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Gaming How many anime video games do you have?


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You can list old console games (N64, Genesis, PS, etc.) as well as next-gen. If there are any anime games that aren't out yet that you want, list those too. I'm curious to see just how many different anime games actually make it onto this list. I recently found a list of anime games online and I was surprised to see how long it was - most of it was on PS or PC though.
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zone of enders... that's about it

though i love anime games they are to short for my tastes

some anime games i would like to see are Cowboy Bebop, a GOOD Vampire Hunter D,more gundumn wing games that aren't fighters,rurouni kenshin would be cool (not a fighting game though)
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Xenosaga counts as an anime game, doesn't it? And what about Soul Calibur 2? It's hard to tell from actually playing the game, but if you look at the character renderings at the site ([url]http://www.soulcalibur2.com[/url]) they are drawn in anime style... so does that make it an anime game?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]Games aren't defined by what they look like, they are defined by how they are played. Xenosaga is an RPG and SC2 is a fighter. [/B][/QUOTE]

I do know what genres they are, but what I'm wondering is whether or not they are considered to be done in the anime style. It's hard to tell with SC2 from these shots, but I think they're cool enough to display;

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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]Well, I'm only going to count the ones that are BASED off anime, not the other way around:

.hack//INFECTION (Playstation 2)
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (Playstation)
Fist of the North Star (Game Boy)
Gundam Battle Assault 2 (Playstation)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon (Playstation 2)
Vampire Hunter D (Playstation)[/color][/font]
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Guest Stealth Knight
I own about 45 anime video games, I'm only going to say how many for each system because the list would be too much to read.

Game Boy (color and advanced)- 10
Playstation (1 & 2)- 24
Sega Game Gear- 5
Sega Genesis- 4
Gamecube- 2
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Really more then I can count...

I bought a imported ps1 so I could play anime games.

well here is some of the major ones I can think of

Suikoden gaiden's
cownboy bebop
battle toshiden

but for my ips1 I have about 24 games almost all are anime related.
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Me and my friend have a countless number of games. I buy nothing but fighting, sports, racing and shooting games with a collection of ninja games and he doesn't buy any other games except RPG, adventerue, and onilne games with a splash of foreign games. We have them on all the system dating back to the akira. I have boxs full in my basement attic,and closet. We are going to have a yard sell soon so if you are in the Atlanta region come by.
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Guest The Bouncer
I have
All of the pokemon games Red through ruby including pokemon stadium
DBZ: budokai
DBZ:legacy of Goku 1&2
DBGt: final bout ( import)
DBZ: legends( import)
DBZ : ultimate battle 22 ( import) got it way before the America version came out
Bloody Roar Primal Fury

and thats it if you ont include sonic games.
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I have too mnay to name. I got a million for PS1 and PS2, i got a bunch for N 64, and a bunch for the good ol' NES ^_^ I like those old school type games (burgertime being my favorite)
Some of my favorite game sthat I have are:
GTA1, 2, 3, and VC
MG, MGS, MGS2 and soon to be MGS3 ^_^
Oh, and Tenchu Wrath of Heaven rules too!
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