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Yeah I dislike HHH being a face, he should always be a heel. Jericho played a good face, as a heel he is just some whiny loser. HHH, Angle and Benoit should always be heels, that's when they are at their best. I think Benoit plays a horrible face. I mean honestly he doesn't have the personality or charisma to be a face. He just gets in there and kicks *** and wins by any means, and that makes a good heel!

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Schratn9 [/i]
[B]Lol G/s/b, I doubt little bishoff could put HBK threw a car window!lol [/B][/QUOTE]

He probably got the island boys to do it. Cause he's to busy trying to be enertained!:drunk:

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ok for some that are on at the time of this posting Spoilers.

Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri
-Rey starts it off with a dropkick on Tajiri before he comes into the ring. Rey hits a top rope plauncha on Tajiri on the outside of the ring. Rey then hits a headscissors takedown. Tajiri eventually gains control with a clothesline. Rey counters a flip from Tajiri and then Tajiri hits a kick in Rey's face!. Tajiri launches Rey into the air, then locks Rey in a surfboard into a backslide conversion, 2 count only. Rey lands on his feet on the outside of the ring. As Rey tried to fly back into the ring, he gets a kick in the chest. Tajiri takes Rey and drives his back into the ring and barricade while on the outside. Tajiri then locks Rey's body around the ring post and stretches him. Tajiri suspends Rey in the corner and then hits a single foot baseball slide in Rey's face. Tajiri applies a bow 'n arrow submission on Rey. Tajiri keeps going after Rey's kidneys with a knee into the back. Rey gives Tajiri an elbow in the face but Tajiri regains control quickly. Tajiri re-applies the knee into the back. Rey tries for the Torito but hits a spinning DDT instead, 2 count only. Tajiri locks in the Tarantula and goes for the Kick of Death but Rey avoids it. Tajiri catches Rey and hits him with a Stiff powerbomb, 2 count only. Tajiri stalks Rey but Rey gets up and hits the 6:19 on Tajiri from the second rope. Rey goes for the springboard huricanrana but it's converted into a sunsetflip for a 2 count. Rey hits a top rope huricanrana on Tajiri to get the 1-2-3. Good matchup!
Winner VIA Pinfall - Rey Mysterio

Kurt Angle Interview
-Angle starts off by telling begining to tell people he's Sorry for giving everybody a scare last week. He goes on to talk about what might've been or could've been, etc. without his presence on SmackDown!. He talks about letting off some steam and explains it to be because of Brock Lesnar, Angle goes on to mock Lesnar for his achievements. He then praises Lesnar for talent but asks a question, Where are your Gold Medals?. Angle continues to berade Brock Lesnar in regards to his match last week and #1 man-ship. Kurt Angle then calls out Lesnar. Then Hollywood Hulk Hogan comes out saying "waa, waa, waa, etc" that was funny. Hogan then tells Kurt Angle to shut the Hell Up..Almost Jericho-Style. Hogan goes on to tell Kurt about the events of last week with his issues with Brock Lesnar and if anybody should face Brock tonight, it should be Hogan. Kurt then asks Hogan is this was a joke and Angle asks him if he's gonna challenge him to a game of shuffleboard?. Angle then makes a stand that he's facing Brock and if he had a problem with it to come down. Hogan does and gets into the ring and just when it looked like they we're gonna go at it, then Stephanie McMahon comes out and tells them "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" and says she's loves is the competitive spirit and thats what separates it from RAW. She then says that the most aggressive, competitive and entertaining superstars are on SmackDown! and why Brock Lesnar signed with her on SmackDown!. Staphanie then makes a match facing Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle and the winner to face Brock Lesnar next week. After Steph leaves, Kurt says it's fine with him and claims he'll do the same thing to Hogan that he did at King of the Ring and that was to make him tap out. Kurt then says he feels a little sorry for him and promises he'll make it quick. Hogan responds with three punches and a backbody drop to Kurt Angle all the way outside the ring. Kurt walks away talking trash with Hogan remaining in the ring swinging his Hollywood belt.

Stephanie is seen in the hallways saying Hi to some guys in the backstage area and enters her office only to find Eric Bischoff sitting on a couch. Eric tries to talk some business advantages and disadvantages to her but Steph barely let him get much across before eventually calling security. Steph has Eric escorted out while following the security guard named Darryl (Not the Tough Enough guy) out of the building but before he got out, he asked Steph what the main event for tonight on SmackDown! was and she said it was Edge vs. The Rock and then told Eric that it was too bad he wouldn't be in the building to see it. Then Darryl finished his escort service in taking Biscoff outta the building.

Mark Henry vs. Brock Lesnar
-Both men lock up in a test of strength and nobody budged. Brock tries a shoulder block but nobody moves, however Brock knocks down Henry with a clothesline for a 2 count only. Brock hits a shoulder to Henry's gut in the corner. Henry hits a standing vertical suplex on Brock for a 2 count. Henry places Brock in between the second rope and Henry drops his rear end on Brock's head. However, Brock comes back and hits an amazing belly-to-belly overhead suplex and hits the F-5 on Henry to get the 1-2-3.
Winner VIA Pinfall - Brock Lesnar

After Brock's matchup he finds Hogan and hopes he gets to face him next week. Brock then pats Hogan on the left arm and Brock and Paul walk away. Brock and Paul pass up Billy and Chuck in the hallway who are arguing about things, they're both talking dissention within the ranks kinda stuff until Rico tries to play Peacemaker but is less than successful. John Cena walks by to gloat about what going on between them and then both Cena and Rico exchange taunts regarding styles. Rico attempts to slap Cena but Cena blocks it and then looked aggressive, Cena then tries a fake-slap on Rico but just smiles and walks away and Rico walks away infuriated and bumps into Kurt Angle and Angle tells him to stay outta his way. Rico walks off in his own direction. Angle then encounters Brock Lesnar nearby and Brock hopes he gets to fight him next week and then they just staredown and Angle walks away.

