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WWF(E) Review


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Opens with video of Vince on Raw introducing Eric Bischoff as the new GM, of Booker T, Big Show, Undertaker, Bradshaw and Flair reacting, and of Bischoff leaving a message on the Rock's machine.

The montage rolls, the pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to WWE Smackdown for July 18, 2002. We are 72 hours away from Vengeance, and the announcement of the new General Manager for Smackdown. Tonight's main event will be the Rock vs. Kurt Angle.

Mark Lloyd is in the parking lot waiting on the arrival of the new GM.

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena: Nice. Jericho?s gone from being the first ever Undisputed Champion and the man to hold the title the longest to jerking the curtain against the Lost Wahlberg in less than six months. Maybe if his KotR match with RVD hadn?t sucked so hard? But I kid Chris Jericho. And John Cena.

Cena and Y2J start jawing at each other and Jericho slaps Cena, who goes on the offesnsive. Back elbow, arm drag and high ange spinebuster get two for Cena. Jericho reverses a whip but telegraphs, then ducks to send Cena out. Jericho follows and put the boots to him, then another slap and some more pounding. Jericho rolls him back in, goes to the top but gets dropkicked out of the air. Cena nails some forearms, then gets a whip reversal and flying forearm. Suplex gets two on Y2J. Cross corner whip reversed by Cena, who ducks the bulldog and Cena gets a belly to belly suplex for two. Jericho turns a roll up into an attempt at the Walls, but Cena powers out and nails a DDT for two. Cena misses a dropkick but rolls away from the Lionsault and rolls Jericho up for two. Jericho goes low right in front of the ref for the DQ.

Winner: John Cena by disqualification

After the match, Jericho locks in the Walls and Cena taps like a good lttle rookie. Bunch of refs pull Jericho off but he gets a chair and chases off the officials, then teaches young Cena a lesson with the chair.

Outside a white limo pulls up and Eric Bischoff- looking like the unfortunate offspring of William Shatner and Alec Baldwin- gets out. Mark Lloyd asks why he's there but Bischoff ignores him.

Commercial break

And we're back.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff congratulates Randy Orton on his work of late and asks where Hogan's dressing rom is. Orton points it out and Bischoff invites himself in. Hogan is less than pleased to see him. Bischoff talks about how he's gonna revolutionize Raw, and Hogan basically tells him that it's not like WCW and his crap ain't gonna fly, and how he knows that Bischoff isn't here o see him. Bischoff smooth talks some more and says he's always negotiating and splits, and Hogan says "Negotiate my butt."

The Hurricane vs. Chavo Guerrero: Hurricane offers a handshake but Chavo slaps it away. Hurricane attacks and gets a shoulder block, poses. Hurrican floats out of a suplex and gets the floating neckbreaker and a back body drop, then a high cross body off the top for two. Chavo reverses a whip and works Hurricane's leg. He dropkicks the weak knee then stomps away and posts it, wrenching it around the post, then hangs Hurricane in the tree of woe and dropkicks the knee. They slug it out and Chavo runs into the Hurri-Chokeslam but elbows out, hits a drop toehold. Chavo continues to work the leg but Hurricane powers him away and hits a Shining Wizard kick. Overcast (second rope flipping neckbreaker) gets two when Chavo puts his foot on the bottom rope. Chavo blocks a suplex and gets a shin breaker and lock in some kind of leg submission, then locks in an STF, which apparently stands for stepover toehold facelock, which I never knew, thank you very much Michael Cole. Oh yeah, Hurricane taps to it.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero by submission

Chavo gets on the mic and complains about the exposure and hype surrounding Rey Mysterio?s impending arrival. He challenges Mysterio to his first match, next week on Smackdown. Can?t say I blame Chavo for being a bit disgruntled: he?s the only guy in the dang division who hasn?t held the Cruiser title at least once. And you know the little dude with the mask is gonna be taking Noble?s belt PDQ.

Outside, Vince arrives and Lloyd thinks it's the new GM, but is wrong, of course.

Commercial break... Am I the only one who thinks Goldmember is gonna suck?... Outbreak is on UPN this weekend. To quote Barry Ween's Jeremy Ramirez: "Show me the monkey!! SHOW ME THE MONKEY!"

And we're back.

Rico offers his services to Bischoff, who asks where the Rock's locker room is. Rico tells him and he walks off and into Vince, and they exchange tense pleasantries about the new SD GM. Bischoff promises to show Vince what he wanted in terms of aggression and competition.

