Meanwhile Stephanie and Mark Loyd confront Kurt Angle again about his conferring with Eric, and Angle informs Stephanie he was talking to his brother Eric, which the fans had all figured out by now anyway. Stephanie gets booed.

Backstage John Cena starts making fun of Test?s teeth and Test comes up and smacks him as hard as Cena smacked Y2J a few weeks ago.

Chaco Guerrero comes down, then Rey Mysterio appears on the ramp from nowhere. Mysterio lives up to the small bit of hype he has received; he is phenomenal. His leaps are graceful, quick and high, and all his moves appear effortless. At times he appears to fly, in a more Nuryev-like way than the Hardys. He has more control of his moves than Jeff Hardy, plus he is a good mat wrestler. Some of his moves do not have names yet. Mysterio tries for a crossbody, Guerrero dropkicks him. Guerrero subtly helps put him over, gets good heat. Mysterio wins. Guerrero holds his head going up the ramp. Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero.

Test, backstage, confronts Rey Mysterio and slams him into a steel door, then claps Cena again.

Test meets John Cena in the ring. He displays a lot of ruthless aggression against the beginner - he beats the bejesus out of him as the crowd chants ?Woodchuck! Woodchuck!,? a callback to Cena?s comments about Test?s teeth. A nice dropkick and a bulldog send him reeling, though, and he misses an elbow drop. (Cena looks good but has to make more noise - veterans like Gunn and Angle make a lot of noise with every bump, whether giving or receiving.) Cena slides out of Test?s first pumphandle, gets slammed on the second one but kicks out. Cena wins this one, then Test starts kicking him. We start up an ?*******!? chant. Good heat. Cena is surprisingly popular, considering he?s received what some might consider an unfair push, and he is warm to the crowd. John Cena def. Test.

The cage is lowered and three refs come down to loosen the ropes.

Meanwhile Stephanie talks to Y2J about her concerns but he has headphones on and after a minute takes them off and tells her he didn?t hear a word she said! No, he is just teasing. He gives her a Fozzy CD. Then Stephanie leaves more messages on Kurt Angle?s voicemail - she is still paranoid.

Edge comes out and the crowd goes berserk. Y2J also gets a lot of pops, besides heat. The first thing he does is get a chair, and the action starts outside the ring. Edge gets huge cheers anytime he does anything. Y2J climbs the cage, Edge knocks him down; Edge spears Jericho but good. The crowd boos Y2J anytime Edge is down. Edge?s face starts bleeding, Y2J rakes it across the steel cage. Lots of ?Jericho sucks!? chants. We learn why the refs loosened the ropes - the two grapplers tie each other up in the ropes a few times. Once, Edge untangles himself then sends Jericho sailing through the ropes into the cage wall - wham! Then Jericho flips Edge from the Walls of Jericho into the steel mesh. Jericho almost crawls out the door and is dragged back in; but first he grabbed a chair and clocks Edge with it. (This is after Edge started bleeding!) Edge spears Y2J, almost gets the 1-2-3. Jericho lowblows Edge on the cage, Edge bulldogs Jericho off the ropes. Y2J is halfway over the top when Edge again knocks him down. Both are down for about a minute. Jericho crawls to the door while Edge climbs over the top of the cage and drops down to the floor for the win! The Anti-Americans run down, beat up Edge and throw him into the cage. John Cena runs down and joins in, then Rey Mysterio flies down the ramp. He bounds up the cage like a jaguar, pauses for a moment at the top, then swan dives off the top onto Storm and Test. Unbelievable. Edge def. Chris Jericho.

Meanwhile Stephanie is standing with Kurt Angle in the parking garage. A limo is driving off; Bischoff is hanging out of it yelling about RAW. Angle states, ?I hate that guy!? Steph wonders, if Angle is there with her, then who?s in the limo with Bischoff?

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hmm, maybe I shoulda stayed home to watch Smackdown! God-damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway it sound interesting that Eric would want Angel??????????? But who could be in that limo? Im hoping not anyone good, hogan..edge....?