Kurt Angle vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
-th men lock up and Hogan shrugs Angle off. Both men lock up again Hogan shrugs off Angle. Angle locks in a headlock on Hogan and then goes after Hogan's left arm, Hogan reverses and returns the same tactics. Angle then goes punching away and then Hogan knocks down Angle. Angle tries a hiptoss twice and Hogan blocked them and gives Angle a hiptoss of his own. Both men fight on the outside and Hogan introduces Angle to the steel post. Hogan sends Angle's head to the turnbuckle 9 times and follows up with a spinning punch for a #10 to the head. Angle comes back and sends Hogan to the corner and shoulder blocks Hogan into the guts. Both men continues to change the pace of the matchup, Angle hits a clothesline and it's a 2 count only. Angle takes many shots to Hogan in the corner and then Hogan fires back but gets a rake to the eyes and then a suplex, but only a 2 count for Angle. Angle re-applies the reverse chinlock. Angle uses the ropes on occasion to assist the pressure being applied on Hogan. Angle maintains the chinlock on Hogan a few moment and then Hogan fights outta it but Angle maintains control of the match another second until Hogan pops up and gives Angle a bodyslam and then an elbow but only a 2 count for Hogan. Hogan goes for a Big Boot but Angle catches the boot and attempts to put him in the Ankle lock. Hogan then gets the Big Boot but Angle comes back again and delivers the Olympic Slam but only a 2 count. Angle pulls the straps down and locks in the Ankle lock. Hogan does counter and kicks off Angle and the ref gets caught in it. Angle gets a steel chair and Hogan gives Angle a Big Boot with the chair in the face. Hogan then hits the legdrop but the ref is still down. Brock comes down but Hogan knocks him down, suddenly Angle drills Hogan with the chair but the ref came around and caught him red-handed doing it and gets DQ'd. Kurt Angle attacks Hogan in frustration for being DQ'd but Hogan fights him back and gives him another Big Boot, but before Hogan can hit legdrop, Brock Lesnar re-enters the ring and attacks Hogan and gives him the F-5. Both Brock and Paul Heyman leave pleased from their actions.
Winner VIA DQ - Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Rikishi vs. Reverend D-Von
-D-Von blindsides Rikishi in the begining of the match, but Rikishi fires back within seconds and knocks down D-Von. As the match goes on, Batista interferes covertly. Rikishi and D-Von battle it out until Rikishi gets D-Von caught right in his ***...Literally!!. Rikishi delivers a DDT on D-Von and drops the Banzai drop on D-Von's chest to get the 1-2-3. After the match, Rikishi tries to Back the *** Up but Batista interferes again and knocks down Rikishi with a Spinebuster and D-Von hits a top-rope headbunt.
Winner VIA Pinfall - Rikishi

Jamie comes out to talk about a lot of trash about people being perverts and stuff and that he and Nidia on royalty but Noble was hellbent on making his points clear and goes right to Michael Cole and claims that Cole has a thing for Nidia and Noble gets Nidia to completely dominate Michael Cole. Nidia unbuttons him and does gestures of complete Exoticness and swaps tongues with Nidia completely reluctantly. Tazz was getting a real kick outta the whole thing. After it was over, Noble and Nidia make out again.

After all that, Mike Awesome, Hardcore Holly and Billy Kidman are in the back watching a tape from RAW and Stephanie comes in and notices it and told them that she never wants to see any WWE Superstar on SmackDown! to watch RAW in her arena again.

John Cena vs. Rico
-Great action in this matchup, both men go at it back and forth but in the end John Cena hits his spinning suplex finisher to get the 1-2-3. After the match, Billy and Chuck come out and jump on Cena and deliver the top rope Doomsday Device clothesline.
Winner VIA Pinfall - John Cena

Eric Biscoff returns and pays off a fan for their ringside ticket and remains to observe tonights show.

Stephanie comes out and acts nice about the fact that Bischoff is still here and bought a ticket. Stephanie then clairified that there was a misunderstanding between the Rock/Edge match tonight, that Rock and Edge will team up and face newly acquired RAW talent in Eddie Guerrero and the IC Champ, Chris Benoit!!

Bischoff got pissed and tried to jump in the ring but got escorted out again by security while screaming that he'd knock her out!

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. The Rock & Edge
-Eddie jumps on Rock as he was holding up the title on the turnbuckles. This main event was action packed. Brock Lesnar came down and distracted The Rock a couple times. Chris Benoit locked in a Crippler Crossface on The Rock as he and Brock Lesnar continued to remain eyeball locked on each other, The Rock eventually had no choice but to tap out.
Winners VIA Submission - Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero

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Smackdown! is recorded on Tuesday. Then aired on thursday. last night I was feeling weird and for some reason thought yesterday was thursday, and posted the results. Hehe guess I was tired. Didn't realize it till this morning.