Tazz and Cole talk about Vengeance's main event.

Earlier today, Michale Cole interviewed the Undertaker about the main event at Vengeance. Undertaker makes some shooty comments about not having anything handed to him or being protected (Pep talk that, Hunter) then talks about his numerous title defenses, and says he is the Undisputed Champion because of the simple fact that no one can beat him. Rock ambushed at KotR because he knows he can't beat the Taker. He got Undertaker's attention, and can know expect his wrath. Then we see video of him chokeslamming Rock and Angle last week. Which brings us to Angle, and that Angle never made him tap, and never could, not even on a thousand consecutive matches on a thousand consecutive days, then concedes that it would have been possible for Angle to win two weeks ago. And at Vengeance, Rocky and Angle will learn that he is the American Bad-Booty, and that the ring is his yard...

Commercial break... The Stacker 2 commercial with the Nascar guys, the Tough Enough 2 trainers and Ivory's new breasts is shown... Please God buy the Triple H video so I can stop watching commercials for it.

Billly and Chuck(w/Rico) vs. Hardcore Holly and The Big Valbowski:
Billy and Holly star in a lockup and Holly gets pushed in the corner and gets punched by Billy and the ref has to pull him off. Holly comes back with the Best Dang Dropkick in the business. Billy reverses a whip and gets kicked in the um junk,then gets covered for 2. Tag to Chuck and gets Manhattan dropped by Holly. Then tag to Val and gets a few good moves off and gets a tag back to Holly who gets a scoop slam then Chuck hits a back body slam which Billy turns into a hot shot. Then Chuck covers for 2, goes for Snake Eyes. Holly floats out an hits a backdrop for a double K.O. Both tag and Val explodes out a with a shoulder block and then a swinging powerbomb but only gets 2, due to a break up by Chuck. Rico decides to come in with the spinning heel kick to Val and then Holly cleans house! Billy covers and Val kicks out at 2. Billy gets a reversed sunset flip that gets turned into the Alabama Slam and Val goes for the Money Shot to end it.

Winner: The Big Valbowski and Hardcore Holly by pinfall

I swear I can't even tell Billy and Chuck apart anymore. It was a nice match, and the ending spot was pretty damn cool.

Commercial break... The Extreme Blast of the Night is brought to you by JVC: Rikishi pinning Test last week, then the Canadian beatdown and Hogan/Edge save.

And we're back.
Rikishi and WWE Tag Team Champions Edge &Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Storm Foundation (Lance Storm, Christian and Test): Excuse the crap out of me for not calling them Team Canada like everybody else.

All three faces come down to "Voodoo Child." All three heels come down to Storm's music.

Riksihi and Christian to start and Rikishi explodes out with punches and a back body drop. Christian rakes the eys and pound away, tag to Storm. Rikishi double clotheslines them down and tags Edge, who's in with a flying clothesline to Storm. He dumps Christian and hits a forearm on Storm. Test trips him up from the outside and Storm gets a wheel kick for two. Tag Christian and they double team. Christian pounds away and chokes him on the mat and... we go to commercial?

Commercial break.. Tom, who's hanging out over here tonight, points out that Edge beat Storm, Christian and Test for the IC title at various points. But he's a main eventer now... yeah... WHY IS THERE A DANG COMMERCIAL MID-MATCH?!??!

And we're back.

Rikishi and WWE Tag Team Champions Edge &Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Storm Foundation (cont'd): Test gets a cross corner whip and clotheslines the crap out of Edge in the corner. Edge on the mat, Test grabs a sleeper but Edge keeps his arm up after two. He elbows out but Test gets a knee to the gut and hits the Meltdown, signals for the Big Boot. Edge ducks and faceplants him. Both men down, tag to Christian and the heel beatdown on Edge commences. Storm in, clotheslines Edge in the corner and goes up top but jumps into a powerslam. Tag to Hogan and he's a Hulk of fire. Schmoz and the non-legal men split but Hogan turns into a Storm Kick for two. The Immortal One Hulks Up. He tags Edge, clotheslines Storm in the corner, tags Edge, whos spears him in the corner, then Riksihi comes in, Backs That Butt Up and signals for the Stink Face. Test big boots him down, then Hogan Big Boots test. Christian stops the leg drop with a reverse DDT but gets speared by Edge, who then hits a returning Storm with Edge-o-cution to put this one away.