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I think you forgot to say this. Bischoff's card said Smackdown's loss will be RAW's game.Schratn9 it couldn't be Hogan you know when Hogan said when Bischoff tried to get him to RAW "negotiate my $#%".Can't believe that Kurt have a brother named Eric.maybe I should do the full coverage on main matched.You forgot at the start of the match Y2J grabbed a steel chair and edge used a baseball slide to the steel cage door making impact to the steel chair hitting Y2J.It was on the replay.RM sure do have speed and balnce for having around 231 pounds.

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We open with a retelling of the DX Reunion That Wasn't. The music video plays, the pyros flare, and we are LIVE from Greensboro, NC. Tonight we'll see RVD put the IC Title on the line against Benoit, and Ric Flair fighting The Rock for the Undisputed Title. But first...

Everyone's favorite Raw GM, Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring. Bischoff told Steph that he'd knock her out, and when he knocks someone out, they don't get up. The men he stole from SmackDown! are... Test and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Lance Storm and Christian, better known as the UnAmericans!

The men come to the ring, with Test flying the American flag upside-down. Storm thanks Bischoff for letting them speak, because they have a message. The flag stands for the upside-down beliefs and values of American society. We're taught to idolize celebs and "American Icons" like the fat druggie Elvis, the manic-depressive Marilyn Monroe, and the alcoholic Babe Ruth who slept with prostitutes. And that's what John Wayne became when his family pimped his image to beer companies after he died.

Christian lets us know that the heart of America is as cold as Ted Williams' frozen corpse. The average teen can list every Britney Spears song, but not the Bill of Rights. American children would rather eat Big Macs and look for porn than learn reading and writing. And Americans have to wonder why the world hates them?

But Lance points to Bischoff and tells us that he is a good American. Bischoff took advantage of America's freedoms and made something of himself.

Ah, ah! Ah! Ah! The Heartbreak Kid comes out on stage and says that he wants Triple H. Shawn doesn't know if he has the night off, or is stuck in traffic, or shot himself after listening to these pinheads, but Michaels wants to exercise his right to beat Triple H all over the ring. Bischoff tells him that Triple H isn't here yet, but when he is, he'll probably want to speak to Shawn face to face.

Test tells Michaels to get the hell off the stage. Michaels accuses Test of being pissed at him for beating the hell out of their Canadian hero Bret Hart. But they should do like Hart and get over it. He tells Bischoff to find Triple H, or else Michaels will bring him what's left. With this, HBK takes his leave.

Lance says that they came to Raw to make their voices heard, to do something, to make an impact. In short, they're here to do everything UnAmerican.

We come back as Bischoff gets done firing up Eddie Guerrero. A worker tells Bischoff that a woman is in the parking lot to see him. Eric tells him to tell her to sit tight.

Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero
In the arena, Booker T comes down to face Latino Heat. Eddie starts by beating Booker into the corner, but Booker flapjacks him and catches him with a spinning heel kick 1-2-kickout. Scoop slam by Booker, then a back elbow 1-2-kickout.

Eddie rolls under a thrust kick, then flips over a suplex, hitting a back suplex of his own. Stomps to the back of Booker, then shoulder thrusts in the corner. Dropkick to the back by Eddie, then a snapmare into a half-arm Camel Clutch. Eddie smashes Booker back down, then presses 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout.

Punches in the corner by Eddie, who then attempts to expose a turnbuckle. Booker starts fighting back, and back body drops Eddie. Jumping calf kick by Booker 1-2-kickout.

Chops by Booker, but Eddie takes him down with a headscissors. Eddie goes back to his corner and succeeds in exposing the turnbuckle. Booker keeps from running into the turnbuckle, then flapjacks Eddie head-first into the steel corner! Scissors kick by Booker 1-2-3!

In the garage, Bischoff opens the limo to find not Stephanie, but Moolah and Mae Young. He yells for them to get the hell away from his building and shuts the door.