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ohhh. Well anyway Smackdon was good tongiht. Kinda glad to see Latino Heat and Benoit on it! Lol, bishoff definatly again got his balls kicked!

one more thing, man would I love to be Michel cole!

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Someday RAW and Smackdown! will have a war.Like I said in the other WWE thread.

Micheal cole??? He's going to get kissed every Smackdown! by Nidia the trailer trash of Caroline.But hey Micheal cole is now Nidia's man.

Bischoff.....the man who wasted $300 for front row seats and what did he get in return????? A very angry additude,2 of his westlers is on Smackdown!,and 2 kick outs from the arena.

GoS I don't think Edge,hogen,Rock are moving. but if the rest are moving then RVD is going to be on Smackdown! if you're right.

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ok I'll do Raw.

right now I'll post some news & rumors for WWE, then later I'll post the Raw Preview (I DID NOT write this, I took it from another site);

R----'s WWE News and Rumors

News and Rumors for Saturday, August 3

Hey everyone, you're at r------f.com for the next edition of the news and rumors written up by yours truly on this third day of August. It's been another eventful week in the world of pro wrestling as WWE goes full steam ahead with both the Raw and Smackdown! brands, pushing storylines that will surely establish new superstars in the coming weeks and momths. We're also slowly edging closer to WWE's next PPV spectacle in Summerslam and as we all know it's a big PPV in the grand scheme of things and as a result, the foundations to the show are generally in shape. Anyway, nothing more to say here in the intro so without further hesitation, here is the Saturday news update...

First of all, Raw came to us live this week from Greensboro, North Carolina and it was another quality show, perhaps not as good last week but still terrific when you consider what the federation has put out in recent months. The big news coming out of the show was the revelation of the so called mystery defector (or defectors as it turned out) as UnAmerican members Lance Storm, Christian and Test all appeared and were later joined by unofficial leader (?), Chris Jericho. Elsewhere on the show, the Shawn Michaels/Triple H storyline grew ten times more interesting with an assault to Michaels hanging in the balance. And finally, there was solid in-ring action to round out the show, including a match where Chris Benoit become the new WWE Intercontinental champion.

On Tuesday evening, WWE taped Smackdown! in Charlotte, North Carolina and aired it two nights later on Thursday. Not to sound like a shill, but much like Raw, the show was another enjoyable effort with some great wrestling action mixed in with out of ring storyline progression, which I guess is all many fans really ask for week in and week out. The theme of wrestlers defecting from one show to the other continued in full earnest as Stephanie introduced her newest acquisitions in the form of Eddie Guerrero and reigning Intercontinental champion, Chris Benoit, both of whom immediately were inserted into the main event against the Rock and Edge. Elsewhere on the show, Kurt Angle's problems with both Hollywood Hogan and Brock Lesnar continued and a match between Angle and Hogan was the end result, with the winner (Hogan) drawing a match with Brock for next week's show. And finally, there was Rey Mysterio once again, this time figuring into a match against Tajiri which was actually more impressive than his official debut last week. If you missed

This week's WWE ratings were probably anticipated by many in the company since it would show some indication of whether they are attracting additional viewership based on the recent strong shows. Unfortunately, the ratings didn't fall into place as planned as Raw drew a 3.7 composite, off of hours of 3.4 and 4.0. Although the number isn't too bad, it's actually quite a bit lower than last week's 4.3 and all but confirms that the strong audience last week was probably attributed to post-PPV interest. In other words, many casual fans probably tuned in to find out the results of the PPV and experience the immediate fallout. WWE Smackdown! continued that trend, achieving a 4.4 overnight rating and final score of 3.1, both of which were also notably lower than last week. The weekend shows saw Sunday Night Heat draw a 1.0, Velocity score a 0.8 and Confidential also score a 0.8. All in all, not a very good week for any of the WWE shows, but like I've said before, who cares about analyzing the numbers week in and week out. Things aren't going to get better so quick; instead it will be a much slower and gradual turn. If WWE Raw and Smackdown! are still scoring similar or lower ratings three of four months from now, then we have ourselves a big problem.

Let's start with the big development on Raw, that being the attack on Shawn Michaels and the alleged mystery surrounding who the person(s) responsible for the act. The way things played out on Raw, WWE has set it up (or tried to set it up) so the reader at home and in the audience realizes that there are several "suspects" if you will who could potentially have carried out the assault. All through the night it was being indirectly stated that Michaels had a lot of enemies, not necessarily on purpose, but enemies nonetheless. Independent incidents from Raw saw Shawn butt heads with Booker T, Big Show, the UnAmericans and of course Triple H himself all of whom are at the present time individuals who could very well have been the perpetrator. I doubt WWE can play this angle up as well as the "Whodunit" storyline a couple years back when Stone Cold got ran over, but it should still be a nice little ongoing plot that hopefully lasts until Summerslam or so.