Winners: Edge, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Rikishi by pinfall

Bischoff enters Rock's locker room and introduces himself. Bischoff gets right to the point and offers Rock a spot on Raw, then starts talking about how he can take the Rock places he's never been before. Rock does the "Finally..." bit and tells Bischoff he'll be on Raw. Bischoff is all excited but Rocky says he's only going to Raw on Monday as the Undisputed Champ after Sunday at Vengeance. That means the Rock can go on any show- AND THE ROCK MEANS ANY SHOW- he wants. Raw. Smackdown. The Osbornes. The Sopranos. Frasier. Bischoff says he wishes he'd had the Rock on Nitro, and the Rock laughs, then gets very serious and tells Bischoff that while he was busy on Nitro being a creative genius... the Rock was putting WCW out of business. Rock walks off and Bisch looks mighty peeved.

Commercial Break... The Blockbuster commercial with the James Woods bunny and the Jim Belushi guinea pig (maybe?) is shown.

And we're back.

"NO CHANCE! THAT'S WHAT YOU GOT!" Vince comes out and says never before has he seen such angst and concern on the face of his superstars. He addresses the company as a whole and says that the superstars are welcome to negotiate with the various GMs of the shows. Vince says he names Bischoff to the GM spot on Raw because he understands "ruthless agression." And the Smackdown GM is equally ruthlessly agressive. He's not so sure that the SD audience deserve their new GM. With that in mind, Vince introduces the new General Manager of Smackdown...

Who?s it gonna be? Who?s it gonna be? Mick Foley? Shane McMahon? Shawn Michaels? Paul Heyman? Me? No no, kids, the new general manager of Smackdown is...

Stephanie McMahon.

(That loud noise you all heard at around 9:15 Eastern Standard Time was half the Internet wrestling community going ?Crap!? and the other half going "somethin that I can't say"

Steph on the mic, welcoming us to her show, Smackdown. She says Eric Bischoff is a parasite, but she will not let him screw the company or her family, or the Smackdown audience by stealing the SD superstars: The Rock; Hogan; Edge; and then she goes on a big rant about HHH. Steph says that Bischoff won't be able to bring Hunter over to Raw. Steph's first official act as GM of Smackdown will be to chuck Bischoff out of the bulding. We follow Steph as she comes across Bischoff talking to the Storm Foundationand gets in his face. She gives him two options: he can either walk out of the building or she'll have him thrown out. Bischoff says a lot can happen in three days, and leaves.

So much for this GM angle being cool.

Commercial break

And we're back. Most of the smarts have stopped crying by now. Except that one guy... suck it up, dude.

Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri: Tajiri kicks and slugs away. Kidman ducks a clothesline and gets a neckbreaker, sending Tajiri out. Back in, Kidman slings out of a cross corner whip but gets hotshottend and heel kicked. In the corner Tajiri chops but Kidman reverses and gets a cross corner whup. Kidman powers out of a Tarantula attempt but Tajiuri gets another, then a knee drop for two. Mounted punches and Tajiri chokes him on the bottom rope, then kicks him in the back. Snapmare and Tajiri grabs a sleeper. Kidman slides under Tajiri's legs, grabs a waistlock. Tajiri elbows out and goes for the handspring elbow but gets dropkicked down. Couple of clotheslines and a firemans carry to neckbreaker by Kidman, then Tajiri floats out a of a tornado DDT, gets a kick and standing moonsault fo two. Top rope moonsault misses and Kidman gets a powerbomb on Tajiri, setting up the Shooting Star Press, and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Billy Kidman by pinfall

Jamie Noble charges the ring but Kidman gets the upperhand. Then he turns around into some green mist action from the Japanese Buzzsaw and then Noble... POWERBOMBS KIDMAN!!! The skies split open and angels descend upon high to celebrate this here miracle. Nidia, Noble and Tajiri celebrate over Kidman, who has a Cruiserwieght title shot on Sunday.

Backstage, Jericho goes to say hi to Steph, who talks about how selfless Jericho was to sacrifice his match with Edge at Vengeance, and Stephanie will reward him with a match against Edge next week on Smackdown, and Jericho looks a little nervous. He walks out and says "Crap."

Az an aside, Jericho looked stoned out of his head in that segment. I'm not saying he was, but he looked it.

Commercial break... Rey Mysterio's coming next week, and then you're all gonna get it.

And we're back.

"Medal" hits and Angle comes out in ring gear with a mic, talking about how his winning the title at Vengeanc is a foregone conclusion, since he already made the Undertaker tap, and tonight he's going to do the same to the Rock.

