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Art Wing Zero Wallpaper


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I personally don't like it too simple, you've got a ways to go before you make a wallpaper that i'm going to use keep trying though. First of all theres too much white space, the text is also quite plain (in a bad way) and the whole texturizer filter or whatever you used for the bg just doesn't appeal to me at all. The little boxes with the different parts of Wing Zero is a good idea but they also need a great deal of work a techy type scheme would look good. Also if all the pictures in the wall were centered it would look far better because atleast the wallpaper would strike a sort of balance. Eh not to be rude or cruel or whatever but the only thing that I like about the wallpaper is the Wing Zero picture and that's because the picture was from the "Gundam Project" one of my favorite Gundam Sites which sadly closed back in 2002 =\... Anyway keep experimenting with different techniques on smaller images then try to move up to bigger images and then eventually wallpapers. --- Just my advice from my experiences ---
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