If you want to talk specifics on who WWE might reveal as the culprit(s), I would venture to guess that the UnAmericans top the list of potential suspects. Some may argue that the Big Show is the odds-on-favorite but I don't think that makes a lot of sense when you see try to look ahead at where this story is going, namely the fact that Triple H (unless he's revealed as an accomplice) is probably going to be feuding against whoever is responsible for taking out Shawn Michaels. The UnAmericans, specifically Lance Storm and Christian, though would seem like a perfect fit because it would potentially allow WWE to go ahead and present a Storm/Christian vs. Michaels/HHH match for Summerslam. This would make even more sense if it is deemed that Shawn is unable to wrestle in singles competition and as a matter of fact, this may already have been determined. Unless Michaels getting rammed into a window is a way to write him off of TV forever (doubtful), I think the plan has to be for Shawn to return to in-ring competition at Summerslam. A tag team match would be a nice way to accomplish this since it would allow Shawn to take it quite easy and in a way hide whatever rust he would have after a four year absence.

Apart from the defection of the UnAmericans, Chris Jericho was also introduced near the end of Raw as someone who jumped ship from Smackdown! to Raw and I think it's fair to say that this came about after Jericho ran out of people to work with on the Smackdown! crew. The Rock is only going to be around for another month or so on a consistent basis, while guys like Hollywood Hogan, Edge and Kurt Angle have already feuded with Jericho or are not logical opponents at this time. Thus, Jericho's move to Raw opens up a bunch of new feuds for him, with the first one obviously being a program against Ric Flair, who after Austin left, has more or less become a part-time wrestler that will work most TVs and the PPVs. Jericho could then go on to feud with the likes of Undertaker, Booker T or even Rob Van Dam now that he is on the Raw brand. On a similar move and surely to further balance out the rosters, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero moved over to Smackdown!. Apart from opening up new feud combinations, Benoit brings an exclusive title with him to Smackdown!, something which needed since Smackdown! currently only has the Cruiserweight title on its show.

With Summerslam coming up in a few weeks, a tenative lineup for the PPV is slowly becoming clear. The top match for the event is already set at the Rock defending his undisputed championship against King of the Ring winner Brock Lesnar. From there, let's assume the tag team match between HHH/Shawn Michaels and Lance Storm/Christian for the tag team titles also takes place. That would probably leave Chris Benoit and/or Eddie Guerrero taking on Edge and Hollywood Hulk Hogan taking on Kurt Angle as Smackdown! brand matches, while Chris Jericho taking on Ric Flair and matches involving Booker T and Rob Van Dam in some fashion should also be on the card.

Speaking of Kurt Angle, it seems like each week he moves closer to a full-fledged face turn and most likely a feud with Brock Lesnar to commence sometime next month. The likely scenarion to transpire at Summerslam would be for Lesnar to defeat the Rock for the WWE title and then for Angle to step up as the next challenger since the Rock will likely drastically reduce his wrestling schedule and will probably not be available for the Unforgiven PPV. Last week I mentioned that a perfect way to turn Angle face would be to have him come out during an Anti-Americans interview, but of course with the group moving to Raw, it can't happen on free TV unless Angle joins them on Monday, which I doubt. Either way though, I think Angle will definitely be turning face by virtue of a feud against Brock Lesnar and I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this, I think the timing seems right for him to do it around the September 11 date. This would allow Angle to not only challenge Brock as WWE's top storyline on either show, but it would allow him to assume the role of the top Smackdown! babyface so that he can enter into feuds with the likes of Benoit, Guerrero, etc. Anyway, this is all just my opinion so it is by no means a lock to happen.

In other news and notes from the wrestling, it seems that all signs are pointing to the Wrestlemania X-9 location as being Seattle, Washington. WWE has actually eyed Seattle as a possible venue for their annual extravaganza for months now and and actually did a building check and all that other stuff that goes with making sure a venue is okay for Wrestlemania and the Fan Axxess. However, it is now being reported that WWE is testing the market around Seattle/Tacoma by holding back-to-back TV tapings there later this month as a way to gauge whether the market can support a huge event like Wrestlemania. The rumor is that if both events sell out that Seattle will be all but guaranteed Wrestlemania, while anything less could open the door for another venue (Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Atlanta, Georgia; and St. Petersburg, Florida are favorites) to sneak in. As of this time though, tickets are moving very well and chances are WWE officials will decide that's good enough in the current tough marketplace.

No news to report on the status of Bill Goldberg. According to sources, WWE and representatives of Goldberg have not met in months and no talks are planned anytime soon. It is no secret that Goldberg has very little intention of joining WWE, but it was thought that Eric Bischoff's addition would facilitate discussions and allow him to possibly convince Goldberg to sign with WWE. However, that doesn't appear likely at this stage as Goldberg would rather work a few shows per year (such as with New Japan) instead of joining WWE and participating in a full-time schedule that would require him for over 10 dates per month. There was some discussion amongst WWE management to allow Goldberg a very reduced schedule, but there was differing opinion on the matter as others felt as if it would cause problems with the consistency on company policies.

WWE has cut ties with Heartland Wrestling Association primarily as a cost cutting measure. According to reports, Jim Ross was ordered to reduce the payroll by the powers above and based on several reasons including the fact that many believed the wrestlers in OVW were better trained, they decided to stop their affiliation with HWA and the majority of wrestlers that wrestled there. Some talent at HWA were spared but I believe all of them have already appeared on WWE programming so the company obviously has plans to use them in the immediate future.