"DEAD MAN WALKING..." WWE Undisputed Champion the Undertaker rides down on his bike and Angle seems a bit peeved.

Commercial break... And here I was thinking "Hey, it's only 9:40. Rocky and Angle are gonna give us a twenty minute classic, by golly." Nope. They're gonna give us a commercial for K-19: Not Indiana Jones IV, So Calm Down.

And we're back. Taker's at the announce position, but isn't saying anything

Rock charges down the ramp and pounds away, clotheslines Angle out. He follows him out and pounds away some more, and puts him into Taker's bike. Suplex on the ramp but Angle comes back. Double leg takedown and slingshots him into the post, then Angle rolls Rocky back in and stomps away, then chokes him in the corner. Suplex gets two and Angle continues to pound away, chopping and punching in the corner. Rock reverses and chops away, whips him and nails a nice belly to belly for two. They slug it out and Angle German suplexes the Brahma Bull. Another German, and another, then another get two. Angle pounds away and Rock staggers up but just gets knocked down. Rock blocks a punch and whips him but telegraphs. Clothesline, Samoan drop get two on Angle. Suplex by Angle sends Rock to the apron, where Angle continues to pound the crap out of him. Rock makes a comeback and rolls through a cross body for two. Angle nails a clothesline and a belly to belly, then spins around and plays to the crowd. Another belly to belly gets two and Angle grabs a chinlock into a front facelock with his feet on the ropes. (I'll take this rest hold to point out that Angle's been jawing at Taker and Taker's been studying the whole match.) Rocky keeps his arm up after two and powers out, then starts nailing Angle with rights, but Angle reverses a whip into the Angle Slam and covers but only for two. Angle goes to boot him in the guy but Rocky pulls out a dragon screw and locks in the Sharpshooter. Angle makes the ropes and Rock breaks the hold, goes for the Rock Bottom but gets clotheslined down. He gets up and tosses Angle. They brawl outside and Taker get ivolved and clotheslined into the crowd by the Rock. Back in, Rock flips out of the ankle lock and gets his spinning DDT for two. Undertaker goes to come in, Rock knocks him out and spinebusters Angle, goes for the People's Elbow. Undertaker clotheslines him down mid run and the ref tosses this baby out.

Winner: The Rock by disqualification

Big schmoz with everyone beathing the crap out of everyone else and Rocky tapping to the ankle lock. "Medal" hits and the Rock sells the crap out of the ankle lock.

Outside in the parking lot, Triple H (?) walks toward a limo but gets stopped by Mark Lloyd, who wants to know who he'll sign wit, and here's Steph to ask to talk to him about business. Triple H says that he'll make his decision on Sunday. He stops and looks for a second like he's gonna be nice, then asks if she's been gaining weight and for a second I don't hate him. He gets in the limo and Bischoff is inside. The limo drives off with Bischoff cackling. (STOP MAKING IT ABOUT TRIPLE H AND STEPH!!)

Pretty good show for the most part. Doesn't make anyone the clear favorite for Vengeance, which is good. Actually, all the matches were pretty entertaining.
Match Quality:3/3
Main Event:2/2
Storyline Developement:1/1
Entertaining Storyline 0/1
Something Shocking or Important:1/1
Crowd Participation:1/1
Thanks for reading and see you next week. Enjoy Vengeance.
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World Wildlife Fund 0\/\/|\|5 j00|2 50u|_5.

I'm sorry, I just had to say that.

I really haven't watched wrestling regularly since I was in 6th grade, so I wouldn't have any clue what you're talking about anymore...o.o;

All I remember is Sting kicks.

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Guest Solid Snake
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i]
[B]I really haven't watched wrestling regularly since I was in 6th grade, so I wouldn't have any clue what you're talking about anymore...o.o;[/B][/QUOTE]
[color=teal]Yeah, same here. I used to be really into it back then, but some time during 6th or 7th grade it just got boring.

For some reason, however, I saw a few minutes of it last night, around when McMahon's daughter started talking on the mic. Ahem, she's not a very good actor.

Anyway, I only watched it because my friend was over, but then we both got tired of it after Stephanie got off the mic.[/color]

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Yeah I think last night she had a cold or somethin because her voiced didn't seem as annoying as usual she didn't talk in that high pitch type voice, yeah the WWf has been losen ratings fast, Raw's ratings got to a 3.7 which is horrible I think that since there isn't any competition with the WWF(e)
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Smackdown was great last night!!!! But is it just me or when Stephanie lost the match to HHH and Y2j i thought she was kicked out of wwe forever? Kurt Angel...well, im preatty pissed Taker got into the fight, right before the peoples elbow!!