In the back, Shawn Michaels storms the halls looking for Triple H, but finds Booker and Goldust. Booker asks HBK how it feels to have his *** kicked by someone he thought was on his side. Michaels says that this doesn't concern him and walks off.

Trish Stratus & BuhBuh Dudley vs. Molly Holly & William Regal
After Trish and BuhBuh come down, Molly tells them that Regal strained a muscle and can't compete, but Bischoff let her find a suitable replacement. The Big Show marches down, as King and JR worry that intergender rules mean Show could fight Trish.

Molly and Trish start, with Trish hitting an armdrag and a hiptoss. Molly takes Trish down by the hair and tags in Big Show. Show walks over and drops an elbow, but Trish rolls away in time and tags in BuhBuh. Clubs in the back by Show, then elbows to the shoulder. Show picks BuhBuh up by the arm and pulls on the shoulder, then slams him down. Armdrag by Show, then a hard whip into the corner. More elbows to BuhBuh's shoulder, but Show misses a stomp and gets caught on the ropes. Tag to Molly.

Molly gets whipped into the corner, where Trish tags in and takes Molly down 1-2-kickout. Super Hurricanrana by Trish 1-2-kickout. Show knocks Trish down from the corner, prompting BuhBuh to knock Show off the apron. BuhBuh pulls Molly down and sets her for the Wassup Headbutt, but Show runs in and takes BuhBuh out of the ring, 'buckling Trish in the process. Superplex by Molly 1-2-shoulder up!

Molly goes up top for the Molly-Go-Round, but Trish moves out of the way. BuhBuh lifts Molly on his shoulders and Trish goes up for the Doomsday Device 1-2-3!

After the match, Show comes in the ring, shoves Trish aside and hits BuhBuh with the ShowStopper. Show takes BuhBuh's advice and gets the tables, setting one up in the ring. Trish comes in with a chair, but Show swats it away and grabs her. He picks her up for a chokeslam through the table, but BuhBuh nails Show with the chair before he can complete the move.

In the back, Show yells at Michaels if he saw what they did to him, but Shawn says he didn't have time to watch it nor does he have time to talk about it. As Michaels walks off, Show says he might make Shawn have time.

In the back, Flair tells Jeff Hardy about how great he is, and says that he shouldn't have to go out every week. Flair tells this to Bischoff, but Eric says that Jeff vs. Bradshaw in a Hardcore Match is good television. Jeff says he's glad to fight tonight in his hometown. Eric says he heard Flair has something to say, but Ric says that he's going to wait til the end.

Mae Young comes up and tries to kiss Bischoff, with Moolah saying that until Eric helps her promote her book, Mae will keep kissing. Bischoff gets an idea and says he'll help, then says that Mae's breath smells like fertilizer.

WWE Hardcore Championship
-Jeff Hardy vs. Bradshaw
Bradshaw scoop slams Jeff and hits an elbow drop for an early two count. Jeff cradles him for a quick count. Fallaway Slam by Bradshaw, that sends Jeff outside. Bradshaw whips Jeff into the stairs, then tosses said stairs into the ring. Bradshaw also tosses in some garbage cans, smashing one of them into Jeff. Back in the ring, Jeff hits Bradshaw with a can 1-2-shoulder up.

Bradshaw boots Jeff down, then lays him on the stairs. Bradshaw calls for the end and goes on the stairs, looking for a piledriver, but Jeff flips him over. Jeff goes outside and gets a ladder, setting in up in the corner of the ring. Bradshaw nails Jeff with the stairs, then whips him into the corner. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff, but he turns into a lidshot.

Jeff nails Bradshaw with a lid a few times, then goes to the ladder. Bradshaw climbs the ladder as well, but Jeff knocks him off with five shots with the lid. Jeff climbs the ladder and hits the Swanton 1-2-3! Jeff Hardy captures the Hardcore Title!