One quick little note before moving onto the one-liners, WWE holds a special Smackdown! taping tomorrow in Richmond, Virginia due to the fact that members of the Smackdown! roster will be departing for Australia next week. Members of the Raw roster will join them there after Monday's show and the event in Melbourne will actually contain wrestlers from both brands. Because of the fact that Raw and Smackdown! exist as separate and independent entities as far as WWE is concerned, the fact that the Smackdown! tapings will be held before the live Raw will really not affect anyone reading the results. In other words, if you read spoilers, nothing will really seem weird or out of place. This may be self-explanatory but I've gotten a bunch of emails from readers asking about it.

And finally, here are the one-liners, random thoughts and rhetorical questions...

I know it's the commentators jobs and all and maybe it's the fact that Raw is getting a Nitro feel to it, but JR pretending like he has no idea what Jericho's theme sounds like brought back memories of Tony Schiavone.

The first conchairto to Undertaker totally missed as I think Lance Storm missed Taker's head by a good several inches. But at least they had the presence of mind to do it again instead of acting like it was a perfect shot.

Please kill the Hardcore title's 24/7 reign. It was great at first, but I think it's long worn out its welcome.

Jim Ross said that he has waited almost a "lifetime" to see the Rock take on Ric Flair. I guess that means JR is only like six or seven years old.

From reader Nick Cook: "At the end of the Rob Van Dam/Chris Benoit match on Raw, JR said 'Benoit cheated to become the Intercontinental title'." I dunno why, but I find that quite funny.

From reader MTMT: "Apparently J.R. and Jerry Lawler are blind... during Ric Flair's "big announcement," the camera caught a quick glimpses of Chris Jericho and the steel chair right behind him. I'm sure the audience saw him as well, and J.R. and King pretended that he wasn't there until he hit Flair with the chair."

From Oofman22197: "I found this funny on Raw. Eric Bischoff told HBK that HHH wasn't at the arena yet but after the commercial break we see HBK looking for HHH all over the locker room. Didn't he listen to what Bischoff said?"

Also from Oofman22197: "I found this interesting on the whole Raw/Smackdown "free to sign anywhere" deal. Eric Bischoff is trying to get Smackdown people on Raw. Stephanie is trying to get Raw people on Smackdown. If they are both successful, wouldn't have both shows just switched rosters?"

I love WWE's long-term planning or lack thereof...Chris Benoit is moved to Smackdown! like a month after he was moved from there to Raw.

From reader Crashman: "Christian said at the start of the show: "Young american kids have to 'search' for their 'favorite' web sites". Surely they would know where their favorite sites were."

And that shall wrap up the news and rumors. A little shorter than usual, but that's okay...I think I covered the important happenings and I'll be back in a week anyway. Later.

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I dunno if you mentioned this rumor as well but the main event at WMX9 is supposed to be Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle if this is true than I think it will be bad main event like WMX8 cuz I really didn't like H}{H vs Y2J I thguoht the Icon vs Icon was more of a main event than that one.

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first off missed doing Raw preview and missed raw itself. but here's results;

We start with video of Triple H Pedigreeing HBK, while we hear audio of his speech last week which was interrupted by news of Shawn's apparent attack. After viewing the bloodied Shawn, we see his previous encounters with Booker T, Big Show, and the UnAmericans, in addition to Bischoff's implication that Triple H was behind it.

The music video plays, the pyros explode, and we are LIVE from Baltimore! Tonight, we'll see Christian and Storm defend the Tag Titles against the Hardy Boys, but first...