Oh and the end of the night with HHH in the car with bishoff, that was one kick in the face to stephanie!!!lol big time
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Stephanie is sort of cool now but geez.Y2J is scared of Edge.I mean come on he should be happy.It's a good thing this is Jericho's bad month.He gets beaten by the Rookie John Cena then this week he got disqualified by using the low blow aka The jewel crusher aka cheapshot to the jewels.But anyways Stephanie is with the public now.Or is she????
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sweetie_rei [/i]
[B]Yeah I watch Raw monday night. To tell you the truth I was a bit shocked when Mr.McVan itrouduced Eric. I mean Eric almost put the WWE(e) out of buissness when he was running nitroand the nwo. [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah what ever happend with that? I didnt watch Wcw, didnt he go on like 2 min. early to tell every one what is going to happen on raw?

Now thats ruthless aggresion
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That it was.

And speaking of Stephany, I hope Jericho makes a face turn again and does his old making fun of Steph junk. That stuff was Hilarious.

And is it just me, or does having Bischoff on RAW set up Goldberg's return perfectly. I mean, he did by out his AOL/Time Warner contract from the old WCW days to wrestle again.
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I can't believe that Vince has bought this "Eric" guy into the business. If you ask me, I think something will happen.....probably similar to Invasion or some crap like that.

[quote][i]Originally posted by GhostofSalvtore[/i]
[b]To me Steph seemed to have a cold cuz she didn't act like she usually does, she is tryin to be all good with the crowd now while Eric is the bad guy.[/b][/quote]
Exactly what I think. Though I doubt she'll b accepted as "good" guy by the crowd....
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Well yeah, I mean, that's pretty obvious if you go back and look at the history of the two.....though when you think about it, taking the history of the WWE and WCW into account, there isn't much more they can do to make the sport more exciting.....Invasion was probably the mot exciting event of all last year, aswell as Survivor Series.

So I'm thinking along the lines of which you've just pointed out.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Outlaw [/i]
And is it just me, or does having Bischoff on RAW set up Goldberg's return perfectly. I mean, he did by out his AOL/Time Warner contract from the old WCW days to wrestle again. [/B][/QUOTE]

Well with Stone Cold gone, who knows?
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Guest Fly-T
I just came to thinking.

When I was watching the USA network and they had a Vengenace commercial, it was focusing on Stone Cold. They said something about having his Stone cold Vengeance. I SC coming back??

And Since Rey Mysterio is coming back on Smak it would be good to see Rhyno really come back he would put some spark into it.
I guess the only erason they sperated was because little people of wrestling (I mean like the people that didnt usually have a match that was very interestiongand wasnt having standing ovations) went on strike and would fire a nuke on the WWE
and they felt as if they werent being recognized
Is it just me or did both GM's gain weight from the last time we seen them I liked the "Slutty" Steph better
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Guest Fly-T
No, I think I can tell between a bald-headed man with a beard from a man with glasses and a funny looking head
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PYRO PYRO PYRO Vengeance looked like the RAW just with a giant V on the left.
The 1st match is the Table Match as Bubba and Spike come out the
camera panned over the other tables that lay across the barricade. Eddie came out and strutted halfway until Chris Benoit's new music hit.
Benoit gets of a slew of technical moves, and then takes Spike to his teams corner for a few slaps, then both men tag there teammates, but Benoit and Eddie get off a double clothesline to change the momentum Bubba started off with. Eddie then puts pressure to Bubba's leg and tags the rabid wolverine. Benoit immediately gets a German suplex but the both men stay down and a tag is made by only Benoit. Guerrero goes for some cheap eye rakes and then some stomps to the head by both Guerrero and Benoit. Another tag is exchanged and Benoit continues the beating. Benoit gets Bubba back in the corner and Guerrero and Benoit get of chops and kicks, until Bubba gets off a few backhands but loses his momentum by the double team. Guererro sets up a table on the outside. Spike gets in the ring and jumps over the ropes via Bubba's back to hit Guererro. Bubba gets off a reversal but gets tripped up by Eddie. Both Eddie and Chris set up a table and sets Bubba on the top rope but Spike moves the table out of the way. Guererro and Benoit again set up a table, but this time in the corner. They both try to throw Spike to the table but Bubba catches Spike in a desperation move. Guererro then grabs Bubba?s arm and climbs turnbuckle and gets slammed to the ground. The Dudley's have now gained the upper hand and get off a WAS SUP (I guess that's what its called) to Eddie. Benoit gets put onto the table and Bubba jumps off the turnbuckle, but Benoit moves out of the way. Eddie and Spike exchange blows, but Chris comes up trying to go for the clothesline and hits Eddie. Spike then gets the Dudley Dog on Eddie threw a table and eliminating him, but looks to have injured himself in the process. The match then goes one-on-one when Chris puts Spike threw a table. There wasn't much one-on-one because Bubba gets a Bubba Bomb on Benoit threw a table.

