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Art Me+Pencil+Sketchboo+Vash pic+Lots of time after tests=My best sketch yet


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I'm so proud of myself! I wanted to draw a Love and Peace pic, so I printed out one from the Trigun section and looked at it during school to sketch it!

[URL=http://theotaku.com/trigun/pictures/trigun05/image_11.jpg]Trigun Piccie[/URL] Note: Uh...that's what I [i]drew[/i] off of, not the actual sketch. That's down a bit more.

Wha'cha think? Pretty good? Pretty bad? (You say that and your DEAD! :D) I'm a horrorible shader, so I thought I did pretty darn good for shading. I think I went a little bit overboard on the glove though...

PS: I did NOT trace this! If I did, a) The head wouldn't be straight b) The sketch would be smaller. So there. :smirk:
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Hehehe...it does look like someone stuck a branding iron on him...*falls over laughing* Sheesh...never thought about that, but it makes sense. :D

PS: It isn't free time, really, Rhys. Um...it's more like the time after tests when I'm done and other people aren't...times when the teacher's talking and I'm not paying attention...-_-
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If you want to look just like original, then it is not.

You have same problem as my scanner--dark edge near bottom. :) I wish I could fix that for my images. Very clean on face--good--but shadows on fingesr are scartchy.

O well, better than me. X3
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