Chris Jericho Interview
-The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and the Ayatollah, the Living Legend, the newest Raw Superstar, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. In case you didn't hear, this is Monday Night Jericho, and as of this moment, the show is his. Why did Chris Jericho, the biggest star in WWE's SmackDown, come to Raw to work for Bischoff? Because Eric Bischoff is a certified genius, who knows the difference between a superstar and a loser. For example, Jericho is a superstar, and the fans are losers. But most of all, Bischoff knows the difference between a superstar like Jericho and a has-been like Ric Flair, who even in his prime didn't have half the talent of Jericho. Triple H's theme plays, and The Game marches to the ring and gets in Jericho's face. Triple H gets a microphone while Jericho mocks him. Personally, Triple H doesn't give a flying crap why Jericho is here. There are two things he knows: Shawn Michaels was attacked by someone in the parking lot last week, and that Jericho and he have hated each other since the day Jericho arrived. Jericho is a bitter little man, and ever since WrestleMania when Triple H took the Undisputed Title, he's sure Jericho has been dying to get even with The Game. And what better way than to attack his best friend Shawn Michaels? Jericho says he has no idea who attacked HBK, and wasn't it Triple H who Pedigreed his so-called "best friend" two weeks ago? Isn't it Triple H who has a history of attacking people in the parking lot, in the name of being a Cerebral Assassin? Triple H points out that he was in the ring when Shawn was attacked. He Pedigreed Shawn for his own good, but still considers him his best friend. Trips says he believes that Jericho didn't attack Shawn, because Jericho doesn't have the balls to do it. If he says he didn't do it, that's fine, but Triple H isn't leaving the arena until he finds who did it. With that, The Game marches to the back. Jericho offers him good luck. Now, as Jericho was saying, this is his show. Rob Van Dam's music blasts, and Mr. Monday Night comes to the ring. Jericho screams "No!" and demands to know what Van Dam is here for, since he never says anything anyway. Van Dam says that he came here to welcome him to Raw. Jericho ponders this sentiment, and asks if that's all. RVD says he was in the back when he heard Jericho say he owns the show, and between that comment and Jericho's clothes, what has Y2J been smoking? If Jericho says he's the best, why not face off against RVD tonight, for the title of the true Mr. Monday Night. Jericho says he's on, but it's not about RVD. No, it's all about Y2J. Van Dam claims it's RVD, but Jericho counters with Y2J. Again, Van Dam insists that it's RVD, and when Jericho attempts to lay claim, Van Dam attacks him. Jericho escapes the ring and taunts Van Dam all the way up the ramp. Fade Out.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Big Show (Tables Match)
-BuhBuh ducks Show's attacks, but gets hit with an elbow. Show hits BuhBuh with a side belly-belly suplex. BuhBuh comes back with clotheslines that don't knock Show down. Show runs, but BuhBuh low bridges the ropes, sending Show flying outside. BuhBuh gets a table and starts setting it up, but Show headbutts him and tosses him into the ring. Back in the ring, Show hits a shoulder block, then a couple hard whips. BuhBuh comes back with a Big Boot, but Show hits a sidewalk slam. Big Show brings a table into the ring and lays it against the corner. Show picks up BuhBuh and lays him on the table, but moves, causing Show to put his boot through the table. BuhBuh picks up the broken-in-half table and throws it at Show, falling the giant. BuhBuh brings a new table into the ring and starts setting it up. Show arises and hits BuhBuh with a back suplex. Show drops the straps and sets up the table, calling for the end. As BuhBuh reaches down for BuhBuh, he finds Trish Stratus. Trish seduces Show, then slaps him, allowing Spike Dudley, wearing a Baltimore Ravens football helmet, to torpedo the Big Show. Show grimaces in pain and bounces off the ropes, where BuhBuh greets him with a flapjack through the table! BuhBuh wins.

In the back, Terri says that what the UnAmericans did to Undertaker was absolutely deplorable. Lance Storm says it's a pleasure to be here, 60 miles removed from the nation's capital, home of the President. Our President, who couldn't defend his own nation, is from the same hometown as the Undertaker, and just like the President, Undertaker can't defend himself either. Our President can send planes around the world and kill innocent civilians, but soon he will be seen as the despicable killer he is. And just like the Undertaker, he will be seen as a bully who no one should respect. Test sees someone off-camera and asks if they liked that speech. Sergeant Slaughter comes on-screen and gets in Test's face and says he did not like what he just heard. Test asks if he's going to do anything about it, but Sarge says he will if Test has the balls to do anything about it. You're on, says Test, but Sarge says that no, it is the maggot Test who is in fact on. Fade Out.

In the back, Goldust damns Mike Myers because there's only one GoldMember, and he is Goldust. Booker asks what he's going to do about it. Goldust says that if Myers is going to rip him off, he'll rip Myers off. In comes a midget wearing Goldust's outfit, wig, and make-up. I shall call him Mini-Dust. Booker leaves, but runs into Triple H. Trips says that Booker had some motive last week. Booker says that he's happy that Shawn got attacked, but he didn't do it, and he didn't see anything. Trips says he believes him, but if it turns out he's lying, he'll introduce Booker to a sledgehammer.

In the back, Bischoff is on the phone with Sony Pictures, saying that he's glad to be able to debut the new XXX trailer. Fink comes in and tells him that he was the very first employee of this company. Ever since Bischoff came in, he's been moved to show some ruthless agression. He wants to have a match with Lilian Garcia to see who gets Raw. Bischoff says he doesn't have time for that, so they should just alternate and have the fans decide. Fink agrees, and then says that he has a letter for him. Bischoff tells Fink to read it, and Fink reads Stephanie's invitation to Bischoff to watch such SmackDown Superstars as Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, and Eddie Guerrero, all former Raw Superstars. Bischoff tells Fink to get out. Fade Out.

We come back and see Kane's new video and hear his new entrance theme, with a final message: The Fire Still Burns.

Test vs. Sgt. Slaughter
-Lilian Garcia introduces Test, who has the American flag upside down. Fink introduces Sergeant Slaughter, carrying the flag as it should be. Sarge gets on the apron and waves the flag, allowing Test to attack from behind and knock him off the apron. Test whips Slaughter into the ringpost, then Big Boots him down. Test gets the upside-down flag, waves it around, and starts backing up the ramp. Fade Out.