Winner Spike and Bubba-Ray Dudley

Backstage we get to see Eric Bishoff big smile as the Coach talks to him about his RAW superstar performing, he then leaves to find HHH and then sucks up to him, but turns out that HHH was on his way to Steph's room to "negotiate".

Back in the ring the best couple of Nidia and Jamie Noble comes out to the ring. Then a guy that should be getting more credit for his talent Billy Kidman struts to the ring. Kidman goes for a few pins to start it off but only gets a 2. Jamie escapes the ring to have a talk with Nidia who wants him to give it his all. Kidman takes the advantage with a hurricarana. Both men get taken to the outside and Jamie goes after the shoulder by running into the turnbuckle. He goes for a quick pin, but gets a 2 count. He continues the assault on the shoulder by throwing Kidman to the turnbuckle. Kidman starts to punch with his other arm and gets off a few dropkicks as well. He goes for a pin and gets a 2 and I guess his arm is all better until Noble gets an arm bar on the same shoulder. Jamiie then goes for a power bomb but Kidman grabs his head and does an X-Factor type of move. As Kidman get to the top of the turnbuckle Jaimie grabs him, but Kidman turns the move into a power bomb. Kidman climbs again and misses the Shooting Star. Both Cruisers reverse each other?s move until Jamie gets a double-arm power bomb and get the pin fall.

Winner Jamie Noble by pin fall.
As Kurt Angle gets interviewed and trashes Detroit Brock and Paul walk in and Brock and Kurt shake hands. Angle then makes references to how Brock screwed Undertaker last week and says he better not do the same to him tonight.

Former European Champ and New CryBaby William Regal comes out to seek his title back. As he is coming out they show how he lost and CRIED over losing the title. The new champ comes out with that glowing stuff all over his face. They exchange locks and Regal takes the advantage with slaps and punches (not the power ones). Regal goes for a pin and gets 2 and then goes for another and gets the same. Jeff gets off a few kicks and a flying clothesline to change the momentum. Regal then ends up outside and Jeff goes for a baseball slide but Regal catches and gets reversed by a Hurricarana from Jeff. Both get back into the ring and Jeff goes under Regal's legs but gets caught and kicks Regal. He then climbs the turnbuckle but hits Regal's knees while going for the Swanton Bomb. Regal gets a few punches but Jeff rolls him up for 3. The new Christian wannabe starts to cry again.

Winner Jeff Hardy by pin fall

Flair shakes hands and congratulates Jeff and the Immortal Hulk Hogan shakes his hands as well. Hulk and Flair start to chat about Hulk's match and how Hogan says he is going to try to go for the Swanton. Both then agree about how it?s a disgrace that Eric and Steph are the new general managers. Flair points out that young superstars don't need to get caught up in a power struggle and that Steph better watch out because Eric could run her out of the WWE.

No offense but I think John Cena is getting too much TV time and now he gets a PPV match. OK back to the match, Y2J's countdown begins and walks down and takes a steel chair as Cena walks down. Cena then grabs the chair and hits him and throws him back into the ring for the match to begin. Cena then shows he RUTHLESS AGGRESSION with a few punches and a spine buster. Cena gets thrown and gets hung up on the ropes by Jericho. That one mistake by Cena costs him the aggression he had as Jericho pounds away. Cena then gets a roll up and a two count, Y2J keeps up with the punches and trash talking. Jericho gets the breakdown and climbs the turnbuckle but gets too cocky and gets superplexed and pinned for two. The rookie gets some hard right hands and a tilt-a-whirl slam. Jericho climbs the turnbuckle and hits him as Cena was going for the dropkick. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but misses and gets pinned again for 2. Y2J repays Cena with some slaps and gets a Lionsault but doesn't pin and goes for the Walls of Jericho but it gets reversed and Cena pins and runs out in fear.