As Jeff celebrates, Johnny The Bull comes down and takes Jeff out 1-2-3! Johnny The Bull takes the Title! Bradshaw hits Johnny with the Clothesline From Hell, but before he can pin, Tommy Dreamer runs in and nails Bradshaw with the kendo stick 1-2-3! Tommy Dreamer leaves with the Hardcore Title!

In the back, Regal and the UnAmericans talk about how much they hate America, when Benoit comes out. Christian wishes Benoit luck, but the Crippler says he doesn't need any luck.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
-Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Chris Benoit
They lock up and reverse waistlocks, then hammerlocks. More reversals, then RVD catches Benoit with a heel kick. Benoit attacks Van Dam and kicks him into the corner, but RVD elbows out. Springboard crossbody by RVD 1-2-kickout.

Van Dam catches Benoit with a dropkick that sends him out of the ring. Van Dam runs and dives far above the ropes and takes out Benoit. Back in the ring, RVD hits a slingshot legdrop 1-2-shoulder up.

Benoit runs the ropes and RVD splits low, but Benoit dropkicks him in the face. Shoulder breaker by Benoit, who then runs the same shoulder into the ringpost. Punches by Benoit, then a legdrop onto the shoulder. Benoit wraps up RVD's shoulder and pulls, using the ropes for illegal leverage. Benoit hits a bridged German Suplex 1-2-shoulder up.

Benoit again rams RVD's shoulder into the ringpost, then a back suplex 1-2-shoulder up. Van Dam comes back with a body scissors that he turns into a pin 1-2-kickout. Van Dam hits a step-over heel kick, and both men go down.

Exchange of punches, but Van Dam flapjacks Benoit into the turnbuckles, then hits Rolling Thunder 1-2-shoulder up! Shoulder thrusts by Van Dam, but Benoit looks for the Crossface, only to be taken down with a spinkick. RVD goes up top and leaps for the Five Star, but Benoit attempts to roll away, Van Dam still catching some of Benoit. They stagger up and Benoit strikes, taking Van Dam down with the Crossface! Van Dam crawls and gets his leg on the ropes, forcing Benoit to break the hold.

Stomps by Benoit, who then drags him to the center. Van Dam trips Benoit and pins 1-2-broken and turned into the Crossface! Van Dam breaks the hold and rolls Benoit over, but Benoit continues the roll and puts his legs on the ropes to help get the 1-2-3! Benoit wins the Intercontinental Title!

In the back, Michaels tells the door security to keep watch for Triple H and tell him that Shawn is looking for him if he shows up.

At ringside, Eric Bischoff plugs the Fabulous Moolah's book and introduces the author as well as Mae Young. As Moolah and Mae come to ringside, Bischoff looks on with a smile on his face. Bischoff says that this is Moolah's time, and she can say anything she feels in her allotted three minutes. Moolah says that her mother passed away at eight years old and her family, but Bischoff tells her to talk about her first match. She says she got her butt whooped, but she's still working. Bischoff says she has two minutes left. Mae tells her to talk about Cyndi Lauper, and Moolah calls her a *****. Mae keeps giving Moolah subjects, without giving her any time to talk. Bischoff says that they aren't entertaining him. Bischoff says that it's a shame that the book is complete because they're about to experience the last chapter.

With this, the Island Boys come in and pick Moolah apart, then scoop slamming Mae. One goes up top and hits a flying splash on poor Mae.

We come back as the EMTs load Mae onto a stretcher. Bischoff says he knew Moolah and Mae would make a big splash tonight. He did this to prove a point. Things happen on Raw because Eric Bischoff is in charge. If he snaps his fingers, things happen.

The Red Devil himself, the Undertaker marches down the ramp, into the ring, and into Bischoff's face. So this is the head brother in chrage, and he thinks that the snapping of his fingers makes things happen? Taker tells Bischoff to snap his fingers right now and we'll see what happens.