Booker T & Goldust vs. William Regal & Christopher Nowinksi
-Booker and Goldust attack Regal and Nowinski as they enter. Goldust and Regal start out, with Goldust hitting a backdrop and a clothesline. Tag to Booker, who starts pounding away. Back elbow by Booker. Tag to Goldust and Nowinski. Thump by Goldust, and another tag to Booker. Back elbow by Booker, and another tag to Goldust. Clubs by Goldust and a punch in the face. Nowinski flapjacks Goldust into the ropes, then hits a Northern Lights Suplex 1-2-kickout. Tag to Regal. Regal armdrags Goldust, then starts twisting the arm. Tag to Nowinski, who stomps on the arm. Sunset Flip by Goldust 1-shoulder up. Dropkick by Nowinski 1-2-broken by Booker. Tag to Regal. Regal drags Goldust down and knees down on the arm repeatedly. Tag to Nowinski, who leaps from the top and ax handles the arm. Underhook slam by Nowinski 1-2-broken by Booker. Tag to Regal. Goldust cradles Regal 1-2-kickout. Regal takes Goldust down and locks the arm. Tag to Nowinski who beats down on the arm. Nowinski misses a dropkick, allowing Goldust to pin 1-2-kickout. Tag to Booker. Booker comes in and starts firing away. Clothesline to Nowinski, then to Regal. Spinning heel kick to Nowinski 1-broken by Regal. Booker knocks Regal from the ring and goes to Goldust, but he is still down. Regal blind tags in and hits a sleeper slam 1-2-broken by Goldust. Jumping calf kick by Booker 1-2-broken by Nowinski. Goldust knocks Nowinski outside, then clubs Regal in the back, allowing Booker T to hit the scissors kick 1-2-3!

In the back, Triple H, sledgehammer in hand, comes up to the UnAmericans. He says that they should be scared of Undertaker, not him. He says that they claimed they had unfinished business last week. Christian says that he won't lie. They wanted to take out Shawn, but when they went to get him, he was already knocked out. Triple H says he believes them, but if they're lying... He smashes the table with his sledgehammer. Fade Out.

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
-As Victoria makes her way to the ring, we see that Molly is seated with JR and Lawler. Trish starts with an arm wrench, but Victoria flips out of the hold and kicks Trish back. Trish rolls Victoria up 1-2-kickout. Flipping armdrag by Victoria, but Trish catches her with a clothesline and a dropkick 1-2-kickout. Victoria flips over the turnbuckles and comes down hard. She waves for Trish not to continue and starts grabbing at her ankle. The ref checks on her and calls for some help. Two more refs come down and help her up. Trish holds the ropes for her, but Victoria kicks her off and pushes the refs away, revealing that she faked injury. Outside, Victoria drops Trish on the apron. Back in the ring, Victoria hits a pair of snap suplexes 1-2-shoulder up. Victoria reaches down, and Trish rolls her up 1-2-kickout. Chops by Trish, but Victoria hits a few shoulder thrusts. Scoop slam by Victoria, who goes onto the apron for a rope-flip senton, but Trish rolls away. Trish comes back with elbows to the face, then leapfrogs Victoria and rolls her up 1-2-Victoria reverses the pin and grabs the ropes 1-2-3! Molly runs down and tosses Trish into the corner, where Victoria spears her. Trish fights back, booting Victoria down and hitting Molly with a bulldog.

In the back, Triple H and sledgehammer meet up with Big Show. Show says he's waiting to settle the score with Trish. Trips says if anyone has a score to settle, it's Triple H. Speaking of settling scores and Shawn Michaels, wasn't it Shawn who called Show a lazy piece of crap and then kicked him in the head? Show says he knows that Trips is trying to get him angry so that he'll blurt out that he did it, but he didn't do it. Fade Out.

Christian & Lance Storm vs. Hardy Boyz
-Christian and Matt start off, with Christian beating him into a corner. Back elbow by Christian, but Matt hits a side slam 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Jeff. Double back elbow and elbow drop. Then Jeff hits a double leg drop on Lance. Christian kicks Jeff into the ropes, which Lance pulls down and beats on Jeff. Back in the ring, Christian stomps on Jeff, then hits a gutbuster. Tag to Storm. Stomps by Storm and a choke. Back elbow by Storm 1-2-shoulder up. Jeff starts kicking back, then hits the Whisper in the Wind. Tag to Matt, who comes in and hits a back bodydrop. Sleeper slam on Christian, then another on Storm 1-2-kickout. Poetry in Motion to Christian, but the attempt fails on Lance. Matt readies himself for the Twist of Fate on Lance, but Christian runs in and hits a reverse DDT 1-2-shoulder up. Lance hooks Matt in a full nelson, while Christian runs with the Title belts. Matt pulls Storm down and back body drops Christian over the top. On the outside, Jeff runs the rails on Christian. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Storm, then Jeff hits the Swanton 1-2-Christian pulls the ref out and nails Matt with the belt, causing the DQ bell. Test runs down and starts helping them dismantle the Hardys after the match, but Undertaker runs down and takes out Test. Christian and Storm run to the back and get in the car, driving off before Undertaker can catch up to them. Taker looks around and steals a police motorcycle to chase after them. Fade Out.

Lilian Garcia/Howard Finkel
-Bischoff comes out on stage and says that he's going to settle the ring announcer issue in a moment. But first, a message for Triple H: later tonight, he has a big surprise that will hopefully answer all the questions. But onto Howard and Lilian. They've both done an outstanding job, so he's going to debut the new trailer for Sony Pictures' XXX. After that trailer, each of them will have the opportunity to add their own tagline. Whoever Eric thinks is best will get the job. The trailer plays, and we come back to the ring. Fink says "See XXX staring Vin Diesel and Samuel L Jackson, starting this Friday everywhere!" Lilian says: "XXX, a non-stop thrillride that will keep you hot!" Eric says that they both have a tremendous amount of experience. Fink says that unless you have a bunch of sailors doing what sailors do, Lilian has no more experience than he does. Speaking of sailors, Lilian says that she hears he has a hard time getting his sail up. Fink exclaims that he's all man. Bischoff says that this has gone on too long. About three minutes too long, which is the cue for the Island Boyz, who show up behind the two. Fink pushes Lilian into them and runs away. One of them tosses Lilian at the other, who flapjacks her up and finishes the move in one fell swoop. He goes up top and hits the flying splash. Bischoff and his Boyz walk off as workers attend to Lilian. Fade Out.