Winner John Cena by pin fall.

Eric waits by Steph's room as Steph's attorney walks up and says he has some documents the Steph has wanted.

JR and the King walk out to call the 2nd half of Vengeance as we see RVD do some stretching and Brock Lesnar works out. Then the video shows of how this match started its also known as the time-fillers.

The challenger steps out with Paul Heyman (bet you don't know who the challenger is!) and also the man that has guaranteed himself a title shot for the Undisputed Championship at Summer Slam. RVD's pyro goes off and the roar of the fans have never gotten any higher till then. Brock gets off a fireman carry and some punches off as well, but RVD gets some spinning kicks and forearms and flips over Lesnar. Then RVD trips Brock to bump his head on the lower part of the turnbuckle. Van Dam goes for legs, but the power of Brock is to overwhelming for RVD to handle. Brock gets thrown over the ropes and catches RVD in the air as he goes for a vaulting press. Brock then gets a 2 count and gets a stomach breaker. Lesnar still controlled to the pace till RVD gets a spinning heel kick. RVD mounted Brock but gets thrown to the outside due to the power of The Next Big Thing. Brock squeezes RVD and Paul keeps it going by yelling him to keep squeezing. He then gets off another submission move. RVD gets back to his roots by doing his shoulder charges with the flip at the end and connects a boot to Brock's face and continues it up with the Rolling Thunder. RVD goes upstairs as JR would say, but Brock catches with the F5 but gets it turned into a DDT and RVD follows it up with a Frog Splash and pins but Paul pulls the ref out and gets DQed. RVD then flips of the turnbuckle and connects it to Brock. He then grabs a chair and climbs the turnbuckle but Paul grabs him and Brock slams him onto the chair. Then again on the chair he gets the F5.

Commercial Break about Shop Zone

And we are back and watching Steph coming out in a disgruntled look and tells Eric he signed. HHH then comes out and tells Eric that it was his divorce papers that he signed.

"WELLLLLLLLLL It's the only NWO survivor well not really" comes out for another try against the Bookerman. This time its a no count out and no DQ match which looks like it would be an easy win for the Big Show but you never know, JUST READ and find out. Booker T's chances as JR says aren't that good as he comes out. The match begins with the Big Show showing why he is BIG. Both go to the outside as Booker T takes the advantage with some chops and few Irish Whips to the outside turnbuckle. He then grabs a cord and chokes Big Show. They both enter the Spanish announce table and Booker T gets on and gets off a Scissors Kick threw the table. Booker then crawls back into the ring as Big Show staggers up. Big Show attempts the Show Stopper gets reversed and Booker T gets a scissors kick and then climbs the turnbuckle the Houston Hangover. Mr. T er I mean Booker T starts the throw his gloves to the fans (jealous of The Rock) and goes for the most I mean the 2nd most I mean the whatever most electrifying move, The Spinaroonie.

We then go to WWE New York where Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie make their picks about who should win the Undisputed title

We then here the games music for the 1st time in a month. He was about to talk until the parasite Eric Bishoff comes out and apologizes about getting in the Games personal business. Eric tells him that it will be all business and that he will never have to worry about his personal life and claims he is a businessman. He then gives his word that means totally nothing that he going to be a franchise player. The now ex-wife Stephanie McMahon No HELMESLEY comes out in some new hip-hop music and tells Eric to "shut up". She tells him that HHH knows that she will be with him and helping him only in business, but she gets cut-off by Bishoff. Steph then says that it was Eric told HHH that he had no talent and no charisma. She says that the business is in her blood and that she will stop at nothing to make Smackdown the best program on TV (or at least UPN) HHH then starts to talk about how Vince said that the superstars are free to negotiate, he then says the he could say "screw you" to Bishoff and "screw you" to Steph and that she knows she likes it. HHH states that he has made final decision and he "should go to the devil he knows then the devil he doesn't", but then HBK's music comes on with all the pyro. HBK says that Vince has said that the NWO is dead and that HHH has to make a decision. HBK tells that HHH should consider two things "friendship" and "fun" and that he has had more fun with HBK. HBK also says that he should join RAW so that they can let their pants down and make Eric's life a living hell. HHH says "sorry Steph" and hugs HBK as Eric smiles and brags to Steph. Eric then says that he has testicles and she doesn't and gets slapped and Steph walks to the backstage.

