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Sign Up The tribes: Animal v.s Human.


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This is a carry on from the first one: The tribes. The people that signed up for the first one can be the same character.


[I]After a war between a group of get animal tribes, all animals and half breeds work together. Demon became friend, Lion became god, and each tribe work with another. Things went well, no fights, no wars, and best of all, no humans!!!

But all there peace soon changed. Leonx, the half dragon half lion soon found the most horrid thing on [B]THERE[/B] Earth, a human city. The humans did the same thing they did hundreds of years ago, wipe out half of the animals and creatures. Leonx and his friends had to hide from them the rest of there life, until they made there stand.

The greatest battle ever was about to begain. Human v.s animal and half breeds. Only two main tribes fought for there lives,

The Dark warriors
and the amazing Shadows.

Each aniaml and half breed fought in both tribes. Leonx led the dark warriors, and Yamikore led the Shadow's. The war will begin, who will win?[/I]

Ok, you can be a human or an animal. I'm Leonx, if Ayokano doesn't sign up as Yamikore, then some one can take his place.

Fill in this for human sign up:







And this for a half breed or animal:


Tribe:(one of the two)






He's mine:

[I]Name: Leonx

Tribe: Dark warriors

Race: Half dragon half lion

Power: Fire, dragon transformation and thunder.

Discription: Lion form- Dragons snout, red eyes, a dragons tail and no fur. spiky mane and is big for a lion. Red mane.

Dragon form: Huge wings, massive dragon claws, red eyes, long dragon tail and scales for the mane now. Sharp horns and a scar from the tribe war.

Bio: Leonx was born a half breed. He led a tribe in the war, and his greatest foe was Yomikore. But now he fights along side him, in this war. Sakura, his friend(Ohkami plays Sakura) fought along him his hole life(almost). Sakura is ready to do the same.

Rank: Leader of the dark warriors.[/I]

Go to the first one for infomation. Hope we get as many people in as the last one!!!
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I loved being Leader the Shadows ^_^



Power:Can form balls of dark energy that can attack,can run really fast,can shot a dark energy beam,can turn into a shadow


Discribtion:A sliver fox with raven wings and three tails.His eyes are yellow and he has three black ear rings on his right ear.He has many black lines across his body also.


Bio:Leader of the Shadows,some of his most powerful men died in the last war.He does not forgive Dark Warriors for that,but he must battle with them.He is quit,and holds many scars from his battles,and scars of past because of his greatest warriors dieing.

Rank:Leader of the Shadows
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Starr

[B]Tribe:[/B] Dark Warriors

[B]Animal:[/B] Dragon, Dryphon, Liger, Gryphon, Human

[B]Power:[/B] psychic, all elements, magic, transformation, and ability to call upon creatures and others

[B]Dragon:[/B] Black Dragon- element of darkness

[B]Dryphon:[/B] gold colored dragon/gryphon mix- element of light

[B]Liger:[/B] red liger with fire tip- element of fire

[B]Gryphon:[/B] white gryphon- element of ice

[B]Human:[/B] uhm...i'll post an attachment- element of earth

[B]Orca:[/B] aka killer whale- element of water

[B]Others:[/B] every form has a different element and different ability

[B]Rank:[/B] 3rd in command[/size][/color]
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[b]Tribe:[/b]Dark Warriors

[b]Animal:[/b]Wolf(Her actual form),Dragon,Bengal Tiger(White Tiger),Leopard,Falcon(Hawk),Vixen,Shark

[b]Power:[/b]Transformation obviously,Elemental Control,Magic,Summoning Creatures

Greyish blue but can quickly change to dark Navy Blue almost black when she wants to.She has a scar on her side from the Tribe war.

A light baby bluish colour.

[u]Bengal Tiger:[/u]
Nothing different.Usual looking white tiger with black stripes.

Nothing different.Usual looking Leopard with normal colours.

Chocolate brown and white.

Black with red eartips and red on the end of her tail.

Normal looking shark.

[b]Others:[/b]Each form is better at something than the others.

[b]Bio:[/b]Sakura was born a wolf but something in her genes let her transform into different creatures and also the ability to aquire DNA to allow her to change into that creature and keep the DNA to use whenever she likes.Sakura has been part of the Dark Warriors for a very long time because her parents were killed and she had to fend for herself until she discovered the tribe.She immediately became good friends with the tribe members and close to Leonx.During the war when Leonx was hurt she was so upset that she even challenged the enemy to a battle even though she knew she would lose.Leonx has fought by Sakura most of her life and she'll do the same for him.

[b]Rank:[/b]2nd in Command
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