We come back with the EMTs strapping Lilian to a stretcher. As she is wheeled off, the Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and the Ayatollah comes out for the wrestling main event.

Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam
-Jericho takes Van Dam down, chopping away and smashing him into the corner. Punches by Jericho, but RVD comes back with a back elbow and a monkey toss. Backflip splash by RVD 1-2-kickout. Van Dam catches a Jericho dropkick and catapults him over the top and to the outside. Van Dam flips over the ropes and nails Jericho. Back in the ring, Van Dam goes up top and misses the flying side kick. German suplex by Jericho, who starts kicking RVD in the ribs. Back suplex by Jericho, then a couple elbow drops. Choke on the ropes by Jericho, then a running knee to the head. Jericho starts undoing a turnbuckle, but Hebner sees him and starts retying it. Meanwhile, RVD school boys Jericho, but Hebner isn't there to count. By the time Hebner sees the pin, Jericho has broken. Jericho snapmares Van Dam, then pulls back on his arms with a knee in his back. Van Dam fights out of the hold, but misses a dropkick. Jericho hits the Lionsault, but Van Dam got his knees up in time. Both men crawl to opposite ropes and pull up. Van Dam boots Jericho in the head, then hits a step-over heel kick. Rolling Thunder by Van Dam 1-2-shoulder up. Jericho jumps over a roundhouse trip and hits RVD with a spinning heel kick 1-2-shoulder up 1-2-shoulder up. Chops in the corner by Jericho, but RVD nails a few shoulder thrusts. Jericho leaps over a third attempted thrust and pulls Van Dam down. He looks for the Walls, but Van Dam trips him up 1-2-kickout. Jericho runs off the ropes, but Van Dam ducks and Jericho takes out the ref. As RVD tries to revive Hebner, Jericho gets a chair. Jericho ducks the Van Daminator and nails RVD in the ribs. He hits Van Dam in the back with the chair, but soon the same happens to Jericho by a Ric Flair run-in! RVD goes up top and hits the Five Star 1-2-3! Mr. Monday Night retains his nickname. After the match, Flair mocks Jericho from the stage, WHOO!ing and strutting in victory.

In the back, Bischoff is on the phone with Sony again, and he says that if they like surprises, they should keep watching because he has something big for Triple H. Fade Out.

Shawn Michaels Mystery Solved
-As we come back, Eric Bischoff is in the ring. He asks for Triple H to come down, but before he can finish the sentence, The Game is on his way. Trips says that this better be good. Bischoff says that he has a surprise. He has a satellite hooked up with San Antonio so we can talk to Shawn right now. Shawn appears on the TitanTron, beaten up and scarred. Shawn says he got his messages and he's doing as good as a guy can do who had his head thrown through a window. Trips says he feels horrible, and he always hears about people who have arguments and then something happens to one and the other can't stand the grief. Michaels says that they're cool. He's heard everything Triple H has said last week and this, and he understands. Bischoff says that this isn't cheap, but Triple H dismisses him. Trips asks if Shawn saw anything or has any idea. Michaels says all he knows is that he got jumped from behind and the next thing he knew, he was in the hospital. Trips says that he'll find out who did this, and when they did, it'll be them in the hospital. Shawn says that the guys gave him a security video that they need to see. The tape is played, but we get no picture of the attacker whatsoever. Trips says that Shawn isn't safe, and he needs to get a bodyguard. Shawn says that they have technology that can clear the footage and zoom and slow down. He asks for that footage, and after the accident, we see a figure standing over Shawn's body, that looks an awful lot like Triple H. They clear up the video, and indeed it is Triple H. Trips says he's damn right it's him. He was trying to prove a point. The point is that Shawn is weak. That's why Shawn needs Triple H, so he can protect Michaels. He could have protected Shawn, but no, his pride wouldn't let that happen. He could have crippled Michaels, but he stopped. No one else would have stopped. They would have crippled him. Then what would Shawn do? What would he do if he couldn't walk anymore? Shawn asks if Trips thinks he's too weak to defend himself. Michaels says that the doctors have told him that he'll make a full recovery, and that he'll be at 100% soon. In fact, he'll be ready by SummerSlam. Trips asks if that's a challenge, to which Shawn replies "You damn right." Trips tells Michaels to face facts. He can't wrestle anymore, his career is over. HBK is dead. Whether anyone likes it or not, there's a new game in town, and this time he won't stop. If Michaels goes through with this match, he will finish the job. He will cripple Shawn's ***. What if, when it's all over, Shawn can't walk anymore, can't pick up his two year-old son anymore, can't hold his wife anymore? What if he can't satisfy his wife anymore as a man? Shawn tells Triple H to stop talking about his wife and kids. He can't wrestle like he could; he's no longer the Show Stopper. But he can still fight. In a few weeks, he'll get in that ring and fight, not wrestle, and show his son that sometimes you have to fight to be a man. End Show.

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