Chris Nowinski comes down, saying that Bischoff is in charge, not Undertaker. He tells Bischoff to make Taker apologize. Bischoff says that Nowinski has so much aggression, he can fight Undertaker right now. Nowinski says Bischoff can't just make the Undertaker fight with the snap of his fingers. Taker says that he's right. He won't wrestle Nowinski because Bischoff says so, but because he likes to fight.

Undertaker vs. Christopher Nowinski
Taker knocks Nowinski into the corner and then splashes him. Back elbow by Nowinski, but Taker locks in a choke. Nowinski low blows Taker and dropkicks him down 1-2-kickout.

Big Boot by Taker, who grabs Nowinski's arm and goes rope-walking. Taker calls for the end and hits the Last Ride 1-2-3!

As Taker clears the ring of Nowinski, the UnAmericans come down and circle the ring. They all jump in and start triple-teaming Taker. Test stomps Taker into the corner, then Christian and Storm whip him into Test's Big Boot. Test holds Taker, as Storm and Christian gets chairs and give Taker a ConChairTo! Test tells us to look at our American Badazz.

In the back, the UnAmericans celebrate, but say they still have one more piece of business to take care of.

In the back, Coach asks The Rock if he'll be able to make an impact tonight. Rock welcomes himself back to Greensboro. After years of being interviewed from Hermie Kevin Kelley to Masturbating Mark Lloyd, he's glad to have the normal Coach interviewing him, other than that night with the cows. Coach asks what he's talking about, but Rock says it's live TV, so they should move on. Coach says he has no idea what Rock is talking about. Rock knows Coach is from a small farm with Kansas, and when he goes home he gets a little tipsy off moonshine and likes to spend time with the animals, especially his favorite cow Bessie and what he likes to do with the microphone. Coach says he still doesn't follow. Rock proceeds to act out a scene, then says that Coach likes to stick microphones up cows' rectums. Coach says it was just one night. Rock says he was kidding, that sick freak!

Now, the Rock has two things to talk about. First, Brock Lesnar. Rock has a game for Lesnar, and it's called Just Bring It. Brock has Rock at SummerSlam, but if he wants some early, Rock will bring the whoopin and Brock can bring his candy booty.

Secondly, for the first time every, it's the People's Champ vs. the Nature Boy. If you asked Rock a year ago if he'd ever fight Hogan or Flair, he'd call you crazy. But now he's taking on Flair in the middle of North Carolina. The jet-flying, limosine-riding, wheelin-dealin, kiss-stealin Flair goes up against the eyebrow-raising, trail-blazing, heart-stopping, elbow-dropping Rock. Only one word can describe this match: WHOO! If ya smell...Rock walks off camera, only to strut back on, then off, then strut on, then off, then comes back on to finish the phrase.

We come back to find not Rock nor Flair, but The Game, Triple H making his way to the ring! He knows Shawn is in the parking lot waiting, but Trips solves his problems in the ring, like he did last week when he Pedigreed Shawn into the mat. After everything Triple H has done for Shawn, Michaels couldn't do this one thing for him. It was Trips' idea for Michaels to manage him, because he knew they were unstoppable, but Michaels couldn't lower himself to do it. He could never relinquish the spotlight to let anyone else shine. Well the fact is, the Game has passed Michaels by. Triple H is the Show Stopper and The Icon, while Shawn's career is over. Shawn's back is busted up, and his mind is even more broken up. Did he honestly think he could be Triple H's equal? Monday night was a cold slap of reality, and the reality is that Shawn's time in this ring is over. Deep inside, Shawn knows it's true, but all he has left is his pride. He's not going anywhere, so Shawn can either listen to his pride and come to the ring and try to fight, or he can swallow his pride and walk to the ring and accept his new role as manager.

Triple H is told something by a crew member, and Triple H runs from the ring to the back. Cameras follow him, where Triple H finds a group of people surrounding a fallen and bloodied Michaels, next to a car with a broken window. Trips calls for help, starring at his friend's blood-covered face.