Backstage Rikishi shares his thoughts on the subject and says HHH has to do what he has to do. Also Booker T w/Goldust gets congratulated and gets asked what his thoughts are on HHH joining RAW. Goldusts also adds that HHH may be the game. But Booker T and Goldust have the bigger "joysticks".

The July 4th Smackdown is played and shows that Hogan and Edge winning the titles and that Team Canada talking about America's problems and "America suck!". Part of Team Canada comes out as Lance Storm and Christian make there way to the ring and Lance Storm uses America's 1st Amendment to talk to the crowd and how they want to get out of the country when the win the titles. The Tag Champs come out (of course not together) and show their titles. Hulk and Christian start the match and the fans start the "Hogan" chant. Both start in the lock up and Christian gets thrown out but comes back in and tags and Team Canada gets a double suplex. Hogan gets a tag Edge starts with punches and a suplex. Lance struggles to the turnbuckle and gets 10 punches, but Christian pushes Hogan off and also gets tagged. Edge gets a chin lock as the fans again chant "Hogan", which makes Edge get out of the chin lock but still doesn't take the advantage. He gets a bulldog on Lance that lands on Christian and tags Hogan. Hulk starts to do the cheapest move in the business as he "HULKS UP" but misses the Leg Drop. He also get super kicked by Lance and Christian get him back in the ring and tags Lance. Lance doesn't do much and tags Christian back. All 3 members go down with an attempted double team. Hulk tags Edge and he starts to build momentum and gets some high back body drops on both, he then spears both that are stuck in the turnbuckle. He reverses the super kick and turns it into the Edgeacution. Test comes in and knocks Edge out as Lance covers but shockingly only gets 2. Test distracts the ref as Y2J hits Edge with the title to give Lance and Christian the win.

Winner Lance Storm and Christian by pinfall.

Eric tells Kurt that he is happy for Kurt and that he should go to RAW and that he should think about it when he is ready. Steph also gives her statement on what Bishoff has said to Kurt and that she is in direct contact with all the RAW superstars.

The final video begins on how it all happened. Shockingly The Rock comes out first and it seemed that the fans weren't cheering as much as they do, but then he got on the turnbuckle. He only has had one match but he still main events. Then the "You Suck" chants begin. The bike comes out and we know its the Undertaker with his belt around his gut and not on his neck. All three men stare at the title as the ref holds it in the air. Rock and UT start talking trash as Kurt Angle lets them know he is in this match but he gets a few right hands. UT then goes for the Rock, but the Rock gets a few punches and throws UT over the ropes. Kurt gets in and gives Rock the belly to belly and stomps on the rock and gets a choke in. Then the smack of the chops is heard across the arena. The Rock scores a DDT as Kurt starts to chant. UT then goes for the Rock after he clotheslined Angle. Rock rolls into the ring and gets some right hands off, but the Rock shows his right hands for a second because Taker gets the Sidewalk Slam. Rock quickly gets up and CHOKE SLAMS Taker for the first time. Kurt gets in the ring and gives Kurt his own move, Angle Lock and Rock gets Rock Bottomed by Angle. Undertaker then gets the Angle Slam on Kurt and gets only 2. Rock then gets the spine buster and goes for the People's Elbow and actually connects but doesn't get a chance to pin because Angle pulls him out. UT beats Angle down and throws him into the turnbuckle. The Rock then gets back into the match but lands onto a table, but not threw it. UT goes back to Kurt with some elbows and goes for some Old School. UT covers but Rock breaks it up and gives some right hands but he gets a flying DDT. The Rock looks for the Rock Bottom but then almost gets chokeslamed by going for a low blow. Kurt gives Rock the Angle Slam to Rock and covers UT and gets 2 and covers Rock and gets 2. Rock reverses a kick and gives Angle a dragon screw and goes for the Sharpshooter. UT breaks that up and Rock goes for the Last Ride he doesn't pin because Angle snaps the Angle Lock. Takers gets and goes threw deja vu when Angle reverses the Last Ride and turns it into a choke. UT still slams Angle, but Angle keeps the hold until the Rock stomps on Angle. Angle then reverses the Rock Bottom and turns it into the Angle Lock. Rock rolls Angle and attempts a pin. UT choke slams Angle but the Rock waits for UT to turn around and gets a Rock Bottom. UT kick out of the pin and gets the Angle Slam to UT. And Angle turns around and gets ROCK BOTTOMED and covered for 3. The Rock raises the title in glory as Vengeance goes off the air.

Winner The Rock by pinfall.

Overall Rating 9/10
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