Non Title
-The Rock vs. Ric Flair
We come back, and Michaels is being lifted into an ambulance with many of the Raw Superstars and Bischoff looking on. Biscoff tells Trips that he heard he played dirty, but damn! Trips stares at Bischoff, saying that if Biscoff thinks he had anything to do with it, he can f off.

dun...dun...dun...Dun Dun! The Nature Boy, Ric Flair looks to please his People with a victory over the Undisputed Champion, The Rock.

Shoulder block by Flair, but Rock hits a few armdrags and a back bodydrop. Shoulder block by Rock, but now Flair hits his own set of armdrags. Rock escapes to the outside, allowing Flair to strut and Whoo! to his pleasure.

Back in the ring, Rock smacks Flair, then starts chopping away. Rock struts around, allowing Flair to hit those famous chops. Flair clotheslines Rock over the top and to the outside.

On the outside, Flair continues with the chops, but back in the ring, Rock starts taking it to Flair. Chops by Rock, which turn into closed-fist punches, then a spinebuster. Rock tosses the elbowpad and runs the ropes for the Elbow, but Flair trips him and looks for the Figure Four! Rock fights out and straps on the SharpShooter, but Flair gets to the ropes.

Rock pulls Flair from the ropes and looks for the SharpShooter, but the Dirtiest Player in the Game pokes him in the eyes and straps on the Figure Four! Rock again fights out and takes Flair into the corner, but Flair punches his way out and lays the smack down on the Rock! Flair struts around, but as he does so, Rock flips up and hits the Rock Bottom 1-2-3!

Flair gets up, and he and Rock shake hands. Rock goes to leave, but Flair brings him back to raise the champion's arm in victory. Flair stays behind. Flair says he has an important announcement to make tonight for his fans.

The Y2J Countdown hits and Jericho appears from behind Flair, nailing him with a chair! The only announcement that needs to be made, he says, is that once again, RAW is JERICHO! End Show
Match Quality:3/3
Main Event:1/2
Storyline Development:1/1
Entertaining Storyline:0/1
Something Shocking or Important:1/1
It was a good show but really the only thing great was I think that the H}{H and HBK incident will be what H}{H and Nash was supposed to be so this could be a good thing and we could see HBK in the ring at SummerSlam.

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I thought it was a pretty good Raw. It had some very entertaining matches and surprises. I'm glad to see Raw get more talent. Smackdown used to seem it had bigger names than Raw. Big Show might have hurt HBK, but they could throw us a curveball. I'm curious on how Johnny the Bull and the island boys will do in the WWF. With many older names diminishing, they need new talent. I'm glad to see Benoit hold a title again, he always has great matches when a title is on the line, but I wish he didn't have to take it from RVD. Overall it was a pretty good raw, more entertaining than the previous weeks.

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I thought RAW was good. But one thing is pissing me off.........Did anyone see the smirk on SHow's face as HBK layed on the ground!!!!!??

Jerhico on Raw, dont really care he's a loser!

Island Boys well i thought what they did was a bit harsh, but idk......

Benoit used the ropes! PISSED me off.

But in all Raw was good....

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For some reason I think it could be Big Show but the WWE could be throwin a curve ball at us and it could be Goldberg or maybe even Stone Cold.
Did anyone hear that the WWE may change there name again, it just a rumor but they may change it to UCW(Undisputed Championship Wrestling)

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Beniot will pay for cheating!!
Espicalliy when after the match RVD for about a minute telling the ref hehad his feet on the ropes but as annoying as some refs are he(the ref) shook his head and slide out.

Well i have 6 people who coukd've done the HBK inncident.

1. Big Show.
3. Stone Cold
4. The UNamericans
5. Jericho.
6. (don't flame me people im just predicting but I still think he rules.) Sting?!
Also Eric Bischoff thought HHH did it!?!
So for that HHH told him to F off.

Another thing has anybody seen or heard from Kane or Scott Hall lately, I havent seen them on RAW.

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